4.8         1092 reviews

Staff are always helpful and very professional
Patient   on 15 Jun 2018  

Always friendly and really good with my 4year old :-)
Patient   on 15 Jun 2018  

very friendly, welcomed with a smile and handshake, always had excellent dentistry
Anonymous   on 15 Jun 2018  

Dentist/clinical & reception teams were all very friendly and professional!
Patient   on 14 Jun 2018  

very professional, and staff always courteous
Patient   on 14 Jun 2018  

Good dental service and friendly staff
Patient   on 14 Jun 2018  

Very friendly staff
Patient   on 14 Jun 2018  

Good service
Anonymous   on 14 Jun 2018  

Extremely good dental care
Anonymous   on 13 Jun 2018  

A very friendly and efficient practice
Anonymous   on 13 Jun 2018  

My treatment has been exceptional as well as the care that my children have received - Jill Webb
Patient   on 11 Jun 2018  

Friendly and helpful staff.
Anonymous   on 11 Jun 2018  

I would recommend this practice to everyone
Patient   on 11 Jun 2018  

I find the practice very good.
Patient   on 08 Jun 2018  

Rameen was lovely
Patient   on 07 Jun 2018  

Friendly helpful staff,
Patient   on 06 Jun 2018  

Friendly staff from start to finish
Patient   on 06 Jun 2018  

Dependable quality service
Anonymous   on 05 Jun 2018  

Always friendly and efficient
Anonymous   on 05 Jun 2018  

very friendly service
Patient   on 05 Jun 2018  

I feel that I am being treated with respect and curtesy
Patient   on 03 Jun 2018  

Friendly atmosphere, well behaved staff, Hygiene system well maintained, well maintained appointment system,
Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2018  

Good service, great dental care
Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2018  

Friendly and professional service
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2018  

I always receive an excellent expert care.
Patient   on 31 May 2018  

Felt that hygiene was your priority
Anonymous   on 31 May 2018  

The staff are always pleasant and I feel confident I will receive good dental treatment
Anonymous   on 29 May 2018  

Hygienist was very pain-considerate
Patient   on 28 May 2018  

Welcomeing efficient and very nice atmosphere
Patient   on 26 May 2018  

Very prompt and freindly
Patient   on 24 May 2018  

Friendly staff, very clean and neat place
Anonymous   on 23 May 2018  

Efficient and friendly service
Patient   on 23 May 2018  

Great with kids
Patient   on 23 May 2018  

Kind and gentle treatment. Conciderate dentist and dental nurse. Thank you.
Anonymous   on 22 May 2018  

Am a very anxious patient and Dr Ravi Gathani really has a calming manner which helps me relax as I trust his skills. The rest of the staff are all so friendly, polite and helpful.
Patient   on 22 May 2018  

Very satisfied
Anonymous   on 22 May 2018  

I was first time with my children. The doctor and the nurse were very friendly and explained very good.
Anonymous   on 22 May 2018  

Friendly, helpful, calming atmosphere. Professionalism.
Patient   on 22 May 2018  

Doctor did nicely check my teeth
Patient   on 21 May 2018  

My children always feel comfortable here
Patient   on 21 May 2018  

Great service
Anonymous   on 21 May 2018  

Professional, approachable,excellent clinical facilities, convenient car parking
Anonymous   on 20 May 2018  

Very professional and courteous staff.
Patient   on 17 May 2018  

Super efficient friendly service throughout
Patient   on 16 May 2018  

friendly and prompt careful treatment.
Anonymous   on 16 May 2018  

Staff are very friendly.
Patient   on 15 May 2018  

Consistently friendly, helpful, and professional service.
Patient   on 14 May 2018  

Really nervous patient but dentist was fantastic and it was trouble free
Anonymous   on 12 May 2018  

Good services
Anonymous   on 11 May 2018  

Excellent customer service and patient care
Anonymous   on 09 May 2018  

Friendly pleasant staff, Nice clean environment, good Dental practice. I had a deep filling, never felt the injection or the Drill. what more can one ask for?
Patient   on 09 May 2018  

Friendly. Helpful dentist and staff
Patient   on 09 May 2018  

I always am impressed by the quality of service provided and by the helpfulness. care and attendance to detail by all the staff.
Patient   on 08 May 2018  

All members of staff are friendly and professional.
Patient   on 08 May 2018  

Everything very good.
Patient   on 03 May 2018  

Courteous, polite and extremely helpful. Excellent treatment all round
Patient   on 02 May 2018  

Prompt professional service
Anonymous   on 02 May 2018  

A very good practice with considerate staff
Patient   on 01 May 2018  

Staff make one feel welcome and there is a sense of efficiency.
Anonymous   on 01 May 2018  

Very professional
Anonymous   on 01 May 2018  

Always been happy with the professional service that I have received
Patient   on 30 Apr 2018  

friendly atmosphere, good services and easy to communicate.
Patient   on 29 Apr 2018  

cause of the good joboy they did to my teeth
Anonymous   on 29 Apr 2018  

I have great confidence in the clinical expertise of my dentist. I have been attending the practice for over 7 years and have nothing but praises for the care and dentistry provided by the whole team.
Patient   on 29 Apr 2018  

It's the best dentist I've been too. Always on time and effective treatment
Anonymous   on 28 Apr 2018  

Friendly atmosphere and efficient service.
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2018  

The receptionists, dentists and other staff at the practice are always really nice and friendly. They make me feel at ease by always explaining everything very well. I'd definitely recommend the practice to my friends and family.
Patient   on 21 Apr 2018  

Kind and friendly staff and good approach and care of a dental phobic !!
Anonymous   on 20 Apr 2018  

Positive, polite and reassuring.
Patient   on 20 Apr 2018  

Efficient courteous service
Anonymous   on 19 Apr 2018  

All staff are very friendly and helpful.
Patient   on 18 Apr 2018  

Always helpful, able to get appointments.
Anonymous   on 17 Apr 2018  

Staff very pleasant and reassuring.
Patient   on 17 Apr 2018  

Always caring, always welcoming, highly competant
Patient   on 17 Apr 2018  

the dentist and reception staff seem capable and pleasant
Anonymous   on 16 Apr 2018  

The staff are extremely pleasant and friendly. The receptionist was very helpful.
Patient   on 16 Apr 2018  

We have always had brilliant service and a good experience at the practice. Ravi is extremely good at putting everyone at ease and really seems to take the time to get to know his clients.
Patient   on 16 Apr 2018  

The kids are very happy with the Dentist
Patient   on 12 Apr 2018  

They always make you feel welcome. Excellent service and family friendly.
Anonymous   on 12 Apr 2018  

Efficient, no messing around
Patient   on 12 Apr 2018  

Caring and helpful
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2018  

Good friendly dentist
Patient   on 09 Apr 2018  

I have already recommended the practice to a friend.
Anonymous   on 07 Apr 2018  

The staff were all very welcoming and the dentist was excellent. I am a very anxious person when faced with dental work and he put me totally at my ease. He has a lovely manner and was just so good.
Patient   on 06 Apr 2018  

Efficient service with friendly staff
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2018  

The surgery was able to offer the services that I wanted. Not all dental practices want to be involved with sinus floor elevation. I am confident of an excellent result.
Mrs Ð Ë    on 05 Apr 2018  

dr kotecha is a friendly and very able dentist
Mr ö í    on 05 Apr 2018  

Good friendly and efficient service.
Anonymous   on 04 Apr 2018  

fantastic visit to see Ravi as usual. all staff very friendly, helpful, and kind
Anonymous   on 04 Apr 2018  

All staff are great and friendly.
Mr ' 2    on 04 Apr 2018  

Reception staff friendly & helpful, dentist friendly & efficient
Mr g b    on 04 Apr 2018  

Professional & friendly sevice
Miss Ç À    on 04 Apr 2018  

Really friendly staff. Very understanding with special needs clients
Master P I    on 03 Apr 2018  

Very prompt & organised. Very straight forward & excellent service. My dentist is extremely freindly & very good with my boys.
Master m g    on 03 Apr 2018  

very good service and excellent staff
Miss ½ ¾    on 30 Mar 2018  

Excellent service
Miss ¼ ¹    on 29 Mar 2018  

good treatment and responsive to problems and emergencies.
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2018  

Excellent friendly service. Prompt efficient and great treatment
Mst î ç    on 27 Mar 2018  

Very friendly and good service
Anonymous   on 26 Mar 2018  

very professional and polite
Mr 5 (    on 26 Mar 2018  

Very well receptioned and a great professional attending.
Mrs 8 8    on 25 Mar 2018  

Having previously lost faith with my Dentist i was left with no Dentist and needed a Dental Emergency, Then thank God for Harlestone Road Dental Practice and especially Ravi who's professionalism immediately puts the patient at ease and you know your in safe hands. Every aspect of the Practice is so organized it just feels perfect. From the moment you walk in you are greeted by the lovely & very helpful ladies on Reception, then a relaxed waiting room which is a very short wait before Ravi personally comes to get you.
Mr ¢ ¤    on 22 Mar 2018  

All concerned are polite and helpful
Ms * (    on 22 Mar 2018  

I think that all members of staff are very friendly and very helpful
Miss T R    on 19 Mar 2018  

Friendly staff
Master Í Ä    on 19 Mar 2018  

Good friendly service
Miss ° ¨    on 19 Mar 2018  

Friendly staff
Mr 4 Î    on 19 Mar 2018  

very pleasant and relaxed place
Mr p r    on 17 Mar 2018  

Always a helpful and friendly service. I trust you to give me good advice and treatment.
Mr ò û    on 16 Mar 2018  

Always happy with the service and advice given
Mr Ï Ö    on 15 Mar 2018  

Always received excellent customer service. Timely, accommodating and efficient.
Mrs o i    on 14 Mar 2018  

Very polite staff. Very helpful.
Anonymous   on 14 Mar 2018  

My dentist and all of the staff were extremely polite and helpful . Really happy that I choose harleston clinic!
Anonymous   on 14 Mar 2018  

I feel comfortable rather than panicky and that means a lot to me
Anonymous   on 12 Mar 2018  

Ravi is great makes me feel at ease and i don’t worry about going for my check ups at all. He’s great with my daughter too
Mrs = ,    on 08 Mar 2018  

Because of the relaxed approach to my appointment.
Mr u e    on 08 Mar 2018  

Because for the very first time I have found a dental practice that listens to an extremely nervous patient and also has listened when I told them that local anaesthetics dont work on me easily and have remedied it. I cant explain what a dream it is to not feel everything that is done to you during treatment
Miss “ š    on 08 Mar 2018  

The lady at the reception desk was very helpful and the dentist seemed very gentle.
Anonymous   on 07 Mar 2018  

I have some rather demanding time constraints when arranging appointments. This practice never fails to find ways to help either my wife or me to receive the treatments we need and sometimes at ridiculously short notice.
Mr “ ›    on 07 Mar 2018  

Because of the freindly staff make you feel at ease.
Miss } q    on 05 Mar 2018  

service is always good
Mr Ç Ö    on 05 Mar 2018  

Dentist is close to home , reception staff are really friendly . Mr Ravi is really nice , always advises me how to look after my teeth. Also they offer good appointment slots
Master • ™    on 03 Mar 2018  

Efficient friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 26 Feb 2018  

First class service Sets the highest possible standard of patient care
Mr ¹ ²    on 26 Feb 2018  

Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2018  

Very friendly and professional
Mr 8 6    on 23 Feb 2018  

Welcoming staff and an experienced dentist.
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2018  

I'm happy with the dentist.
Mr ö ÿ    on 22 Feb 2018  

Very Friendly service.
Anonymous   on 21 Feb 2018  

Very professional and pleasant practice to attend and confidence in the care and advice given
Mr ; %    on 20 Feb 2018  

Friendly and highly skilled.
Mr Ÿ ›    on 19 Feb 2018  

Kind staff,
Anonymous   on 17 Feb 2018  

Regular reminders. Good time keeping.Dr Koteka ls very friendly and knowledgeable
Mr J H    on 16 Feb 2018  

Always feel that have been well looked after and all treatment fully explained. Takes time to make sure you the patient feels alright and happy.
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2018  

Dentist is extremely efficient and thorough, best dentist I’ve ever had.
Mrs ˆ €    on 16 Feb 2018  

Nice friendly staff.
Mrs ¡ ¤    on 15 Feb 2018  

It’s because you all nice and understanding. Wilhemina is very good lady. Thank you all for having me and kids at your practising. 🙏🏽
Mrs Ý Ö    on 14 Feb 2018  

