4.8         2316 reviews
At my check up, no problems were found. I will continue to be diligent, next appointment November
Anonymous   on 03 Jun 2019  

I have a very good dentist in Dr Kassam and the reception staff are friendly and efficient too.
Anonymous   on 30 May 2019  

A great hygienist
Anonymous   on 29 May 2019  

Teeth whitening worked well. The process is just painfully sensitive
Anonymous   on 29 May 2019  

Professionalism and charm
Anonymous   on 29 May 2019  

Friendliness of staff
Anonymous   on 29 May 2019  

Trusted local dentist
Anonymous   on 27 May 2019  

I needed an emergency appointment and the Receptionist was very accommodating
Anonymous   on 27 May 2019  

I was treated with kindness and respect, Mr Rasheed talked me thro everything he had to do and despite needing a difficult extraction it never hurt
Mrs f w    on 25 May 2019  

Lovely kind staff and dentists
Anonymous   on 24 May 2019  

Good service
Anonymous   on 24 May 2019  

So friendly, caring and professional
Hannah L    on 24 May 2019  

very helpful and reassuring
Patient   on 24 May 2019  

Dr Surendra really put me at ease because I am petrified of dentists.
Greyam C    on 22 May 2019  

I have complet trust in the service provided.
Lynn P    on 21 May 2019  

It’s the best dentist in London.
Anonymous   on 21 May 2019  

I am confident that I am receiving excellent care by a Dentist Matthew Ayaz, who takes the time to know me and my needs, who explains everything in terms a patient can comprehend and who offers outstanding care and service. I have no hesitation in giving him my very strongest recommendation. The staff on the reception is also very friendly and helpful.
Anonymous   on 20 May 2019  

Good care and treatment
Anonymous   on 20 May 2019  

The reception staff were friendly and efficient (they referred I had sent my notes from my previous dentist as I was a new patient). Trevor the dentist was also very good - I felt that i got proper care and attention despite it doing an nhs practice (which I have not always felt at other nhs practices whilst some if the private ones are fixated on selling you extras like whitening and neglect basic care).
Anonymous   on 19 May 2019  

Friendly helpful service every time I go.
Anonymous   on 18 May 2019