4.9         1621 reviews

Professional friendly service at all times.
Miss B B    on 14 Jan 2018  

Have recommend in the past and would again in the future
Miss L F    on 12 Jan 2018  

35 years and no painful experiences!
Mr D B    on 12 Jan 2018  

Friendly relaxed atmosphere.
Mr D S    on 12 Jan 2018  

very good diagnosis and communication from Dentst
Mrs S R    on 12 Jan 2018  

Friendly reception - and excellent dental staff
Mr S W    on 12 Jan 2018  

Very confident in the service you provide
Anonymous   on 11 Jan 2018  

Because they are good at their job and are proper friendly. Never a dull moment with them as they always try and keep the conversation going.
Miss K W    on 11 Jan 2018  

Very professional and excellent knowledge and service.
Mrs C W    on 11 Jan 2018  

Brilliant customer service.
Mrs J J    on 11 Jan 2018  

I have every faith in my dentist and have always been happy with the results
Mrs C W    on 11 Jan 2018  

painless treatment
Mr B F    on 10 Jan 2018  

Very helpful, lovely staff
Mrs S T    on 10 Jan 2018  

Always received an excellent service.
Mr C D    on 10 Jan 2018  

Professional and friendly service
Mr R F    on 09 Jan 2018  

just the friendly and warm atmosphere between staff and patients
Mrs H R    on 09 Jan 2018  

Professional service, practice appears forward thinking and the team are always friendly and approachable but maintain the professional air
Anonymous   on 09 Jan 2018  

Very friendly and make you at ease
Mrs J H    on 09 Jan 2018  

I feel very happy and confident that I get the best dental care possible. It’s a very friendly and caring practice.
Mrs L W    on 09 Jan 2018  

Friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere and Caroline is an excellent hygenist ... very thorough.
Anonymous   on 09 Jan 2018  

Professional and competent practice
Mr J D    on 09 Jan 2018  

I love the atmosphere and all the staff are very friendly. I do not feel I'm at the dentist even though I'm there for treatment. It is almost like visiting friends and, of course, my dentist always has a solution when I have a problem.
Mrs E C    on 08 Jan 2018  

Continued excellence.
Mrs C A    on 08 Jan 2018  

An unrushed and friendly service. Always feel at ease whilst having a check up or treatment.
Mr G C    on 08 Jan 2018  

I have already recommended a friend use the practice and he is now having extensive treatment.
Mr J W    on 08 Jan 2018  

Very professional and make the patients feel relaxed.
Mr L M    on 06 Jan 2018  

The staff Are always so friendly and helpful.
Anonymous   on 05 Jan 2018  

Always feel comfortable and secure
Mr W H    on 05 Jan 2018  

I feel valued as a customer/client.
Anonymous   on 05 Jan 2018  

Good friendly and prompt services
Anonymous   on 05 Jan 2018  

Lovely staff, relaxing atmosphere, they offer a wide range of treatments. I’d recommend anyone to go there.
Ms C P    on 04 Jan 2018  

Very professional service
Mr K C    on 04 Jan 2018  

the practice has a calm and relaxed atmosphere and the staff are friendly and helpful
Mr S G    on 04 Jan 2018  

Always first rate treatment from first rate professionals
Mrs J D    on 04 Jan 2018  

Always feel confident with the treatment and advise given
Mrs A P    on 04 Jan 2018  

Excellent service in all respects.
Mr T C    on 03 Jan 2018  

Friendly and comfortable
Mrs S L    on 03 Jan 2018  

The professionalism shown by everyone from the moment you enter - until you leave. A very relaxed manner is evident throughout (good for people like me who have (or had) the fear of dentists)!
Anonymous   on 02 Jan 2018  

Very friendly confident and reassuring dentist.
Ms S B    on 02 Jan 2018  

very good
Anonymous   on 02 Jan 2018  

Every one makes you feel relaxed , they are so friendly you forget what you are there for
Mrs C T    on 28 Dec 2017  

Whickham dental is comfortable and good practice
Mrs P D    on 28 Dec 2017  

It's just amazingly professional, bright and the whole experience is actually enjoyable.
Anonymous   on 22 Dec 2017  

Good dentist. Friendly.
Anonymous   on 22 Dec 2017  

They look after you and guide you to the best treatment for you.
Mrs J T    on 22 Dec 2017  

Full confidence in all staff
Mrs L J    on 22 Dec 2017  

The responsiveness and kind attention I received was second to none.
Mr M F    on 21 Dec 2017  

Lovely staff and very talented
Ms S T    on 21 Dec 2017  

Always outstanding professional, friendly service from the receptionist to the the nurses & the exceptional Dentists .
Anonymous   on 21 Dec 2017  

It makes you feel calm
Mrs V W    on 20 Dec 2017  

Friendly, easy to deal with, communicate very well,
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2017  

I would definitely recommend my friends to this practice.I always feel calm when I visit.Mr DAvidson he puts me at ease every visit.
Ms E D    on 20 Dec 2017  

Warm friendly atmosphere when contacting and visiting the practice.
Mr G A    on 20 Dec 2017  

Practice is set up to respond to clients needs
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2017  

Very professional staff and excellent service.
Mr P C    on 20 Dec 2017  

good and friendly service
Mrs A C    on 20 Dec 2017  

I felt really comfortable staff make you feel at ease.
Mrs B W    on 19 Dec 2017  

Alway have good service
Anonymous   on 18 Dec 2017  

Always willing to help in any way
Mrs J P    on 18 Dec 2017  

efficient and friendly
Anonymous   on 18 Dec 2017  

Most friendly and business-like approach to One's dental requirements
Mr W B    on 18 Dec 2017  

As a formerly extremely anxious patient I would recommend this practice to anyone in a similar situation I was. Also for the professional and friendly service.
Mrs V G    on 16 Dec 2017  

I am always happy with the 6 monthly visits I make to the surgery under the care of Mr. Dixon.
Mrs J K    on 16 Dec 2017  

10/10 service
Miss S B    on 16 Dec 2017  

Very friendly and yet professional so feel confident about any treatment may receive
Mrs A R    on 15 Dec 2017  

Lost a filling and had it replaced same day great service
Mr A W    on 15 Dec 2017  

good planning helpful discussion of treatment professional and encouraging
Mrs S R    on 14 Dec 2017  

Have always used Whickham dental always found them brilliant
Mrs E M    on 13 Dec 2017  

Professional, courteous and a very personal service
Mr G M    on 13 Dec 2017  

efficiency, pleasant staff
Anonymous   on 13 Dec 2017  

Best of the Best Service
Mr L S    on 13 Dec 2017  

I have been a satisfied patient for nearly 40 years.
Anonymous   on 13 Dec 2017  

I'm always completely satisfied with the service that I receive and so I'm happy to recommend the practice to my friends.
Mrs M B    on 12 Dec 2017  

Excellent treatment
Mr M S    on 12 Dec 2017  

good service and very friendly
Mr J H    on 12 Dec 2017  

As always everyone is very helpful and prepared to go that extra mile for someone who is very anxious about a visit to the dentist!
Mrs W B    on 11 Dec 2017  

Great experience! Good treatment. Plesant staff.
Mr R C    on 11 Dec 2017  

Mr Davidson is the best dentist I have ever been to. I have been going to the practice for quite a number of years now.
Mrs S S    on 09 Dec 2017  

Long term patient always made to feel welcome and at ease.
Mr D S    on 09 Dec 2017  

I have always been received in a friendly and helpful manner from entering the practise to leaving.
Mr J S    on 09 Dec 2017  

Amazing staff
Anonymous   on 09 Dec 2017  

I fully trust Allison 100%. She always gives excellent advice.
Anonymous   on 08 Dec 2017  

Efficient sympathetic respectful
Anonymous   on 08 Dec 2017  

good service friendly
Ms E L    on 08 Dec 2017  

Friendly but professional. Excellent dentist in Mr Dixon , would recommend him to anyone. Hygienist was also very thorough and pleasant. They make a visit to the dentist nothing to worry about 😀
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2017  

Good service
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2017  

very good & professional service which provides confidence
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2017  

