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Everyone is so nice and caring.
Ms M L    on 29 Sep 2017  

Dentist was friendly, explained all treatment and was gentle and thorough.
Mr S S    on 29 Sep 2017  

Always been great service.
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2017  

Professional friendly service
Anonymous   on 25 Sep 2017  

efficient professional caring punctual
Anonymous   on 20 Sep 2017  

Very kind and caring.
Mr C W    on 19 Sep 2017  

Great, friendly service. Top quality outcomes.
Anonymous   on 18 Sep 2017  

Everyone was very nice and professional.
Mr M L    on 17 Sep 2017  

Friendly approachable staff Excellent professional dentists
Anonymous   on 16 Sep 2017  

The attitude of all the staff is excellent - very professional - I like being given the options of treatments that are available so I can make an informed choice for myself.
Mrs D S    on 14 Sep 2017  

I have referred a number of people to you already, and will continue to do so! I cannot fault the service.
Ms P L    on 13 Sep 2017  

Great professional team
Miss G M    on 13 Sep 2017  

Good professional service
Mr S L    on 12 Sep 2017  

Extremely friendly staff, every endeavor taken to minimise pain, very thorough dental maintenance and management.
Mr D J    on 11 Sep 2017  

Friendly atmosphere
Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2017  

Staff are friendly, not pushy to up sell services.
Anonymous   on 08 Sep 2017  

I would gladly break my teeth to visit your practice again. Sensational service.
Mr D B    on 05 Sep 2017  

Very friendly and thorough
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2017  

On time, thorough, well-explained and no pain
Anonymous   on 29 Aug 2017  

Very friendly and honest.
Anonymous   on 29 Aug 2017  

I was very pleased that I was able to see the dentist so promptly.
Mrs D M    on 29 Aug 2017  

Very friendly and professional local practice.
Mr T H    on 25 Aug 2017  

LOVELY friendly service
Mrs J N    on 24 Aug 2017  

Friendly dentist and staff
Mr M P    on 23 Aug 2017  

The staff are very friendly and professional
Mr J S    on 22 Aug 2017  

Have previously recommended them, great location, good service.
Anonymous   on 21 Aug 2017  

Friendly, efficient staff at all levels
Anonymous   on 20 Aug 2017  

Good service
Anonymous   on 08 Jul 2017  

Overall, acceptable service.
Anonymous   on 04 Jul 2017  

Staff is friendly and helpful
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2017  

I felt that I was in good hands. The results of the examination was comprehensively explained to me, and the remedial treatment plan and outcome left me very confident. The cost was also reasonable. My impression is that the equipment at this practice is also modern, and of a high standard.
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2017  

Friendly and high quality service
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2017  

Professional, friendly and efficient.
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2017  

Personal, friendly, professional and local. I trust the dentists and the quality of their work. Highly recommend this practice for families.
Master H V    on 28 Jun 2017  

Lovely people who take great care of my teeth and my family's teeth.
Anonymous   on 28 Jun 2017  

Very happy with the dental practice
Anonymous   on 27 Jun 2017  

Very professional
Anonymous   on 27 Jun 2017  

Fantastic service and staff.
Mr M T    on 24 Jun 2017  

Staff made me feel quite relaxed.
Mrs W G    on 23 Jun 2017  

Friendly professional service
Mr J L    on 22 Jun 2017  

good services
Mr M H    on 22 Jun 2017  

Each appointment I have is a good experience!
Miss E K    on 17 Jun 2017  

The practise is very clean and very friendly. No one loves the dentist but they do a pretty good job making you as comfortable as possible and also checking on that throughout your appointment.
Miss T B    on 15 Jun 2017  

Good service, friendly staff, dentist very professional and is always helpful with explaining the work required and options available.
Anonymous   on 15 Jun 2017  

The staff are lovely and so attentive, answer all questions and are gentle.
Mrs K S    on 13 Jun 2017  

