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Always very professional and friendly.
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2019  

The high quality of service from every member of staff which never dips below excellent- totally professional and focued on the individual patient.
Mrs S C    on 05 Apr 2019  

Friendly, and a totally professional approach.
Anonymous   on 03 Apr 2019  

The Practice is professional,courteous, and welcoming.
Mr J K    on 03 Apr 2019  

excellent treatment and care
Anonymous   on 02 Apr 2019  

Friendly, efficient, modern premises
Mr P S    on 02 Apr 2019  

First class service every time.
Anonymous   on 01 Apr 2019  

Exceptional care as always.
Miss A G    on 01 Apr 2019  

A very professional practice
Anonymous   on 28 Mar 2019  

Sturminster dental care is extremely professional and very well run.
Mrs L W    on 27 Mar 2019  

Friendly and efficient experience. Dental care explained well. For the nervous patient don’t worry, you will be well taken care of.
Mrs J A S    on 27 Mar 2019  

Thorough check up. Not feeling pressured into unnecessary dental work. Nice premises, pleasant staff, pleasant location
Mr C N    on 26 Mar 2019  

It is difficult to improve upon perfection. Having attended this Surgery for some 18 years, the dental treatment has always been superb and genuinely pain-free. In addition, every single member of staff offers a warm, friendly smile in greeting each patient. How they manage to do this all and every day is a mystery to me. It is SO impressive!
Mr H S D    on 26 Mar 2019  

Lovely, polite staff and prompt, efficient treatment. What’s not to like!
Mrs S H    on 23 Mar 2019  

Long standing experience of high quality professional service.
Mr A A    on 22 Mar 2019  

Staff are so friendly and welcoming.
Anonymous   on 22 Mar 2019  

Excellent service
Mr C G    on 20 Mar 2019  

Such great patient care, everything well explained and executed. Best experience I have had at a dentist in many ,many years. Thankyou Jessica
Mrs S W    on 20 Mar 2019  

The staff and service provided is fantastic.
Anonymous   on 19 Mar 2019  

Total satisfaction and a delightful experience
Mrs C L    on 18 Mar 2019