4.9         3076 reviews
C2 - Crown Fit
Reception are very helpful as a disabled client with access....
Anonymous   on 17 May 2019  

Prompt friendly informative
Mr R W    on 16 May 2019  

The practice is clean, fresh and welcoming. I have recommended this practice to my mum who is a nervous patient as I have ALWAYS had a positive experience and felt cared for when I have visited.
Miss H G    on 16 May 2019  

Overall service
Mr P A    on 16 May 2019  

The staff are really friendly and welcoming
Anonymous   on 16 May 2019  

C3 - Recement Crown
a friendly and professional dental practice
Mrs M D    on 15 May 2019  

Very nice people, know how to deal with anxious patients
Mrs M L    on 14 May 2019  

I was very happy with the dentist I saw.
Mr J D    on 13 May 2019  

Emergency Pain
Admirable helpfulness and competence.
Mr A R    on 13 May 2019  

Treatment was good.Didn't feel pain whilst drilling and with modern latest equipment I didn't feel any pain. The staff was friendly.
Anonymous   on 12 May 2019  

Staff very nice good dentist,all good
Anonymous   on 09 May 2019  

Emergency - Broken Tooth
Very good service, very nice people!!
Mrs T T    on 09 May 2019  

Periodontal Root Planing
I am impressed by the dentist and hygienist I see regularly .
Ms J C    on 08 May 2019  

Botox assessment
I was very well treated and feel it’s a very professionally run practice which appears to really care about the patient.
Anonymous   on 07 May 2019  

Professional friendly service
Anonymous   on 07 May 2019  

Hygiene Examination
Professional, friendly and helpful
Miss C Z    on 03 May 2019  

Examination - New Patient
I had not been to the dentist for a decade and felt the dentist knew what they were doing and communicated what they were going to do and other issues that were related.
Anonymous   on 02 May 2019  

implant consultation
First of all it was a friendly welcome. I was seen by Dentist Shah and he was extremely professional and friendly and honest opinion I was given. I was very satisfied.
Anonymous   on 01 May 2019  

She’s a great dentist
Anonymous   on 01 May 2019  

Friendly kind staff
Anonymous   on 30 Apr 2019