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Friendly professional service
Mr K N    on 11 Dec 2017  

Friendly and professional staff
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2017  

The staff as they are very thorough, knowledgeable and honest
Mrs M D    on 07 Dec 2017  

They are competent and caring.
Anonymous   on 05 Dec 2017  

All staff are so friendly, easy to get along with and they make every visit simple and easy.
Miss H G    on 05 Dec 2017  

People are nice, process are reasonable
Mr S C    on 01 Dec 2017  

The staff care about the patients comfort and well being.
Anonymous   on 27 Nov 2017  

All staff are friendly, calm and efficient
Mr J D    on 24 Nov 2017  

Welcoming attitude, respectful support, professional and exceptionally friendly staff.
Ms S T    on 22 Nov 2017  

Really lovely staff
Narelle C    on 18 Nov 2017  

The team here are fantastic. Very friendly and caring.
Miss M C    on 16 Nov 2017  

Very happy with treatment, friendly, welcoming; have a feeling of being listened to and presented with viable solutions.
Mr J S    on 15 Nov 2017  

Pleasant environment, well informed of dental
Mr J A    on 15 Nov 2017  

The staff are excellent and Dr Parker is a great dentist
Mr R B    on 11 Nov 2017  

Always a surprisingly pleasant experience, even though its a dentists.
Anonymous   on 10 Nov 2017  

Friendly and professional.
Ms S H    on 08 Nov 2017  

Friendly, competent and I like getting clear quotes to assist with planning management. Much more time spent by staff with education. Best dental experience I have had. I even got a BLANKET cos it was a wee bit chilly!
Mrs K M    on 06 Nov 2017  

Professional and approachable
Ms E I    on 06 Nov 2017  

Very caring dentist with excellent follow up care post treatments who takes the time to ensure you are happy with the outcome of treatments.
Anonymous   on 02 Nov 2017  

very friendly and attentive staff
Mrs D L    on 30 Oct 2017  

Good advice no pressure very friendly
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2017  

Able to have problem seen to very quickly.
Mrs B C    on 11 Oct 2017  

Quick and painless
Mr M D    on 11 Oct 2017  

Mandy made me feel at ease and she was nice and polite
Miss E H    on 09 Oct 2017  

Very content with service. Lots of care given and unconditional respect for patient comfort.
Anonymous   on 30 Sep 2017  

Best dentist I have been to,explain everything and very calming atmosphere.
Michelle C    on 28 Sep 2017  

The friendly and knowledgeable staff put me at ease.
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2017  

service and advise is outstanding
Stuart C    on 28 Sep 2017  

The staff are great. Kasia, Mandy and Fiona are really helpful
Robert B    on 28 Sep 2017  

I like the general welcoming feel of the place... the incense, music, comfortable chair before you go in to the dental hygienist.. have a good clean and then see the dentist... nice staff, friendly and make you feel calm and cared for 👍🏻
Jane H    on 28 Sep 2017  

No problems getting a booking. staff very friendly and listened to what I said to them
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2017  

Nice friendly service
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2017  

Good communication. No pain. Easy process and very comfortable
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2017  

Very happy to recommend your Lesmurdie practice. I have been treated here several times over several years. Each visit has had a satisfactory conclusion, following expertise, and concern. My recent treatment has given me back a good night's sleep. Most impressed. Thanks Katia.
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2017  

Painfree, simple and the staff are amazing!! The work they have done so far is incredible!!
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2017  

It was very affordable and the staff were very nice.
Abigail C    on 27 Sep 2017  

Friendly staff, good service and reasonable cost
Mr K O    on 22 Aug 2017  

Great thorough friendly experience.
Ms J S    on 22 Aug 2017  

Very compassionate & helpful.
Anonymous   on 19 Aug 2017  

Friendly service, fair prices, no pressure or 'overservicing'
Mr I W    on 17 Aug 2017  

Very good communication and concern. Very patient.
Anonymous   on 16 Aug 2017  

Very friendly , thorough,explained well , quote is reasonable
Mr J H    on 13 Aug 2017  

