AppointMentor - Online Appointment Booking System

AppointMentor is an easy to use website that allows people to book, cancel and rearrange their appointments online, with 24/7 accessibility, and convenience of any time, any place, anywhere bookings (using computers, iPads, and smart phones).

Online Booking allows patients to book appointments 24×7 from practice’s website with practice have full control over their appointment books.

AppointMentor Online Booking System work as a virtual receptionist to capture business when the practice is closed, or when lines are being busy or over the weekend. Make life easier for patients, fitting with their lifestyle, making your services available and accessible and easy to book any time from anywhere, therefore increasing customer loyalty and customer retention, increasing revenues and growing your business.

With simple clicks, upload your the patients schemes and treatments offering for online booking and attach them with the dentists offering them. Practice maintains full control over its appointments book and patients only see a list of the available slots rather the whole appointment books.

Online booking system also helps to get the new patient registration from your website and details go straight into backend management system. You can also charge for missed and cancelled appointments.

Half Moon Dental

Station House Dental

Langdon Hills Dental

1 Appointment online booking system
- date & time
- provider
- customer
- service
- fees
- location
- resources
Yes Yes Yes
2 Multiple schemes / Payors Yes Yes  Yes
3 Unlimited dentists in a practice Yes Yes  Yes
4 Advance 6-level matching and filtering (Customer Type (scheme), Service session, provider, service type Yes Yes  Yes
5 New patient registrations – 15 new patients allowed Yes Yes  Yes
6 Family members bookings Yes Yes  Yes
7 Basic reporting (bookings done, cancellations in the last one month etc.) Yes Yes  Yes
8 Full account history (including past appointments) available for the customers (last 1 month) Yes Yes  Yes
9 Email support available through email Yes Yes  Yes
10 Online payment (credit cards/debit cards) processing (PayPal Checkout) Yes Yes  Yes
11 Auto Recall (sending direct recall link via email, letter, SMS) Yes  Yes
12 Unlimited patient appointments Yes  Yes
13 Unlimited New Patient Registrations Yes  Yes
14 Compatible with the Practice App. Yes  Yes
15 Customisation Same look and feel as the practice/group’s website, Logo, colours to provide consistent Patient Experience, custom patient notices, ability to customize email messaging (for booking confirmation, reminders) Yes  Yes
16 Live support Availability of support through phone 9am- 5pm Business Days. Yes  Yes
17 Advanced high level of control of appointments
+ advanced control panel, rearrange and cancellation cushion, restrictions on cancellation and re-arranging, e.g. late cancellation based on each treatment
Yes  Yes
18 Auto booking confirmation emails, auto email reminders [booking and reminders for all patients, email reminder template.(Check based on AuditLog in R4 for newly booked appts for today. Yes  Yes
19 Contiguous Appointments (optimizes larger slots for more revenue generating treatments) Yes  Yes
20 Appointment Bundling (Clinician based- allows dentists + Hygienist appointments bundling) Yes  Yes
21 New Registration Welcome Pack: Provides an automated ‘Welcome Pack’ at new patient registration (add links to templates). Medical history form static link addition to customized templates. Yes  Yes
22 Maps / SAT NAV integration: Google Maps / SatNav integration. Yes  Yes
23 Calendar integration: Outlook, iCal, GoogleCalendar integration Yes  Yes
24 Social Media integration: Patients can see and like the practice Facebook page as well as see practice Twitter feed from the Appointment booking pages. Yes  Yes
25 Marketing Consent taken: Taking patient’s consent at the time of registration to send them marketing information.  Yes
26 Restrictions on certain type of patients from registration e.g. if a practice is currently not taking any more NHS patients.  Yes
27 Service-Level cascading appointments (allows further appointment booking based on pre-requisites being met)  Yes
28 Group booking (e.g. school children bookings) / multi booking (forced simultaneous booking allowed)  Yes
29 Load balancing suggestions trend detection and analysis,Show featured appointment slots, allowing setting up of priorities for prioritizing and optimizing when to show preference slots for patients to book appointments (e.g. if multiple slots available- driving traffic to specific days that are usually low booking)  Yes
30 Multi-site Search and Booking Allows booking in any of the corporate group’s practices.  Yes
31 Multi-site Consolidated Reporting Shows performance and reporting, allowing better corporate governance across multiple sites.  Yes
32 Cross Platform Data Compatibility / Transfer Allow data to be transferred between different systems (e.g. between Carestream and SoE)  Yes

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AppointMentor Online Booking System