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Friendly and professional service.
Mrs M N    on 25 Apr 2018  

Lovely practice. With lovely staff.
Anonymous   on 17 Apr 2018  

Staff make you feel at ease , trust in Andrew Jones hence transferring from another practice .
Anonymous   on 17 Apr 2018  

The surgery has a lovely relaxing atmosphere where the staff were friendly and informative. I had a thorough dental examination and was given plenty advice regarding my treatment needs and a plan for future appointments.
Mrs K P    on 17 Apr 2018  

Friendly excellent service
Mr I L    on 17 Apr 2018  

Very professional and helpful
Anonymous   on 16 Apr 2018  

Friendly staff , I have had a lot of fillings in the past with another Dentist and always felt anxious but my family recommended me to Abersychan Dentist and everything here is amazing , can not be faulted.
Mrs G M    on 11 Apr 2018  

all of the staff are extremely helpful and informative from the lovely receptionists when you walk in to the dentist who is very caring and careful. this practise was recommended by friends at work and I would certainly recommend to others.
Mrs T J    on 11 Apr 2018  

I like many people dislike dentists but this apt was as enjoyable as it could be and I would recommend this practice because of the treatment I received
Mr S J M    on 10 Apr 2018  

Everyone is so friendly and polite
Anonymous   on 09 Apr 2018  

Very happy with experience
Anonymous   on 06 Apr 2018  

I have recommended the practice previously and am aware that others think it is a good friendly practice
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2018  

Service excellent. Appointments are on time. Staff could not be more helpful.
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2018  

Always receive a warm welcome from the girls on reception, all staff are very helpful
Mrs C E    on 04 Apr 2018  

On time appointment and very gentle treatment from both the dentist and the hygienist.
Mr E T    on 04 Apr 2018  

Everyone is very friendly and professional
Mr B H    on 04 Apr 2018  

I have been a patient of Abersychan Dental Surgery for more years than I can remember. I have always had the best of treatment by all the members of staff. The girls on the desk are fantastic.
Mrs H D    on 03 Apr 2018  

Good friendly local surgery
Mrs M G    on 30 Mar 2018  

Did what I needed straight away without booking another appointment.
Anonymous   on 30 Mar 2018  

Professional service
Mr K E    on 30 Mar 2018  

Professional friendly service always. Most of my family with practice.
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2018  

The staff is very helpful.
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2018  

Excellent dental care. Staff are pleasant and professional.
Mrs C E    on 28 Mar 2018  

Havealot of confidence in the practice
Mr R W    on 28 Mar 2018  

Good all round dental care and friendly practice
Anonymous   on 28 Mar 2018  

Very likely because I took my wife there after she found her last dentist unreliable.
Mr P N    on 27 Mar 2018  

Been a patient at Abersychan Dental surgery since they opened and have always had fantastic service
Mrs J G    on 26 Mar 2018  

I've recommended the surgery on several occasions already.
Mr D L    on 26 Mar 2018  

Confidence in both my dentist and hygienist
Anonymous   on 23 Mar 2018  

Very caring & professional.
Mrs S J    on 23 Mar 2018  

Have always received first class treatment from reception through whole process
Mr L P    on 23 Mar 2018  

Friendly staff, always accommodating in an emergency, great communication and service all round.
Mr K B    on 22 Mar 2018  

Friendly staff and good feedback to better my oral hygiene
Anonymous   on 22 Mar 2018  

Friendly staff team good quality of work
Mrs C D    on 21 Mar 2018  

My Dentist is lovely, has always put me at ease as I’ve always been a little scared of the Dentist! She is very good with my children also.
Anonymous   on 21 Mar 2018  

Very informative regarding treatment and given with care to the patient making your visit relaxed during treatment with friendly caring attitude.
Miss S B    on 20 Mar 2018  

Very short wait for treatment. Everyone friendly and courteous. Looked after well.
Ms P S    on 20 Mar 2018  

Great service, I was seen straight away and staff friendly
Mrs L P    on 19 Mar 2018  

Very professional friendly staff .treats you with care ,as you're the only one
Mrs K D    on 19 Mar 2018  

Great practice, great treatment and great staff. Always feel welcome and respected.
Ms S C    on 19 Mar 2018  

Friendly and approachable staff and approachable clinicians who put you at ease. I used to be apprehensive when having dental treatments but this is no longer the case at Abersychan.
Mr T R    on 15 Mar 2018  

very friendly practice and have been with them for about 20 years
Mr D L    on 15 Mar 2018  

Friendly atmosphere.Staff feel like friends.
Mrs L W    on 14 Mar 2018  

The staff at Abersychan Dental Surgery provides a professional yet very friendly service. They are extremely approachable, helpful and efficient. They are brilliant at dealing with nervous patients and will always spend the time to explain things and to provide necessary reassurance and encouragement. I personally would not want go anywhere else.
Mrs K L    on 14 Mar 2018  

