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I like the fact that this is a small practice and so I'm not overwhelmed by loads of people - I get nervous in crowds. It is friendly and treats patients with respect. The standard of treatment is excellent.
Mrs C B    on 04 Jul 2019  

1. My appointment was on time. I think punctuality etc is important whilst I appreciate that there will be occasions when I may have to wait due to somebody needing urgent treatment....well it could easily be for myself. 2. Friendly, helpful staff from the moment I entered the premises to time I left. 3. I feel relaxed with the service I receive from Jonathan and have complete faith in him. He always explains procedures/problems etc. He seems to genuinely care for his patients and I sense that he takes a great pride in the quality of his work as well as the welfare of his clients.
Mr M S    on 04 Jul 2019  

Professional but friendly service.
Mrs L Y    on 28 Jun 2019