4.9         274 reviews
Emergency - Broken Tooth
Polite with me
Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2019  

Emergency - Toothache
Doctor was very professional and clear.
Anonymous   on 02 Sep 2019  

Very professional atmosphere, I don’t feel that unnecessary treatments are pushed on me.
Anonymous   on 19 Aug 2019  

Examination - New Patient
I felt confident in the staff, was well treated and had an overall really positive experience
Anonymous   on 13 Aug 2019  

Emergency Pain
Very helpful, was seen in an emergency and dentist was reassuring and took time to offer advice.
Anonymous   on 09 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Provide great advice & service
Mrs J p P    on 07 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Dentist very friendly and caring
Anonymous   on 05 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Anonymous   on 01 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Because you take good care and give advise about my dental health.
Mr M j P    on 20 Jul 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Excellent service I received
Anonymous   on 13 Jul 2019  

Root Canal Treatment
I am always very satisfied with the treatment I receive.
Anonymous   on 11 Jul 2019  

Examination - New Patient
Friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 05 Jul 2019  

C2 - Crown Fit
Fantastic staff, fantastic service, very professional!
Mr D D    on 04 Jul 2019  

Examination - New Patient
Appointment was on time, all staff were really friendly, and everything was really easy to do
Anonymous   on 03 Jul 2019  

Examination - New Patient
its my first time but they made me feel comfortable
Anonymous   on 20 Jun 2019  

C1 - Crown Preparation
Really friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 07 Jun 2019  

It's a really welcome place and the team there really helpful and friendly.
Anonymous   on 06 Jun 2019  

Periodontal Treatment
Friendly competent care and treatment for my teeth
Mr E B    on 05 Jun 2019  

C1 - Crown Preparation
Good dentistry combined with thoughtful and friendly dentists and other staff.
Anonymous   on 27 May 2019  

Examination - New Patient
Dentist was experienced and understanding.
Miss L S    on 21 May 2019