Very friendly
Mrs w q    on 14 Feb 2018  

I have recommended a friend and she was very pleased with the service she got
Anonymous   on 14 Feb 2018  

Total commitment to quality from the moment you enter the door to the end of treatment
Mr ù ¸    on 13 Feb 2018  

Everything about this practice has always been brilliant, we feel very lucky to be registered with you ☺
Ms ä þ    on 13 Feb 2018  

It is a pleasure going to this practice, the service is very good in a modern practice.
Mr Œ ”    on 13 Feb 2018  

Excellent patient service.
Mr w e    on 09 Feb 2018  

i told the dentist i have a phobia and he was gentle and made me feel at ease
Mr © ª    on 09 Feb 2018  

the whole team are fantastic at this surgery.
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2018  

Very polite staff and thorough dental checks
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2018  

Friendly people, good dentist, clear explanations of what is going on
Mr ± ´    on 08 Feb 2018  

Fantastic professional service. Friendly and helpful staffl from reception to dental nurse to the dental practitioner.
Mr ß Ñ    on 07 Feb 2018  

Friendly welcome by reception and expert attention by Dr Kotecha.
Mr e l    on 05 Feb 2018  

Kind and friendly staff.
Miss : d    on 03 Feb 2018  

excellent work, very patient and understanding,
Mrs Û Ç    on 03 Feb 2018  

Friendly and professional
Mr ­ ¥    on 02 Feb 2018  

Its uncomplicated!
Anonymous   on 02 Feb 2018  

Good service. Friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 29 Jan 2018  

I love my dentist
Mrs ? .    on 29 Jan 2018  

After going on line, and reading all about H D P, I decided to visit. Had a very good chat and decided to book in. This was not taken lightly as I was due for an extraction. My last extraction wqs a few years ago and a very unpleasant procedure it was, resulting in a visit to the dental hospital. I required new dentals, which was dealt with over a number of visits, then the extraction! My visits to HDP were excellent, the result as I would have wished.
Mr M V    on 26 Jan 2018  

Very Professional
Mr / '    on 26 Jan 2018  

Staff all very friendly and get a warm welcome
Anonymous   on 25 Jan 2018  

all staff very helpful to me - 1 am disabled and they make sure that i am seated and at ease at all times
Mrs M W    on 25 Jan 2018  

The members of staff are friendly and welcoming.
Miss ª £    on 24 Jan 2018  

Have had good service, feeling very comfortable with all the treatment received over the years.
Mr n a    on 23 Jan 2018  

the practice feels friendly
Mr ` w    on 23 Jan 2018  

Dentist was personable and happy
Master ! 1    on 22 Jan 2018  

The staff here are very efficient and friendly! I have had a few questions and without any hesitation are very happy to spend time with me to answer any questions or explain any procedure that I may have. I also recommended my brother as he has not had good experiences with dentist in Northampton. We all want to feel like we're not just another number, and we're lucky to even have an appointment! dismissive and downright rudeness is what he found! So I introduced him to Harlestone Road practice and he's been thanking me ever since. Good old fashioned politeness and a first class service.. 5 stars to this dentist practice..
Mrs n ¡    on 22 Jan 2018  

good friendly service
Mr Y _    on 22 Jan 2018  

Being a nervous patient i am wary of going to a new dentist however i was immediately put at ease and made to feel as comfortable as i could be.
Mrs Ó /    on 19 Jan 2018  

Very freindly& open. Very effecient and quick. No messing about which is good for a dental practice, because i dont like them.
Mrs æ ö    on 19 Jan 2018  

Staff very friendly and professional. :)
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2018  

because of the friendly nature and the treatment you good treatment you receive
Master í â    on 17 Jan 2018  

Very friendly and helpful
Miss o t    on 17 Jan 2018  

Staff are very friendly and very approachable as well as always being happy to explain or answer any queries or questions
Anonymous   on 17 Jan 2018  

Pleased with general treatment and kindness
Anonymous   on 17 Jan 2018  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2018  

I was lucky to have the most pacient,understanding and nice dentist ever☺
Ms < 6    on 16 Jan 2018  

Lovely staff and very professional .
Mrs L S    on 16 Jan 2018  

Convenient location and efficient friendly service
Anonymous   on 15 Jan 2018  

Excellent service as normal.
Mr Ê Þ    on 15 Jan 2018  

Very friendly and helpful
Mrs ã á    on 13 Jan 2018  

Feel comfortable with the staff on reception and the practice team
Mr “ Š    on 11 Jan 2018  

All staff I had dealings with very polite and courteous.
Anonymous   on 11 Jan 2018  

Speedy treatment to my problem
UÞ§f¼é¨‚æj+Çæó«¶æZ™ƒ½’~ýìý¶§Iü Y    on 10 Jan 2018  

My dentist Rameen Rustamzada is brilliant. He is very courteous, explains everything fully, I have never had problems with my teeth after he has worked on them
Anonymous   on 10 Jan 2018  

good communication from all staff
Anonymous   on 23 Dec 2017  

Always cheerful and helpful
Anonymous   on 22 Dec 2017  

Lovely kind place and people
Anonymous   on 22 Dec 2017  

Professional caring thoughtful staff
Miss S S    on 22 Dec 2017  

A welcoming atmosphere and polite staff
Anonymous   on 21 Dec 2017  

Dr Kotecha is a fantastic dentist and the dental nurse and reception staff are wonderful. You feel in very safe hands
Miss A S    on 21 Dec 2017  

Efficent no nonsense service
Mr B M    on 21 Dec 2017  

I have already recommended them to my boyfriend and is now attends the practice
Miss A B    on 19 Dec 2017  

Freindly staff. Always feel at ease. Always seen in good time. Very organised.
Mrs R B    on 18 Dec 2017  

I have always trusted the advice about my dental problems and the treatment is always effective.
Mr E L    on 16 Dec 2017  

Made to feel comfortable - helpful staff.
Miss H C    on 15 Dec 2017  

Everyone, particularly Dr Kotecha, has always treated all the members of our family kindly and well.
Mrs C L    on 15 Dec 2017  

Ruth Anne did not need a filling, and was treated with courtesy and patience by Dr Kotecha. Overall the experience was so comfortable and swiftly and kindly dealt with. Our gratitude for his professional skills and kind manner is always present.
Miss R J    on 15 Dec 2017  

Always try to help and lovely staff
Mrs M G    on 14 Dec 2017  

excellent service
Mr J H    on 14 Dec 2017  

I went to hygienist and she was awesome, friendly.
Mr M M    on 13 Dec 2017  

Good customer care and service, great caring dentist
Mrs G D    on 13 Dec 2017  

Excellent and consistent customer service delivery
Mr G D    on 13 Dec 2017  

The practice and staff have always treated me with great professionalism. I have been with the practice over 46 years seen many changes - all for the better. Cannot fault it.....great service Thank you!
Mr G M    on 11 Dec 2017  

Receptionist very pleasant .
Anonymous   on 11 Dec 2017  

The best dental practice
Miss M G    on 09 Dec 2017  

Staff are considerate, take my point of view into account and most of all - Care
Anonymous   on 08 Dec 2017  

The practise looks quite clean, modern and up to date with technology.
Anonymous   on 05 Dec 2017  

I think my dentist is brilliant
Mrs S B    on 01 Dec 2017  

Always friendly and helpful
Mrs M P    on 01 Dec 2017  

Extremely professional.compltley confident with dental surgeon ,exectional treatment. Thankyou
Mrs A S    on 30 Nov 2017  

Efficient, courteous, professional and expert.
Mrs E H    on 29 Nov 2017  

satisfaction over many years
Anonymous   on 29 Nov 2017  

I have recommended this dental practice to my mum and anyone I speak to who has dental anxiety. All of the staff make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. I have always had pains attacks at the mention of a trip to the dentist, Ravi and the team do a fantastic job of dealing with people like myself and make any dental work a little less stressful.
Mrs S B    on 28 Nov 2017  

Very friendly staff and very professional. Care and attention at all times
Mr P F    on 27 Nov 2017  

due to the fact that my family dont live in the area - otherwise I would recommend the practice
Anonymous   on 25 Nov 2017  

Always polite and helpfull
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2017  

You are the best!
Mrs H A    on 24 Nov 2017  

From email reminders to efficient service
Mr R B    on 24 Nov 2017  

As a private patient the service is very good.
Mr A R    on 24 Nov 2017  

very happy with my first visit
Mr M V    on 24 Nov 2017  

Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 22 Nov 2017  

Very friendly and welcoming.
Anonymous   on 22 Nov 2017  

Very good service
Mr J A    on 22 Nov 2017  

Dr Kotecha is an excellent dentist and the staff are absolutely lovely and professional
Miss A S    on 22 Nov 2017  

Staff so welcoming, very professional. Dentist had a lovely manner and made me feel relaxed
Miss S S    on 22 Nov 2017  

always friendly professional and very helpful ,
Mr M A    on 22 Nov 2017  

Friendly helpful service in every way.
Anonymous   on 22 Nov 2017  

The staff and Dr Kotechas way was very friendly,efficient and approchable.Would recommend.
Anonymous   on 22 Nov 2017  

Professional staff
Mr I B    on 22 Nov 2017  

Very professional practice.
Mr D K    on 21 Nov 2017  

Good service
Mr N C    on 20 Nov 2017  

Very clean, toys for the kiddies whilst you wait and friendly staff
Miss L C    on 20 Nov 2017  

Very reassuring dentist.
Mr C B    on 20 Nov 2017  

My husband and I have been very happy with treatment we have received at the surgery. we have recommended our friends and they now attendant.
Anonymous   on 20 Nov 2017  

cheerful friendly atmosphere
Mr M P    on 15 Nov 2017  

I was very pleased at the way I was treated as I did have an appointment at the hospital and needed to be seen quickly which I was.
Mrs J W    on 15 Nov 2017  

All very good, however a touch gentler from the dentist please.
Mrs C G    on 15 Nov 2017  

Nice friendly staff
Mr C M    on 14 Nov 2017  

Already have been recommending yourselfs to both family and friends due to the high level of service I receive from yourselfs:)
Ms A C    on 11 Nov 2017  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 10 Nov 2017  

I have always received excellent teeth care
Mr P W    on 10 Nov 2017  

Lovely staff, clean practice, brilliant dentists.
Miss C T    on 08 Nov 2017  

Cuz everyone seems friendly
Mr S B    on 07 Nov 2017  

The staff are fantastic.
Miss F T    on 07 Nov 2017  

Care, attention, listened to me and my fears
Miss N T    on 07 Nov 2017  

Friendly efficient service
Anonymous   on 07 Nov 2017  

Very friendly, efficient and professional.
Mr M D    on 06 Nov 2017  

The staff are so friendly and they fitted me in really quickly
Mrs H C    on 06 Nov 2017  

My dentist has been really good considering how scared I am at visiting and having work done
Miss J T    on 06 Nov 2017  

Very professional service
Mr D L    on 06 Nov 2017  

Very friendly and caring for nervous patients
Miss H T    on 03 Nov 2017  

always well looked after
Anonymous   on 03 Nov 2017  

Always had good service
Anonymous   on 03 Nov 2017  

Friendly patient staff
Miss C L    on 02 Nov 2017  

Friendly and helpful staff and professional care and treatment
Mr P F    on 02 Nov 2017  

Efficiency and speed in getting an appointment and, friendly staff
Ms C C    on 01 Nov 2017  

Friendly, professional, reassuring
Mr G H    on 01 Nov 2017  

On this most recent visit I was pleased the treatment required was completed in addition to the routine check up & @ no extra cost. It is a reccuring problem so was relieved it was dealt with without having to make another appointment & pay additional charches.
Mrs J R    on 01 Nov 2017  

I Have never experienced anything other than polite, helpful, and efficient service from all members of the team.
Mrs M H    on 31 Oct 2017  

A little early having o ly had a first appointment. First impressions were very good.
Mr R A    on 30 Oct 2017  

You are the best!!!
Mrs H A    on 30 Oct 2017  

Friendly staff & atmosphere and good dentist
Mrs A B    on 28 Oct 2017  

Service is good, not exceptional, no clean last visit, appointment change this time meant I lost half a day - however once in the chair, very good.
Anonymous   on 28 Oct 2017  

Good service, not necessarily convenient for friends and family.
Anonymous   on 27 Oct 2017  

I have always been very impressed by your Dental Practice.
Mrs V S    on 26 Oct 2017  

Friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2017  

Understanding of nervous patients, a good experience.
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2017  

Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2017  

Good all round experience.
Mrs L K    on 25 Oct 2017  

Good punctuality and helpful staff
Mr J H    on 25 Oct 2017  

Made to feel at ease even though I am a nervous patient
Anonymous   on 24 Oct 2017  

good friendly service
Mrs K C    on 24 Oct 2017  

Always have a good experience and the children are very happy there.
Mrs C S    on 23 Oct 2017  

Dentist was thorough and gave good advice
Ms K K    on 23 Oct 2017  

I think the service is good, but needs some cash spending on decor. Aw
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2017  

Mr A R    on 23 Oct 2017  

The reception staff are friendly and helpful and the dental surgeons are professional and respectful but the most important thing for me is they make me less nervous about any treatment they carry out because of their calming and gentle approach and the softness of their voices, it just puts me at ease, anyone who doesn't like visiting the dentist because it makes them feel stressed will know what i'm talking about!
Anonymous   on 19 Oct 2017  

Friendly team throughout practice
Miss N S    on 19 Oct 2017  

good and professional service
Mr G S    on 19 Oct 2017  

Happy with our dentist
Mrs J S    on 18 Oct 2017  

friendly reception staff and dentist, good communication
Miss S B    on 18 Oct 2017  

Friendly and Professional
Mr R M    on 18 Oct 2017  

Efficient service.
Mr R T    on 17 Oct 2017  

Because I do
Anonymous   on 17 Oct 2017  

Staff always polite and practice professional
Mrs K G    on 17 Oct 2017  

Good timing and service
Anonymous   on 16 Oct 2017  

Very nice experience
Anonymous   on 16 Oct 2017  

Lovely staff who are caring and attentive.
Mr K L    on 16 Oct 2017  

Friendly staff and good treatment
Anonymous   on 16 Oct 2017  

Drs are excellent. they listen to the patient.
Mrs N K    on 16 Oct 2017  

Friendly and professional
Miss C L    on 13 Oct 2017  

Everyone is very helpfull and friendly.I fill in save hands. Thankyou
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2017  

Professional, reassuring and pain-free!
Mr G H    on 12 Oct 2017  

I was very happy with my trearment
Mrs M O    on 12 Oct 2017  

Always welllooked after and a pleasure to visit.
Mrs R J    on 11 Oct 2017  

Friendly service. Very efficient.
Mrs C A    on 11 Oct 2017  

Have used the practice for many years and find the service, care and professionalism as I would expect.
Anonymous   on 10 Oct 2017  

All round Professionalism
Mr R M    on 09 Oct 2017  

I feel confident in the service provided
Mr D L    on 09 Oct 2017  

Very nice and polite people working there.
Mr G S    on 09 Oct 2017  

All staff helpful, pleasant and listened.
Anonymous   on 07 Oct 2017  

I have not always found it possible to make my appointments because of family responsibilities nevertheless, the practice has always been extremely understanding and very helpful in arranging alternative arrangements. The treatment offered I have found excellent with considerable care to ensure my comfort throughout. The dental nurse operating the vacuum cleaner while the dentist drills has to be one of the best in the business.
Anonymous   on 06 Oct 2017  

Excellent service, especially as I’m such an anxious patient.
Mrs D T    on 06 Oct 2017  

I feel that I have had a pleasant experience when needing to have treatment .
Mr R H    on 05 Oct 2017  

Professional and friendly
Mr C B    on 05 Oct 2017  

The service that was given.
Mrs K A    on 04 Oct 2017  

The staff are very polite, and very helpful .They enable you to understand what is happening.
Anonymous   on 04 Oct 2017  

Appointment slot given was as requested.
Mr R M    on 03 Oct 2017  

Friendly reception staff
Mr H M    on 03 Oct 2017  

Good service and friendly staff
Mrs R B    on 02 Oct 2017  

Easy to book, polite helpful staff and a dentist who seems to know what he's talking about.
Anonymous   on 02 Oct 2017  

Quick, friendly, efficient
Mr P H    on 02 Oct 2017  

Excellent friendly team who always make you feel as relaxed as possible.
Mrs E T    on 02 Oct 2017  

Appointment on time, very friendly staff. treatment very good.
Mr G L    on 30 Sep 2017  

Rave was very accommodating and listened to my perspective
Miss F T    on 29 Sep 2017  

Very friendly staff, prompt appointments nice clean surgery.
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2017  

Staff are friendly and helpful. Ravi is excellent in his job, puts me at ease and listens carefully to you when talking about any dental problems I have.
Mr R W    on 28 Sep 2017  

Efficient and courteous staff.
Mr S H    on 27 Sep 2017  

Quick, helpful and given options.
Mrs C T    on 27 Sep 2017  

Service / treatment is good and staff are very helpful and pleasant
Mr P R    on 26 Sep 2017  

An overall very well organised and delivered service
Dr L F    on 26 Sep 2017  

staff are friendly and kind
Mr S N    on 25 Sep 2017  

Receptionist's and dentist very friendly, caring and understanding
Mr K L    on 25 Sep 2017  

Polite, efficient service.
Anonymous   on 24 Sep 2017  

Excellent Reception Staff. Kind and gentle approach to a dental phobic. Appointment on time.
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2017  

Very professional and friendly. Great dentist
Mr A C    on 21 Sep 2017  

Nice friendly helpful practice
Mr K S    on 21 Sep 2017  

Excellent service and friendly staff
Mr A S    on 20 Sep 2017  

always helpful and profesional
Anonymous   on 20 Sep 2017  

Good customer service and carried out private treatment same day.
Mr S B    on 20 Sep 2017  

All staff are very kind and the dentist very professional. You provide all treatments we might need so don't need to go to other practice .
Mr M M    on 20 Sep 2017  

Always a good team working together
Mr J B    on 20 Sep 2017  

Friendly Staff.
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2017  

The practice has welcoming look and all staff is exceptionally attentive and polite.
Ms A I    on 19 Sep 2017  

Before I came to your Dental Practice I was very frightened of Dentists. I now can honestly say I am not any more. I found my Dentist very kind very friendly and helpful also the dental nurses and receptionists were extremely friendly and very helpful.
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2017  

A Friendly and Competent environment
Mr D W    on 19 Sep 2017  

I received a very good service
Mr D R    on 19 Sep 2017  

Harlestone Road dental practice is a very good dental practice. A very professional and friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2017  

Great friendly service
Anonymous   on 18 Sep 2017  

Fast & very effective. Freindly and no messing about. Service very good.
Anonymous   on 18 Sep 2017  

Staff friendly and welcoming as is my dental surgeon .I have every confidence in his professionalism .Thankyou
Mrs P D    on 18 Sep 2017  

Confidence in the dentist and helpful reception staff
Mrs B W    on 18 Sep 2017  

good efficient service
Mr N B    on 18 Sep 2017  

Very helpful and friendly service from all staff.
Mr S K    on 16 Sep 2017  

Staff r polite and respectful. The dentist listens to and acts accordingly if you tell him you're in sin or uncomfortable.
Ms A Z    on 14 Sep 2017  

Friendly professional service
Mr P N    on 12 Sep 2017  

Excellent reception staff.. Very pleased with the dentist and his assistant very polite and caring.
Miss N S    on 11 Sep 2017  

I do recommend it to my friends and people that I know.
Mrs A A    on 11 Sep 2017  

I always receive a professional and friendly service
Mr J C    on 11 Sep 2017  

I would recommend this practice to others
Mr R M    on 09 Sep 2017  

The dental practitioners listen to your needs, are sensitive and gentle and always seem as though they are enjoying their jobs.
Miss F T    on 09 Sep 2017  

The only reason I can give is the place did not smell like a dentist
Anonymous   on 09 Sep 2017  

Very friendly,kind and extremely efficient.
Mr J C    on 09 Sep 2017  

I feel this way because as a patient I have only ever felt that my needs amongst others are always at the heart of everything they do
Mr S B    on 08 Sep 2017  

Yes would defiantly recommend, lovely dental practice.
Miss A B    on 07 Sep 2017  

I have enjoyed a first class service and especially when I have needed prompt treatment either because of travel or discomfort from my teeth.
Mr J B    on 07 Sep 2017  

Well run. Excellent dentist and administration team
Mr G B    on 07 Sep 2017  

Mall steff are friendly and helpful
Mrs M H    on 07 Sep 2017  

I always leave with a big smile.
Mrs F A    on 06 Sep 2017  

A friendly dental practice. The whole practice from receptionists to dentists make you feel at ease.
Anonymous   on 06 Sep 2017  

Efficient and friendly
Anonymous   on 05 Sep 2017  

Frendly team and always punuctual on appointment times.
Mr D H    on 05 Sep 2017  

Friendly, efficient service
Anonymous   on 05 Sep 2017  

Very professional and understanding. Taking time to explain.
Anonymous   on 05 Sep 2017  

Professional but also friendly
Mrs A S    on 05 Sep 2017  

Appointment fitted in after my working hours
Anonymous   on 02 Sep 2017  

Friendly, helpful staff from receptionist to dentist. Very professional, great advice given on maintaining healthy gums and teeth.
Miss H J    on 01 Sep 2017  

Very friendly and reassuring dentist, also very thorough
Mrs J A    on 31 Aug 2017  

Always had good and friendly service
Mr P C    on 30 Aug 2017  

Always very satisfied with service and courtesy shown.
Mrs C W    on 30 Aug 2017  

Very effient and helpful staff.
Mr M A    on 29 Aug 2017  

This is Maud :-) I am not an easy patient! Mr Kotecha was so gentle and careful when he injected and extracted the horrible tooth that had been giving such trouble. It takes someone special to do that - there was nothing I could not bear - just a momentary prick of the needles once or twice, but soon over. I trust Mr Kotecha like no other Dentist before in my life. What a difference compared to the other extraction I was to have!
Mrs M J    on 29 Aug 2017  

Amazing people specially for people that are so nervous
Miss A M    on 29 Aug 2017  

Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2017  

The service is excellent. I always feel at ease I have gone from a very anxious dental patient to a more relaxed patient and that's due to my experience with the team. My dentist is polite and will always put you at ease with his manner.
Mrs L H    on 24 Aug 2017  

I was very welcomed by the manager on my first visit, she was extremely kind and very supportive. The dentist was very friendly, explain everything very clearly.
Mr M M    on 23 Aug 2017  

I have been a patient at this practice since it began and it continues to excel.
Mr L W    on 22 Aug 2017  

The pofessional, helpful and friendly staff from reception through to the dental nurse and dentist.
Mr A W    on 19 Aug 2017  

nice friendly dentist
Mr R J    on 16 Aug 2017  

Very friendly, helpful and understanding staff
Anonymous   on 11 Aug 2017  

Feel the clinician was professional and caring
Mrs A S    on 11 Aug 2017  

The staff are friendly, polite and helpful. The practice is clean and welcoming.
Anonymous   on 10 Aug 2017  

Proficient at what you do and friendly as well
Mr R W    on 09 Aug 2017  

Highly recommended you
Ms A C    on 09 Aug 2017  

The people there are lovely and it's a very friendly atmosphere
Mr A C    on 09 Aug 2017  

Friendly efficient practice.
Mr D A    on 09 Aug 2017  

Usually very helpful in trying to get an appointment as soon as possible
Mrs D T    on 08 Aug 2017  

Service is good, waiting time OK
Mr S R    on 07 Aug 2017  

Friendly yet professional dentist, appointment on time which is important to me, and pleased with work done.
Mr G A    on 07 Aug 2017  

Confident in the ability and professionalism evident at the practice
Mr P B    on 05 Aug 2017  

its the most professional polite courteous dental practice we have come across yet they make you feel part of practice very welcome and respond well to requests for early appointments
Anonymous   on 04 Aug 2017  

Full range of services on offer
Mrs C H    on 04 Aug 2017  

Excellent Friendly Service
Mr C M    on 03 Aug 2017  

nice people
Mrs W S    on 01 Aug 2017  

Professional service
Mrs M J    on 27 Jul 2017  

Friendly staff, good dentist
Mr W A    on 24 Jul 2017  

I feel that all in the practice are very competent at their work and dedicated to giving the best treatment possible
Mr P A    on 24 Jul 2017  

Friendly and professional service every time.
Ms O E    on 24 Jul 2017  

Very friendly and informative
Mrs D S    on 23 Jul 2017  

Friendly,and good at what they do
Mr W R    on 21 Jul 2017  

professional friendly service with good rates
Miss J I    on 20 Jul 2017  

Very friendly and knowledgeable team however having a payment plan on lower costed treatments would be appreciated!
Miss H J    on 20 Jul 2017  

