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Dr Chaiklaikis has been willing to suggest solutions and patient when deliberating on what to do! Been a challenging customer. Also good at dentistry! Reception team, friendly and responsive. Like the reminders for the appointments.
Anonymous   on 12 May 2022  

Speedy and efficient
Ms H M    on 10 May 2022  

I felt listened to by my dentist with questions answered properly. Positive feedback on the state of my teeth was a real boost .
Rev I G    on 10 May 2022  

Friendly reception staff and nice dentist
Mr T M    on 09 May 2022  

Seen quickly
Anonymous   on 09 May 2022  

Scale and Polish
Polite, informative, efficient - all done in 15 minutes.
Mr K E    on 09 May 2022  

Prompt nice and friendly
Miss E H    on 06 May 2022  

Friendly and efficient as always.
Anonymous   on 06 May 2022  

Emergency - Lost Filling
Quick response to request for appointment. Pleasant and good treatment by dentist and staff.
Mrs A S    on 06 May 2022  

D1 - Denture Impression
Very friendly staff and help full.
Mrs K T    on 06 May 2022  

Seen quickly and efficiently by friendly staff
Mrs L S    on 05 May 2022  

Root Canal Treatment
Dentist put me at ease
Mr L H    on 05 May 2022  

I appreciated being fit in for an appt and promptly seen to when attending the dental office
Miss N S    on 05 May 2022  

Left the practice feeling good about the experience.
Anonymous   on 29 Apr 2022  

B1 - Bridge Preparation
Friendly and professional treatment
Mr A D    on 28 Apr 2022  

Polite staff and clean pleasant environment.
Mrs J B    on 27 Apr 2022  

D3 - Denture Try
Professional and kind.
Mr R S    on 27 Apr 2022  

Emergency - Lost Filling
Fast turnaround to my request for an appointment and friendly affecient staff. Thanks to everyone.
Mr M W    on 26 Apr 2022  

They kept asking if I was OK
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2022  

Scale and Polish
I understand what’ll genesis said and did a good and quick job of scrap and polish .
Mr C S    on 25 Apr 2022  

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