I have experienced not only professionalism but also very friendly atmosphare.
Anonymous   on 13 Aug 2017  

Compassionate care.
Anonymous   on 11 Aug 2017  

Anonymous   on 09 Aug 2017  

Everything is explained in terms I can understand' and Kaisa and the team is excellent.
Anonymous   on 07 Aug 2017  

Great service with friendly and efficient staff
Mr H S    on 03 Aug 2017  

Very friendly and competent staff.
Mr F D    on 31 Jul 2017  

Good workmanship.
Mr H H    on 31 Jul 2017  

Friendly homey atmosphere,
Anonymous   on 28 Jul 2017  

They were so kind and welcoming
Ms M T    on 28 Jul 2017  

Professional approach to customer needs
Mr M L    on 27 Jul 2017  

Very professional dentist and assistant.
Mr D E    on 27 Jul 2017  

Personable & friendly staff who run on time with a welcoming manner & reception area.
Mrs T K    on 26 Jul 2017  

Mandy and particularly Keshia (excuse incorrect spelling) are very professional, very caring, very friendly and take an interest rather than treating me as just another patient. Rachel and Fiona on reception are also very helpful and friendly. All in all they make the visit to a dentist enjoyable......h'mmmmmm,..........well almost 😂
Mr A P    on 26 Jul 2017  

Excellent service and careful dentist.
Mr R P    on 25 Jul 2017  

Location, service and friendly staff!
Mr T S    on 25 Jul 2017  

Good friendly professional staff
Mr A H    on 25 Jul 2017  

lovely service and people
Mr K P    on 18 Jul 2017  

The staff were so friendly and welcoming. Definetely made the experience of going to the dentist very comforting.
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2017  

Lovely bright and clean premises , very friendly staff and Dentist was fabulous and I would recommend her and will do so.
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2017  

Friendly and experienced guidance toward dental problem resolution
Mr M L    on 11 Jul 2017  

Excellent in every way...!!
Ms G T    on 11 Jul 2017  

friendly, positive staff
Anonymous   on 07 Jul 2017  

Friendly helpful & informative service
Anonymous   on 06 Jul 2017  

friendly, competent dentist
Mr S C    on 05 Jul 2017  

As enjoyable a visit to the dentist could possibly be.
Mr I E    on 29 Jun 2017  

Very friendly, professional, helpful staff....
Mr A H    on 28 Jun 2017  

The team at Affordable Dental are always so welcoming and make a daunting trip to the dentist always more comfortable, and pain free! Thank you. :)
Mrs N D    on 27 Jun 2017  

I have been extremely happy with the care I have received.
Mrs C G    on 27 Jun 2017  

Everyone was so friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. Very happy with service and have already been recommending to everyone.
Ms B B    on 26 Jun 2017  

I am familiar with this dental practice and staff are always friendly and efficient.
Anonymous   on 24 Jun 2017  

Professional attitude.
Anonymous   on 23 Jun 2017  

Dentist was fantastic
Anonymous   on 23 Jun 2017  

Friendly staff,
Anonymous   on 15 Jun 2017  

the welcoming an friendliness and I felt like they were very understanding to my needs.
Mrs K R    on 15 Jun 2017  

Pleasant members of the practice, on time and efficient
Mrs G R    on 13 Jun 2017  

Friendly and accommodating
Ms M S    on 12 Jun 2017  

Welcoming atmosphere, you're addressed by name .
Mrs A A    on 12 Jun 2017  

Friendly,professional and felt at ease.
Mrs A B    on 08 Jun 2017  

Their dental professionalism is really good. Attentive and caring.
Mrs M C    on 08 Jun 2017  

I have been a regular there over the past couple of months and every time has been a pain free, anxious free experience.
Miss M C    on 08 Jun 2017  

Problem was attended to and solved within 24 hours.
Mrs B C    on 07 Jun 2017  

Great staff and service. Informative and helpful.
Mrs S K    on 04 Jun 2017  

The staff were very friendly and professional
Mr N W    on 01 Jun 2017  

Very welcoming and accommodating staff. Everything was explained.
Ms J A    on 29 May 2017  