Good dentist - very open and honest guy
Mr R M    on 18 Jul 2017  

good service
Mrs B M    on 18 Jul 2017  

Friendly Welcome, extremely efficient with patient records. Level of hygiene and dental procedures excellent. Makes a regular visit a pleasant experience , feeling safe in the care of such qualified dental practitioners.
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2017  

I never feel that much comfortable in dentist how here
Miss K J    on 17 Jul 2017  

Treatment plan going very well, a good dentist and friendly team
Mr B M    on 17 Jul 2017  

Very straightforward to register and make an appointment. Staff friendly and helpful. Seen by dentist on time who was professional, thorough, communicative and reassuring. Overall experience exceeded my expectations.
Mr B C    on 17 Jul 2017  

Very personal and understanding Dentist experience
Miss G M    on 10 Jul 2017  

Fantastic as always!
Mrs U J    on 10 Jul 2017  

Very professional, competent dentist
Ms C K    on 07 Jul 2017  

Total confidence with this practice
Mr P S    on 06 Jul 2017  

Good service all round
Anonymous   on 04 Jul 2017  

It was a very positive experience. Efficient and friendly staff.
Mrs B R    on 03 Jul 2017  

Friendly helpful and personal service.
Dr H N    on 02 Jul 2017  

Quality service
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2017  

Very thorough check up done today
Mr U M    on 26 Jun 2017  

My dentist Mr Gathani is excellent... Very friendly patient and informative. Before finding him I had an issue with going but he has restored my faith and confidence
Mr A S    on 23 Jun 2017  

Always very helpful and provide a great service
Mr C J    on 22 Jun 2017  

they look after me and my teeth
Mr B A    on 22 Jun 2017  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 21 Jun 2017  

Staff are welcoming, prompt service, helpful
Anonymous   on 21 Jun 2017  

Great service as always.
Mr F R    on 21 Jun 2017  

Very good service and expert job
Mr B N    on 19 Jun 2017  

no family in Northampton most friends already have their own dentists.
Mr G A    on 17 Jun 2017  

Dentist is never on time, even first thing in the morning. Had to go and find someone to see what was going on as still waiting to be seen 30 minutes later than my appointment. staff are friendly and practice is clean
Miss W A    on 17 Jun 2017  

Good service, efficient and good availability of appointments
Anonymous   on 08 Jun 2017  

Staff on all levels from the dentist to reception staff were lovely.
Mr B J    on 07 Jun 2017  

Happy with service
Mr C A    on 03 Jun 2017  

The staff are very friendly
Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2017  

Professional and courteous
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2017  

Good dentist , relaxed atmosphere
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2017  

I have been with the practice for a couple of years and always get treated with respect and compassion for nervous patents thid is the practice to vidit
Ms P W    on 25 May 2017  

Good service, friendly staff and excellent dentists
Mrs P M    on 25 May 2017  

Speed at which they were able to see me in an emergency and customer service from the friendly reception staff through to the Dentist himself
Mrs B D    on 25 May 2017  

very pleased with the precision and corteousy of all staff
Mrs D L    on 23 May 2017  

Friendly, efficient and convenient parking outside
Anonymous   on 19 May 2017  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 16 May 2017  

Very professional team.
Anonymous   on 16 May 2017  

Fast efficient service. Peace of mind.
Mr B P    on 15 May 2017  

So far I am very happy and contented to be treated by this practice.
Anonymous   on 15 May 2017  

home treatment for those who can not leave home . http//www for suvvey is not secure. should be http//wwws. s for seucre also no padlock symbol . my name is at the top of this form .
Mr L W    on 12 May 2017  

Friendly, caring, professional staff.
Mrs B G    on 12 May 2017  

Whenever I've had treatment it has cured the problem
Mr H D    on 11 May 2017  

Fab friendly staff always going the extra mile
Mrs K D    on 11 May 2017  

All very good
Mr A J    on 08 May 2017  

Very happy and efficient group of people
Mr L G    on 08 May 2017  

Effective tratment.
Anonymous   on 07 May 2017  

Mr K A    on 28 Apr 2017  

Overall excellent service
Mr D N    on 27 Apr 2017  

We were made to feel very welcome.
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2017  

The staff is friendly & very helpful plus my dentist is amazing.
Mrs A F    on 26 Apr 2017  

All the staff here are wonderful! From the receptionist, dental nurse to Mr Kotecha!
Ms P J    on 21 Apr 2017  

Just like the way the staff make me feel comfortable !
Anonymous   on 20 Apr 2017  

Very friendly people
Anonymous   on 19 Apr 2017  

I felt secure and happy at the way my daughter was treated and she had everything explained to her to her level of understanding.
Miss J R    on 19 Apr 2017  

always good service
Mr H J    on 18 Apr 2017  

Always friendly and on time
Ms S C    on 18 Apr 2017  

Very nice staff and very good with me in the dentist chair
Mr B D    on 13 Apr 2017  

Anonymous   on 12 Apr 2017  

First experience was okay. Appointment was 15mins late which wasn't too bad as extremely busy. Little concerning when the first services offered to me were private and not NHS...which screams money to me.
Anonymous   on 12 Apr 2017  

Polite efficient staff, concerned and skilled dentist.
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2017  

Treated as a person not a number. Confidence in Dr Kotecha as a practitioner.
Miss O J    on 08 Apr 2017  

Very friendly staff and explained everything fully to me
Miss B S    on 07 Apr 2017  

Nice atmosphere, friendly and understanding if you are a nervous patient at the dentists.
Anonymous   on 06 Apr 2017  

The practice is modern and always received in a polite & courteous manner.
Anonymous   on 31 Mar 2017  

The dentist is very professional and his work is of the highest standard
Mr R S    on 30 Mar 2017  

They make u feel wellcome
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2017  

you are very goodf
Ms O R    on 29 Mar 2017  

Good service but now more expensive than 6 months ago
Mr H A    on 29 Mar 2017  

The service is always professional and friendly.
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2017  

The dentist I saw was very informative, pleasant and made me feel comfortable and not anxious, I will be recommending this dental practice to my mum.
Miss I L    on 28 Mar 2017  

I'm always made welcome and the service is very good.
Mr S R    on 28 Mar 2017  

staff are very friendly & helpfull
Mr B D    on 27 Mar 2017  

I would recommend this Dental Practice as I have had quite a bit of work done on my teeth and Ravi my Dentist is excellent
Ms S E    on 27 Mar 2017  

Smashing team, friendly efficient service.
Anonymous   on 25 Mar 2017  

Just the attitude and friendliness of the staff, you feel looked after and it makes it all less traumatic!
Miss M S    on 23 Mar 2017  

Friendly staff and nice Dentist
Anonymous   on 23 Mar 2017  

Friendly service, professional treatment.
Anonymous   on 21 Mar 2017  

The service is extremely efficient and gives me as the patient confidence, and makes me feel relaxed.
Mrs W G    on 20 Mar 2017  

everyone from the reception staff on have been welcoming and accommodating, and the dentist explained what he was doing and why
Anonymous   on 20 Mar 2017  

Very friendly & professional throughout
Mr S K    on 16 Mar 2017  

Dr Bharat Kotecha and Miriam were very professional, confident and attentive. I am happy with results so far. I am having crowns done so will have to update my comments after crowns are fitted as at the moment I am with temporary teeth which were done so quickly and it looks very good.
Ms B D    on 16 Mar 2017  

Good service
Anonymous   on 15 Mar 2017  

Professional, friendly, efficient
Mr H G    on 13 Mar 2017  

Good quick efficient painless service, very helpful and pleasant staff
Mr R P    on 13 Mar 2017  

Very polite and friendly
Mr H J    on 12 Mar 2017  

Very confident with the service I received Thankyou
Anonymous   on 10 Mar 2017  

Always good treatment
Mr H S    on 10 Mar 2017  

Have already recommended them. Efficient and friendly service
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2017  

Dr Ravi and the nurse couldn't be nicer. Very very professional and at the same time they listen to me and make sure we are on the same page when it comes to the level of service
Mr A I    on 09 Mar 2017  

I'm quite nervous about visiting the dentist, and it's very important to feel relaxed, I always feel looked after when I come to the practice and the staff are friendly and helpful. The appointment reminders are great if you have a hectic life.
Mrs B M    on 08 Mar 2017  

Very clean and staff very polite
Mrs S L    on 07 Mar 2017  

I find all the staff friendly helpful and considerate
Mr B J    on 07 Mar 2017  

I was made to feel welcome and all staff was very accommodating,being very nervous they made me feel calm and comfortable... the dentist was very talkative and gave good info and explanations when questioned..
Mr N S    on 07 Mar 2017  

Very professional and friend
Mr S A    on 06 Mar 2017  

I am always treated very well and the staff are very friendly
Anonymous   on 01 Mar 2017  

I feel i am allways put at ease and looked after
Mr G M    on 01 Mar 2017  

The staff were very friendly and me being an anxious person my dentist Ravi was excellent and made me feel comfortable
Mr * A    on 01 Mar 2017  

very friendly staff and clean surgery ,made to feel comfortable
Mrs S C    on 01 Mar 2017  

The admin staff are always polite, professional and helpful. The same goes for the dental staff.
Mr U A    on 01 Mar 2017  

Staff pleasant and polite. Dr Kotechia always has time to listen and engages in small talk. You are not rushed
Mrs B J    on 28 Feb 2017  

Friendly and efficient service
Anonymous   on 28 Feb 2017  

Confidence in the quality of the treatment received.
Anonymous   on 27 Feb 2017  

The excellent service we always receive from all the staff plus Mr K is a very good dentist.
Mr S T    on 23 Feb 2017  

Very friendly staff, Dentist (ravi) took his time to explain the procedure and was very caring and gentle, have now transferred my children to here. I would recommend to everybody.
Mr C A    on 23 Feb 2017  

We were made to feel very welcome within a friendly and professional practice
Mr W G    on 22 Feb 2017  

Friendly service
Mr R D    on 22 Feb 2017  

My dentist is the best! Pain free, he is extremely competent, very friendly and puts you at ease.
Mrs D D    on 22 Feb 2017  

Frendly welcome and atmosphere - very conducive to a relaxed attitude for the forthcoming treatment!
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

As always the practice are efficient and friendly and I am happy with them.
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

We were very impressed from the first phone call with the helpful advice and understanding the f the problem we were having with finding a dentist who would visit my dad at his care home. Wilhelmina made all the necessary arrangements and made, a situation that had become quite stressful easily sorted. The dentist visited my dad and treated him with respect and dignity and left him comfortable with a clear understanding of what needed to happen next.
Mr T M    on 21 Feb 2017  

Good efficient service
Anonymous   on 21 Feb 2017  

First class service.
Mrs J R    on 20 Feb 2017  

dental team very friendly and helpful. I feel comfortable when having treatment as dentist is polite and puts me at ease.
Mrs V K    on 16 Feb 2017  

Very friendly and efficient service
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2017  

Great Dentist
Miss D A    on 15 Feb 2017  

good dentist
Mr * R    on 15 Feb 2017  

same good service .
Anonymous   on 14 Feb 2017  

efficient business
Mr B N    on 14 Feb 2017  

Very friendly and helpful.
Mr W A    on 11 Feb 2017  

Every one is very pleasant ant helpful.
Mrs W V    on 10 Feb 2017  

happy with the service
Mrs C M    on 10 Feb 2017  

Because I think Dr Kacheka is a very good Dentist.
Mr N K    on 10 Feb 2017  

Good working relationship, high level of understanding
Mr B J    on 10 Feb 2017  

Good service
Mr C P    on 08 Feb 2017  

Friendly and great staff
Mr L D    on 08 Feb 2017  

Everyone at the dental practice are so friendly - especially as I have major anxiety issues
Mrs B S    on 08 Feb 2017  

Very good service. Very organised & polite.
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2017  

good service
Anonymous   on 07 Feb 2017  

A very efficient friendly Dental practice.
Mr A D    on 06 Feb 2017  

The dentist and the staff are very efficient and friendly. The dentist puts you at ease and is the best one I have ever had.
Mrs W L    on 03 Feb 2017  

Very friendly and helpful staff and was completely at ease with the dentist.
Mrs L J    on 02 Feb 2017  

The very good friendly service and care.
Mr R H    on 02 Feb 2017  

I had a pleasant experience from the reception to the dental practitioner. Good assessment, was able to identify all the problems with my teeth that i had already observed myself. I like the way you are reminded of your appointment via email and a courtesey call as this ensures that you do not miss your appointment.
Mr K G    on 01 Feb 2017  

An experienced and friendly dentist is most important
Mrs F S    on 31 Jan 2017  

Friendly service
Anonymous   on 26 Jan 2017  

Great service and very efficient and friendly staff
Mrs K D    on 25 Jan 2017  

I always feel happy and relaxed and the staff are all very friendly
Ms C D    on 24 Jan 2017  

