4.9         412 reviews
Courteous Receptionist. Called on time. Gave me an option to do a procedure or not.
Mr S b K    on 14 May 2021  

Miss C R    on 14 May 2021  

R2 - RCT1 (protaper)
except from the initial contact, the rest of my experience with the service was brilliant.
Mr R A    on 13 May 2021  

The dentist was very professional and offered a lot of advice about teeth hygiene and cleaning. She was friendly and kind.
Anonymous   on 13 May 2021  

Very helpful and friendly,
Anonymous   on 13 May 2021  

D3 - Denture Try
From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the friendly receptionist....you are then seen by the dentist who is confident in the treatment he/she is giving, you are never given unnecessary treatment as its about your mouth and not about how much money they can make from you, overall their manner, practice and expertise is second to none
Mrs M P    on 13 May 2021  

Excellent and friendly dentist
Mr S B    on 12 May 2021  

All the staff are very warm and welcoming. They made my kids feel very much at ease.
Mrs N M    on 11 May 2021  

E2 - Emergency - Broken Tooth
it's a great practice and i have recommended a few people. Great customer service, efficient and they are always very informative in terms of your treatment.
Ms T N    on 10 May 2021  

C2 - Crown Fit
just happy to get a crown fitted and for the tooth to be more secure and no more lip cuts from the jagged tooth at night
Anonymous   on 04 May 2021  

NP1 - New Patient (adult)
Friendly professional reassuring
Ms J C    on 29 Apr 2021  

F1 - Amalgam Filling
Good explanation of treatment and further follow-up plan. Checking I was OK during procedure.
Anonymous   on 27 Apr 2021  

W2 - Tooth Whitening Fit
Pleasing and easy going environment
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2021  

R4 - RCT 2 (Protaper)
the staff were brilliant, understanding, friendly and very helpful
Mr R A    on 23 Apr 2021  

Scale and Polish
Excellent service throughout my experience to an high standared.
Mrs R F    on 22 Apr 2021  

E3 - Emergency - Lost Crown
nice people
Mr M L    on 20 Apr 2021  

F1 - Amalgam Filling
Communication was great
Mr L M    on 19 Apr 2021  

The dentist and service was really good and everything went smoothly
Anonymous   on 17 Apr 2021  

E4 - Emergency - Lost Filling
I was let in and made to feel very welcome. I had my temperature checked and everything was very Covid safe. I was seen in good time and everything was explained to me perfectly. I couldn't have asked for anymore.
Mr G S    on 14 Apr 2021  

C1 - Crown Preparation
always hassle free and professional friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 14 Apr 2021