I have been coming to this practice for around 40 years and have recommended it to several people.
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2017  

the treatment was excellent and painless and the staff professional and friendly
Mr S D    on 06 Dec 2017  

I have used this practice for many years and always find the team exceptionally friendly and professional.
Mrs E H    on 05 Dec 2017  

Best value
Anonymous   on 05 Dec 2017  

Mr Stott is as always very professional and friendly.i would not like another dentist but him. I trust him completely.
Mrs B N    on 05 Dec 2017  

I know they'll get good service
Mrs V R    on 05 Dec 2017  

Excellent treatment
Anonymous   on 05 Dec 2017  

I would recommend to family and friends because iam happy with the service I receive.
Mr D H    on 04 Dec 2017  

Friendly staff and excellent treatment from my dentist
Anonymous   on 04 Dec 2017  

Highly professional and caring staff
Mrs J B    on 04 Dec 2017  

Always had excellent service and treatment my wife and two children also use this practice
Mr D C    on 04 Dec 2017  

I continue to recommend the practice to anyone who enquires as I have never had a bad experience in over 30 years.
Mr W J    on 04 Dec 2017  

staff are so helpful and friendly the best of treatment
Mrs S S    on 04 Dec 2017  

Good practice and local.
Mrs C F    on 04 Dec 2017  

I have always had excellent service from the practice.
Ms D B    on 04 Dec 2017  

Easy availability of appointments. Can see dentist and hygienist on the same day. Friendly and very professional practice.
Miss C H    on 04 Dec 2017  

Very professional in all aspects
Mr B A    on 04 Dec 2017  

A proffessional team great service friendly
Mrs M C    on 02 Dec 2017  

Friendly staff. Efficient and positive experience.
Anonymous   on 02 Dec 2017  

A friendly, professional approach by all staff makes the whole experience pleasant.
Mrs H O    on 02 Dec 2017  

Very much at ease with the treatments. My appointments always suit my busy lifestyle.
Mr S K    on 02 Dec 2017  

A very good dental practice from reception to the hygienist to the dentist’s I cannot recommend it enough
Anonymous   on 01 Dec 2017  

Usual efficient & friendly service
Mr J O    on 01 Dec 2017  

The gentle way the dentist dealt with me.
Mrs S W    on 01 Dec 2017  

Friendly relaxed atmosphere
Mr T R    on 30 Nov 2017  

Feeling confident about going.
Anonymous   on 30 Nov 2017  

Always friendly and reassuring
Mr M R    on 30 Nov 2017  

I have every confidence in recommending the dental practice and have in the past
Miss L F    on 30 Nov 2017  

Quality of work and service received
Mr R S    on 29 Nov 2017  

Calm and understanding dentists putting patient requirements first.
Miss S D    on 29 Nov 2017  

Make you feel at home nothing is a problem. Staff are always friendly
Mr P D    on 29 Nov 2017  

Friendly professional staff nothing is too much
Anonymous   on 29 Nov 2017  

The practice has always been very caring and friendly. Always willing to help.
Mrs J P    on 29 Nov 2017  

The staff are very efficient and polite in everything they do and will do everything they can to put you at ease.
Mrs H M    on 28 Nov 2017  

Friendly and efficient
Anonymous   on 28 Nov 2017  

All the staff are lovely and talented.
Ms S T    on 28 Nov 2017  

Friendly and obliging
Anonymous   on 28 Nov 2017  

Warm welcome in reception, very little waiting time, professional efficient business.,
Mr S M    on 28 Nov 2017  

pleasant and friendly environment
Mrs H R    on 28 Nov 2017  

The treatment couldn’t have been better.
Anonymous   on 27 Nov 2017  

I would not think of going to any other dental practice and have already persuaded my mum to use it as I find the level of care here second to none
Mrs D F    on 27 Nov 2017  

Always received excellent service. From both dentist and hygienist, I have been attending for About 50yrs so I should know.
Mr B M    on 27 Nov 2017  

I am happy with the service Ive had !
Mrs J D    on 27 Nov 2017  

Fabulous dentist.
Mr A K    on 27 Nov 2017  

Always professional and friendly but at the same time trusted with regard to treatment.
Mr B R    on 27 Nov 2017  

I have been a patient for over 20 years even though I now live in a different part of Newcastle. The treatment has been excellent and the practice is warm and welcoming.
Mr J C    on 25 Nov 2017  

I can always trust the practioner to give me the best treatment.Always puts my nerves at ease
Mr K M    on 25 Nov 2017  

relaxed atmosphere friendly competent
Mrs H O    on 25 Nov 2017  

Service is always good.
Mrs H B    on 24 Nov 2017  

Friendly and always make you feel relaxed
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2017  

You feel relaxed and you have every thing they do is explained as treatment is done
Mrs B W    on 24 Nov 2017  

I am always treated in a friendly, professional manner by everyone concerned.
Anonymous   on 23 Nov 2017  

A friendly professional practice
Anonymous   on 23 Nov 2017  

Good high standards
Miss J M    on 22 Nov 2017  

Excellent professional service by all the staff. Always on time appointments.
Mr M G    on 22 Nov 2017  

Very satisfied
Anonymous   on 20 Nov 2017  

Lovely practise
Mrs S A    on 20 Nov 2017  

Whickham dental practice are basically a very good and well organised company.
Mr R J    on 19 Nov 2017  

Professional and friendly
Anonymous   on 18 Nov 2017  

Excellent, friendly and professional service.
Mrs G S    on 17 Nov 2017  

Mrs M O    on 16 Nov 2017  

Comfortable and relaxing service.
Mrs E I    on 16 Nov 2017  

I have always received great care from everyone in the practice
Mrs M M    on 16 Nov 2017  

Staff quick friendly efficient...........and painless
Mr S V    on 15 Nov 2017  

Combines efficient professional treatment with very friendly relaxed atmosphere.
Mr J M    on 15 Nov 2017  

Allison always takes time to explain procedures and is very reassuring when feeling anxious. Always the professsional and extremely friendly . No question is too silly to answer.
Anonymous   on 15 Nov 2017  

Without exception I have always come away from an appointment feeling 100% happy with the treatment I've received.
Mrs J G    on 14 Nov 2017  

Friendly, professional, fuss free experience,
Mr J C    on 13 Nov 2017  

Professional treatment in pleasant surroundings
Anonymous   on 13 Nov 2017  

Very friendly yet very professional
Mrs C F    on 11 Nov 2017  

Quick and efficient treatment when needed
Anonymous   on 10 Nov 2017  

I have no fear of going for treatment.
Mrs I N    on 10 Nov 2017  

Always have great service from all members of the practice
Ms D C    on 09 Nov 2017  

Staff are always pleasant Dentist Knowledgeable and friendly.
Mr A H    on 09 Nov 2017  

fantastic service and very friendly
Anonymous   on 09 Nov 2017  

A very welcoming practice, professional, friendly, and can always say you get a 1st class service.
Mrs C C    on 08 Nov 2017  

Complete feeling of confidence and relaxation.
Mrs S C    on 08 Nov 2017  

Very professional but friendly and helpful throughout.
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

Very happy with my Dentist , Alison Collins.
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

I couldn’t fault the experience
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

Have used this practice for over 40 years and have always been extremely satisfied with my tratment
Mrs I B    on 08 Nov 2017  

Total confidence in the dental surgeons in this practice.
Mrs M F    on 08 Nov 2017  

Impressed by professionalism
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

Made to feel at ease
Mrs C T    on 08 Nov 2017  

There is no specific thing, it's just everything is all done very professionally with such warmth and kindness.
Mr D P    on 08 Nov 2017  

There is always a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which is calming when you are thinking of the ordeal of seeing the dentist
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

Been attending this practice for over 20years now. Great professionalism and treatment always provided.
Mrs P H    on 08 Nov 2017  

Did not have to wait beyond appointment time. Very well received. Excellent treatment.
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

Dentist is a Spurs supporter does help
Mr R H    on 07 Nov 2017  

High standards of care. Kind and positive attitude
Anonymous   on 07 Nov 2017  

Professional way the practice is run.
Mr B W    on 07 Nov 2017  

I've been visiting for years, I don't feel rushed during my appointment and there is ample time to ask questions if I have any
Miss I S    on 07 Nov 2017  