The staff are very knowledgeable and experienced, they are professional yet caring.
Mrs B A    on 29 May 2017  

Anonymous   on 27 May 2017  

Great service and very informative about procedures
Anonymous   on 25 May 2017  

Friendly and Professional
Mr M T    on 24 May 2017  

Friendly and try their best to help out
Anonymous   on 23 May 2017  

I feel comfortable with all the staff . I feel they listen to me . The treatments are affordable and so I can maintain ongoing treatment
Mrs P M    on 22 May 2017  

A really good , professional but friendly service . Excellent standards of work at reasonable rates. Mainly though....not being pressured into undertaking further work makes a refreshing change.
Mr D H    on 19 May 2017  

Great staff very friendly and most importantly great dentist
Mr J W    on 19 May 2017  

Friendly genuine staff... informative and reassuring visit
Mr J G    on 18 May 2017  

Ladies made me feel confortable, were very friendly and certainly knows what they are doing, very reassuring
Anonymous   on 18 May 2017  

Wonderful, friendly yet professional people. Dr Kasia was very helpful in explaining everything about my treatment and making sure I was comfortable with what was happening. The practice was very clean and obviously well run by professional people. The whole time I felt like a person who they were caring for, not a number to process.
Mr A O    on 18 May 2017  

Great service, short wait time, smiling staff !
Anonymous   on 17 May 2017  

Very friendly staff and well informed by my dentist. Did not feel pressured at any point. My preference for more natural approaches were taken into consideration when discussing treatment options and not overlooked. As a result I felt very relaxed and confident in my dentist.
Anonymous   on 15 May 2017  

Friendly and professional.
Anonymous   on 14 May 2017  

Always a very good service
Mrs H T    on 14 May 2017  

All the Staff makes you feel at home and go the extra mile if they know you are a little anxious.
Mrs C B    on 13 May 2017  

All staff are extremely welcoming. Dentists cleaning and checking my teeth were very gentle, professional and oh so friendly. Was a pleasure to attend my appointment.
Mrs S C    on 13 May 2017  

Customer service provided by fitting me into their schedule at such short notice.
Anonymous   on 10 May 2017  

Customer care-11 out of 10(it's not exaturation). There is just an easy feeling being there,kind of being with your friends or family for a chat(even you can't talk to much 🤣).
Gargarin M    on 09 May 2017  

Excellent service and understanding
Anonymous   on 06 May 2017  

I have had a few bad experiences with dentist particularly in my younger years. I was very nervous about attending; it had been many years since I last visited a dentist. My friend recommended My Affordable Dentists as she knew how nervous I was. Will share my experience with family and friends and recommend your dental practice.
Mrs D B    on 04 May 2017  

Friendly service,on time and informative.
Mr G H    on 03 May 2017  

good communication with Dr parker
Anonymous   on 03 May 2017  

Excellent service that was friendly and on time.
Anonymous   on 01 May 2017  

Exceptional staff.
Anonymous   on 27 Apr 2017  

Efficient, friendly and felt in safe hands.
Mrs A B    on 26 Apr 2017  

The whole experience was pleasurable,very relaxed and helpful,no complaints at all.
Mrs M C    on 26 Apr 2017  

Fantastic staff super helpful and understanding
Mrs K R    on 25 Apr 2017  

Very good service from the reception to the doctor
Anonymous   on 24 Apr 2017  

Transparent consultation on likely procedures and expenses, cheerful genuine staff!!
Mr M B    on 20 Apr 2017  

I am relaxed and feel comfortable when I come in, not all sweaty and a bundle of nerves.
Miss M C    on 19 Apr 2017  

Excellent customer service.
Ms L B    on 19 Apr 2017  

Pleasant, professional, fast and easy to deal with
Anonymous   on 12 Apr 2017  

Very professional and welcoming staff
Mr D G    on 10 Apr 2017  

I am a slightly nervous patient, however, the dentist and everyone else in the clinic were very friendly and put me at ease. At all times I felt safe and comfortable. All of my concerns were dealt with in a timely, professional and friendly manner. I highly recommend this dental team to anyone needing a local dentist. I will definitely be back. 😀
Mrs V R    on 10 Apr 2017  

