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Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2018  

Very friendly and professional
Linda s    on 07 Nov 2018  

Staff lovely and gentle
Anonymous   on 06 Nov 2018  

Best service I have ever had. So welcoming 😁
Anonymous   on 03 Nov 2018  

Explained everything what need to be done and a choice when to do it
Patient   on 31 Oct 2018  

Felt very relaxed
Donelle m    on 30 Oct 2018  

Very professional and friendly practice
Anonymous   on 30 Oct 2018  

The very professional work the dentist and dentures were done.
Julian S    on 28 Oct 2018  

Friendly, affordable great service
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2018  

Very professional, friendly and reasonable prices. Felt at ease.
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2018  

Ihave recommended this practice to a lot of people, including family, friends and work colleagues. The whole team is fantastic, they are welcoming and try their hardest to make the whole experience as painless as possible both with treatment and financially.
Anne G    on 20 Oct 2018  

I have been to this clinic for quite sometime and they all know me now. They know be by my name, they show concern and they make me feel quite welcome. I also love Dr Cindy she is great at what she does.
Marlena G    on 15 Oct 2018  

The dentist was so gentle and caring Cindy was great
Anonymous   on 12 Oct 2018  

Good service & reasonable price.
Eric M    on 09 Oct 2018  

they were very welcoming and proffessional
ceara   on 09 Oct 2018  

Staff were great and efficient in service also felt very comfortable
Anonymous   on 09 Oct 2018  

I'm usually scared of going to the dentist but the dentist I saw was empathic and gentle
Anonymous   on 09 Oct 2018  

The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is extremely relaxed so it was not a stressful situation (I have anxiety and get stressed out a lot)
Anonymous   on 08 Oct 2018  

Happy, relaxed atmosphere and very good, pain free dentistry.
Anonymous   on 08 Oct 2018  

Prompt, painless and friendly
Anonymous   on 06 Oct 2018  

The staff offer quality care at a great price.
Lyreche   on 02 Oct 2018  

Very friendly caring and professional team.
Susan M    on 02 Oct 2018  

I mean extremely likely.
Eric F    on 02 Oct 2018  

Made to feel very welcome @ stress free or (pain free experience ) 😁
Anonymous   on 02 Oct 2018  

The professionalism of your staff and friendly service.
Julian S    on 01 Oct 2018  

Very professional and caring made me feel at ease
Wilma    on 27 Sep 2018  

Very friendly, professional people, hard to find great customer service this!
Anita B    on 27 Sep 2018  

Very friendly and efficient. Thorough and expert opinions.
Anonymous   on 26 Sep 2018  

Both dentist and dental nurse caring and the procedure was completed in a very professional manner
Anonymous   on 26 Sep 2018  

Dentist and other staff very friendly and helpful. Made my son feel comfortable when he was refusing to come in only moments before.
Anonymous   on 26 Sep 2018  

I was very happy with the service I got and was made to feel really comfortable.
Anonymous   on 23 Sep 2018  

Friendly staff, great location, open on Saturdays and best of all, as their name says "Affordable"
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2018  

Verry nice Dr and staff
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2018  

Staff are awesome
Anonymous   on 20 Sep 2018  

They have been wonderful treating my Mum lovely staff an great Dentist Mr Vokk sorry if I spelt name wrong . She still has a bit to go with dentures but am fully comfortable with the team an recommend them to anyone. I myself will be having my teeth done with them . Daughter of Mts Peake Lauranne Peake.
Patient   on 20 Sep 2018  

Friendly, painless and efficient service from Dr Cindy
Patient   on 19 Sep 2018  

It was a very comfortable experience, the doctors and staff were all friendly and I am wondering now why I put it off.
Brady   on 19 Sep 2018  

The staff were all lovely and everything was explained in detail before anything was done. The payment options are a life saver.
Nel   on 18 Sep 2018  

Good service friendly no pain
Darren H    on 12 Sep 2018  

Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2018  

Cindy did a beautiful job and Alice was a very good assistant. Admin officer Alison was very friendly and efficient. I would like to recommend this clinic to ever one.
Akiko K    on 11 Sep 2018  