Very discreet.
Anonymous   on 05 Nov 2017  

Friendly and relaxing atmosphere and brilliant dental care.
Mrs G R    on 04 Nov 2017  

Always professional, welcoming and friendly
Mrs S S    on 03 Nov 2017  

My trust level in the dentist I have assigned to me and yet I feel certain that any member of th team would care for me in a similar manner as I have neer heard any bad comments about any of the dentists.
Anonymous   on 03 Nov 2017  

Comfortable environment with caring staff who always go that extra mile to help!
Anonymous   on 03 Nov 2017  

Approachable staff and excellent quality of service.
Mrs C W    on 03 Nov 2017  

very friendly and supportive makes you feel relax
Mr P D    on 02 Nov 2017  

Lovely staff all round.
Mrs S H    on 02 Nov 2017  

Have been with the practice for 24 years i trust my dentist mr paul stott and his lovely dental nurse .
Miss D L    on 02 Nov 2017  

Friendly, on-time, thorough, everything explained.
Mr A G    on 01 Nov 2017  

I was very nervous but the team put my mind to rest
Mrs A P    on 01 Nov 2017  

They always try to fit appointments as soon as possible
Mrs J P    on 01 Nov 2017  

Friendly staff excellent care.
Mrs J S    on 01 Nov 2017  

Consistent professional, friendly service.
Mrs C O    on 01 Nov 2017  

I was extremely satisfied with the timely, efficient and caring way in which my broken tooth was repaired.
Mr H M    on 01 Nov 2017  

Good customer service very friendly practice always helpful very high standards of care.
Mrs S H    on 31 Oct 2017  

Very professional and friendly staff
Mrs F H    on 31 Oct 2017  

All staff are helpful and reassuring.
Ms C M    on 30 Oct 2017  

Always very friendly and thorough I’m terrified but the staff always put you at ease
Mr P F    on 28 Oct 2017  

I was treated quickly and efficiently in a very friendly atmosphere
Anonymous   on 27 Oct 2017  

Everyone in the practice is lovely and appointment always run on time
Miss R G    on 27 Oct 2017  

Very friendly, experienced staff.
Miss H G    on 26 Oct 2017  

Good access to treatment. Good dentist.
Mrs S A    on 26 Oct 2017  

First class attendance and care.
Mr F N    on 26 Oct 2017  

Because of the courtesy of the staff,and the care and attention I receive from my Dentist and his Assistant.
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2017  

Professional, friendly staff - if an emergency appointment needed, practice will fit you in
Mr J T    on 26 Oct 2017  

Friendly, professional staff in spotlessly clean, well maintained premises.
Mrs B G    on 26 Oct 2017  

All staff seem very friendly and professional, the general atmosphere is very calm. I'm not nervous of visiting the dentist but would definitely recommend you to anyone who is.
Ms L T    on 26 Oct 2017  

Trust my dentist
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2017  

Been going here for years and years and never been un satisfied but practice stays very much up to date
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2017  

The recent treatment I received was excellent. I felt very relaxed and calm throughout my appointment. My dentist (Paul) explained exactly what he was doing at each stage of the treatment which I found really interesting but also put me at ease. The whole experience was excellent - and has been on all other occasions since I joined the practice.
Miss V C    on 25 Oct 2017  

My visit was made to be a reassurance with minimal treatment which was quickly and pleasantly completed. This is the Norm!!
Mr J A    on 24 Oct 2017  

I completely trust my dentist and have had excellent care for many years. There is always time to discuss and issues and problems.
Mrs S T    on 24 Oct 2017  

Very professional and courteous service, only recommending work that needs to be done. Helpful discussions about treatments, preventative measures and disease progression is geniune.
Mr F O    on 23 Oct 2017  

Friendly caring service
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2017  

Friendly and welcoming staff, always very clean and tidy, overall pleasant experience.
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2017  

Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2017  

The service provided is always good
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2017  

great service
Mr B F    on 22 Oct 2017  

As a nervous patient made to feel at ease and excellent care given, Vicky always takes time to offer advice on dental hygiene.
Miss J L    on 22 Oct 2017  

Even for someone who doesn't like visiting the dentist, the whole team puts you at ease
Mr M T    on 22 Oct 2017  

I've always had a positive experience when visiting the practice and certainly would recommend you to anyone looking for a good dentist.
Mrs N M    on 22 Oct 2017  

Always get good service
Anonymous   on 22 Oct 2017  

Very professional team giving excellent service
Mrs A S    on 21 Oct 2017  

Everyone is friendly
Anonymous   on 21 Oct 2017  

I always receive excellent care
Mrs H N    on 20 Oct 2017  

Dental services supplied with great professionalism and byrecognisable members of the human race
Mr H H    on 20 Oct 2017  

Myself and family and many friends have used this dentist for many years and are largely very satisfied with the service.
Anonymous   on 20 Oct 2017  

The surgery is extremely professional. All staff are very friendly and most importantly, the dentist was gental and caring!
Anonymous   on 20 Oct 2017  

Always feel comfortable and well cared for.
Anonymous   on 19 Oct 2017  

Friendly professional staff, plus a warm comfortable atmosphere in surgery.
Mr M L    on 19 Oct 2017  

Good service all around!!
Mr J G    on 19 Oct 2017  

My treatment today was mainly cosmetic and I was absolutely thrilled with the result, I only wish I could have had this twenty years ago
Mrs C W    on 19 Oct 2017  

Lovely staff.
Miss K D    on 18 Oct 2017  

Highly professional, yet friendly, team.
Anonymous   on 18 Oct 2017  

I always receive a very professional relaxed friendly appointment.
Mrs C A    on 18 Oct 2017  

A good professional service.
Mr D T    on 18 Oct 2017  

nice hygienist makes you feel calm
Mr D M    on 17 Oct 2017  

Very good service. I'd recommend it to anyone who was looking for a new dentist.
Anonymous   on 17 Oct 2017  

Used this practice for over 40 years and have no wish to change
Mr A L    on 17 Oct 2017  

The practice has always been good for what the patient wants and make sure that they are seen in an emergency.
Mrs J P    on 17 Oct 2017  

All the staff and technicians are so friendly and efficient
Mr B C    on 16 Oct 2017  

Brilliant - John not only set my mind to rest, he also outlined future treatment needs and the whole of the WDP staff were superb arranging an immediate emergency appointment
Mr L S    on 16 Oct 2017  

Best dental practice, very friendly & would recommend to family & friends anytime!
Mr P C    on 16 Oct 2017  

Excellent treatment, friendly team. Made me feel very welcome and safe.
Mr K R    on 14 Oct 2017  

Excellent friendly service
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2017  

I attended the practice whil feeling unwell (faint) and became worse within the waiting room. Vicky (Hygienist) who I was waiting to see noticed I looked ill, brought me into her room onto the treatment couch, laid the couch back and called for assistance. Dawn and a Dentist came along and all three took care of me, offering support and encouragement till I was well enough to go home with my wife. Dawn called later in the day to confirm all was well. I commend Vicky on her swift and correct First Aid actions and the team for caring. Thank you.
Mr A W    on 13 Oct 2017  

Always feel comfortable when visiting practice.
Mrs F R    on 13 Oct 2017  

Relaxed and caring practice.
Mrs Y C    on 13 Oct 2017  

Staff are always friendly & professional. Stress free treatment.
Anonymous   on 12 Oct 2017  

Just great service very calming especially when I get worked up about going to dentist
Mrs J R    on 12 Oct 2017  

Excellent care as always
Anonymous   on 12 Oct 2017  

Practice staff are all very professional but welcoming and reassuring. I have been a patient of Alison for over 30 years and can only say that without her I would never have been so calm when having dental treatment; I had been frightened for years before that
Mrs M D    on 12 Oct 2017  

Professional friendly staff who always strive to do their best for you.
Anonymous   on 11 Oct 2017  

Broke a bit off a tooth on Sunday and had it fixed within 24 hours. All done with the minimum of fuss and painless too.
Anonymous   on 11 Oct 2017  