Efficient & very caring staff
Anonymous   on 10 Apr 2017  

Friendly and experienced staff :)
Anonymous   on 10 Apr 2017  

very good dental care, very pleasant staff
Mrs M P    on 08 Apr 2017  

Given good service by personable staff
Mr A M    on 08 Apr 2017  

Very professional but with a really personal touch supplied by staff that are really interested in the patient.
Anonymous   on 06 Apr 2017  

I and my family have been coming to this dental practice for many years and have put my trust and my teeth in their hands!
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2017  

Standard dental procedures but the experience is much less soul-destroyingly terrifying when compared to the average dentist, also top notch staff, 10/10
Anonymous   on 03 Apr 2017  

Very professional, excellent service
Anonymous   on 03 Apr 2017  

the team is professional, aproachable and very helpful
Ms E I    on 03 Apr 2017  

Going to the dentist has always been a very scary experience for me in the past but this group of people makes you feel so welcome and at ease. It helps when there are friendly faces around and people who cares.
Mrs C B    on 02 Apr 2017  

I was recommended by my husband and I have recommended to family. I like the cleanliness, friendly team and the small practice feels more personal. The price is great too.
Anonymous   on 02 Apr 2017  

All the staff are fantastic!
Miss G G    on 02 Apr 2017  

The dentist is very calm and re assuring and all the staff are very friendly
Anonymous   on 31 Mar 2017  

I am usually very nervous when going to the dentist, since attending this practice I am less nervous.
Mrs C E    on 30 Mar 2017  

Very affordable and friendly staff
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2017  

Professional caring service and a dentist who listens!
Mr K N    on 29 Mar 2017  

staff very friendly and gentle
Mr S L    on 28 Mar 2017  

Very professional. Explained everthing
Mrs K M    on 28 Mar 2017  

Professional, caring treatment
Mrs I H    on 24 Mar 2017  

Really professional friendly staff
Anonymous   on 20 Mar 2017  

Patient care. Staff are very good at being able to provide assurance and defuse a potential anxious event so that the patient is able to remain calm and comfortable
Mr G G    on 20 Mar 2017  

Friendly and help staff and quality of work recieved
Mr M R    on 20 Mar 2017  

Calming and professional environment
Mr M L    on 17 Mar 2017  

The quality of work performed and friendliness of staff
Mr R B    on 17 Mar 2017  

inexpensive masterful work .
Anonymous   on 16 Mar 2017  

My whole experience at My Affordable Dentist was wonderful. I found the waiting area calm and inviting and the team were fantastic. I was a nervous wreck before I arrived but left afraid of the dentist no longer.
Miss M C    on 16 Mar 2017  

The staff listen and are very friendly
Anonymous   on 16 Mar 2017  

This would be the first time that I have experienced above and beyond customer service from the moment I called to enquire through to the aftercare with a follow up phone call to check in on me after my extractions. You rarely get service like that these days and it didn't go unnoticed. Really happy.
Mrs S M    on 15 Mar 2017  

Professional and friendly
Mr J W    on 14 Mar 2017  

Friendly and professional team
Mr J D    on 14 Mar 2017  

The reason why I chose 'My Affordable Dentists' is because they provide great service, always good with customers and every time you will get a warm sensation and welcome. I guarantee every person would come out with a beautiful smile. I really recommend this place to any body, because you won't regret your decision.
Master J B    on 14 Mar 2017  

Very nice people
Mr D B    on 13 Mar 2017  

Lovely Dr Kasia and her staff. Very professional and and friendly .
Mrs S B    on 12 Mar 2017  

Friendly service that made me feel comfortable and relaxed!
Ms J A    on 11 Mar 2017  

The staff are super friendly and helpful and go above and beyond what they have to to help you out
Mr N K    on 10 Mar 2017  

