4.9 Score
EXCELLENT305 Reviews
Felt at ease and in professional capable hands.
Anonymous   on 18 Mar 2021  

Friendly staff and everything was explained.
Miss K S    on 18 Mar 2021  

C1 - Crown Preparation
Made to feel so at ease
Mrs J P    on 18 Mar 2021  

D3 - Denture Try
I’m a nervous patient was put at ease
Mr C D    on 17 Mar 2021  

Ortho Visit
Great service, very friendly staff
Mr R J G    on 17 Mar 2021  

Telephone Consultation - OUR PATIENT
Dr called as promised and prescription made over phone followed by booking me in for an appointment.
Miss V M    on 17 Mar 2021  

D5 - Denture Fit
a professional service very well provided
Anonymous   on 17 Mar 2021  

Felt comfortable throughout my treatment.
Miss K K    on 16 Mar 2021  

I felt safe with the measures in place. It was my first time with the dentist & he was very thorough. He took time to explain everything & was reassuring.
Anonymous   on 16 Mar 2021  

Excellent all round service
Mr N F    on 16 Mar 2021  

Friendly, efficient dentist, knows her patients wel
Mrs K D    on 16 Mar 2021  

No queue, on time.
Mr J C    on 16 Mar 2021  

The dentist is really spot-on for minimising my dentistry anxiety. I am usually in and out in 5 minutes, with the relevant information to continue taking good care of my teeth, not having spent 30 minutes being needlessly poked and scratched and prodded. If I do need work doing, they understand my anxiety and don't do anything without explaining it and do it as gently and quickly as possible. I've been looking for years for a good, minimalist dentist who gives me solid advice and doesn't do what doesn't need doing. Less is more in my opinion and this dentist is the best I've had. I hope to stay with them for life.
Lord G J    on 16 Mar 2021  

Like the text and phone call reminders prior to the appointment.
Mr D C    on 14 Mar 2021  

Friendly, professional, efficient.
Mr K J    on 14 Mar 2021  

C1 - Crown Preparation
All members of staff were polite as well as ordered and efficient. I was very comfortable with all aspects of my treatment
Anonymous   on 13 Mar 2021  

Felt listened to and supported by dentist
Anonymous   on 12 Mar 2021  

Everything went as planned. No long delays.
Ms A F    on 12 Mar 2021  

Micheal has done the work to a high standard
Anonymous   on 12 Mar 2021  

It was as good as I’d expect a dentist to be. Was seen on time and the process seemed ok.
Miss S C    on 11 Mar 2021  

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