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Scale and Polish
I feel you are very well looked after in Diamond Dental practice
Mrs G B    on 22 Aug 2019  

Pleasant and comfortable atmosphere from the minute you arrive to the moment you leave.
Mr A R    on 22 Aug 2019  

Scale and Polish
Excellent treatment,very pleasant staff
Mrs M S    on 22 Aug 2019  

Excellent service and patient care great efficient staff
Miss A T    on 22 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Friendly staff
Mr M E    on 21 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Excellent treatment. Welcoming atmosphere.
Mr L H    on 21 Aug 2019  

Great Practice with great staff
Anonymous   on 19 Aug 2019  

Filling 45
Very friendly
Anonymous   on 18 Aug 2019  

Connor puts me at ease and talks me through my treatment before it takes place. Brilliant dentist and will go out of his way to help when he can.
Mrs M M    on 16 Aug 2019  

Miscellaneous - See Treatment Info
I've been going for years, and always had good service.
Mr J ( M    on 16 Aug 2019  

Conor and Samantha created a lovely, welcoming atmosphere. I had been very nervous and anxious about the tooth extraction, but as Conor explained the procedure throughout I remained calm and reassured.
Mrs C M    on 15 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Excellent Staff
Anonymous   on 15 Aug 2019  

Emergency Pain
Like the friendly service
Ms L D M    on 15 Aug 2019  

Emergency - Toothache
Brenda was very helpful and explained what she was doing as she went along.
Miss M H    on 14 Aug 2019  

Exam Scale & Polish
Professional and efficient
Mrs L S    on 14 Aug 2019  

C1 - Crown Preparation
I trust my dentist to do the best possible job on my teeth whilst maintaining a high degree of Hygiene
Mrs P M    on 14 Aug 2019  

D6 - Denture Ease
i think this way as they r a very friendly crowd and they help u with everything
Ms H M    on 14 Aug 2019  

Examination - New Patient
Excellent Overall
Anonymous   on 14 Aug 2019  

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming
Mrs G ( T    on 13 Aug 2019  

C2 - Crown Fit
Brenda and all the staff are fantastic
Mrs N G    on 13 Aug 2019  

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