Dentists as a whole make me EXTREMELY nervous. The staff were friendly and understanding. The dentist apprised me of what was about to be done at each step of the consultation. I was not made to feel guilty either knowingly or unknowingly by my admission of not attending a dentist for approximately 30 months.
Anonymous   on 10 Mar 2017  

Very patient and understanding
Anonymous   on 06 Mar 2017  

Quality customer service.
Anonymous   on 05 Mar 2017  

Professional, polite and an approach of non invasive dentistry with the minimum of fuss.
Anonymous   on 03 Mar 2017  

very nice friendly business
Anonymous   on 02 Mar 2017  

All the staff were extremely caring and i felt well looked after!
Anonymous   on 28 Feb 2017  

Brilliant professionals a pleasureable experience
Mr K H    on 28 Feb 2017  

They made me feel relaxed about the dentist
Ms L H    on 27 Feb 2017  

Happy, friendly, flexible service.
Mr R H    on 27 Feb 2017  

Friendly and cheap prices.
Mr A M    on 25 Feb 2017  

Very nice and friendly
Miss D F    on 23 Feb 2017  

Very professional & Mandy keeps you at ease.
Mr B L    on 22 Feb 2017  

I was made to feel comfortable. I am confident with the dentist and hygienist. Reception is friendly.
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

Such nice and friendly staff
Mr N K    on 21 Feb 2017  

professional service
Anonymous   on 20 Feb 2017  

Friendly, welcoming and relaxing depending on treatment!!
Anonymous   on 17 Feb 2017  

Good communication
Anonymous   on 17 Feb 2017  

I am scared of the dentist but Keisha was very understanding and explained what she was going to do and continued to reassure me. It was a very pleasant experience.
Mrs R B    on 16 Feb 2017  

Pleasent enviroment and like wise with the staff.
Mr H H    on 16 Feb 2017  

I felt very comfortable and informed the entire time I was there and would be happy to and in fact have recommended them to my friends and family.
Mr J M    on 13 Feb 2017  

The staff at my affordable dentist are most welcoming, kind and knowlegable. By far the best dentist I have ever been to. I have already recommended to several people after such a great experience here.
Miss E F    on 10 Feb 2017  

Friendly staff and great dentistry
Trish F    on 09 Feb 2017  

Friendly, caring staff and a calm relaxed atmosphere which is important to me.
Mrs J L    on 07 Feb 2017  

Conveniently situated and promptly executed work.
Mr S K    on 06 Feb 2017  

Friendly knowledgeable staff
Mr S L    on 03 Feb 2017  

Professional service
Anonymous   on 31 Jan 2017  

Very clean, gentle
Anonymous   on 31 Jan 2017  

Excellent customer service; very lovely and caring ladies.
Mrs P F    on 31 Jan 2017  

Service was excellent & so were staff
Anonymous   on 30 Jan 2017  

If someone lived close I would recommend them.
Mr T S    on 29 Jan 2017  

Professionalism, friendliness and confidence in the dentist and assistant.
Tricia F    on 28 Jan 2017  

Purely a good experience
Ms J G    on 27 Jan 2017  

Very professional and pleasant manner
Mr A C    on 19 Jan 2017  

Friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 19 Jan 2017  

The staff were very friendly, efficient and the cost of this excellent treatment was low.
Mr I D    on 19 Jan 2017  

Always pleased with the dental service and friendly staff.
Lynsey M    on 19 Jan 2017  

Fantastic service
Melissa B    on 18 Jan 2017  

Did a good job and was painless. Friendly and approachable,
Mrs S R    on 18 Jan 2017  

The visit was covered under my health cover, and they are very sensitive to my anxiety over visiting the dentist.
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2017  

Great service and very comfortable with Dentist
Mr G C    on 17 Jan 2017  

Linda S    on 17 Jan 2017  

Very good dentist, friendly and does an excellent job.
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2017  

Very friendly, helpful, efficient.
Emily H    on 15 Jan 2017  

I was just super impressed at the service from reception through to dental and after care
Anonymous   on 14 Jan 2017  