Always well looked after in a professional way. Warm welcome by reception staff and Dr Kotecha himself. Extremely satisfied with the service received
Mrs J R    on 21 Jan 2017  

Very professional and friendly.
Mrs B M    on 19 Jan 2017  

Friendly staff make you feel relaxed
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2017  

very friendly people puts you at ease
Mrs W S    on 17 Jan 2017  

Quick and easy
Mr J J    on 17 Jan 2017  

Mr W P    on 12 Jan 2017  

I always find the receptionist do their best to get an appointment asap. Lovely people that work there and Ravi my dentist is fab at what he does.
Miss L K    on 11 Jan 2017  

My dentist is professional & caring. All staff are very friendly.
Mrs T J    on 09 Jan 2017  

The treatment that we receive is first class, and the staff are very polite and friendly.
Mr T J    on 05 Jan 2017  

Most of my family and colleagues do not live in Northampton and would find it difficult to visit the surgery if they have no transport..
Anonymous   on 24 Dec 2016  

Professional approach
Mr W P    on 22 Dec 2016  

very friendly
Anonymous   on 21 Dec 2016  

My dentist is lovely and patient, all the staff are very friendly and kind.
Mrs D C    on 21 Dec 2016  

Lovley dentist
Mrs B S    on 20 Dec 2016  

friendly efficient service
Anonymous   on 16 Dec 2016  

very polite helpful dont keep you waitng to long nice and clean staff all respectful
Mrs D L    on 15 Dec 2016  

Great service.
Mr F R    on 14 Dec 2016  

Because I always get good friendly service.
Mr R H    on 14 Dec 2016  

Good chairside manner by dentist and his nurse, explained procedure and carried it out quickly and efficiently.
Mrs B G    on 13 Dec 2016  

Happy, Friendly Service
Mr S S    on 13 Dec 2016  

All the staff are friendly, helpful and all services provided are excellent. I have already recommended you to several friends
Anonymous   on 09 Dec 2016  

They are courteous, listen to you, easy to contact, good communication from the dentist about appointment reminders
Miss W A    on 08 Dec 2016  

A porfessional , no nonsense dental practice, A nice dental health care experience
Mr H P    on 08 Dec 2016  

Helpful and efficient
Anonymous   on 08 Dec 2016  

I've been extremely happy with my treatment over the years.
Mr H C    on 06 Dec 2016  

Due to the staff and work performed
Anonymous   on 05 Dec 2016  

Always very efficient and forward thinking with new dental marketing. Feel confident with treatment they will give.
Anonymous   on 01 Dec 2016  

Good service and never any problems
Mr T L    on 01 Dec 2016  

Such a warm and welcoming practice. I was made to feel very welcome and every step of the treatment felt reassured, I would highly recommend their services.
Mr C A    on 01 Dec 2016  

Good service and friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 01 Dec 2016  

Have always had good service
Anonymous   on 29 Nov 2016  

very good dr
Anonymous   on 29 Nov 2016  

Always had professional service
Anonymous   on 28 Nov 2016  

good friendly service
Anonymous   on 28 Nov 2016  

My dentist made me feel comfortable through my treatment and explained everything that was going to happen he put me at ease I was never nervous which is why I will be flying back from Spain for my next appointment
Miss F B    on 27 Nov 2016  

very happy with service
Mr C A    on 25 Nov 2016  

great service from the dentist
Ms W A    on 25 Nov 2016  

Good dentist, knows his job.
Anonymous   on 25 Nov 2016  

Happy with treatment, always professional
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2016  

Always friendly and helpful.
Mrs P M    on 22 Nov 2016  

the dentist makes you feel relaxed
Anonymous   on 21 Nov 2016  

Efficient and friendly reception staff. Extremely helpful and utterly professional dentist - Mr. Kotecha - ably assisted with a highly alert staff member during all procedures. Mr. Kotecha is a dedicated and very thoughtful dentist explaining everything beforehand and taking care to minimise any discomfort whilst working to the very highest standard. Would thoroughly recommend the practice.
Mr C N    on 18 Nov 2016  

Very professional friendly team.
Mr F R    on 16 Nov 2016  

great service
Anonymous   on 15 Nov 2016  

would recommend but its a personal decision
Mrs R D    on 15 Nov 2016  

Because of the professional and polite service I always receive.
Mr J Q    on 15 Nov 2016  

Excellent service
Mr H J    on 14 Nov 2016  

Anonymous   on 11 Nov 2016  

Mrs S V    on 11 Nov 2016  

Mrs S V    on 11 Nov 2016  

Mrs S V    on 11 Nov 2016  

Care is first class
Anonymous   on 10 Nov 2016  

I have been with the practice ever since it started and the service has always been very professional and friendly and I have great confidence in the treatment Dr Bharat Kotecha gives me and the advice he provides.
Miss B A    on 09 Nov 2016  

Never have any problems, Dr Kotecha very pleasant and always shakes my hand.
Mrs C V    on 09 Nov 2016  

Staffs are helpful, friendly and specially make the kids feel comfortable and not scared of going back again.
Anonymous   on 07 Nov 2016  

I find all the staff dentists & receptionists very plesant
Mrs S V    on 06 Nov 2016  

Trust in dentist and staff, efficiency of practice.
Ms C S    on 05 Nov 2016  

Adequate care.
Anonymous   on 04 Nov 2016  

The only real problem is finding car park space
Mr R H    on 04 Nov 2016  

Lovely friendly in every way
Ms W J    on 02 Nov 2016  

All staff are so friendly. Such a lovely practice.
Mrs M A    on 01 Nov 2016  

Seen on time. Friendly and efficient service.
Miss B L    on 31 Oct 2016  

Appointment on time. Service provided very efficiently with minimum discomfort. Friendly staff. Good communications and reminders about appointments.
Mr L E    on 29 Oct 2016  

The main reason is the friendly, caring and professional way I am treated at this practice.
Mrs L C    on 28 Oct 2016  

Friendly staff, clear instructions where needed.
Mr S F    on 28 Oct 2016  

Very welcoming staff and overall great surface.
Anonymous   on 27 Oct 2016  

I have always had good service from my dentist.
Mrs F S    on 26 Oct 2016  

I always found the surgery to be efficient & friendly.
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2016  

explained what needed doing
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2016  

Friendly, clean and informative.
Mrs T C    on 25 Oct 2016  

Ran as a very efficient business.
Mr L G    on 25 Oct 2016  

Ran as a very efficient business.
Mr L G    on 25 Oct 2016  

good treatment, friendly team
Miss K B    on 21 Oct 2016  

Great service at my check up today. Also Dr Kotecha went out of his way today to fix my crown which had worked loose. It would have been easy to make me book another appointment but he went the extra mile. Your dental practice is not a slave to process.
Mr B P    on 20 Oct 2016  

ExceLlantwit dental surgery, efficient, professional and friendly.
Mrs S J    on 20 Oct 2016  

Treated well and friendly manner
Mrs A A    on 20 Oct 2016  

Because I am made to feel like I am the only patent and my visit matters
Anonymous   on 18 Oct 2016  

Nice and friendly staff. Kis felt safe and comfortable. All very good
Mrs M A    on 17 Oct 2016  

Very high levels of professional skills. Staff never make me feel they would do unnecessary treatment. Other dental practices I have been to give an impression their main aim is profit. This team care about their patients.
Mrs W J    on 17 Oct 2016  

Everyone seems professional and knows what they are doing.
Mr B J    on 15 Oct 2016  

well looked after
Mrs T S    on 13 Oct 2016  

always receive great service
Mr A M    on 13 Oct 2016  

Great service
Miss O A    on 12 Oct 2016  

Although I am not keen on visiting a dentist, I must say that the staff are very keen to put everyone at ease, and my dentist was very good, and helped me decide the treatment needed.
Mr F P    on 11 Oct 2016  

Mr T J    on 05 Oct 2016  

I was impressed with the speedy time in which an appointment was scheduled for me and in the resolution of my problem
Mr D J    on 04 Oct 2016  

Friendly, polite service from all staff
Miss W L    on 03 Oct 2016  

Friendly, polite service from all staff
Miss W L    on 03 Oct 2016  

see below
Anonymous   on 03 Oct 2016  

Always great care and attention.
Mr C J    on 30 Sep 2016  

I was made to feel very welcome friendly staff and the dentist was very nice made me feel at ease and explained everything clearly
Mr D A    on 30 Sep 2016  

Helpfulness and flexibility with arranging an appointment date/time for me.
Anonymous   on 29 Sep 2016  

Good service
Anonymous   on 29 Sep 2016  

The practice is friendly and professional.
Mrs B L    on 28 Sep 2016  

Good professional staff
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2016  

Friendly and helpful staff
Mr H D    on 24 Sep 2016  

Fast, efficient service.
Mr T M    on 22 Sep 2016  

Excellent response (same day) to provide emergency treatment.
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2016  

Good service, friendly.
Miss W E    on 22 Sep 2016  

It's a very good dental practice. I would happily recommend it to family and friends
Anonymous   on 21 Sep 2016  

Clinician and team are all really good, you always feel that you are getting a personal service and that your dental care and well being matters.
Mr D M    on 20 Sep 2016  

Always honest.
Mr C J    on 20 Sep 2016  

Very satisfied with treatment
Mr M H    on 19 Sep 2016  

appt straight away
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2016  

Yes I would recommend s freind
Mrs B S    on 19 Sep 2016  

The staff are all very friendly and put you at ease.This includes the receptionist, dental nurse and thankfully also the dentist! I realise that appointment times can't be completely kept to but the wait in the waiting room is usually quite short.
Mrs L J    on 19 Sep 2016  

I always have a great experience at the practice
Mrs A F    on 19 Sep 2016  

I always have a great experience at the practice
Mrs A F    on 19 Sep 2016  

I have Already recommended your practise to my sister and her family and they are really pleased with the service also
Anonymous   on 15 Sep 2016  

As always extremely efficient and friendly service :-)
Mr D G    on 15 Sep 2016  

Friendly staff and made to feel at ease
Anonymous   on 15 Sep 2016  

Your receptionist is incredibly helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and professional and really makes the place. I found my dentist to be approachable, helpful and friendly. I was able to book my appointment within a week, and a second the next working day at a time that suits me. Overall, very impressed with the practice so far. I have recently moved from another dentist in Northampton, which was VERY bad so really happy with the move.
Mr G A    on 15 Sep 2016  

Good attention provided, flexible appointment times
Anonymous   on 15 Sep 2016  

Good attention provided, flexible appointment times
Anonymous   on 15 Sep 2016  

Practice staff are always polite and friendly
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2016  

very good service
Anonymous   on 09 Sep 2016  

Very professional and always very friendly.
Mr S R    on 08 Sep 2016  

For someone who is frightened of the dentist the experience is made better by the caring staff.
Mrs C J    on 07 Sep 2016  

Great job and friendly
Miss K B    on 06 Sep 2016  

All the members of staff (receptionists, my dentist, his assistant) are all so friendly and helpful. They make my trips to the dentist something to look forward to.
Miss C L    on 05 Sep 2016  

I recommend it very often as I am very pleased with the service i receive.
Mrs A A    on 05 Sep 2016  

There is a best dentist that i ever had
Anonymous   on 02 Sep 2016  

I would certainly recommend this dental practise to people that are looking to find a dentist 💯
Anonymous   on 01 Sep 2016  

I am very happy with the practice.
Anonymous   on 01 Sep 2016  

Reception staff and dentist was very helpfully understanding and sympathetic with my emergency Thank you
Mrs L B    on 01 Sep 2016  

Ms C S    on 31 Aug 2016  

Very friendly and professional
Miss S B    on 31 Aug 2016  

I have a childhood fear of dentists but everyone at the practce makes me feel at ease,right from the door to the chair
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2016  

Very polite receptionist and very good dentist in my opinion
Ms D M    on 25 Aug 2016  

You are made to feel at ease and are in no way worried about going to the dentist
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2016  

Trust in the dentist. Will try to fit you in ASAP when in pain.
Mrs M E    on 23 Aug 2016  

Fitted me in quickly for an emergency
Ms W C    on 22 Aug 2016  

Quick and quite efficient service.
Anonymous   on 21 Aug 2016  

Professional and friendly attitude of all the people involved at the practice. Well organised in terms of making appointments and communicating the treatment I would receive.
Anonymous   on 19 Aug 2016  

