4.9         1387 reviews
Excellent care
Ms M N    on 18 Jun 2020  

Lost Filling
Need to build our confidence again which they did today
Mrs D P    on 17 Jun 2020  

Feel safe knowing that staff provide a professional service and know what they are doing.
Mrs M W    on 16 Jun 2020  

I always feel confident in the recommendations of my Dentist, Adam, and have always been very satisfied in the work he has done.
Mr C W    on 16 Jun 2020  

I have been a client of the Dental Studio and had no problems
Miss L F    on 16 Jun 2020  

Professional and quality service and care about you as a customer
Mr K W    on 15 Jun 2020  

Invisalign Review
Staff are all nice and friendly
Miss L B    on 15 Jun 2020  

Broken Tooth
Great practice and people very happy to help always
Mrs G I    on 12 Jun 2020  

Because although it is a good dental practice, it is a long way for me to travel.
Anonymous   on 12 Jun 2020  

Broken Tooth
I always feel extremely comfortable at this practice, very friendly staff throughout & have total confidence in Rachel my dentist ! Thank you !
Mr R R    on 12 Jun 2020  

It’s all a very friendly and calming experience. And they are all so good at what they do. Wouldn’t go anywhere else
Mrs J P    on 11 Jun 2020  

Broken Tooth
Brilliant service no nonesence very professional
Mr G C    on 11 Jun 2020  

Invisalign Review
Attentive, friendly and the measures they have in place made me feel extremely safe!
Miss K C    on 11 Jun 2020  

Broken Tooth
Great service
Mrs P A    on 11 Jun 2020  

The staff were polite, courteous and professional whilst putting me at ease
Mrs S S    on 10 Jun 2020  

Broken Tooth
Due to the current rules it's been a long wait for me with a broken tooth. I was proactively contacted for an early appointment. Outstanding service and care (as always!).
Mr D B    on 10 Jun 2020  

Lost Crown
Quality of personal service and expert care
Mrs A C    on 09 Jun 2020  

Surgical Extraction
First patient for Justin after Covid 19. Tooth extracted absolutely brilliant. Thanks Justin !
Mrs L K    on 08 Jun 2020  

Invisalign Consultation
Extremely friendly and informative. I look forward to working with this lovely team.
Anonymous   on 18 May 2020  

Clincheck Review
Friendly but professional service
Miss K C    on 12 May 2020