Lovely calm atmosphere staff are really lovely always look after you
Miss N C    on 11 Oct 2017  

Fantastic service, so friendly
Mrs S H    on 10 Oct 2017  

Friendly staff and dental service excellent
Mrs S S    on 10 Oct 2017  

Complete satisfaction with the treatment provided.
Mr P B    on 10 Oct 2017  

Professionalism and friendliness of staff
Mr N O    on 10 Oct 2017  

Personal and professional service
Rev B A    on 10 Oct 2017  

Over 25 years of attendance at the Practice
Mr C M    on 10 Oct 2017  

Feeling very valued as a client
Miss L D    on 09 Oct 2017  

Friendly, efficient professional service in pleasent surroundings.
Mr R P    on 09 Oct 2017  

Everyone of the staff are friendly and put you at ease
Mr A C    on 09 Oct 2017  

40 years of using this practice
Mrs M D    on 09 Oct 2017  

Patient and knowledgeable treatment.
Mr S J    on 09 Oct 2017  

The excellent care by Alison Collins, and your hygienist, the friendly reception staff. Altogether a brilliant practice
Mrs L U    on 08 Oct 2017  

Great modern practice
Mr E H    on 07 Oct 2017  

I would recommend to my friends to have treatment everything is explainedin great detail and you have a plan of what they are going to do.
Mrs B W    on 06 Oct 2017  

I've been with this Practice for over 20 yrs and have never had cause for complaint
Mrs M D    on 05 Oct 2017  

I have been a patient of this practice for 24 years and feel very comfortable with my dentist and dental nurse.
Miss D L    on 05 Oct 2017  

It is a good practice and i feel like i get the best treatment
Mrs S H    on 05 Oct 2017  

Excellent dental care, and very friendly, caring dentist.
Mr M F    on 04 Oct 2017  

Always a good experience
Mr I J    on 04 Oct 2017  

Highly professional and friendly service. Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere
Mr A H    on 04 Oct 2017  

I always feel comfortable.
Mr A K    on 03 Oct 2017  

As a very nervous patient, I felt reassured and received excellent treatment.
Mrs J B    on 03 Oct 2017  

Brill care and always advising what is happening
Mr E H    on 03 Oct 2017  

very gentle with you
Anonymous   on 03 Oct 2017  

Excellent care courteous staff hardly any waiting
Mrs H E    on 02 Oct 2017  

excellent attention to my problem. Quick and efficient.
Anonymous   on 30 Sep 2017  

Everyone is friendly from the receptionist to the dentist
Anonymous   on 29 Sep 2017  

Pleasant experience delivered promptly
Mrs A S    on 29 Sep 2017  

Staff always happy and friendly
Miss S H    on 29 Sep 2017  

I feel the dental staff look after the health of my teeth and gums and constantly giving me good advice.
Anonymous   on 29 Sep 2017  

Nice folk
Mr M F    on 28 Sep 2017  

Since being a patient of this practice, I`ve not only learned more about dentistry but dealt with very pleasant and helpful staff..
Mr N T    on 28 Sep 2017  

I have always seen Mr Andrew Dixon and he is a joy to see if a dentist can be a joy. His chairside manner is great, he makes you feel at ease when being examined and I wouldn't hestitate at recommending him. Then I always have Heather as hygienist - i would also recommend her as she cleans your mouth great and gives good advice etc. I would recommend her also.
Mrs A N    on 28 Sep 2017  

Does what it says on the tin
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2017  

I've been coming here for more many years and have always been treated with the best care and attention.
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2017  

Because the whole practice is a first rate team
Mrs D J    on 27 Sep 2017  

Excellent treatment from both dentist and hygienist made to feel you are an important patient
Mrs C S    on 27 Sep 2017  

I always feel welcomed and like the dentist treats me like an individual and not just another patient.
Ms K A    on 27 Sep 2017  

Friendly and excellent dentistry service.
Mrs A R    on 27 Sep 2017  

Friendly,professional team.
Mr E B    on 26 Sep 2017  

All staff are very friendly
Anonymous   on 26 Sep 2017  

I was dealt with promptly and very courteously and given a thorough check up and informed very well of the outcome
Mrs C W    on 25 Sep 2017  

Very professional and friendly. The dentist explained everything he was doing
Mr W K    on 25 Sep 2017  

Extremely pleasant experience
Anonymous   on 25 Sep 2017  

Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 23 Sep 2017  

Faultless service
Miss A G    on 22 Sep 2017  

Really good experience with Vicky
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2017  

Whickham dental practice is a very professional practice. All of the staff are very courteous and ensure your visit, despite being 'TO THE DENTIST', is as least stressful as possible.
Mr P P    on 22 Sep 2017  

I attended as a new Patient for Emergency Treatment,Phoned Up and was seen Within Hour's and Everything was explained clearly about treatment i was going to have.Very Pleased with outcome
Mr B F    on 22 Sep 2017  

The dental practice staff are friendly and make you feel relaxed.
Mrs D B    on 21 Sep 2017  

Lovely dentist and dental nurse
Mrs J H    on 20 Sep 2017  

great staff
Mr R H    on 20 Sep 2017  

Very professional but friendly service.
Miss L A    on 20 Sep 2017  

Always feel comfortable with the treatment offered.
Mrs M H    on 20 Sep 2017  

Everything was run smoothly with pleasent staff
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2017  

The. Whole team are extremely professional, welcoming and friendly.
Mr J T    on 18 Sep 2017  

I'm never nervous about a visit to the Dentist! All the staff are very friendly, and smile all the time! My Dentist, John Wykes, always solves any problem I have with kindness and care!
Mrs E C    on 18 Sep 2017  

Very friendly staff and surroundings putting patients at ease.
Mr S G    on 18 Sep 2017  

Good dentist team
Mrs J H    on 18 Sep 2017  

Excellent professional Treatment. Always made to feel comfortable, relaxed and never feel rushed.
Mrs J P    on 17 Sep 2017  

Friendly staff felt at ease .
Mrs L H    on 13 Sep 2017  

Treatment has always been friendly and efficient
Mr P K    on 13 Sep 2017  

Efficient, friendly, professional service as usual
Mr R A    on 13 Sep 2017  

I was made to feel relaxed and welcome ,
Mrs C T    on 13 Sep 2017  

I've been using this practice for a number of years and they always provide top class service.
Mrs M U    on 13 Sep 2017  

Pleasant staff and surroundings and punctual appointment
Mr J F    on 13 Sep 2017  

I have attended Whickham Practice for many years. I feel totally comfortable with my dentist and the excellent customer service throughout.
Ms C B    on 13 Sep 2017  

Always have a pleasant, painfree visit, great staff, Mr Dixon is the best destitute I've seen and wouldn't change now
Mrs P R    on 13 Sep 2017  

Excellent service, tailoring to your particular needs all within a relaxed and friendly environment, I can not fault this practice at all and have been coming here for years, I totally trust my dentist and wouldn't go anywhere else....
Anonymous   on 13 Sep 2017  

I have always been very happy with the care I have received at the practice.The hygienist that completed my treatment today was very professional and thorough,taking time to explain in detail,techniques to reduce gum disease. I have always felt comfortable and relaxed during visits to the practice
Mrs W G    on 12 Sep 2017  

Its very relaxed and nit like going to the dentist
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2017  

Very thorough check up.
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2017  

Very professional but also very personal.
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2017  

They really look after you
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2017  

Amazing service every time, lovely staff, fabulous service, friendly welcoming atmosphere
Mr I A    on 12 Sep 2017  

Very happy with all levels of the service especially the clinical members.
Mr A W    on 12 Sep 2017  

everyone is helpful and friendly
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2017  

Friendly efficient and having attended many years feel confident about treatment
Mrs J W    on 12 Sep 2017  

Because it's the nicest dental practise in north east!
Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2017  

Ive always been nervous of dental treatments, but since being with this dental practice I am made to feel at ease when visiting. Id have no hesitation to recommend as the service is always excellent.
Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2017  

good atmosphere in the practice with helpful staff
Mrs E S    on 11 Sep 2017  

The team do everything possible to suit my schedule and have in the past offered to open up just for me. There can be no better service than that!
Mr J R    on 10 Sep 2017  