Nervous patient, made to feel comfortable and able to ask questions. Which were answer thoughtfully and specific to my needs requires....more treatments to go yet feel confident I'll be well looked after.
Mr O P    on 17 Aug 2016  

Friendly and unthreatening.
Anonymous   on 17 Aug 2016  

Very good treatment and extremely friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 16 Aug 2016  

Didn't have a long wait. Was treated well.
Anonymous   on 16 Aug 2016  

Excellent friendly service
Mr H S    on 15 Aug 2016  

I feel good when I get good service
Anonymous   on 13 Aug 2016  

Very professional and courteous service.
Mrs W C    on 12 Aug 2016  

very efficient service
Mr B N    on 12 Aug 2016  

Always very nice and helpful
Anonymous   on 11 Aug 2016  

Felt so comfortable here straight away !! The receptionists are really nice and very helpful ! Overall excellent service .
Ms P J    on 10 Aug 2016  

Confidence in the dental care.
Mrs S G    on 09 Aug 2016  

Very good dental practice
Miss B S    on 08 Aug 2016  

It is family friendly, I bring my 3 children for check ups and they are made to feel valued and cared for. Good customer service and caring staff.
Miss H E    on 08 Aug 2016  

Attentive staff with good communication skills and a positive attitude. Short waiting time and clear explanations from dentist. Left feeling that good care had been taken during procedure and that I had received first class treatment.
Mr S N    on 05 Aug 2016  

Lovely staff and nice surroundings
Brown K    on 05 Aug 2016  

Very friendly staff always polite and professional.
Anonymous   on 05 Aug 2016  

I like my dentist Ravi
Mrs S N    on 03 Aug 2016  

Everyone is very friendly and a great service and level of care is always provided
Anonymous   on 02 Aug 2016  

very good service
Mr A J    on 01 Aug 2016  

Extremely friendly and pleasant
Mr S A    on 01 Aug 2016  

Good friendly at reception and and v happy with the dentist on time for your appointment.
Mr * A    on 30 Jul 2016  

Appointment time punctual. Service good.
Anonymous   on 30 Jul 2016  

polite and considerate service from the staff.
Mr C R    on 28 Jul 2016  

I have been a patient for many years and I have found this an excellent practice.
Mr C A    on 26 Jul 2016  

Friendly service
Miss M K    on 26 Jul 2016  

Friendly ,efficient
Gerrard C    on 24 Jul 2016  

friendly staff
Anonymous   on 22 Jul 2016  

friendly staff
Anonymous   on 22 Jul 2016  

High quality care and treatment provided, together with courteous and helpful staff.
Mrs J R    on 21 Jul 2016  

Comfortable and secure
Anonymous   on 20 Jul 2016  

Always helpful and very good at there job
Mr L D    on 19 Jul 2016  

very polite helpful infomative
Mrs D L    on 19 Jul 2016  

very polite helpful infomative
Mrs D L    on 19 Jul 2016  

Very friendly and efficient atmosphere and the dental work is good too!
Ms G J    on 19 Jul 2016  

Confident in your team
Anonymous   on 18 Jul 2016  

I have always received an excellent service from the practice :-)
Gary D    on 18 Jul 2016  

The team is very professional, helpful and considerate.
Mr B J    on 18 Jul 2016  

A friendly and efficient service.
Anonymous   on 13 Jul 2016  

Efficient helpful and friendly
Anonymous   on 13 Jul 2016  

Efficient helpful and friendly
Anonymous   on 13 Jul 2016  

Staff are friendly and polite.
Anonymous   on 12 Jul 2016  

Really nice friendly dentist and reception staff helpful and friendly always welcoming
Chloey B    on 10 Jul 2016  

Friendly, personal service and efficient and professional treatment
Gary H    on 09 Jul 2016  

Both dentists we use are very good. We all feel very well looked after.
Mr G A    on 06 Jul 2016  

Very friendly caring dentist and staff
Mr B I    on 05 Jul 2016  

everybody very friendly
Ms G P    on 05 Jul 2016  

Good friendly service
Anonymous   on 05 Jul 2016  

I am well looked after and get excellent treatment
Roselle J    on 05 Jul 2016  

Everyone was extremely professional and friendly.
Mrs F S    on 04 Jul 2016  

Everyone was extremely professional and friendly.
Mrs F S    on 04 Jul 2016  

I have always been satisfied with my treatment at this practice.
Linda T    on 01 Jul 2016  

Prompt treatment
Dilip R    on 01 Jul 2016  

After years of being frightened of going to the dentist I find I can trust this one
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2016  

Raji was superb i havent got a regular dentist this man was good
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2016  

Because of how comfortable the team makes you!
Liam W    on 01 Jul 2016  

Nice clean and friendly service.
Armine H    on 01 Jul 2016  

Good competent dental team
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2016  

In the times that I have visited the practice, I have been assured by the professionalism in the practice.welcome and r
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2016  

Very attentive staff who I feel really do try to do their best for you. Treatment is relatively pain free. Best dentist I have seen in over forty years.
Anonymous   on 16 Jun 2016  

I'm nervous at the dentist but I felt really at ease and my dentist put me at ease and talked me through the procedure before I felt very calm thank you the rest of the people are really lovey the American lady is lovely in reception
Miss B F    on 15 Jun 2016  

All staff are respectful and welcoming towards the patients which makes fro a good experience.I have faith in my dentist and know my teeth will be given the best care.
Mrs M P    on 15 Jun 2016  

I am confident in the treatment I receive
Anonymous   on 15 Jun 2016  

Very friendly service from Ravi, easy to book at a time that suits me, helpfull advice in a nice manner.
Mr M U    on 14 Jun 2016  

Good atmosphere, excellent customer service
Miss J L    on 14 Jun 2016  

Very fast professional service very friendly staff
Mr M R    on 14 Jun 2016  

Excellent friendly dentist (Ravi)
Mrs L C    on 13 Jun 2016  

Great service as always
Mrs F A    on 13 Jun 2016  

Helpful, professional service.
Anonymous   on 12 Jun 2016  

great staff, professional service
Mr J N    on 10 Jun 2016  

Polite, sensitive and explanatory service.
Mrs C T    on 10 Jun 2016  

Good service from reception to dentist
Mr P W    on 10 Jun 2016  

I hate dentists, and this one if fine by me!
Mr S S    on 10 Jun 2016  

Good service
Mr P H    on 09 Jun 2016  

Staff are always friendly and happy to help.
Mrs N B    on 09 Jun 2016  

Good practice friendly
Anonymous   on 09 Jun 2016  

Always good service and excellent dentistry.
Mr A G    on 07 Jun 2016  

The dentist here really do look after my teeth and always feel lovley when had a clean
Mrs S B    on 06 Jun 2016  

Polite Professional Efficient Friendly
Mr F C    on 03 Jun 2016  

I am made to feel completely at ease
Anonymous   on 03 Jun 2016  

I've already recommended my husband to the surgery
Anonymous   on 03 Jun 2016  

Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2016  

Very happy with service today would highly recomend this dentist .
Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2016  

Excellent service and treatment. Very efficiently run practice.
Mrs P T    on 02 Jun 2016  

Professional and friendly team
Miss B K    on 02 Jun 2016  

My husband and I were treated with kindness and respect .
Mrs J S    on 28 May 2016  

I feel looked after and that I can trust the dental surgeon.
Miss J O    on 27 May 2016  

Mr Kotecha is a first class considerate dentist and has treated me fantastically over the years considering I hated dentists before he took over the practise
Mr S T    on 21 May 2016  

Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 20 May 2016  

quick action
Anonymous   on 20 May 2016  

Lovely staff, very professional and friendly. I trust them
Mrs R D    on 20 May 2016  

Always a good service and never any return visits to the surgery
Mr L T    on 19 May 2016  

good professional, friendly
Anonymous   on 17 May 2016  

Friendly and very nice team
Miss B K    on 16 May 2016  

I am always dealt with politely and the practice seems a friendly place making patients feel at ease.
Mrs M P    on 16 May 2016  

Excellent professional friendly service
Mr R M    on 14 May 2016  

Made to feel very relaxed and comfortable
Mr R J    on 13 May 2016  

Always seen quickly and provide an efficient service
Mr B M    on 13 May 2016  

The staff are very welcoming and helpfull.
Anonymous   on 12 May 2016  

All staff very friendly and helpful. Dentist has been great for years and always offers advice.
Mr M B    on 12 May 2016  

Very happy with the service was recommended to use this dentist from my partner after wasn't happy with previous dentist i use to use now I'm very happy with this practice and the standard of work I've had done can't fault
Mr P B    on 11 May 2016  

On time appointment delivered with good professional suppport
Mr G R    on 10 May 2016  

dentist is wonderful
Mrs S W    on 10 May 2016  

Very friendly staff. Always on time and a lovely atmosphere
Mrs C F    on 10 May 2016  

Clean facilities, very professional customer service, and dental technicians are very good at keeping you relaxed throughout whatever procedure you may be going through.
Anonymous   on 04 May 2016  

Excellent service .great location and parking.
Ms F P    on 04 May 2016  

I have needed 2 emergency appointments recently, and have had no problems getting seen at all. And the treatment/advice I received have been very helpful.
Anonymous   on 30 Apr 2016  

Excellent service. Friendly professional staff.
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2016  

the staff are friendly and helpful and explain what they are going to do.its
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2016  

Nice people, clean premises, good professional service
Mr P T    on 25 Apr 2016  

Have been with this practice for many years & the always excellent service has got better.
Anonymous   on 20 Apr 2016  

I am always treated well and promptly, all staff are very friendly. I am very nervous visiting the dentist but actually enjoy going to this surgery.
Mrs J M    on 19 Apr 2016  

Everyone friendly and efficient
Miss J S    on 18 Apr 2016  

Everyone is very polite and I was actually seen early which is always a bonus
Mr J C    on 18 Apr 2016  

Very good customer service. One doesn't experience it much anywhere these days, so when you do experience it, it's a real pleasure :-)
Mrs N H    on 15 Apr 2016  

Friendly service
Anonymous   on 15 Apr 2016  

The staff are all pleasant and friendly.
Mrs M H    on 15 Apr 2016  

consistency of good service and always happy greeting staff great make you feel at ease , over a nice experience considering many people fear the dentist
Mr M A    on 14 Apr 2016  

Very professional dentist. Excellent supporting staff.
Dr O M    on 13 Apr 2016  

From the reception to the treatment the focus was on me the patient. Everyone made me feel at ease, and that was important to me. The whole experiance was as good as it could be
Mr M G    on 13 Apr 2016  

It is always a good experience and the standards or care are very high.
Mr T E    on 13 Apr 2016  

Excellent service and friendly staff.
Katherine B    on 12 Apr 2016  

All the staff are polite and kind, and the dentist I see is patient and reassuring.
Mrs C D    on 11 Apr 2016  

Friendly and professional service.
Anonymous   on 07 Apr 2016  

From the minute I rang for my first appointment, every person I came across at this dentist was really friendly and willing to help with any questions I had about my treatment. I Used to be quite a nervous patient with to regards going to the dentist but Ravi is a fantastic dentist who never failed to put my mind at ease. At each stage, I was given all the information I needed and always felt comfortable. Unfortunately I am unsure of the name of the dental nurse who assisted Ravi but she was always so friendly and also made me feel at ease. A fantastic service, I have already recommended you to friends and family. Thank you so much.
Miss C M    on 07 Apr 2016  

Seen quickly due to tooth ache, Ravi made me feel at ease when having a tooth extraction. Was quick and not to painful. Thank you
Mrs L M    on 07 Apr 2016  

Because I know that I receive the best treatment
Anonymous   on 06 Apr 2016  

Very satisfied with treatment
Mr K C    on 06 Apr 2016  

Although busy they still have time to listen to you.
Mr M B    on 06 Apr 2016  

Very helpful and friendly staff
Anonymous   on 01 Apr 2016  

I used to hate the dentist. I do not dread coming to visit the dentist since joining the surgery.
Mrs L R    on 31 Mar 2016  

Great communication friendly staff good work done
Mr C M    on 29 Mar 2016  

Very kind and understanding employees within practice
Mrs K C    on 24 Mar 2016  

Always excellent service.
Anonymous   on 19 Mar 2016  

Very understanding dentist!
Mrs E M    on 18 Mar 2016  

Very understanding dentist!
Mrs E M    on 18 Mar 2016  

polite staff and quick service
Mr S F    on 17 Mar 2016  

Friendly and efficient service and relaxed atmosphere.
Mrs D T    on 16 Mar 2016  

The overall professionalism
Anonymous   on 11 Mar 2016  

Good timekeeping, good treatment, comforting staff.
Anonymous   on 10 Mar 2016  

my father had a home visit the dentist was very polite and made my dad feel at ease
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2016  