My dentist is calm and sympathetic. I am a very nervous patient and he lets me know what he is going to do next and makes sure I am comfortable before starting any procedure.
Mrs K H    on 13 Jun 2017  

The staff were all very friendly
Mr I G    on 13 Jun 2017  

Everyone was polite, friendly, efficient, and competent. I was given information about all aspects of the procedure.
Anonymous   on 08 Jun 2017  

I feel very comfortable with the dental staff and confident with their service.
Anonymous   on 03 Jun 2017  

Made to feel very comfortable. The staff are all very nice and the dentist was very understanding
Mrs F F    on 02 Jun 2017  

Pleasant Dentist and assistant and work on teeth preformed without problem
Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2017  

Clean, efficient work environment
Anonymous   on 30 May 2017  

excellent prompt service
Anonymous   on 27 May 2017  

Great advise re basics of dental hygiene, continuity of care and good follow up
Mr V K    on 26 May 2017  

i experienced a caring and patient dentist.
Anonymous   on 26 May 2017  

Professional care and top quality customer service. Sandy and her staff made Benjamin feel very confident and safe. Not to mention the one on one service Sandy ensured to make me feel complete confidence in Ben's care, as I was unable to be there at the time of his wisdom teeth extraction. Thank you Sandy.
Mr B E    on 25 May 2017  

Friendly staff and great Practice
Mr L A    on 25 May 2017  

On time, wonderful dentist and office staff
Mrs D K    on 23 May 2017  

Care and details of service is excellent.
Anonymous   on 21 May 2017  

Friendly and efficient service.
Anonymous   on 19 May 2017  

Quality of service & the high level of care
Mr G T    on 19 May 2017  

Makes me feel at ease as I suffer from severe dentist phobia!
Anonymous   on 18 May 2017  

Very polite
Mrs T E    on 17 May 2017  

Friendly informative and caring team 😊
Mrs S M    on 15 May 2017  

I was so grateful to have an emergency appointment on a Saturday which wasn't rushed and much care given. Excellent practice.
Mrs S T    on 23 Apr 2017  

trustworthy with good advice with professional service
Mr T D    on 23 Apr 2017  

equipment and service are very good
Anonymous   on 18 Apr 2017  

dentist listened carefully and responded to my concerns re insurance item numbers.
Mr E R    on 12 Apr 2017  

Excellent, professional, courteous service.
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2017  

Extremely good dentist, very gentle and compassionate and understood how I was feeling.
Mrs J B    on 07 Apr 2017  

Very kind and concerned treatment from start to finish (not quite yet) but have always received the same.
Mr D R    on 07 Apr 2017  

Lady at reception is brilliant, even with a few delays she kept me in the loop and was so friendly. Dentist is also professional and very friendly.
Mr D R    on 06 Apr 2017  

Knowledge and understanding of condition.
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2017  

Very professional and helpful service
Mr T S    on 05 Apr 2017  

I enjoy and appreciate the relaxed friendly calm professional atmosphere at One Dental. I actually look forward to going to visit the dentist for the first time in my life and I am over 60!!
Mrs E M    on 02 Apr 2017  

friendly and efficient staff
Mrs D S    on 01 Apr 2017  

Pleasant staff, modern facilities
Anonymous   on 31 Mar 2017  

Quick, polite and informative service
Anonymous   on 31 Mar 2017  

Very professional and efficient.
Mr F C    on 24 Mar 2017  

Friendly and professional environment and team
Anonymous   on 21 Mar 2017  

Excellent and professional service
Mr S T    on 21 Mar 2017  

Friendly staff, reminders and prompt service
Mr J A    on 15 Mar 2017  

Extremely friendly staff-Dentist and assistant were fantastic -treated me like an individual rather than yet another gaping mouth🙂 Remembered my family and asked after their welfare-such a lovely manor😊 Highly recommended
Mr S G    on 14 Mar 2017  

Lovely dentist. Thorough.
Anonymous   on 13 Mar 2017  

Very highly, would recommend friends and family for sure.
Anonymous   on 13 Mar 2017  