I do not like needles
Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2018  

Extremely likely
Kerry W    on 07 Sep 2018  

Felt comfortable
Anonymous   on 07 Sep 2018  

Anonymous   on 06 Sep 2018  

Customer friendly.
Bill S    on 05 Sep 2018  

Very friendly and price was reasonable.
Julie    on 04 Sep 2018  

Professional friendly service and a good result.
Anonymous   on 04 Sep 2018  

Everyone was so friendly
Mckinlee M    on 29 Aug 2018  

Everyone is so obliging, helpful and friendly
Val G    on 28 Aug 2018  

The dentist and the assistant were lovely. They explained everything that needed to happen and made my son very comfortable. They had a happy and chatty personality. After a bad experience with another dental practice, it was a wonderful experience.
Hayley G    on 23 Aug 2018  

Felt at ease
Anonymous   on 22 Aug 2018  

Good all round experiences
Danny J    on 19 Aug 2018  

Professional advice  and  realistic cost.
Patient   on 15 Aug 2018  

very professional and very courteous
Anonymous   on 14 Aug 2018  

Courteous, friendly, pleasant and caring staff
Doug J    on 09 Aug 2018  

The wait wasn’t long. I saw the dentist and he was great. The ladies from the front desk we helpful.
Leonie R    on 09 Aug 2018  

Very good quality of work, good advice and friendly
Anonymous   on 09 Aug 2018  

Staff are very friendly and make me comfortable as a patient
Anonymous   on 09 Aug 2018  

Seem efficient
Sheila F    on 07 Aug 2018  

You all are very efficient, cheerful, helpful and your practice is affordable!
Eric F    on 07 Aug 2018  

Always very friendly staff and make me feel comfortable
Terry   on 07 Aug 2018  

Good job well done.
Anonymous   on 06 Aug 2018  

Professional service
Les H    on 03 Aug 2018  

Excellent service. Very professional.
Patient   on 02 Aug 2018  

Really smooth extraction, welcoming environment
Ben   on 02 Aug 2018  

friendly practice
Gilles R    on 01 Aug 2018  

I would highly recommend My affordable Dentists Mandurah Clinic due to the subsequent services I have received from them. From my point of view, they have highly skilled dentists especially the dental doctor who provided treatment to me is very good in terms with his clinical skills and patient approach. Additionally, the dentist was able to provide quality of treatment such as addressing the most complex/highly prioritised problems I have and preventative treatments that were appropriate for my oral health needs.
Jennylin    on 31 Jul 2018  

All staff polite The treatment was carried out as expected, dentist explained the process and treatmeyrequired
Vivien B    on 25 Jul 2018  

The Dentist how I know as Cindy was very professional in the extraction of my six teeth and the almost pain free in doing the extraction.
Bill B    on 25 Jul 2018  

I always find the staff here to be nice,warm and friendly.The dentist who treats me is very good and caring.Always reassuring with the treatment process.All in all very satisfied as usual with excellent quality. Highly recommended.
Paul F K    on 23 Jul 2018  

Great friendly service.
Yolande N    on 23 Jul 2018  

Very accommodating and understanding
Emma M    on 21 Jul 2018  

Because the treatment was very good and the staff are so friendly
Patient   on 19 Jul 2018  

Wonderful dentist Cindy
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2018  

Dentist is fantastic
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2018  

Dr Cindy Yong is professional, quick, gentle and made me feel comfortable at all times.
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2018  

Had a positive experience.
Anonymous   on 16 Jul 2018  

The dentists I’m seeing now are kind & professional
Anonymous   on 16 Jul 2018  

The staff are so amazing and the prices are fantastic
Anonymous   on 13 Jul 2018  

Friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 12 Jul 2018  

Nice people and good service
Anonymous   on 12 Jul 2018  

Completed their work efficiently and in a pleasant manner. Leaves you feeling they know what they are doing and they do it all with a happy manner.
Kathy C    on 10 Jul 2018  

Staff were more than helpful and provided me with all the information I wanted......a very pleasnt experience
Glory W    on 10 Jul 2018  

Efficiency and professionalism
Bev R    on 09 Jul 2018  

Made me feel totally comfortable and at ease
Terry   on 07 Jul 2018  

It’s my first appointment I’m not too sure .. but the service was great like the dentist she’s very well explain what I had to be done ...
Patient   on 06 Jul 2018  

Its the best dentist iv ever been to all the staff are nice and my dentist Andrew is excellent
Patient   on 06 Jul 2018  

Good treatment and good respect.
Patient   on 05 Jul 2018  

Received excellent treatment and did not have to wait from apointment time
Patient   on 04 Jul 2018  

They are a welcoming people and they know you when you walk in
Anonymous   on 29 Jun 2018  

I'd recommend this practice as they did the job required.
Patient   on 28 Jun 2018  