The dentist was very helpful and explained my options for the work that I will need to have done
Mrs D J    on 13 Jan 2017  

Because the service is excellent
Anonymous   on 13 Jan 2017  

Debbie B    on 13 Jan 2017  

the staff are extremely friendly and professional
Sita W    on 13 Jan 2017  

Kaisha is great, professional and happy to explain in details any questions.. Stephanie, Fiona and Rachel are also very friendly and professional
Alan P    on 13 Jan 2017  

Customer service was excellent, and no waiting around
Lionel D    on 12 Jan 2017  

I take the kids to see Mandy, she is just great. So gentle with the kids and makes sure she gives them the time they need, she asks them questions and gives them advice.
Aimee B    on 12 Jan 2017  

Staff are lovely - always happy with the work
Anonymous   on 12 Jan 2017  

Staff are professional and very friendly. Couldn't recommend them enough
Lynda W    on 12 Jan 2017  

I am very happy with the service. Do not have a lot of family or friends in WA
Catherine H    on 12 Jan 2017  

good advice, careful, friendly, helpful
Anonymous   on 12 Jan 2017  

Friendly service
Anonymous   on 12 Jan 2017  

The dentist and staff were great, and considering I have a phobia about dentists they made me feel very comfortable and were very understanding.
Raylee K    on 12 Jan 2017  

Extremely happy with timeliness, friendliness, facilities and expertise
Steve N    on 12 Jan 2017  

Kesia and the staff are lovely and did a great job.
Tracy W    on 12 Jan 2017  

The people I have come into contact with are helpful and friendly
Ann M    on 12 Jan 2017  

because of this dentist helps me with my fears explains nicely to me and is gentle and kind, and person
Irene T    on 12 Jan 2017  

The service I received was brilliant. After my first consultation my dentist explained in detail, which was very easy to understand exactly what treatment I needed and backed that information up by showing me on my x-rays. At no point was I left wondering if my dentist was making things/treatments up. She then gave me the option to decide what treatment I wanted to get done, which was refreshing as in the past, with other dentists I had never been given that option and I appreciated not feeling forced to do things I wasn't comfortable with. My dentist was so gentle during my procedures, which was a biggie for me as I had a bad experience with another dentist (which put me off for 4 years!) prior to booking into My Affordable Dentists. I felt completely at ease from start to finish.
Anonymous   on 12 Jan 2017  

Great customer service and recognition that the needs of the patient comes first.
Ian E    on 11 Jan 2017  

Very likely. The staff do everything they can to make you feel comfortable.
Fiona F    on 11 Jan 2017  

They are great people to deal with, very efficient and knowledgeable. Feel confident that you will get the best of attention and great service..
Harry S    on 11 Jan 2017  

Overall professionalism of my interaction with the clinic. It met my needs in all aspects.
Todd F    on 11 Jan 2017  

Helpful, knowledgeable, easy to discuss problems with
Anonymous   on 11 Jan 2017  

Great people , great service
Mr B M    on 11 Jan 2017  

Friendly caring service. They explain the requirements in a understandable way and give you a detailed cost upfront.
Jo G    on 10 Jan 2017  

everyone is friendly and professional and the surgery is very clean/sterile
Miss T T    on 31 Dec 2016  

Result was very satisfactory
Anonymous   on 27 Dec 2016  

We have had very good and friendly service over the last few years.
Mr G M    on 21 Dec 2016  

was very helpful friendly and straightforward experience
Anonymous   on 21 Dec 2016  

Recognition within the practice that there is more to dentistry than just the technical skills.
Mr I E    on 21 Dec 2016  

In all my years of going to the dentist I have never had such wonderful care and attention as I have done from the gorgeous ladies from My Affordable Dentist. Kind,gentle courteous,professional.
Ms J C    on 20 Dec 2016  

Great team, so friendly and approachable. Would definitely recommend this practice to others.
Miss B P    on 20 Dec 2016  

The dentist and her assist so lovely, caring and professional
Ms S H    on 19 Dec 2016  

Very lovely staff and service
Miss B R    on 16 Dec 2016  

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