Friendly professional service alwsys
Anonymous   on 09 Sep 2017  

Always fantastic service and treatment
Mrs S H    on 08 Sep 2017  

I have been going to Mr Stott for close to 25 years and have always found his service and manner top notch! The only time I have had any real trouble with a tooth was when I had a filling abroad. Thank you to Mr Stott and all the team at Whickham Dental Practice for making every visit a pleasurable one!
Mr B G    on 08 Sep 2017  

I`ve received the best service since joining this surgery and the staff are always friendly and pleasant..
Mr N T    on 08 Sep 2017  

Good quality advice and services
Anonymous   on 07 Sep 2017  

Relaxing atmosphere and pleasant staff
Mrs M A    on 07 Sep 2017  

The calmness and professionalism of Paul Stott. I consider him to be an excellent dentist and would recommend him to anyone.
Mr D B    on 07 Sep 2017  

A really nice, friendly atmosphere.
Mrs S L    on 07 Sep 2017  

Friendly, caring atmosphere from Colette on reception to Andrew for routine check up and Caroline, a hygienist, thank you.
Anonymous   on 07 Sep 2017  

I'm confident and happy with the consistently high level of care.
Mrs C A    on 06 Sep 2017  

I have been attending the practice for nearly fifty years and perhaps this is an indication of why I think highly of the practice.
Anonymous   on 06 Sep 2017  

Great service, care and advice. Fantastic staff and clean, pleasant surroundingsurprise.
Mr S M    on 06 Sep 2017  

The dentists are very caring professionals. The staff are very friendly, the upstairs waiting room is nice, with the radio playing at a comfortable level
Mrs Y P    on 05 Sep 2017  

I have been a patient at the practice for over 30 years and have always found the staff friendly, accommodating and have my best interests at heart when having treatment.
Mrs J E    on 05 Sep 2017  

I know that the service you receive is second to none.
Mrs P S    on 04 Sep 2017  

Friendly professional staff
Mrs K F    on 02 Sep 2017  

All our family and now my little girl come here, I would not go anywhere else, they treat you with respect and genuinely care.
Mrs E M    on 02 Sep 2017  

Great experience, very patient helpful dentist and staff.
Anonymous   on 01 Sep 2017  

The service is friendly and efficient
Mrs V C    on 01 Sep 2017  

I rang up at 08.30 with a very painful toothache and I was seen at 08.45. By 09.15 the tooth had been extracted with no discomfort at all. Altogether an excellent demonstration of your calm and gentle ethos. First class procedure.
Mr I W    on 01 Sep 2017  

Excellent treatment and care provided by the dental team.
Anonymous   on 01 Sep 2017  

The staff are always, professional, courteous and eager to make you feel at ease.
Mr G M    on 01 Sep 2017  

Everything about it: the efficiency and friendliness of the receptionist, the reassuring and calm dentistry, the clear explanation of charges.
Ms E A    on 01 Sep 2017  

Staff and and surroundings are excellent
Mr C H    on 01 Sep 2017  

Excellent care and treatment.
Mrs S L    on 31 Aug 2017  

I felt at ease and they told me what was about to happen and I got to see what needed to be done I swear I wish I would have come sooner xx
Miss H G    on 30 Aug 2017  

Friendly yet professional service
Mr B R    on 30 Aug 2017  

First class service in all aspects of the companies operation,
Mr S M    on 29 Aug 2017  

Staff are highly skilled and professional. They are also extremely understanding of VERY nervous patients!
Mrs J B    on 29 Aug 2017  

I am still very nervous about coming to the dentist a lifelong fear but whickham live up to their word of calm and gentle without criticism of my fear thank you so much.
Mrs V A    on 26 Aug 2017  

So friendly and welcoming.
Mr D P    on 25 Aug 2017  

I am always impressed by the professionalism of all of the staff and the friendly service they provide.
Mr W J    on 24 Aug 2017  

Professional staff. up to date practices. Pleasant staff and environment.
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2017  

Staff and professionals are welcoming and have time to explain what is important about how I maintain my teeth. Thorough check up of all areas of the mouth, feel secure if there is a problem it will be identified and dealt with. Good having hygienist and checkup at the same time.
Ms P H    on 24 Aug 2017  

I have used whickham dental practice for approximately 50 years. I have never had a complaint. I find miss Collins and Caroline always put me at ease.
Mrs A M    on 24 Aug 2017  

I know a friend would have a good and safe experience if they attended this practice
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2017  

Consistent high quality service from all staff
Mr A F    on 24 Aug 2017  

Everyone at the practice is always very helpful and friendly
Mrs J P    on 24 Aug 2017  

Good, friendly staff and feel well looked after.
Mr S H    on 23 Aug 2017  

Great care and staff
Mr M A    on 23 Aug 2017  

Caring and professional care
Mrs S A    on 23 Aug 2017  

Miss collins is an amazing dentist and have always found her very relaxing, professional and friendly
Mrs S T    on 23 Aug 2017  

A very professional company with first class staff, always freindly and appointments made to siut my diary.
Mr M G    on 23 Aug 2017  

Friendly and gentle staff
Mr C W    on 22 Aug 2017  

Excellent sevice. Efficient staff and friendly reception
Mrs I N    on 22 Aug 2017  

I have confidence in Alison.
Mrs D B    on 22 Aug 2017  

I have been looked after by Miss Collins and the team for over 25 years, they are fantastic, from entering the door to leaving you know you are in the best of hands.
Mrs T M    on 22 Aug 2017  

Friendly attitude of all staff
Mrs J C    on 22 Aug 2017  

Professional, high class service and environment
Mrs M F    on 21 Aug 2017  

Prompt efficient service, pleasant staff
Mrs A S    on 21 Aug 2017  

Very friendly and professional
Mrs H P    on 21 Aug 2017  

Always excellent service
Mr J T    on 21 Aug 2017  

Calm and gentle, exactly as it should be.
Anonymous   on 21 Aug 2017  

Good service
Anonymous   on 20 Aug 2017  

Colette was very welcoming and Heather was very competent and also very personable and puts you at ease as well as being very knowledgable about my personal needs for teeth cleaning and future hygiene.
Miss K H    on 19 Aug 2017  

Friendly professional staff
Anonymous   on 19 Aug 2017  

Always efficient and friendly service
Anonymous   on 18 Aug 2017  

Friendly service
Mrs S W    on 18 Aug 2017  

Always very happy about my treatment and staff
Mrs G E    on 18 Aug 2017  

always excellent service received never had any issues
Mrs L S    on 18 Aug 2017  

It was an emergency appointment not with my regular dentist. I was made to feel st ease and everything was explain to me throughout my treatment. My dental nurse Amanda folllwed up my initial call when I couldn't get an appointment and got me seen straight away which was fantastic. The service and care is exceptional,
Mrs S L    on 17 Aug 2017  

patient and calming staff
Anonymous   on 17 Aug 2017  

Mainly because of Alison who l think is marvellous.
Mrs G S    on 12 Aug 2017  

Very welcoming!
Ms S C    on 11 Aug 2017  

The overall service is in my opinion second to none. Excellent service. All the staff are well trained and highly skilled experts.
Mr M P    on 10 Aug 2017  

Because of excellent treatment always from the practice
Mrs M O    on 10 Aug 2017  

excellent treatment from Heather
Mr B F    on 10 Aug 2017  

Consultation was thorough with time taken for all aspects. It was not rushed, and carried out with expertise.
Mrs J S    on 10 Aug 2017  

No pain and they cared
Mr D R    on 10 Aug 2017  

I have been coming here since I was a child (even remember the old layout!) and now I am bringing my own daughter. So I would have no hesitation recommending it to family and/or friends.
Mrs M K    on 10 Aug 2017  

I felt really comfortable and at ease staff were amazing
Mrs B W    on 09 Aug 2017  

the courtesy and confidence given by dentist
Anonymous   on 09 Aug 2017  

service in general,but Alison in particular
Mr M S    on 09 Aug 2017  

Outstanding service time and again.
Mr M N    on 09 Aug 2017  

Calm and gentle approach makes me feel at ease and more likely to use the dentist regularly as I have had bad experiences in the past
Mr N M    on 09 Aug 2017  

