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Retainer Fit
My dentistry
Anonymous   on 18 Nov 2021  

Crown Preparation
Good dentist!
Anonymous   on 17 Nov 2021  

Crown Fit
Mr Kia Alam was very good in caring for my teeth. He explained everything he was going to do with my teeth and calm me down as I was always nervous. Kia and his team were very welcoming, smiling and carried out their work in a very professional way. The ladies at the reception were always helpful, smiling and and excellent.
Anonymous   on 17 Nov 2021  

I feel both valued and safe. It is also so good to know that I am ask questions and that any concerns I might have are addressed. This is a great dental practice.
Mrs J P    on 16 Nov 2021  

Everyone was professional, on time and genuinely kind.
Anonymous   on 16 Nov 2021  

My dentist is excellent and makes the experience easy
Miss K J    on 16 Nov 2021  

I was looked after and we very thing was explained to me
Mrs E K    on 16 Nov 2021  

Anonymous   on 16 Nov 2021  

I was seen on time. My 2 fillings were done very well & I had no pain
Mrs D L    on 13 Nov 2021  

Excellent service and very friendly staff
Mr D H    on 12 Nov 2021  

I received a first class service from Maya and the dental nurse (I’m so sorry I didn’t get her name). In addition I was provided with clear and concise information from Ross who Maya consulted for a second opinion about a couple of tricky teeth. The service overall is excellent.
Miss S C    on 12 Nov 2021  

Broken Tooth
Was seen on time & the check up was very efficient.
Mr J Y    on 11 Nov 2021  

Kalyani is such a good dentist and it was lovely to catch up.
Mr B S    on 11 Nov 2021  

Friendly staff and good dentists.
Mr J N    on 11 Nov 2021  

I wanted to write and say how delighted I was with Kia Alam's work- far superior to the canine filling he was replacing. Thank you
Mrs M H    on 11 Nov 2021  

Good COVID precautions. Dr Kia was reassuring and professional and was extremely helpful
Anonymous   on 09 Nov 2021  

Hygiene Examination
Friendly reception, great hygienist
Ms A B    on 09 Nov 2021  

As someone who had an appalling experience of root canal work at your practice many years ago , this was a much better experience.I wasn’t wincing in pain and I wasn’t being told “ well this shouldn’t hurt” I can highly recommend Mr Kia Alam.
Mr H L    on 09 Nov 2021  

I fell that I have received the best care. Very professional and caring staff.
Anonymous   on 09 Nov 2021  

Professional, friendly staff
Mrs N S    on 06 Nov 2021  

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