A very professional practice with friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2017  

I have been to 2 dentist now at One Dental and both have been very friendly and professional. Appointments usually run on time Prices are always discussed where expensive dental work is involved.
Ms K C    on 07 Mar 2017  

Staff are always friendly and helpful. Dentist are very caring .
Anonymous   on 06 Mar 2017  

Always feel comfortable
Mrs M S    on 03 Mar 2017  

Friendly, efficient, capable.
Ms L P    on 03 Mar 2017  

Friendly, local, quality service.
Anonymous   on 25 Feb 2017  

Yes as there is great care taken when administering anesthetic and there is genuine concern around the patience's well being.
Mr D J    on 24 Feb 2017  

The staff are caring - always checking that I was OK during and after the tooth extraction.
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2017  

Convenient and efficient
Mr B H    on 22 Feb 2017  

Good service
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

professional and friendly approach.
Mr G P    on 21 Feb 2017  

I'm a returning client and have always been happy with One Dental.
Mr S H    on 20 Feb 2017  

My doctor was very friendly and answered my questions patiently and adequately.
Anonymous   on 20 Feb 2017  

The dental team is friendly and approachable.
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2017  

Great service and very understandable to your needs, most friendly service ever!
Mrs K Z    on 16 Feb 2017  

professional &friendly staff very caring &gentle very impressed.
Mrs G G    on 15 Feb 2017  

Its the best dentist I've been too.
Anonymous   on 14 Feb 2017  

The professional and admin staff are very friendly, always show personal concerns for patients. The practice is in the most convenient and easily accessible location.
Mr D Z    on 14 Feb 2017  

Very pleased with the care and attention with practical aspects and their communication with me.
Mr B S    on 13 Feb 2017  

Happy with treatment
Mrs M S    on 13 Feb 2017  

Nice and close. And overall happy
Mrs J K    on 13 Feb 2017  

Very friendly staff
Anonymous   on 12 Feb 2017  

Great service
Mr D J    on 11 Feb 2017  

Very friendly and relaxing practice.
Mr D F    on 11 Feb 2017  

Efficient on time service
Anonymous   on 10 Feb 2017  

Friendly, Helpful and prompt service
Mr D R    on 09 Feb 2017  

Very skilled dentist and lovely staff, very good value too.
Mrs S B    on 08 Feb 2017  

very polite, friendly and professional
Mr I H    on 08 Feb 2017  

Friendly and professional staff.
Anonymous   on 04 Feb 2017  

Quality Treatment
Anonymous   on 04 Feb 2017  

Clean, friendly, local
Mrs B H    on 03 Feb 2017  

Efficient and skilled team
Anonymous   on 03 Feb 2017  

Brilliant staff ,very helpful and the Doctor that I had the privilege to see was by far the most informative and gentle dentist. Very happy patient.
Mr R P    on 02 Feb 2017  

I found the experience quite pleasant. Not like dentists of old.
Anonymous   on 02 Feb 2017  

Very professional in a comfortable atmosphere and don't seem to over service.
Anonymous   on 30 Jan 2017  

Very gentle & efficient
Dr L G    on 29 Jan 2017  

professional and friendly service
Mrs K S    on 27 Jan 2017  

I've been VERY happy with my Dental treatment & feel confident with recommending family & friends to One Dental.
Mrs A P    on 24 Jan 2017  

Cannot fault it in any way. Thorough, friendly and professional service.
Mr D J    on 24 Jan 2017  

Friendly atmosphere
Mr P W    on 24 Jan 2017  

Anonymous   on 21 Jan 2017  

Welcoming and friendly professionals who provide a quality service.
Anonymous   on 20 Jan 2017  

Gentle care such lovely staff
Mr E R    on 20 Jan 2017  

Pleasant experience. Job is professionally done.
Mr C L    on 20 Jan 2017  

Staff were extremely friendly, without being pushy.
Anonymous   on 20 Jan 2017  

pleasant & efficient service
Mr B M    on 20 Jan 2017  

Confident in referring Anna who is a competent and is able to put me at ease in the chair.
Mrs M J    on 19 Jan 2017  

