4.9         1303 reviews
Crown Prep
Put at ease and treated with care whilst being a very anxious patient Relaxed atmosphere
Mrs S B    on 19 Nov 2017  

Friendly and efficient
Anonymous   on 16 Nov 2017  

Fillings 45
It is a great practice and the only thing that would make it better is somewhere for pushchairs/better access for anyone on or with wheels!
Anonymous   on 16 Nov 2017  

The quality of care, cleanliness and staff
Mr S S    on 16 Nov 2017  

Efficient, friendly, knowledeable, proffessional staff
Mr R N    on 16 Nov 2017  

Wonderful team who care for the patients.
Mrs S T    on 15 Nov 2017  

Confidence in the ability of my dentist
Mr T J    on 14 Nov 2017  

Everything about the surgery is very professional but it retains a very friendly and warm atmosphere.
Mr D C    on 14 Nov 2017  

Hygiene session
Very professional. I was really happy with the result of my treatment and the irish lady was a “people person” for sure... I was really comfortable
Miss C P    on 13 Nov 2017  

Emergency - OP BT
recently lost a large filling, visited the practice to make an appointment with Dr Opperman. Unfortunately he was fully booked until the end of the month and was not present on that day. The receptionist kindly asked the other Dentist if he would be able to see me . I was seen straight away, had a temporary filling and he explained what further treatment I required. This was done without any charge.
Miss T C    on 12 Nov 2017  

Excellent staff and dentist
Mrs P F    on 10 Nov 2017  

Hygiene session
Very pleasant welcome and expert treatment
Mrs S J    on 10 Nov 2017  

New Private Patient
Very friendly and welcoming practice. At my initial appointment, as well as a check up, my dentist also took the time to explain certain key issues relating to dental healthcare to me and aspects I should look out for.
Mr R W    on 09 Nov 2017  

New Private Patient
It would be the extremely likely option if most of my family lived closer
Anonymous   on 09 Nov 2017  

Fillings 60
Good service with evident concern for the patient's concerns
Dr F M    on 07 Nov 2017  

Good professional service
Mrs R E    on 05 Nov 2017  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 04 Nov 2017  

Crown Fit
I am more than happy with my treatment
Mrs R B    on 03 Nov 2017  

Practice is clearly professional and well run
Anonymous   on 03 Nov 2017  

Hygiene session
Promptness of appointment, nice environment
Anonymous   on 02 Nov 2017