Excellent servise.Amazing doctor!!!
Dr K F    on 07 Mar 2016  

Clear explanations regarding treatment
Miss L W    on 05 Mar 2016  

Friendly and efficient. All treatment is explained, very happy.
Anonymous   on 02 Mar 2016  

Great service very friendly staff and great support to nervous patients.
Miss C G    on 02 Mar 2016  

Great service very friendly staff and great support to nervous patients.
Miss C G    on 02 Mar 2016  

unfailingly excellent care and treatment
Mr B R    on 02 Mar 2016  

Staff are always happy to see you and my appointments always go smoothly and promptly.
Mr C F    on 29 Feb 2016  

everyone is particularly helpful.
Anonymous   on 26 Feb 2016  

everyone is particularly helpful.
Anonymous   on 26 Feb 2016  

very well received at reception
Mr D D    on 23 Feb 2016  

very well received at reception
Mr D D    on 23 Feb 2016  

Professional, considerate and friendly.
Mr J B    on 23 Feb 2016  

We are always attended to and have pour treatment without delay and treated with courtesy.
Mrs M C    on 23 Feb 2016  

Very professional and friendly.
Mrs J U    on 22 Feb 2016  

Great dentist.
Ms K K    on 22 Feb 2016  

Always attentive, well organised and kind reception staff. Professional dentist who is caring and his assistant who is always smiling. They make me feel at ease
Mrs R D    on 20 Feb 2016  

Lovely staff, comforting, kind dentist. Clear information, very quick and painless procedure.
Miss A W    on 19 Feb 2016  

Fast, friendly service
Anonymous   on 19 Feb 2016  

Excellent service and care over many years with the practice.
Mr J E    on 18 Feb 2016  

Very good professional service
Mr J A    on 15 Feb 2016  

Good service and treatment
Mr P R    on 15 Feb 2016  

Friendly atmosphere and comfortable environment
Mr H R    on 13 Feb 2016  

Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 11 Feb 2016  

Always seen promptly, looked after well
Mrs H K    on 09 Feb 2016  

Modern and efficient and keep to appointment times
Mrs C M    on 09 Feb 2016  

I feel that I get excellent treatment myself and would be happy to recommend this practice.
Mrs L T    on 09 Feb 2016  

Great service
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2016  

Friendly practice
Mrs J C    on 08 Feb 2016  

Everyone is very professional & I usually don't have to wait very long
Anonymous   on 05 Feb 2016  

Feel confidence in my dentist who I have found to be excellent in my treatment.
Mrs A K    on 05 Feb 2016  

Very efficient and friendly
Anonymous   on 04 Feb 2016  

If someone was to say to me that they were not happy with their dentist then I would have no hesitation in recommending you to them. However the desition they take I would not try to change.
Anonymous   on 03 Feb 2016  

i was explained in detail what treatment was best for me & as i am a nervous patient i was made to feel really comfortable & happy & reassured during the treatment & i was extremely happy with the results of my treatment.
Miss K B    on 03 Feb 2016  

Staff are always very helpful and patient.
Mrs C A    on 02 Feb 2016  

Excellent communication. Very clean practice. Professional staff.
Dr O M    on 29 Jan 2016  

good customer care
Mr K A    on 29 Jan 2016  

Professional yet friendly staff. Efficient and competent service.
Mr N C    on 27 Jan 2016  

Caring staff
Mrs J B    on 25 Jan 2016  

friendly reception staff and dentist, helpful advice. The treatment was carefully carried out and has not left me in pain.
Anonymous   on 25 Jan 2016  

It seems to be a very happy dental practice and certainly very different from my previous dental practice where nobody seemed to smile.
Mrs A G    on 25 Jan 2016  

Totally professional reception team and excellent dental care.
Anonymous   on 24 Jan 2016  

I fill very confident and in very safe hands.
Anonymous   on 23 Jan 2016  

friendly staff and appropriate treatment offered.
Miss R B    on 22 Jan 2016  

The best dentist I have visited, from reception to the nurse and dentist. Very nice and professional. Highly recommended.
Ms K K    on 22 Jan 2016  

The best dentist I have visited, from reception to the nurse and dentist. Very nice and professional. Highly recommended.
Anonymous   on 22 Jan 2016  

As always very polite and proffesional, 2 extractions no problems.
Mr B F    on 22 Jan 2016  

Friendly, efficient staff
Anonymous   on 21 Jan 2016  

very welcoming and efficient
Anonymous   on 20 Jan 2016  

good efficient service
Mr R C    on 18 Jan 2016  

Very good practice
Miss S B    on 18 Jan 2016  

My dentist. Is honest. Professional and makes me feel at ease. Very impressive experience even having a wisdom tooth extracted.
Miss L C    on 15 Jan 2016  

Appointments and treatments handled professionally.
Anonymous   on 14 Jan 2016  

I have been a patient at the practice for many years and if I was not entirely happy I would move elsewhere.
Anonymous   on 12 Jan 2016  

Always welcomed and greeted in a friendly manor
Mr A S    on 12 Jan 2016  

Everyone is friendly and helpful. Explanations are always clear.
Mrs K A    on 11 Jan 2016  

Everyone is friendly and helpful. Explanations are always clear.
Mrs K A    on 11 Jan 2016  

Very professional & friendly practise
Miss R C    on 08 Jan 2016  

Very happy, friendly practice
Mrs B G    on 07 Jan 2016  

put at ease. made very welcome
Mrs H S    on 07 Jan 2016  

busy dental practice BUT was seen at my appointed time! very friendly & professional staff!
Mr T P    on 05 Jan 2016  

Your caring and patient approach which is very comforting and reassuring for someone who is very nervous of the dentist.
Mrs S A    on 22 Dec 2015  

efficient service
Anonymous   on 15 Dec 2015  

Friendly staff and modern premises
Anonymous   on 15 Dec 2015  

Mr Kotecha is a very good dentist. Very pleasant and cheerful too
Mrs B M    on 15 Dec 2015  

Mrs M H    on 15 Dec 2015  

Friendly team,clean practice
Mr T R    on 11 Dec 2015  

Great team and wonderful personnel
Mr B M    on 10 Dec 2015  

Overall the contact, attending and waitng were all pleasant. It was easy to register and get an appointment. I was happy with the way i was seen
Anonymous   on 02 Dec 2015  

Good all round dental service provided
Mrs B C    on 01 Dec 2015  

Convenient time and location. No delay and pleasent service.
Mr W G    on 01 Dec 2015  

Good, professional service.
Anonymous   on 30 Nov 2015  

I get very nervous when going to the dentist, even for a check up, but I am always put at ease with great treatment and understanding. A great practice.
Anonymous   on 27 Nov 2015  

Dr Kotecha and team inspire patient confidence. Kind and patient.
Mrs M E    on 25 Nov 2015  

Great service
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2015  

Extremely efficient in all aspects of the practice.
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2015  

my dentists always make me feel safe
Mr B G    on 19 Nov 2015  

Not kept waiting at allocated time of appointment and care of explanation regarding treatment.
Anonymous   on 13 Nov 2015  

I have always been satisfied with the treatment I have received.
Anonymous   on 13 Nov 2015  

Very good service, friendly staff and good time management. I am always a made to feel at ease and regularly informed about my appointment.
Anonymous   on 11 Nov 2015  

I have no issues, good experience nice and helpful staff.
Anonymous   on 03 Nov 2015  

Very friendly, helpful and professional
Mr A R    on 29 Oct 2015  

Explained the procedure. Carried out in a thoughtful manner. After care when I was feeling dizzy, was exceptional
Mr R A    on 29 Oct 2015  

The dentist himself was very clear, friendly and my children felt very relaxed with him- as did I
Mrs R A    on 26 Oct 2015  

Friendly staff and good service
Mrs P M    on 26 Oct 2015  

Always do a good job
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2015  

I have always been delighted with the attention to detail; the care by all the staff and the results at the end of treatment.
Mrs S V    on 17 Oct 2015  

Quick efficient and friendly
Mrs W A    on 17 Oct 2015  

My first experience of visiting Harlestone Road Dental Practice was a positive one. Both the Dentist I attended and staff were friendly, efficient and courteous.
Anonymous   on 14 Oct 2015  

Friendly and professional staff
Miss S C    on 13 Oct 2015  

Friendly, personal service.
Mr C A    on 13 Oct 2015  

The reception and dental nurse was brilliant , a lovley relaxing happy atmosphere
Mrs * S    on 07 Oct 2015  

The practice is friendly and appointments are available at short notice. As much as I am just another patient my dentist remembers personal details and makes me feel welcome.
Anonymous   on 06 Oct 2015  

Kind caring dental nurses. Felt comftable
Miss H K    on 05 Oct 2015  

Always been happy with my treatment, staff always friendly and helpful
Anonymous   on 02 Oct 2015  

Everything done promptly
Mr T G    on 28 Sep 2015  

Friendly service. Useful advice given with regards to our children's teeth.
Mr D E    on 25 Sep 2015  

I am very satisfied with my treatment and therefore would recommend it to others
Anonymous   on 25 Sep 2015  

Every time I Visit my dentist I get an amazing service.
Mrs A F    on 24 Sep 2015  

My Dentist is very professional and approachable which gives me confidence in him and also puts me at ease.
Mr B F    on 24 Sep 2015  

Polite staff
Mrs S C    on 24 Sep 2015  

Good service and trust in the dentist
Mr M R    on 17 Sep 2015  

A very professional service throughout and pleasant waiting area
Anonymous   on 08 Sep 2015  

Professional- friendly-informative-efficient-helpful-unrushed
Mr B R    on 08 Sep 2015  

Very friendly practice . In an emergency will see you at short notice. Very clear explanations about any treatment which is needed.
Mrs L J    on 28 Aug 2015  

always efficient, friendly and timely
Mr M B    on 28 Aug 2015  

Superb service for me and my children
Miss F S    on 26 Aug 2015  

This is the most professional dental practice I have ever visited.
Mr C J    on 26 Aug 2015  

Always pleased with treatment and care
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2015  

Friendly and professional. Kind and considerate as well as very knowledgeable.
Mrs H E    on 20 Aug 2015  

Happy with diagnosis and treatment plan.
Mr H S    on 20 Aug 2015  

I would recommend this practice. I hadn't been to a dentist for around 5 years and was really frightened to go but Fatimah made me feel really comfortable and at ease
Sharon B    on 13 Aug 2015  

Everyone is so pleasant and always ask how I have got on after my visit
Mrs C V    on 11 Aug 2015  

Have been with the practice over many years..............very happy with service and treatment. always very professional
Anonymous   on 10 Aug 2015  

Friendly welcome and efficient service. The standard of care is very high.
Anonymous   on 10 Aug 2015  

Professional and on time
Mr K S    on 10 Aug 2015  

Professional efficient service
Marcus T    on 10 Aug 2015  

Always received good service in the ten years I have been with this practice
Patricia M    on 10 Aug 2015  

Happy with service
Harry J    on 10 Aug 2015  

Friendly staff & dental team.
Anonymous   on 10 Aug 2015  

Seen quickly and professionally
Eugene C    on 08 Aug 2015  

Everyone was professional and very pleasant, and have an understanding of patients
Graham A    on 06 Aug 2015  

The dentist is friendly and knowledgeable.
Toby S    on 05 Aug 2015  

Appointments on time, friendly staff, caring dentist
Janet Y    on 05 Aug 2015  

Efficient service, friendly staff
Anonymous   on 04 Aug 2015  

Excellent service provided
Michael P    on 04 Aug 2015  

The quality of treatment and the time and care taken was excellent. I was slightly nervous about visiting but I am glad I did as the dentist was clearly very knowledgable and my teeth felt so much better shape afterwards.
Akhil S    on 03 Aug 2015  

Efficient and friendly
Matthew R    on 03 Aug 2015  

Extremely friendly and professional service....would recommend to anyone.
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2015  

Efficient and friendly service
Christina S    on 03 Aug 2015  

Very friendly pleasant staff who put you at ease
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2015  

helpful and friendly staff
Jill W    on 03 Aug 2015  

Alison H    on 03 Aug 2015  

The reception team are always very helpful and the dentist is as gentle and careful as is possible in the circumstances.
Thomas P    on 03 Aug 2015  

Professional care, good customer service,excellent facilities
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2015  

Very professional and friendly surgery.
Jennie U    on 03 Aug 2015  

I can always get in to see a dentist quickly if I need to
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2015  

Friendly staff and very patient with children which is very important to me.
Leighanne C    on 03 Aug 2015  

