4.9         2830 reviews
Great convenient location, mostly affordable for those who don't have insurance
Anonymous   on 15 Oct 2019  

Ortho Fixed Adjust/ Check-up
I am always made to feel welcome, and comfortable by the friendly, polite, and most professional staff. Dr Raj the most outstanding, always willing to listen, and answer any concerns I might have.
Mrs Y M    on 10 Oct 2019  

If someone want a dental hygienist service was prompt and efficient
Anonymous   on 10 Oct 2019  

Reasonable price and convenient self booking system
Mr M K    on 10 Oct 2019  

High Gloss Diamond Polish
Friendly, professional, good services very high standards
Miss A K    on 03 Oct 2019  

Denture Fit
Staff are very friendly, helpful & efficient.
Ms L B    on 17 Sep 2019  

Smokers Makeover
Friendly service. Arrived early but still didn't have to wait long at all
Mr. T L    on 13 Sep 2019  

Emergency Examination
Everyone was friendly and helpful. Fiona Stuart was great, steering me toward the best solution.
Anonymous   on 09 Sep 2019  

The dentist was super helpful and kind, and really wanted to resolve my issues.
Mrs L C    on 03 Sep 2019  

Paula was lovely
Mr C A    on 01 Sep 2019  

Crown Preparation
I have already passed teeth-whitening brochures from your Bank clinic to friends who were looking to have the procedure done
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2019  

High Gloss Diamond Polish
That was the best hygienist appointment I’ve ever had. Stephanie was really gentle
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2019  

High Gloss Diamond Polish
Very good service, friendly and talked you through everything and good result
Miss C S    on 30 Jul 2019  

Ortho De-Bond
Great service from all members of the team each time I visit.
Anonymous   on 30 Jul 2019  

Very nice dentist. It is more expensive than local but convenient and easy to get an appointment.
Anonymous   on 30 Jul 2019  

Ana P is excellent
Miss J L    on 29 Jul 2019  

Orthodontic Consultation
Kind and friendly staff who were honest about treatment without feeling too sales-y
Anonymous   on 26 Jul 2019  

Staff always friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 25 Jul 2019  

Filling Medium
Very good service
Anonymous   on 24 Jul 2019  

I have been recommended SmilePod by a friend and I was happy with his recommendation - hence I would recommend it myself
Mr. M C    on 24 Jul 2019