4.8         1820 reviews
Hygiene Examination
great service
Anonymous   on 20 Feb 2019  

Hygiene Examination
Friendly and flexible
Anonymous   on 20 Feb 2019  

The dentist was kind and professional and reception always helpful and supoetive.
Ms D D    on 19 Feb 2019  

Was not as painful as expected and very professional.
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2019  

Emergency Pain
It's good
Anonymous   on 15 Feb 2019  

Hygiene Examination
I really felt the treatment was perfect for me.
Mrs S W    on 14 Feb 2019  

F3 - Filling 40 min
Miss L A    on 13 Feb 2019  

Service was good today but in past not so good.
Mrs L M    on 12 Feb 2019  

Invisalign Fit - Aligners
Seen on time, great service from all staff
Miss K M    on 11 Feb 2019  

Hygiene Examination
Clean, friendly, professional practice, always very helpful.
Miss S R    on 09 Feb 2019  

C1 - Crown Preparation
Good professional service
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2019  

Because the dentist I had ,is one of the best dentists I have ever had.
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2019  

Examination - New Patient
The dentist who examined me was very nice and took time to explain it to me.
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2019  

Hygiene Examination
The receptionists were welcoming and the hygienist was excellent
Mrs S A    on 08 Feb 2019  

Emergency - Lost Crown
Prompt, professional and courteous treatment
Ms M R    on 07 Feb 2019  

Hygiene Examination
Good and effective service - and also great to have found a good NHS dentist.
Mr P B    on 07 Feb 2019  

Always pleasant and professional.
Mrs S W    on 07 Feb 2019  

Examination - New Patient
Friendly and quick service
Mr R M    on 06 Feb 2019  

Happy with the care I have received from my new dentist.
Anonymous   on 06 Feb 2019  

Friendly and professional
Mrs S R    on 05 Feb 2019