Good customer services.
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2015  

good service and advice
Leni O    on 03 Aug 2015  

it's a great friendly place
Anonymous   on 02 Aug 2015  

I have always found the practice to be very professional and the treatment the same.
Steven R    on 02 Aug 2015  

I have always had good and a friendly service
Phillip C    on 30 Jul 2015  

Staff always helpful and happy!
Susan C    on 29 Jul 2015  

The practice is excellent would recommend to the most nervous patient just wish I had found them years ago
Wendy P    on 28 Jul 2015  

quick and pleasant staff
John D    on 28 Jul 2015  

Friendly service
Anonymous   on 28 Jul 2015  

I almost enjoyed attending my appointments, the reason I say almost is nobody likes going to the dentist but I felt very comfortable with you
Michael F    on 28 Jul 2015  

Very good service
John A    on 28 Jul 2015  

Always treated as an individual by Dr Kotechia, he asks the questions and listens to MY answers.
Anonymous   on 28 Jul 2015  

Always made to feel welcome
Ken B    on 28 Jul 2015  

They always take good care of me
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2015  

The staff make you feel at ease, very important for those of a nervous disposition.
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2015  

They're professional in what they do
Muchemwa G    on 27 Jul 2015  

Friendly service and quick and efficient checkups with no delays.
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2015  

always welcomed with a smile, friendly and caring nothing too much trouble and good dental care
Mary P    on 27 Jul 2015  

I am happy with the outcome of my treatment.
Faisa A    on 27 Jul 2015  

I feel totally confident that my dental health is maintained and all treatments are carried out effectively.
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2015  

Very happy
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2015  

Friendly and welcoming. Informative and professional.
John B    on 27 Jul 2015  

Staff always pleasant and helpful
Mr M H    on 27 Jul 2015  

The practice is always clean, up to date. Helpful & pleasant service.
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2015  

I have been very happy with the service they provide for many years.
Anonymous   on 11 Jul 2015  

The friendly helpful staff. Feel at ease as I am a nervous patient.
Anonymous   on 08 Jul 2015  

Everyone is so friendly and make me feel less nervous
Meadow N    on 06 Jul 2015  

Always professional and a friendly team. Check ups are quick and easy and they are willing to provide advice on all aspects of dental care when asked.
Anonymous   on 05 Jul 2015  

they listen to what you have to say
Sally W    on 02 Jul 2015  

Not a lover of dentists my visit was very comfortable and pleasant
Christine F    on 01 Jul 2015  

Always had a pleasant visit, very friendly & reassuring
Rebecca C    on 01 Jul 2015  

Friendly dentist.
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2015  

The Practice is very efficently run - the reception staff are very friendly and the dental nurse was very considerate and friendly.
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2015  

Pleasant welcoming atmosphere
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2015  

my visit was a domicilary visit .I was treated with understanding and curtisy .and I felt relaxed . even the extraction was painless .I would like to thank the two who did this in my own home. fillings .scraping cavities .both worked well together.no mess .can't thank them enough .the questions below n/a. William.
William L    on 30 Jun 2015  

Attitude to patients by staff caring and hepful and efficient.
Mary H    on 30 Jun 2015  

Very friendly and professional
Andrew S    on 30 Jun 2015  

Very helpful staff make me feel comfortable and welcome
Angela O    on 30 Jun 2015  

I feel confident and the staff are frendly and welcoming.
Diane S    on 30 Jun 2015  

Good experienced staff. Happy with treatment.
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2015  

Very nice staff and welcoming :)
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2015  

friendly staff / efficient service / helpful & caring I have full confidence in my dental treatment here
Paul T    on 30 Jun 2015  

alway a psitive experienc-no fear of the dentist from me
Kevin P    on 30 Jun 2015  

Happy staff x
Mr P Y    on 16 Jun 2015  

Service that was provided
Anonymous   on 16 Jun 2015  

Because all staff are always, friendly, efficient, and professional
Mr N W    on 15 Jun 2015  

As an extremely nervous patient who is terrified of the dentist therefore ashamed of teeth I cannot express enough praise for the manner that I have been treated over the last few months . I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who has a fear of dentists this practice will conquer all fears .
Ms W P    on 13 Jun 2015  

Friendlyness of staff and dentist
Mr S T    on 12 Jun 2015  

The helpful and attentive way that all the staff give to both my wife and myself.
Mr R G    on 10 Jun 2015  

Very helpful and polite staff.
Anonymous   on 10 Jun 2015  

Very efficient
Anonymous   on 09 Jun 2015  

I am happy with service
Master N I    on 09 Jun 2015  

All the staff are so friendly and attentive. They are fabulous with all three of my girls making their experience a happy and relaxed one!
Mrs C H    on 08 Jun 2015  

Staff are always very friendly and professional. The treatment/service i have received is always of a high standard.
Mrs K A    on 08 Jun 2015  

Staff are always very friendly and professional. The treatment/service i have received is always of a high standard.
Mrs K A    on 08 Jun 2015  

Professional and friendly staff.
Ms P D    on 04 Jun 2015  

I have been with the practice for many years and have always been really happy with the treatment.
Anonymous   on 04 Jun 2015  

Friendly team really helpful and professional
Anonymous   on 03 Jun 2015  

You are treated as a person and not just another job.
Mr D H    on 02 Jun 2015  

fantastic dentist and dental nurse, very good with children, my children love going to dentist appointments
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2015  

Because I feel this practice cares about my teeth and me.
Mrs E B    on 01 Jun 2015  

Very polite team, always with smail on the faces:-)
Miss S K    on 01 Jun 2015  

the dentist was friendly
Miss L B    on 27 May 2015  

I was seen at very short notice with an extremely painful tooth which was extracted in the most pain free way i have ever experienced .
Mr F B    on 23 May 2015  

The dentist put me at ease and discussed the options available to me, with no pressure on my decision for taking the no treatment option
Anonymous   on 21 May 2015  

Our Dentist, Ravi Gathani takes time to explain everything to our two children regarding their treatment and further treatment, and general dental hygiene.
Mr J S    on 21 May 2015  

Very friendly
Ms J W    on 20 May 2015  

Friendly environment
Mrs C E    on 19 May 2015  

Friendly efficient staff, good positive dentist
Mrs J O    on 19 May 2015  

Always friendly and helpful with good advice .
Mr G P    on 19 May 2015  

Always been satisfied with service
Anonymous   on 19 May 2015  

The staff were excellent. Put me at ease right away, and were very approachable.
Mr J W    on 19 May 2015  

Was seen on time and treated with respect
Anonymous   on 19 May 2015  

Very friendly good dentist
Mr R J    on 19 May 2015  

A very friendly professional experience
Mr T E    on 18 May 2015  

always helpful and proffesional
Anonymous   on 18 May 2015  

Very Efficient
Anonymous   on 18 May 2015  

Everyone is so lovely and friendly
Miss A H    on 15 May 2015  

Very friendly service and very professional
Ms J C    on 14 May 2015  

Really helpful, cheerful staff
Mr P N    on 11 May 2015  

both the dentist and staff made me feel welcome and relaxed.they also seemed to listen and understand my concerns.all in all a pleasant experience for a trip to the dentist.
Mr R C    on 11 May 2015  

All staff are very approachable and try to put one at ease. The receptionists are helpful and friendly even when very busy. One is always treated with kindness even when the patient feels stressed!!
Mrs E M    on 09 May 2015  

Good reliable service.
Mr J C    on 09 May 2015  

Pleasant, helpful reception staff. No parking problems. Treatment good.
Mrs M H    on 08 May 2015  

I was able to be seen very quickly - this, I feel, is most importment.
Mr J A    on 08 May 2015  

Good friendly service
Mr J D    on 08 May 2015  

Good service, professionalism.
Anonymous   on 07 May 2015  

Good service, all went according to plan
Mr S H    on 07 May 2015  

Great treatment great service, friendly and professional.
Mr J C    on 06 May 2015  

The comfortable atmosphere and nice friendly staff
Mr P C    on 06 May 2015  

Friendly welcome, excellent dental treatment - I always come in fear and trembling only to be put at my ease and to go away wondering what I was worried about.
Anonymous   on 06 May 2015  

I'm confident in the treatment I receive
Anonymous   on 03 May 2015  

Care is taken to explain reasons for and exactly what treatment is being done
Mr R B    on 29 Apr 2015  

Friendly Service. Dental procedure is clearly explained
Mr M B    on 28 Apr 2015  

top class service, friendly welcome, always with a smile .nothing too much trouble excellent care
Mrs M P    on 28 Apr 2015  

Having treatment from a very experienced dentist and a very efficient practice.
Mrs S F    on 27 Apr 2015  

Excellent patient care
Anonymous   on 27 Apr 2015  

Very friendly Practice - always helpful
Mrs D K    on 24 Apr 2015  

Friendly service
Anonymous   on 24 Apr 2015  

Friendly, caring service from everyone who works there.
Mrs J C    on 23 Apr 2015  

Conscientious attention to detail, greeted warmly by all
Mr T H    on 23 Apr 2015  

A professional service and relaxed atmosphere. Friendly helpful staff.
Mr P H    on 23 Apr 2015  

hyginest was very friendly and put me at ease, she also explained all she was going to do before proceeding
Anonymous   on 23 Apr 2015  

hyginest was very friendly and put me at ease, she also explained all she was going to do before proceeding
Anonymous   on 23 Apr 2015  

I was able to have an appointment on the day after requesting one. The email reminders are also useful.
Mr A P    on 22 Apr 2015  

I like this dentist and I feel they give a good service.
Anonymous   on 22 Apr 2015  

Friendly , quick efficient and professional.
Mr F G    on 21 Apr 2015  

Family history of attending this dental practice, trustworthy service and practitioners
Anonymous   on 21 Apr 2015  

Friendly staff and clean surgery
Mrs C S    on 21 Apr 2015  

Simple the best dental practice I have been to excellent in everything they do
Mr M T    on 21 Apr 2015  

excellent service and on time
Mr A G    on 20 Apr 2015  

Fast service
Anonymous   on 20 Apr 2015  

Friendliness and care taken
Anonymous   on 17 Apr 2015  

Quick, inexpensive service, reminders of appointments are helpful, friendly.
Anonymous   on 17 Apr 2015  

Friendly staff, clean and heplful staff
Mr R T    on 16 Apr 2015  

I feel I am treated 'like a person'.
Mrs E B    on 16 Apr 2015  

Miss R A J    on 15 Apr 2015  

Always a good service
Anonymous   on 15 Apr 2015  

quick effecient service
Mr N B    on 15 Apr 2015  

Very friendly practise.
Anonymous   on 14 Apr 2015  

Positive experience.
Mrs R J    on 14 Apr 2015  

Master M P    on 10 Apr 2015  

Generally a good service.
Anonymous   on 08 Apr 2015  

Friendly, excellent service
Anonymous   on 03 Apr 2015  

Long term satisfaction
Anonymous   on 02 Apr 2015  

Good Clean practise. Staff are friendly and helpful. Get seen pretty quickly and always on time.
Anonymous   on 02 Apr 2015  

Anonymous   on 02 Apr 2015  

Local practice with modern technics.
Mr G R    on 31 Mar 2015  

Friendly and professional staff.
Anonymous   on 31 Mar 2015  

made to feel very welcome
Mr B H    on 30 Mar 2015  

I feel comfortable coming there and like my dentist
Mrs J H    on 30 Mar 2015  

On time and good treatment.
Mr G W    on 27 Mar 2015  

Good service
Miss A B    on 26 Mar 2015  

We have always been satisfied with the treatment we have received at this practice.
Mrs C L    on 26 Mar 2015  

Have been more than satisfied over the years with the professional support in looking after my teeth and for the pleasant attitude from my dentist and all his staff. Thank you to everyone.
Anonymous   on 26 Mar 2015  

Always very friendly and professional/
Mrs N W    on 24 Mar 2015  

I have always had good service
Mr A S    on 24 Mar 2015  

friendly people
Master G S    on 19 Mar 2015  

Helpful and understanding. Always a high level of care at the surgery
Anonymous   on 16 Mar 2015  

Helpful and understanding. Always a high level of care at the surgery
Anonymous   on 16 Mar 2015  

Have always found yourselves very friendly and offer a good service
Anonymous   on 16 Mar 2015  

Quality service, friendly people.
Mrs M B    on 15 Mar 2015  

Friendly, helpful :)
Mr D H    on 13 Mar 2015  

The staff they are so respectful, considerate and kind.The environment is very clean and warm and it does not smell.
Mrs A C    on 09 Mar 2015