Over the years I have had a lot of Dental work done and I would like to say that this was a very pleasant experience mainly because of no pain and the service was excellent.
Patient   on 27 Jun 2018  

Because I am a pain of a patient and they are wonderful to me
Anonymous   on 26 Jun 2018  

Ian is Great . He is gentle . Ok sometime but a big maybe if pain but well worth it . All the Staff are lovely their 😊😊😊
Patient   on 26 Jun 2018  

Caring staff
Anonymous   on 26 Jun 2018  

Good service
Anonymous   on 26 Jun 2018  

Very happy with dental treatment & lovely friendly staff
Anonymous   on 25 Jun 2018  

I felt a positive environment in the clinic. Staffs are accommodating and friendly especially the dental surgeon who did my surgical procedure. They ask you if you are okay in between the procedure which I find really nice for reassurance. They really do entertain your concerns and hear out your questions as well as able to respond appropriately. Keep up the good work :)
Patient   on 25 Jun 2018  

Quick response - had my filling fixed the day after it broke
Anonymous   on 25 Jun 2018  

Nice people and good service
Patient   on 25 Jun 2018  

Professional and friendly staff make this clinic great.
Patient   on 22 Jun 2018  

Being a anxious patient they made me feel relaxed.
Patient   on 21 Jun 2018  

Wonderful, very competent, understanding staff
Patient   on 21 Jun 2018  

Dr Ian is amazing, so gentle, reassuring and has made my trip to the dentist a pleasant one.
Patient   on 20 Jun 2018  

Great Dentists, due to previous experiences when I was in my 20's I have always had a fear of the Dentist. Anyway, no problems with the Affordable Dentists.
Patient   on 12 Jun 2018  

Very Helpful in all areas . Got me in at short notice. Very much appreciated.
Anonymous   on 12 Jun 2018  

Caring, friendly knowledgeable staff.
Anonymous   on 11 Jun 2018  

The dentist explained what and why he was doing what he was doing
Patient   on 10 Jun 2018  

Very clean area, and friendly ,helpful staff members.
Patient   on 22 May 2018  

Service, Price, Professionialism
Anonymous   on 21 May 2018  

Friendly and professional staff who make you feel at ease
Patient   on 20 May 2018  

Very professional n informative
Patient   on 18 May 2018  

Good experience
Anonymous   on 18 May 2018  

The lady's are friendly great service the dentist top notch 5 stars and more cheers coral
Patient   on 18 May 2018  

Dentist and assistant professional and helpful
Patient   on 17 May 2018  

Friendly staff and service.
Patient   on 14 May 2018  

Friendly and cost afective
Patient   on 14 May 2018  

The staff are friendly and professional. They put you at ease and are nonjudgemental.
Patient   on 11 May 2018  

Friendly and professional service
Patient   on 10 May 2018  

Because the whole experience was so much better than expected. The reception staff are gorgeous and friendly and the nurse was so compassionate. I would highly recommend this practice.
Patient   on 10 May 2018  

Very good service from Dr Vuk
Anonymous   on 09 May 2018  

Patient   on 09 May 2018  

Friendly polite staff
Anonymous   on 07 May 2018  

staff very polite and interested in what their doing. Very professional
Anonymous   on 06 May 2018  

Because the service was really good
Anonymous   on 01 May 2018  

Genuine sense of caring
Patient   on 01 May 2018  

Efficient staff, Dr Vuk very caring, pleasant and obviously very good at his job. It's a pleasant surprise to have a dentist who doesn't chat to his Assitant consently while working in your mouth.
Patient   on 24 Apr 2018  

Peter offers such a caring patient centred service at a very reasonable price. He has put in such an effort to make dentures that fit better than any I have had before.
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2018  

Caring and gentle
Patient   on 06 Apr 2018  

We were treated like humans and not a number. You showed interest in my family. it was very nice and helped us to relax.
Joanne B    on 24 Oct 2017  

Mainly because of how awesome the reception ladies are
Mr S B    on 21 Oct 2017  

All staff were polite and the dentist explained everything he was going to do.
Mr R C    on 13 Oct 2017  

Friendly service and great result
Charis B    on 10 Oct 2017  

Greeting and assistance from receptionist. Outstanding service and explanations re current situation, payment and future needs from dentist and repairs completed that very day.
Mr J W    on 10 Oct 2017  

Staff were very friendly and helpfull!
Miss A J    on 09 Oct 2017  

All the staff, from the front desk to the surgery were wonderful. They were happy, helpful and friendly.
Mrs T N    on 07 Oct 2017  

