4.9         1784 reviews
i didn't feel a thing
Mr T L    on 23 Nov 2021  

Hygienist visit (KP)
Fantastic practice at the heart of Edenbridge
Mr M G    on 22 Nov 2021  

Service is always very good
Mrs G D    on 22 Nov 2021  

NHS Exam
Appointment was on time with pleasant staff and a goog outcome.
Mr I G    on 22 Nov 2021  

Always very friendly and helpful
Miss T G    on 22 Nov 2021  

NHS Exam
I was made to feel relaxed and the dentist generally showed an interest in my oral health
Ms J S    on 22 Nov 2021  

Fit Lab Work
The dental surgery had made every effort to be Covid-secure.
Mrs J H    on 20 Nov 2021  

Private Examination
The service is always excellent both from the reception staff and our dentist and his assistants
Anonymous   on 19 Nov 2021  

Private Examination
Always excellent! We've been shielding since March 2020 and I was SO anxious! I shouldn't have been - you're always so lovely!
Mrs T C    on 19 Nov 2021  

Given an appointment promptly after experiencing pain following a filling.
Anonymous   on 15 Nov 2021  

All ways very helpful, and make you feel relaxed,
Mrs S D    on 14 Nov 2021  

It's always nice to visit the practice - the staff are cheerful and friendly and always helpful
Anonymous   on 12 Nov 2021  

quick, efficient and painless - thank you.
Mrs J C    on 12 Nov 2021  

Hygienist Visit (RPM)
My visit was to use the services of the hygienist. His care and attention were excellent and he deserves commendation for the manner in which he deals with his patients
Anonymous   on 11 Nov 2021  

Hygienist visit (KP)
Very excellent
Mrs L C    on 11 Nov 2021  

My appointment was easy to make at short notice, everyone at the practice was professional and pleasant. A temporary treatment was given and a follow up appointment was easy to make.
Ms P D    on 11 Nov 2021  

Friendly caring dentist and the staffs
Mr J A    on 11 Nov 2021  

Quick to get an appointment, and excellent treatment
Mrs E H    on 05 Nov 2021  

Because I felt at ease with any of the staff I spoke to
Anonymous   on 05 Nov 2021  

Dentist made me feel safe and as relaxed as possible.
Anonymous   on 05 Nov 2021