Long term client - wouldn't want to go anywhere else
Mr N C    on 08 Aug 2017  

Never worry about my visits to the practice, always well looked after, Mr Dixon is a lovely dentist
Mrs L W    on 08 Aug 2017  

I've come here for years. Always feel welcome, place is modern and clean. My treatment has been exemplary.
Mrs G S    on 07 Aug 2017  

Had excellent service for the past 39 years
Mr D C    on 07 Aug 2017  

I lost a filling and contacted the practice at 8-30am and the filling was replace by 12-30 Also as a patient for many years always received good and efficient treatment.
Anonymous   on 07 Aug 2017  

Miss Collins is our dentist and is always exceptionally pleasant and reassuring
Anonymous   on 04 Aug 2017  

Always friendly and as a nervous patient puts me at ease
Mrs A H    on 04 Aug 2017  

Anonymous   on 04 Aug 2017  

Always an exceptional standard of care.
Mrs L B    on 03 Aug 2017  

The reason I would recommend is because I have a good dentist
Mrs H Z    on 03 Aug 2017  

Staff are so professional and always give you a personal experience.
Mr M M    on 03 Aug 2017  

Lovely practice
Mr P E    on 03 Aug 2017  

I have been with this practice for a long time, it has always had a friendly, happy feel. The staff are patient.
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2017  

Been using them for 50 years and never had cause for complaint
Mrs I N    on 03 Aug 2017  

Great practice with a great feel about the place and Allison who looked after me was brilliant.
Mr P N    on 03 Aug 2017  

I have total trust in my dentist. The visits are always pleasant.
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2017  

I have been attending this practice for many years and have always been well satisfied with the treatments received.
Mrs L B    on 02 Aug 2017  

Great dental practice
Mrs L C    on 02 Aug 2017  

Best service
Mrs C S    on 02 Aug 2017  

have had great service over my entire time with Alison Collins
Anonymous   on 02 Aug 2017  

Professional, helpful staff, relaxed, unhurried atmosphere, procedures fully explained
Mrs H O    on 01 Aug 2017  

Mr Stott knows I was frightened of dentists. He was so calm and patient with meI lost my fear. I have gum disease and he has kept all my teeth up till now.all staff are nice.
Mrs M G    on 01 Aug 2017  

everyone was very friendly and very professional.
Mrs A W    on 01 Aug 2017  

Brilliant treatment and advice for decades - and they're still working on the same teeth. Each visit, from the greeting at reception, to leaving after the appointment(s), is exemplary.
Mr L S    on 31 Jul 2017  

Professional. SErvice with friendly atmosphere.No need to feel frightened but able to relax knowing that the procedures will be dealt with calmly and proffesionally.
Anonymous   on 31 Jul 2017  

An excellent service, as always. Everyone is friendly and highly efficient.
Anonymous   on 29 Jul 2017  

they are instrumental and sentimental in providing gentle dental services
Mr J C    on 28 Jul 2017  

always happy staff willing to help
Mrs A C    on 28 Jul 2017  

Excellent dentist in Mr Stott, totally at ease in his care.
Mr D B    on 28 Jul 2017  

friendly efficient pro active service
Anonymous   on 28 Jul 2017  

Level of care and attention to my needs as a nervous patient.
Mr J G    on 26 Jul 2017  

Clean calm and polite
Anonymous   on 25 Jul 2017  

Excellent Dentist (Miss. Collins), good location, very good overall standards.
Mr W A    on 24 Jul 2017  

Everything is so professional and well managed
Mrs R J    on 24 Jul 2017  

Having needed two relatively urgent appointments, the service I received was fantastic. From the initial phonecall to the service received the quality of care and consideration was first class. Calm,gentle and considerate dentistry!
Mrs A E    on 23 Jul 2017  

The excellent staff, friendly and knowledgeable who make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in the practice
Mr N P    on 22 Jul 2017  

Trust my dentist
Anonymous   on 21 Jul 2017  

Welcoming friendly staff
Anonymous   on 21 Jul 2017  

Always had good service and friendlyness
Ms L E    on 20 Jul 2017  

Professional way the dentists approach their work
Mrs W S    on 19 Jul 2017  

Friendly, efficient practice
Mrs M S    on 18 Jul 2017  

Everyone works as a team and makes you feel welcome and comfortable.
Anonymous   on 15 Jul 2017  

Great Service, comfortable environment, The dentist explained exactly what would be done which helped put me at ease-being quite nervous about going to the dentist
Mrs G E    on 14 Jul 2017  

Because I was put at ease from the start and the overall procedure was painless. I was consulted, informed and reassured at all times.
Mr W D    on 13 Jul 2017  

Friendly and professional staff
Mr C A    on 13 Jul 2017  

Everywhere clean and bright. Staff very friendly and efficient.
Mrs C E    on 12 Jul 2017  

Faultless customer service
Mr C P    on 11 Jul 2017  

By far and away the best hygienist in the practise , she was gentle and thorough every time for me please.
Mr K A    on 10 Jul 2017  

Excellent customer service!
Anonymous   on 10 Jul 2017  

Professional, friendly & great results.
Anonymous   on 07 Jul 2017  

The care and attention is exceptional
Mrs S I    on 06 Jul 2017  

Staff are always extremely polite, friendly, efficient and above all provide a 'calm' and professional service! Building is clean and staff are well presented. Like everyone I don't really enjoy going to the dentists, but I am prepared to travel to Whickham because I feel comfortable and well looked after. Great job guys :-)
Mr D S    on 05 Jul 2017  

very pleased with all aspects of servive,pasrticularly Alison
Mr S M    on 02 Jul 2017  

Friendly professional practice delivering excellent care.
Mrs S J    on 01 Jul 2017  

I am comfortable, relaxed and feel entirely safe in the hands of the dental practitioner and nurse.
Mrs C Y    on 30 Jun 2017  

Staff are always very pleasant and polite and try to minimise any discomfort.
Anonymous   on 29 Jun 2017  

Good professional attitude and approachable staff
Anonymous   on 29 Jun 2017  

The practice is efficient, clean, calm and friendly
Mrs C V    on 26 Jun 2017  

Very pleasant environment and people.
Mrs F E    on 24 Jun 2017  

Friendly helpful staff, very experienced dentists
Anonymous   on 23 Jun 2017  

Very nice service all round
Mr G A    on 22 Jun 2017  

It's just as you say, calm and gentle.
Anonymous   on 22 Jun 2017  

Very thorough,professional and friendly.
Miss B P    on 22 Jun 2017  

Mrs S A    on 21 Jun 2017  

Very friendly and professional staff
Anonymous   on 20 Jun 2017  

Felt at ease while having my treatment and everything was explained before it was started
Anonymous   on 18 Jun 2017  

always a pleasant reception to put you at ease.
Mrs S R    on 16 Jun 2017  

I always receive very good treatment from the practice and would not hesitate to recommend friends and family.
Mrs O M    on 15 Jun 2017  

Always had nothing but good experiences in the practice from all staff, friendly, professional and patient centred.
Mr A S    on 14 Jun 2017  

The staff have alway been pleasant and helpful.
Mr M B    on 14 Jun 2017  

Very professional from walking in the door to leaving. All nerves go within seconds of seeing the amazing dentists.
Mr Q J    on 14 Jun 2017  

I was given an appointment to correct a chipped tooth asap
Mr C B    on 14 Jun 2017  

Friendly kind and a nice atmosphere
Mrs S J    on 13 Jun 2017  

Excellent prompt attention. Courteous, friendly staff and encouraging advice.
Mrs M M    on 12 Jun 2017  

Patient and friendly staff
Mrs P S    on 12 Jun 2017  

The staff are very friendly, professional and make you feel very much at ease.
Mrs B B    on 12 Jun 2017  

The staff are friendly and the service good.
Anonymous   on 11 Jun 2017  

Professionalism and friendliness
Anonymous   on 08 Jun 2017  

Professional friendly and reliable
Mrs J D    on 07 Jun 2017  

Because this is the truth there is no reason to feel otherwise
Anonymous   on 06 Jun 2017  