Prompt, friendly, competent service.
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2017  

Execellent service
Ms S N    on 16 Jan 2017  

Friendly, helpful
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2017  

Good service
Ms B K    on 14 Jan 2017  

Very carding and helpful
Ms J P    on 13 Jan 2017  

Very friendly and professional service from all members of the team
Anonymous   on 11 Jan 2017  

I like that it is a small practice and so contact is warm and friendly.
Anonymous   on 11 Jan 2017  

informative, professional and convivial
Mr L S    on 10 Jan 2017  

Friendly staff, gentle (no pain!!).
Anonymous   on 10 Jan 2017  

great admin service and a pleasant dental experience. No complaints.
Mr B W    on 09 Jan 2017  

Very friendly dental nurses and dentist as well as the reception staff.
Anonymous   on 05 Jan 2017  

Customer service was excellent and treatment was great
Miss T C    on 04 Jan 2017  

Because these guys provide excellent service, great customer service and it's a really nice experience.... not scary and daunting like some dentists have mmade me feel in the past. One Dental are our dentist equivalent of the 'lifelong GP' :)
Mrs S B    on 04 Jan 2017  

I was put at ease knowing I was in good hands. Anna 's calm and gentle manner take away any concerns. She explains everything clearly so you know exactly what is happening. I recommend her to everyone I know!
Anonymous   on 30 Dec 2016  

very good service
Anonymous   on 29 Dec 2016  

Friendly staff, clean surgery, good attitude.
Anonymous   on 23 Dec 2016  

My visits & treatments have always been very professional & informative. As a patient they are caring, compassion, gentle, very kind, patience & showed complete understanding of my needs. The rooms are clean & they are very keen to make sure you are comfortable. I feel that all staff at One Dental are a wonderful team. I found the Receptionists to be always kind & helpful & do there best in explaining payments and making appointments.
Mrs A P    on 21 Dec 2016  

All the staff were lovely. The dentist was great. The rooms were clean and fresh.
Anonymous   on 21 Dec 2016  

Dentist instilled confidence and has a lovely manner
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2016  

friendly, gentle, seems knowledgeable
Anonymous   on 18 Dec 2016  

Simply a no hassle experience
Mr D P    on 17 Dec 2016  

The staff are friendly; did not have to wait for a long time; dentist did a good job.
Anonymous   on 14 Dec 2016  

Local, friendly efficient good experience.
Anonymous   on 13 Dec 2016  

Excellent service and friendly competent staff.
Mr R C    on 13 Dec 2016  

I like the dental teams gentle manner
Mrs J W    on 13 Dec 2016  

A good job, professional and friendly service
Anonymous   on 12 Dec 2016  

Friendly and professional, and no over servicing.
Mr J F    on 10 Dec 2016  

Happy with the service
Mrs A R    on 09 Dec 2016  

great staff
Anonymous   on 09 Dec 2016  

Cos it's good
Anonymous   on 03 Dec 2016  

Ver professional and caring.
Anonymous   on 03 Dec 2016  

good service & pleasant staff plus trust in the dentist
Mr B M    on 03 Dec 2016  

Very efficient
Anonymous   on 30 Nov 2016  

Professional, friendly, efficient
Mr P F    on 25 Nov 2016  

An easygoing, professional approach and service by staff.
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2016  

Great service and people
Mr P D    on 24 Nov 2016  

Very friendly staff!
Anonymous   on 22 Nov 2016  

I felt well cared for. Dentist was perceptive of how I was feeling and kept checking in with me to see how I was going. Dentist was happy to explain what was happening including photos of my teeth.
Anonymous   on 22 Nov 2016  

Great customer service and great care factor!
Mrs J C    on 21 Nov 2016  

All of the staff is so friendly
Anonymous   on 20 Nov 2016  

Professional and efficient
Maria H    on 19 Nov 2016  

The VIP treatment by all staff
Mrs H H    on 19 Nov 2016  

There is a no pressure environment and very friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 17 Nov 2016  

