4.9         1060 reviews
Exam Scale & Polish
Such a fabulous personal, friendly, caring and pfofessional service from all of the staff.
Miss S G    on 03 Jul 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Very friendly and put you at ease
Anonymous   on 03 Jul 2019  

Implant Bridge imps
Excellent professional approach
Mr V A    on 28 Jun 2019  

New patient exam
Absolutely lovely staff, so chatty, had a great vibe for a dentist surgery
Mrs M P    on 26 Jun 2019  

New patient exam
Everyone makes you feel at ease, which is a big problem with me being anxious. An all round excellent service.
Mrs R G    on 23 Jun 2019  

Implant placement
Fabulous service, very welcoming and friendly staff.
Mrs K M    on 20 Jun 2019  

Scale and Polish
Excellent service
Mrs C C    on 19 Jun 2019  

Bleaching - Fit
Very good customer service from when you walk in till you walk out. Fantastic
Mr S T    on 19 Jun 2019  

Crown Fit
Friendly, efficient treatment....almost a pleasure to be in the chair!
Mrs A E    on 19 Jun 2019  

Crown Fit
Professional service
Mr K H    on 19 Jun 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
All at Halesowen Dental do their utmost to look after patients.
Mr M P    on 18 Jun 2019  

They make you feel so relaxed and confident about your visit to them
Mrs J M    on 15 Jun 2019  

Fillings 1hr
The staff are very pleasant.
Anonymous   on 14 Jun 2019  

Fillings 1hr
A friendly professional and caring approach. Aditi always explains the treatment proposed and shows the patient the progress whilst in the chair. Perhaps not for eveyone but I think this is most helpful.
Mr B W    on 14 Jun 2019  

Fillings 1hr
Totally made to feel at ease, very nervous patient
Anonymous   on 11 Jun 2019  

Fillings 45
My previous anxieties about visiting dentists has been lifted since coming to this practice. I feel confident in their service and would have no concerns in recommending them to family/friends.
Mrs A S    on 08 Jun 2019  

Problem - Denplan pt
The work is efficiently done and the staff are unfailingly pleasant.
Mr R S    on 07 Jun 2019  

Surgical Extraction
Everything possible is done to ensure you feel no pain and no fear. Very caring staff I am no longer scared of going to the dentist
Mrs P L    on 07 Jun 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Very nice staff. Calm atmosphere. Care about me
Mr L B    on 06 Jun 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
This was a painful visit but I don’t blame the dentist.
Anonymous   on 31 May 2019