The surgery are just so supportive
Miss J R    on 14 Mar 2018  

Very helpful and any problems fit you in asap
Mr A B    on 13 Mar 2018  

I enjoy the experience of my Dentists' visit from the moment I enter through the door. All the "Girls" are lovely, professional. Mr. Jones is always "smiley" and very professional. (I am happy to visit Mr. Jones.) Sally the hygienist is another professional and lovely person. The dentist is not my first port of call to visit but I would not want to change.it.
Mrs L D    on 13 Mar 2018  

Very pleased with service given
Mrs K K    on 12 Mar 2018  

Staff are always helpful.
Mr P S    on 12 Mar 2018  

the staff is very friendly and polite. my dentist Mr Andrew Jones is very kind and helpful and makes you feel relaxed when having dental treatment.
Mrs R G    on 09 Mar 2018  

friendly staff
Anonymous   on 08 Mar 2018  

Pleasant staff, professional service & confidence in all aspects of visit
Mrs G H    on 08 Mar 2018  

consitently good service
Mr N T    on 07 Mar 2018  

Team always helpful and accommodating with appointments.
Anonymous   on 07 Mar 2018  

Everyone goes the 'extra mile' especially important when you have a dental emergency. I have been a patient for many years and would not want to go anywhere else
Anonymous   on 07 Mar 2018  

Very friendly service.
Mr I W    on 07 Mar 2018  

Everyone one in the practice is very professional, helpful and friendly
Anonymous   on 06 Mar 2018  

Friendly staff, clean and tidy,
Anonymous   on 06 Mar 2018  

Always friendly welcome and skilled dental care.
Mr A W    on 06 Mar 2018  

Excellent service, always welcoming and friendly. Explain what they are doing, easily understood.
Mrs M B    on 01 Mar 2018  

Friendly and reliable and prompt appointments
Mrs R S    on 28 Feb 2018  

i have always been happy with my experiences at the practice
Anonymous   on 28 Feb 2018  

I have used this dental practice for many years and would not like to go anywhere else. The staff are always friendly and very helpful, whilst remaining very professional.
Mrs S J    on 28 Feb 2018  

I have always had excellent care given at the practice
Mrs J S    on 27 Feb 2018  

Very professional and extremely friendly making you feel comfortable and nerve free
Anonymous   on 27 Feb 2018  

Friendly atmosphere, flexible when booking and changing arrangements.
Mr J J    on 27 Feb 2018  

A very efficient and friendly practice
Mrs M R    on 26 Feb 2018  

All staff friendly and dentist puts you at ease
Mrs M M    on 26 Feb 2018  

Receptionist very polite and dentist great and as a lot of time for you.
Miss G T    on 26 Feb 2018  

This is a brilliant practise the staff are professional and friendly and they have helped me so much! I can’t imagine that this team could be beaten
Miss J R    on 24 Feb 2018  

Always pleased with the service given
Mrs K K    on 24 Feb 2018  

I have always been treated very well by every member of staff that I have encountered. Very nice and friendly staff
Mrs A C    on 23 Feb 2018  

Never had a problem with this practice. Staff are great.
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2018  

Good communication with the patients and also deal with any problems straight away
Miss J M    on 23 Feb 2018  

Friendly, attentive practice.
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2018  

The dentist is usually a dreaded place but Peter makes the experience not a chore
Miss B N    on 22 Feb 2018  

I have never been let down with appointments at short notice when i need them,, The treatment that i required has always been done to the highest standard and i leave feeling relieved and happy that my teeth problems have been dealt with .The team at Abersychan are superb .
Mrs L J    on 21 Feb 2018  

Have been attending this surgery for many years and have found staff and dentists hygenists etc., very helpful and friendly.
Anonymous   on 21 Feb 2018  

Clean, tidy practice with very friendly,helpful staff who are professional from the time you walk in to the time you walk out.
Anonymous   on 21 Feb 2018  

Friendly receptionist prompt appointment and treatment fully explained
Mr S J M    on 20 Feb 2018  

Lovely friendly service from everyone
Mrs C D    on 20 Feb 2018  

Absolutely fantastic surgery. The staff are very friendly, polite and professional. I have always been treated very well by all staff. Dentist and hygienist give great treatment and advice.
Ms S C    on 19 Feb 2018  

I always have a positive experience and I am always treated by friendly people
Mrs K J    on 19 Feb 2018  

Friendly staff providing a good service....
Mr M P    on 19 Feb 2018  

The practice is friendly, and professional.
Mr R E    on 19 Feb 2018  

all the staff here are extremely friendly and helpful
Mr N P    on 18 Feb 2018  

Most of my family use this practice , the staff are excellent and helpful the surgery is at a convenient location with carpark oposite , the dentist gives excellent treatment
Mr P W    on 16 Feb 2018  

Very friendly and polite service, accommodating at short notice when teething issues arise.
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2018  

Excellent service and a very nice dentist
Anonymous   on 15 Feb 2018  

I've always been happy with the practice and the service and I am sure other people would be too.
Mr M M    on 15 Feb 2018  