The people are friendly and helpful.
Ms C G    on 03 Oct 2017  

very friendly and made me feel very comfortable
Mrs G S    on 02 Oct 2017  

i would most definitely recomend my affordable dentist to anyone with dental issues. i have bad teeth, i have been to other dentists and have felt judged. but today at my appointment with my affordable dentist i was made to feel comfortable, relaxed, they showed compassion. but most of all they gavs me reassurance that they are there to help me.
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2017  

Excellent experience
Ms S W    on 26 Sep 2017  

Friendly compassionate people.
Ms L H    on 26 Sep 2017  

Friendly , professional service .
Anonymous   on 26 Sep 2017  

Prompt service when I really needed it.
Anonymous   on 26 Sep 2017  

Great service
Ms J S    on 24 Sep 2017  

Very friendly staff and dentists, I will much calmer seeing them again
David S    on 21 Sep 2017  

Friendly service
Anonymous   on 20 Sep 2017  

the staff are very friendly and the cost is great
Miss D B    on 18 Sep 2017  

Staff and doctors conduct are professional
Sue W    on 17 Sep 2017  

i think the service was very good
Mr G W    on 12 Sep 2017  

Very friendly and explained my treatment in a easy, understandable manner giving me my seemingly traumatic experience much more comfortable and less terrifying. Their geniune caring mannerisms, which started with girls at front desk, making my experience much less painful and fearful. Would totally recommending them.
Ms T B    on 11 Sep 2017  

I had a good experience there.
Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2017  

The dentist was friendly and gentle.
Mr G C    on 09 Sep 2017  

Good efficient service
Gary R    on 09 Sep 2017  

They care about what you want and why you are there. They did everything they could to make me comfortable and to save me the maximum amount of money.
Miss A B    on 07 Sep 2017  

The staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming
Caroline B    on 05 Sep 2017  

Friendly and professional people who make you feel at ease straight away
Mrs P R    on 05 Sep 2017  

Efficient and helpfull
Ian S    on 01 Sep 2017  

As the name indicates 'Affordable Dentist. We are pensioners and everything helps.
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2017  

Quick turn around, friendly and knowledgable staff.
Krista D    on 22 Aug 2017  

Reception were very imformative and helpful and printed me out a quote and explained it to me. Also There is such a warm bubbly friendly atmosphere from everyone who works there
Miss L B    on 13 Jun 2017  

Affordable, friendly
Anonymous   on 11 Jun 2017  

Amazing service!!! Very friendly staff and very helpful with all enquirys.
Emily P    on 09 Jun 2017  

Felt comfortable
Anonymous   on 09 Jun 2017  

Friendly staff
Mrs J B    on 05 Jun 2017  

Peter has been doing a good job. Although we are not finished yet. The front staff are friendly.
Ms P H    on 02 Jun 2017  

I have recieved very professional treatment since I have been coming to affordable dentist Already recommended my friends there they are also happy also
Mrs P M    on 24 May 2017  

Because everyone associated with the practice is very friendly, helpful and happy and go out of their way to make your experience as painless as possible.
Ms A G    on 24 May 2017  

Very happy with the service. I like the way that whatever you are having done it is explained to you.
Ingrid H    on 23 May 2017  

I was fortunate to be seen in an emergency, when all others failed me.
Anonymous   on 15 May 2017  

Helpful staff. Procedure carefully explained before carried out. reasonable pricing.
Anonymous   on 15 May 2017  

Very simply I found the practice to be clean fresh professional and was made to feel at ease immediately.
Lynette B    on 11 May 2017  

Everyone is nice and friendly and very professional. the service is good. I think the dentist are very good.
Yvonne B    on 03 May 2017  

Made to feel welcome, professional happy practice. Nothing was hard, gave options on personal services for individual needs!👌🏼
Mr C H    on 29 Apr 2017  

Excellent service friendly staff and Government subsidy
Mrs S B    on 26 Apr 2017  

Very friendly staff
Ms J H    on 26 Apr 2017  

Excellent dentist and beautiful person. Very impressed. Nicest dentist I've ever been to. Very Happy
Andrea M    on 24 Apr 2017  

