4.9         5292 reviews
Friendly and professional, seems knowledgeable as well
Anonymous   on 22 Jan 2022  

Friendly staff; gentle, kind dentist; helpful receptionists.
Mrs K M    on 21 Jan 2022  

Very welcoming reception staff,dental nurse and dentist. Extremely thorough examination and explanation of findings. Both dentist and nurse very gentle and between them created a lovely feeling of calm which I found very reassuring! All in all an excellent experience and I'm delighted that I chose this practice.
Mrs J B    on 21 Jan 2022  

Friendly team who took care of my dental problem. Very understanding and were able to assist in helping with a referral.
Mr D R    on 21 Jan 2022  

providing me with an appointment less than 24hrs after reporting a problem was great.
Mr M B    on 21 Jan 2022  

Lisa was so helpful and caring. Everything was explained thoroughly. Everybody was so nice and helpful
Anonymous   on 20 Jan 2022  

Amazing service - appointment at short notice for toothache. Couldn’t have asked for more.
Dr C C    on 20 Jan 2022  

Very friendly.
Mrs R M    on 20 Jan 2022  

Hygienist - 30 Mins
Quick service, everything explained and asked if I was comfortable with the treatment many times
Mr L N    on 20 Jan 2022  

Nice friendly, helpful staff.
Mr A C    on 20 Jan 2022  

very professional
Anonymous   on 20 Jan 2022  

A high standard of professionalism shown by all the staff - dentists, hygienists and receptionists.
Miss L M    on 19 Jan 2022  

C3 - Recement Crown
Thank you to the new doctor and his assistance who did what I was expecting of them, i.e. cement the crown that had come out. I was also advised what the long term options were for that tooth. Thank you to Ms Laura as well for the quick appointment she gave me. It's nice to talk to her as she understands the situation and has a nice, patient attitude that makes you feel comfortable.
Anonymous   on 19 Jan 2022  

Very caring dentist and ensuring that I feel safe.
Mrs A B    on 19 Jan 2022  

Nice surroundings, professional and polite. Very friendly. Great treatment.
Miss K G    on 19 Jan 2022  

XLA - 30 Mins
Made to feel welcome and relaxed.
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2022  

C3 - Recement Crown
Quick efficient friendly with good advice
Mrs T C    on 18 Jan 2022  

Hygienist - 30 Mins
Always comfortable and efficient
Miss J W    on 18 Jan 2022  

Root Canal - 60 Mins
I was made to feel relaxed and not at ease before the procedure and then everything was explained clearly and the actual procedure was painless and I was very happy
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2022  

Extremely welcoming! Engagement throughout. Analysis thorough and pitched for non experts!
Mr J R    on 18 Jan 2022