Very helpful and friendly
Anonymous   on 15 Feb 2018  

Efficient and friendly
Mr R B    on 15 Feb 2018  

Friendly helpful staff and very good service.
Anonymous   on 15 Feb 2018  

Good care and everyone friendly putting me at ease
Anonymous   on 15 Feb 2018  

Helpful staff, flexible and efficient
Anonymous   on 14 Feb 2018  

Friendly but professional
Mrs S E    on 14 Feb 2018  

Professional and friendly service.
Mrs T S    on 14 Feb 2018  

Excellent service
Mrs K W    on 13 Feb 2018  

Prompt, efficient service
Mrs C B    on 13 Feb 2018  

Friendly staff, good at their job
Anonymous   on 13 Feb 2018  

Everyone is friendly and approachable and you're quickly put at ease about any treatments. Plus, I always feel the degree of professionalism that the dental team presents.
Mr T R    on 12 Feb 2018  

Friendly quick service
Mr L T    on 12 Feb 2018  

Dentist was very professional but also made the appointment very pleasant
Mr T J    on 12 Feb 2018  

You never have to wait to long and the waiting rooms are airways comfortable.
Anonymous   on 10 Feb 2018  

Very happy with service
Anonymous   on 10 Feb 2018  

I am quite nervous about going to the dentist and having dental treatment. However, they make me feel at ease and are very friendly and professional.
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2018  

The staff are very friendly and always will to help with any requests I have.
Mrs J S    on 07 Feb 2018  

Friendly staff, welcoming environment. Professional care, Plenty of car parking in village near surgery.
Miss L T    on 07 Feb 2018  

Because being a terrified person of the dentist due to a very unpleasant practice I attended in the past. Sarah is the best person to see if you find yourself in this situation.
Mrs R J    on 07 Feb 2018  

excellant service
Anonymous   on 06 Feb 2018  

It is a very good practice. very clean and the people who work there are very friendly and very helpful.
Mrs R G    on 06 Feb 2018  

I have always found my surgery very helpful and obliging
Ms S D    on 06 Feb 2018  

Great service
Anonymous   on 06 Feb 2018  

Always have excellent treatment from Dentist and Hygienist and all the staff are friendly and helpful.
Mrs C L    on 06 Feb 2018  

Friendly and helpful staff
Ms C E    on 06 Feb 2018  

I’ve been attending this practice for approximately 20 years and I have never had an issue. Sally and Sarah are always open, honest and friendly.
Mr A G    on 06 Feb 2018  

I have used this practice for a number of years and have always received a warm welcome upon arrival and excellent care from the dentist and hygienist.
Anonymous   on 05 Feb 2018  

Very friendly informative staff.
Anonymous   on 05 Feb 2018  

very pleasant service and staff.
Mr P S    on 04 Feb 2018  

Excellent dentist and staff very friendly and professional.
Mrs J Z    on 02 Feb 2018  

Technical excellence of the dentist.
Mr W H    on 02 Feb 2018  

Very friendly and professional
Mrs K M    on 01 Feb 2018  

Friendly,approachable and accommodative when problems occur.Professional in its treatment.Surgery is easily accessible with parking nearby
Anonymous   on 31 Jan 2018  

Very friendly staff
Anonymous   on 30 Jan 2018  

A responsive professional and very caring team. I have fantastic treatment and support
Miss J R    on 30 Jan 2018  

Always friendly and I'm never kept waiting
Mrs H S    on 30 Jan 2018  

The staff are friendly yet professional
Anonymous   on 30 Jan 2018  

Friendly staff
Miss C A S    on 30 Jan 2018  

Very friendly and efficient staff
Mr R W    on 29 Jan 2018  

Extremely helpful , friendly and professional service from all staff.
Mrs D C    on 29 Jan 2018  

I’ve always been very nervous about dentists but Sarah and her team make you feel very comfortable and also the receptionist are warm and welcoming to
Mrs J L    on 27 Jan 2018  

Excellent service and speed. Clean and friendly staff
Mrs E P    on 27 Jan 2018  

very friendly and qualified staff
Mr L T    on 26 Jan 2018  

Good dental care, very prompt.
Anonymous   on 26 Jan 2018  

Friendly professional practice.Though I'm not afraid of visiting dentist the staff I feel would be sympathetic to anyone that did fear their visits
Mr M P    on 25 Jan 2018  

Friendly,professional staff. Excellent dentist Sarah al shamma.
Mrs C E    on 25 Jan 2018  

Positive service provided.
Miss A S    on 25 Jan 2018  

The staff at reception are very polite& friendly& my Dentist ( Piotr) is absolutely fantastic 😀
Anonymous   on 25 Jan 2018  

Was sorted as quickly as possible
Mrs J P    on 25 Jan 2018  

The receptionists, dental nurses and dentist are all very friendly! And fast operating, which I prefer to just get it over and done with due to anxiety's around a dentist visit. I have complete trust in the service provided and the dentist
Anonymous   on 25 Jan 2018  

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