I was so nervous about going to the dentist since having bad experience elsewhere and I'm made to feel so welcome and is such a calming atmosphere
Miss O L    on 01 Jun 2017  

Excellent service made me feel at ease as was nervous
Mrs T S    on 01 Jun 2017  

Beginning to feel more relax at the dentist
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2017  

The receptionist desk friendly and efficicent.
Mr C W    on 01 Jun 2017  

Calming, conversant and thorough also punctual
Mrs M T    on 31 May 2017  

Impressed with the speed of response when emergency treatment needed
Anonymous   on 31 May 2017  

The dentists are very good and thorough
Mr D D    on 31 May 2017  

I have always had very good treatment from the dental practice
Mrs O M    on 27 May 2017  

Very relaxing experience, complete trust in the technicians
Mr M K    on 26 May 2017  

Pleasant and attention to detail.
Mr B E    on 25 May 2017  

Excellent service from a very professional and well respected dental team. Great service, very personable and always explain everything well.
Mr P M    on 24 May 2017  

I believe the team are very professional and the atmosphere is quite relaxing.
Mrs H E    on 24 May 2017  

Friendly staff, clean environment, close to work.
Mr T M    on 24 May 2017  

Excellent service.
Mrs P P    on 18 May 2017  

All the staff are so friendly and the Dentist's are very knowledgeable.
Mr H A    on 18 May 2017  

We have been with this practice for years and wouldn't dream of changing. John Wykes is the best giver of injections - better than those at the dental hospital.
Anonymous   on 17 May 2017  

Confidence in the way my treatment is handled.
Mrs I E    on 16 May 2017  

Highly professional,efficient,reassuring.
Anonymous   on 16 May 2017  

Excellent friendly service
Mr M D    on 15 May 2017  

efficient friendly and conveniently situated.
Anonymous   on 13 May 2017  

Professional approach towards dentistry and always a good experience had. Andrew is always cheerful and informative and most of all, trusted.
Mr R H    on 12 May 2017  

Exelent level of treatment
Mr R B    on 09 May 2017  

Very welcoming and friendly
Anonymous   on 08 May 2017  

Efficient service with excellent communication.
Mrs H J    on 05 May 2017  

Punctual, friendly, pain free, caring.
Mr H H    on 05 May 2017  

Over the last few months I have been a regular attendee and despite the complexities related to my dental work I have always been treated with the upmost respect
Mrs W M    on 04 May 2017  

A friendly, calming and efficient service with a personal feel to it.
Mrs R G    on 03 May 2017  

At the practice I know they listen to you and at my appointment they focus on the patient totally.
Mrs B A    on 30 Apr 2017  

a trip to the dentist is now an enjoyable experience.
Anonymous   on 28 Apr 2017  

I always find the staff considerate and professional
Mr M B    on 28 Apr 2017  

Friendly service
Mr W A    on 26 Apr 2017  

Very friendly
Mr E S    on 26 Apr 2017  

I ve been patient there since I was young .. and I like the service they deliver .
Mr A L    on 25 Apr 2017  

Always treated with care and respecr
Anonymous   on 25 Apr 2017  

Mr Dixon performed an extraction during my visit. Explained each step of the procedure and put me at ease throughout.
Mrs R E    on 23 Apr 2017  

The staff were all so friendly and welcoming. Also they kept you informed of all the things they were doing which made you very comfortable.
Anonymous   on 22 Apr 2017  

Have come here for years and all the staff are very friendly and put you at ease
Mrs V H    on 20 Apr 2017  

Very friendly, professional service
Mr L G    on 20 Apr 2017  

High level of care for nervous patients
Miss G J    on 19 Apr 2017  

Quick efficient service
Mr M P    on 19 Apr 2017  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 18 Apr 2017  

Professional, friendly
Anonymous   on 18 Apr 2017  

Prompt appointment when I rang up out of hours.
Mrs H E    on 14 Apr 2017  

Very friendly and reassuring
Mr C I    on 13 Apr 2017  

The clean, calm atmosphere and friendly staff take the angst out of going to the dentist.
Mrs B S    on 13 Apr 2017  

It is a customer focused service where you are very well looked after by staff who are very professional in their own individual craft.
Mrs C D    on 13 Apr 2017  

I am very happy with the treatment I get and the staff are always friendly and helpful.
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2017  

The practice always manages to fit us in for appointments.
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2017  

after being very nervous about going to a dentist i found my visits to be very calm and reassuring.
Anonymous   on 09 Apr 2017  

Friendly and professional
Mrs S D    on 09 Apr 2017  

Anonymous   on 08 Apr 2017  

years of good reliable and friendly service
Anonymous   on 08 Apr 2017  

Professional and extremely friendly
Mrs S S    on 07 Apr 2017  

The good experiences I have had over the years.
Mr F R    on 07 Apr 2017  

I would recommend this practice to any of my friends as everyone is very friendly , putting you at ease if your nervous , nothing is a problem .
Mrs B S    on 07 Apr 2017  

The CARE given to, and QUALITY of my treatment is remarkable
Mrs B M    on 06 Apr 2017  

Feel patients are respected as customers and treated well
Mrs D J    on 06 Apr 2017  

The surgery is very relaxing and does what it says on the window, calm and gentle dentistry.
Mrs R L    on 06 Apr 2017  

As always the staff are all very pleasant and if anyone feels anxious I am sure the dentist and nurse wojuld put them at their ease
Mrs S P    on 05 Apr 2017  

ive been a customer at this clinic since i was a kis almost 35 years ago. i am still very happy
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2017  

Friendly efficient and professional.
Mr P R    on 04 Apr 2017  

Always helpful and considerate treatment and information.
Mr M D    on 03 Apr 2017  

it's a well run Business
Mr A G    on 02 Apr 2017  

It truly is the home of calm and gentle dentistry!
Anonymous   on 01 Apr 2017  

Excellent patient care from the moment you enter the surgery.
Mrs G S    on 01 Apr 2017  

Able to get appointment the same day and at time suitable for me. Friendly and efficient service.
Anonymous   on 30 Mar 2017  

Always polite staff and made to feel really comfortable
Mrs H S    on 30 Mar 2017  

After recently having some dental work I no longer feel as anxious about visiting the dentist in the future. I have complete confidence in Mr Davidson and Amanda.
Miss R S    on 30 Mar 2017  

Always made to feel at ease.
Mrs R F    on 30 Mar 2017  

The staff just make you feel at ease and are very freindly
Mrs F V    on 29 Mar 2017  

Alison Collins is an excellent dentist with a calming nature..
Mrs T T    on 29 Mar 2017  

I feel as though my dentist cares and is interested
Ms S G    on 29 Mar 2017  

Relaxed experience for those who don't like dental environments
Anonymous   on 28 Mar 2017  

Professional efficient service at all times.
Miss B B    on 28 Mar 2017  

Because I think the practice is the best in the area
Mr Y P    on 28 Mar 2017  

Nice practice with friendly and helpful staff, dentists make you feel at ease, generally good service and care
Anonymous   on 27 Mar 2017  

Dentist and nurse put you at ease. Make visit more comfortable for nervous patients like myself.
Anonymous   on 27 Mar 2017  

The service is good and I would recommend the practice to others
Anonymous   on 27 Mar 2017  

Excellent service throughout my 1st visit
Mr B P    on 27 Mar 2017  

Great team, very good dental care, make you feel at ease and they explain the procedures and choices without any pressure to have treatments .
Mrs C V    on 26 Mar 2017  

Excellent care and friendliness .
Anonymous   on 25 Mar 2017  

Many years experience !
Mr O J    on 24 Mar 2017  

Always feel well looked after
Mrs D C    on 23 Mar 2017  

Excellent friendly dentist
Mr O D    on 23 Mar 2017  

I trust the experienced staff with mine and my children's dental care, 100%.
Mrs T L    on 23 Mar 2017  

Lovely comfortable surroundings. Pleasant efficient staff.
Mrs W D    on 22 Mar 2017  