Finally found a dentist who explains things to you
Anonymous   on 24 Apr 2017  

The new Dentist I had was very friendly, spoke so I could understand, which I feel is extremely important. My appt was for checkup and clean, so will coment further after more treatment, which I believe I will need after the x-rays I had.
Anonymous   on 19 Apr 2017  

perfect fitting dentures
Ms A J    on 18 Apr 2017  

prices good and exelent servise given with each visit
Doreen B    on 16 Apr 2017  

Friendly staff
Mr J P    on 14 Apr 2017  

So friendly, engaged in resolution of my dental problem
Ms E C    on 11 Apr 2017  

Very professional
Mr R H    on 07 Apr 2017  

I am always looked after very well. All staff are very nice and helpful and very friendly. discounts, health claims and pension rates are explained very well and nothing seems to be of any trouble.
Yvonne B    on 07 Apr 2017  

My Dentist was efficient and fixed exactly the problem.
Mr W B    on 05 Apr 2017  

Friendly staff, great consultation. All my questions and recommendations were address in an exponential manner. Great there is payment plans and affordable dentist care which is not something that is common among other dental surgeries. Will defiantly recommend this place for its professionalism and friendly, well knowledgeable staff.
Miss A W    on 03 Apr 2017  

I cannot complain about my care I am having , I have new plate & parsul plate which can take awhile to get right but we are getting there with plenty of attention .
Mrs P M    on 03 Apr 2017  

Made me feel very comfortable and they were on time!!
Mrs C W    on 01 Apr 2017  

good communication
Anonymous   on 31 Mar 2017  

Very good service
Mr M R    on 30 Mar 2017  

Relaxed and efficient friendly service
Anonymous   on 28 Mar 2017  

Excellent service by all staff. Ian is an outstanding dentist.
Pauline N    on 27 Mar 2017  

Friendly efficient and compassionate service.
Anonymous   on 20 Mar 2017  

whole experience has been well organized and treatment very good.
Mr F G    on 12 Mar 2017  

I was very well looked after.
Yvonne B    on 02 Mar 2017  

Because peter and the other dentist make you feel like home same with the reception girls . Peter is so gentle polite and so very profesional im so happy to come to my affordable dentist in mandurah i will be a regular customer and i do recomend my dentist to family and friends very clean and friendly inviroment
Mr S K    on 27 Feb 2017  

I was super impressed with the service. The dentist, Dr Ian, was extremely gentle and sensitive and the rest of the staff were also excellent. I have already recommended your business to several people.
Jenny G    on 27 Feb 2017  

Very helpful
Mr C S    on 26 Feb 2017  

Very nice staff. Always willing to help.
Mr R W    on 26 Feb 2017  

Very gentle dentist Didn't feel pressured into have treatment done
Ms L P    on 26 Feb 2017  

Dentist was great and explained what was happening and supplied a written quote for the continuation of the work needed. I didnt have to wait for very long for the appointment even though it was Friday afternoon
Mr G P    on 24 Feb 2017  

Reasonable cost for treatment
Jacqueline R    on 24 Feb 2017  

Great I won't go anywhere else now , amazing
Miss J C    on 23 Feb 2017  

My dentist very experienced, treatment was as painless as possible
Jocelyn F    on 22 Feb 2017  

They are very helpfull an friendly staff
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

Lovely , friendly staff....appointment on time
Mrs J T    on 22 Feb 2017  

The dentist was very informative. The receptionist was friendly.
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

They are very gentle and caring make you feel at ease
Ms Y H    on 20 Feb 2017  

From the very friendly girls in reception to the friendly dr. Michael I felt very at ease.
Mrs P R    on 20 Feb 2017  

The staff are friendly and the clinician explained everything that needed to be done clearly.
Anonymous   on 18 Feb 2017  

Everyone is so friendly,Peter my Dentist is very good put's me at ease.
Lorraine N    on 18 Feb 2017  

Everyone was so kind and friendly and helpful.
Ms F R    on 17 Feb 2017  

Because when we were looking for a dentist we got very confident and friendly service
Mr M M    on 16 Feb 2017  

The staff are extremely helpful and very understanding to my needs
Ms A H    on 14 Feb 2017  

Fantastic doctors understand my situation and toke that into consideration and I really appreciated there feed back and thoughts about going into treatment even the stuff that work there they are great people I would highly recommend others to go and see my affordable dentist just such a warm welcoming feeling,awesome bunch of people that opens all doors possible to suit your needs.
Josephine T    on 14 Feb 2017  