The whole team are very nice.
Anonymous   on 14 Nov 2016  

The care factor
Mrs S T    on 11 Nov 2016  

appointment on time
Mrs V P    on 10 Nov 2016  

Comprehensive dental check, lots of information offered, welcoming atmosphere, hi-tech equipment
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2016  

All the staff are friendly and professional.
Glenn J    on 08 Nov 2016  

The clinic has a nice feel.
Anonymous   on 06 Nov 2016  

Staff are friendly, approachable and professional. I appreciated the treatment advise and as I was from the Great Southern a following day appointment for further treatment was made available. I love your clinic.
Ms G B    on 06 Nov 2016  

friendly and professional staff very convenient location for our family excellent care
Anonymous   on 01 Nov 2016  

Friendly, competent staff
Anonymous   on 31 Oct 2016  

Professional and friendly staff
Anonymous   on 30 Oct 2016  

Every one is friendly and professional. My insurance company covers most of the cost of treatment.
Mrs D L    on 28 Oct 2016  

On time for appointments, professional, modern equipment and clean. Felt at ease by the personal friendliness and care. Treated like a valued cliet.
Ms J C    on 27 Oct 2016  

Mrs J M    on 27 Oct 2016  

I liked the way I was kept informed throughout procedure. My comfort was always considered.
Mrs V B    on 27 Oct 2016  

My Dentist and Hygienist are very professional.
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2016  

Very friendly staff who are efficient and knowledgeable. They explain what is happening and have a caring manner.
Ms C W    on 26 Oct 2016  

Friendly and honest with you
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2016  

Excellent service, care & environment!
Anonymous   on 21 Oct 2016  

friendly staff, nice dentist .
Mrs L H    on 20 Oct 2016  

Great reception and fantastic personal dental care
Dr M J    on 20 Oct 2016  

Awesome service!
Anonymous   on 20 Oct 2016  

Friendly and helpful.
Anonymous   on 20 Oct 2016  

Friendly staff. Great service.
Anonymous   on 18 Oct 2016  

I like my dentist.
Anonymous   on 17 Oct 2016  

Friendly & competent service. Great with kids.
Anonymous   on 16 Oct 2016  

Friendly , professional and caring services.
Anonymous   on 14 Oct 2016  

Good response and caring
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2016  

Happy with treatment, service and environment.
Angela F    on 13 Oct 2016  

the practice is very professional and good value for money
Mrs M R    on 13 Oct 2016  

Excellent dentist with a lovely way with children. My little boy has Autism and she made the experience very relaxing for him. Excellent modern facilities. All staff were extremely polite friendly and personable.
Steven G    on 13 Oct 2016  

The dentist was good and thorough.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2016  

It's a peaceful, homey environment & the staff are quite nice & polite.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2016  

Attention to detail and thorough, very considerate of patient, very gentle with local anesthetic injection.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2016  

Good and prompt service. Friendly staff. But need to maintain confidentiality
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2016  

Because I feel very comfortable as a patient when I visit this clinic.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2016  

Detailed personal care - procedures and alternatives clearly explained. I felt I could trust the dentists and their assistants. Sandy was very friendly and helpful ( I can't remember her job title)
Mrs D S    on 12 Oct 2016  

Detailed personal care - procedures and alternatives clearly explained. I felt I could trust the dentists and their assistants. Sandy was very friendly and helpful ( I can't remember her job title)
Mrs D S    on 12 Oct 2016  

The staff listen, so important. The dentists are all very friendly and greet patients with a warm welcome and always a smile. The receptionists are always very courteous and extremely polite. Such an asset to any business.
Mrs B H    on 12 Oct 2016  

It was a pleasant experience
Anonymous   on 12 Oct 2016  

Very good Dentist, gentle talks to patient out lining what she is doing. No pain no discomfort.
Mrs L T    on 12 Oct 2016  

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