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Periodontal Treatment
All staff really lovely and positive!
Miss T H    on 11 May 2021  

Always very efficient and pleasant
Miss V D J    on 10 May 2021  

Emergency - Lost Crown
Quick and easy. Laura resolved crown issue.
Anonymous   on 10 May 2021  

Emergency - Abscess
I was listened to and wasn't rushed.As a very nervous patient this is priceless
Mrs N M    on 08 May 2021  

D1 - Denture Impressions
Because the dentist was brilliant and made me feel very relaxed as I am very nervous about going to the dentist
Mrs N J T    on 07 May 2021  

New Patient - Examination
Staff were excellent and equipment was all top spec. Everything ran on time and the whole process was seamless
Mr D B    on 07 May 2021  

Covid safe and professional service.
Mr S P    on 07 May 2021  

Fillings - 45 min
Diligence of staff
Mrs V H    on 06 May 2021  

Fillings - 30 min
Treated quickly and very informative
Miss E S    on 05 May 2021  

Emergency - Broken Tooth
I felt very at ease and all the staff were really lovely!
Mrs H V    on 05 May 2021  

Efficient prompt and professional service.
Anonymous   on 04 May 2021  

Fillings - 45 min
Very good attention to care by Elena but a colleague who came to give a second opinion was rather rough which took me by suprise
Mrs R M    on 03 May 2021  

Fillings - 30 min
Very much covid protected.
Mr C P K    on 03 May 2021  

Mr P C    on 02 May 2021  

Emergency - Lost Crown
The dentist was able to see me within a short timespan. Appointment time was kept to.
Anonymous   on 01 May 2021  

Emergency - Toothache
Polite and quick,
Mr J R N    on 30 Apr 2021  

Both Hygenist and dentist were excellent
Mrs M D    on 30 Apr 2021  

The dentist was polite,informative and involved me in discussions about my dental care rather than just telling me.
Mr N B T    on 30 Apr 2021  

Periodontal Treatment
Appointment on time, excellent adherence to COVID regulations. Good treatment felt well looked after. No complaints.
Anonymous   on 29 Apr 2021  

Periodontal Treatment
Professional, friendly staff
Mr P F    on 29 Apr 2021