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Great professional service
Ms M S    on 26 Sep 2020  

The staff are lovely and always ready to answer any question, the practice is clean and currently is adhering to government regulations really well. Alcogel at the entrance, social distancing, PPE, made me feel less anxious
Anonymous   on 24 Sep 2020  

My teeth have improved so much since visiting this dentist. Gums stronger too. Great team!
Ms W C    on 14 Sep 2020  

Great service, good advice, very safe Covid procedures
Anonymous   on 14 Sep 2020  

Quick, efficient and friendly.
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2020  

Everything was excellent.
MR A R    on 11 Sep 2020  

Ortho Visit
Consultation, Clarity and Customer Service is all exceptional - a very warm and inviting environment
Mr A G    on 05 Sep 2020  

You get treated so well by everyone
Ms M S    on 03 Sep 2020  

Root Canal Treatment
If you need good dental practice bright smile fits the bill
Mr J M    on 01 Sep 2020  

Emergency Pain
Dentist (Dr Tina) , Nurse & Receptionist been great . Receptionist (Sandra)super warm and friendly and her reply is so prompt.
Dr M A    on 01 Sep 2020  

Emergency - Lost Filling
good behaviour of staff
Mrs F J    on 26 Aug 2020  

Efficient and friendly
Mr P G    on 24 Aug 2020  

C3 - Recement Crown
This was my first visit. I found the service to be friendly and professional. Care was taken over ppe and covid protection
Mr R J    on 22 Aug 2020  

The staff.
Anonymous   on 20 Aug 2020  

I have been very well looked after
Anonymous   on 13 Aug 2020  

Excellent dentistry
Anonymous   on 13 Aug 2020  

Everyone is very professional and friendly. You feel like you are in safe hands.
Mrs C F    on 12 Aug 2020  

Very friendly, helpful and informative
Anonymous   on 12 Aug 2020  

Examination - New Patient
Very good how the system works with COVID
Mr P F    on 11 Aug 2020  

Hygiene Examination
Fantastic job as always
Mrs S G    on 11 Aug 2020  

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