The staff are all friendly and super helpful!
Anonymous   on 14 Feb 2017  

It was a Sunday and I was in a lot of pain, Also had a very swollen cheek. The receptionist very kindly fitted me in although all appointments had already been filled. The dental nurse was very friendly and the dentist was very competent. The charge was very reasonable. Thank you for everything!
Anonymous   on 12 Feb 2017  

Service and staff
Mr G Q    on 09 Feb 2017  

Friendly staff and comfortable surroundings, have already recommended to people I know
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2017  

Considerable care given
Anonymous   on 04 Feb 2017  

Good experience and helpful, friendly staff
Anonymous   on 03 Feb 2017  

Amazing service
Amanda M    on 02 Feb 2017  

Happy to feel comfortable in a situation I'm not usually comfortable in.
Anonymous   on 01 Feb 2017  

very welcoming, took the time to care and make sure the client is happy with the end product. did a great job
Miss G G    on 31 Jan 2017  

Clean and considerate service
Mr M C    on 30 Jan 2017  

Previous dentists have tried to get me to come in for unnecessary treatments in the past which become costly. I went in, explained that I had lost two fillings and the advise I was given, along with the treatment was not only quickly completed that day but also cost effective.
Mrs P J    on 28 Jan 2017  

Know service and advice will be professional
Anonymous   on 27 Jan 2017  

The entry of being greeted with warmth and comfort into the surgery is top class and then into your appointment is really comforting unlike other dental surgeries.
Anonymous   on 23 Jan 2017  

Friendly and affordable
Anonymous   on 22 Jan 2017  

Knowing you are open 7 days a week is great. Especially when their are shift workers and busy people, who can come on weekends.
Ms L S    on 22 Jan 2017  

Your no pain dentists
Anonymous   on 19 Jan 2017  

Friendly staff amazing service affordable dental service
Young J    on 17 Jan 2017  

Extremely helpful and pleasant staff, and highly qualified dentist.
Anonymous   on 17 Jan 2017  

Amazing team from the receptionist to the dental professionals.
Ms J L    on 15 Jan 2017  

I would recommend your practice to my friends & family because I would guantee professional help & care .
Mrs P M    on 13 Jan 2017  

my experience there was very good the staff are really nice
Taleah J    on 13 Jan 2017  

very good in telling you what is going on
Mr M R    on 11 Jan 2017  

The staff are very friendly and helpful and the service is of a high standard. I feel very at ease .
Mr A F    on 10 Jan 2017  

I was very anxious and all the staff were very helpful and reassuring
Anonymous   on 06 Jan 2017  

everyone was helpful and accommodating and the cost factor was very reasonable.
Ms J M    on 06 Jan 2017  

Professional and kind approach to treatment
Anonymous   on 30 Dec 2016  

We were made to feel comfortable and informed regarding treatment and options. It really is the best dental practice I have ever visited.
Ms M F    on 28 Dec 2016  

great service very helpful
Anonymous   on 23 Dec 2016  

I was at ease.
Srimathie K    on 23 Dec 2016  

Yes very happy everyone is friendly thay make you fill like your at home thay give you great support and the best service my dentist doctor who doing my dentures is supportive when doing the moulds he amazing and praises you threw treatment and the office girls are so nice and friendly im so happy I found affordale dentist in mandurah and I will tell every one about you thanks so much for the great service and merry xmas and happynew year to all the staff kind regards steve kais
Steven K    on 21 Dec 2016  

Very good in patient service
Marinus R    on 21 Dec 2016  

All the staff were extremely helpful and understanding to my needs.
Annette H    on 21 Dec 2016  

My treatments fitted around my work schedule my dentist front staff were always pleasant and accommodating i felt comfortable with every visit all round it was a pleasant visit each time and the front staff a real people not false if you get my drift
Dorothy H    on 20 Dec 2016  

Service provided was excellent and friendly staff
Desmond M    on 20 Dec 2016  

Dentist and staff were efficient, friendly and kind
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2016  

All staff were friendly, courteous and professional. Dr Ian is gem and Liah is great dental nurse.
Akiko K    on 20 Dec 2016  

I have already referred some friends
Terry K    on 20 Dec 2016  

There is no reason to 5hink about my qnswere as very Happy with everything at Affordable Dentists in Mandurah
Cherryl P    on 20 Dec 2016  

My dentist is the best I have ever been to..
Allan H    on 20 Dec 2016  

Very clean reliable service takes the stress away from the actual reason you're there
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2016  

friendly staff
Mr L B    on 19 Dec 2016  

Easy access affordable with qualified professional team.
Anonymous   on 16 Dec 2016  

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