I get a great service
Mr B B    on 22 Mar 2017  

Easy to get to, pleasant surroundings and friendly in formative staff.
Mr M S    on 22 Mar 2017  

Best treament ever
Mr S L    on 21 Mar 2017  

Staff and dentist are always lovely and put you at ease.
Miss M S    on 20 Mar 2017  

Friendly, efficient, no stress
Anonymous   on 17 Mar 2017  

always friendly and professional and would make anyone at ease
Anonymous   on 17 Mar 2017  

Reception staff are always helpful and try to fit appointments around work commitments where possible. Mr Dixon always takes the time to explain what he is doing and why in a way that can be understood and gives options for further treatment.
Anonymous   on 17 Mar 2017  

You are put at ease at once, especially if you are nervous about treatment.
Mrs * E    on 16 Mar 2017  

The quick response I received to a request for an urgent appointment. The competent speedy resolution to my problem
Mr P D    on 16 Mar 2017  

first class treatment from the people working in the practice
Mr R I    on 16 Mar 2017  

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. A lot of people can be scared of going to the dentist but you are out at ease here.
Miss C D    on 16 Mar 2017  

First visit but initial impression very good.
Mrs S A    on 15 Mar 2017  

Very professional attention and care from Mr Stott and his nurse.
Mr K P    on 15 Mar 2017  

Good friendly dental practice
Mrs S H    on 15 Mar 2017  

I have always been happy with the professionalism and standard of care at the practice.
Mr B D    on 15 Mar 2017  

Over 20+ years I have complete confidence in the practice
Anonymous   on 15 Mar 2017  

Feel confident in going to the practice. Staff are very friendly and have always provided good advice and treatment.
Miss P N    on 13 Mar 2017  

I am always put at ease by Paul and he is great with my young son. Although we live in a Durham we are happy to travel. I would not hesitate recommending the practice.
Miss B A    on 13 Mar 2017  

1.On time 2.Information of required treatment very good, without all the technical jargon. 3.Consultant and assistant made me at ease ready for any questions i wanted to ask.
Mr C W    on 12 Mar 2017  

Very professional and polite service from the reception through to the treatment. It makes visiting the dental practice a real pleasure.
Mr W S    on 10 Mar 2017  

Feel confident about the treatment provided and people administering the treatment
Mrs W J    on 09 Mar 2017  

Always takes care of whatever problem relating to denistry.
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2017  

Always feel comfortable with my appointed dentist who explains everything as he goes along
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2017  

Strangely enough it is always a pleasant experience. I have been so relaxed on occasions I have felt myself drifting off to sleep!
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2017  

Very professional and a friendly service from Reception through the whole practice
Mr L G    on 08 Mar 2017  

Always get an excellent and friendly service.
Mr G J    on 05 Mar 2017  

Very professional, excellent service
Mrs G S    on 03 Mar 2017  

Excellent quality and professionalism of dentists and hygienists.
Mrs A C    on 03 Mar 2017  

Gone NHS for years but finally found a dentist who cares and is actually looking after my teeth! Hygienist was so lovely too!
Ms * K    on 02 Mar 2017  

I have completed this form many times and can only say that again today, as always, I received the most caring, considerate treatment from Andrew Dixon. He is a consummate, knowledgeable professional with a friendly manner all of which is most reassuring, particularly when one is embarking on a protracted, complex programme of dental treatment as I am. My queries were all answered in terms I could understand and all my concerns allayed. I must say also he is most ably assisted by his calm, caring assistant, Alex. Thank you both.
Mrs B M    on 02 Mar 2017  

Great service and care given
Mrs T L    on 02 Mar 2017  

Reception, dental nurse and dentist are all very personable and always make you feel like a valued patient
Ms A K    on 02 Mar 2017  

Professional but friendly staff
Mrs J H    on 01 Mar 2017  

I am happy with the environment, the staff and the treatment.
Anonymous   on 01 Mar 2017  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 28 Feb 2017  

A very good service with professional, friendly, competent staff.
Mrs R D    on 28 Feb 2017  

Speed of response to an emergency.
Mr H S    on 28 Feb 2017  

Every one is very friendly. Makes going to the dentist a pleasure instead of feeling anxious.
Mrs F V    on 28 Feb 2017  

Friendly and caring practice. All staff put you at ease.
Mrs S N    on 28 Feb 2017  

Excellent from start to finish.
Mrs P A    on 27 Feb 2017  

With gentle approach and highly good to recommend.
Mr L W    on 27 Feb 2017  

My visit, which I am not keen on visiting the dentist, was quite an enjoyable experience.
Mr P P    on 25 Feb 2017  

Lovely friendly staff
Mr H C    on 24 Feb 2017  

Reliable, Professional Service!
Mr P S    on 24 Feb 2017  

The professional approach by all staff, the facilities , but most immportantly the caring of all staff, to ensure you retain a pleasant smile.
Mr M S    on 23 Feb 2017  

Lovely and friendly staff who provide a great service.
Miss K S    on 23 Feb 2017  

Because of the professional and friendly service
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2017  

I have been attending Whickham dentist for 20 plus years. All staff are friendly ,professional and reassuring. Such a lovely welcoming atmosphere.
Miss O V    on 23 Feb 2017  

Very professional service
Mr R B    on 23 Feb 2017  

Nice staff, clean environment
Mrs G L    on 23 Feb 2017  

Friendly, procedures explained in an easy to understand way.
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2017  

A very professional experience
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2017  

Excellent treatment always fully explained made to feel comfortable
Mrs S C    on 22 Feb 2017  

Mr Dixon has been my denstist since I was a child. He is approachable, efficienct and highly skilled.
Miss R C    on 21 Feb 2017  

I enjoy the friendly staff. They are always pleasant and helpful
Ms S J    on 21 Feb 2017  

Very friendly staff and make you feel comfortable
Anonymous   on 20 Feb 2017  

Always a pleasant experience
Anonymous   on 19 Feb 2017  

My dental care feels in safe hands. Very professional approach.
Mr H G    on 17 Feb 2017  

Always relaxed fantastic service
Mrs M S    on 17 Feb 2017  

Fantastic caring service.
Mrs A N    on 16 Feb 2017  

It very friendly and reassuring. Paul Stott and his nurse are always lovely and very calm.
Ms H T    on 15 Feb 2017  

I've been coming for years. Alison knows all about my teeth and other bits of my life that affect them. She is kind and careful and doesn't treat me like an idiot
Mr J N    on 15 Feb 2017  

I am always put at ease and feel that the care and attention is excellent
Mrs S P    on 15 Feb 2017  

I have attended this dental practice for many years and have always received prompt attention and the best of care from all staff.
Ms H B    on 13 Feb 2017  

Always feel at ease with my dentist , staff extremely helpful and friendly
Mrs G C    on 13 Feb 2017  

You provide a wonderful service right from efficient friendly reception staff to extremely skilled and helpful and caring dental surgeons. A very prompt appointment when needed. Nothing is too much trouble and great care and time is spent explaining treatment plans which is much appreciated.I have complete trust in the service at the Practice.
Mrs B L    on 13 Feb 2017  

Ms Collins very approachable and always make you feel at ease
Anonymous   on 11 Feb 2017  

I have confidence with my dentist.
Ms I A    on 11 Feb 2017  

good dental practice
Mr T B    on 11 Feb 2017  

Prompt excellent care
Mr J I    on 10 Feb 2017  

Professional, caring, best dentist I have ever had
Mrs G S    on 10 Feb 2017  

Great people, very professional and well looked after.
Mr H A    on 08 Feb 2017  

Efficient & friendly service
Ms H E    on 08 Feb 2017  

Reported lost filling, got appointment for next day, treatment completed on time and within 15 minutes. I could not expect a better service.
Anonymous   on 07 Feb 2017  

Good service at short notice
Mrs S A    on 06 Feb 2017  

Friendly service. And highly skilled.
Anonymous   on 05 Feb 2017  

In one word "Competency"
Mr G B    on 04 Feb 2017  

Relaxed, comfortable environment and friendly staff.
Mrs C Y    on 04 Feb 2017  

The appointment ran on time and was very pleasant.
Mrs D H    on 03 Feb 2017  

It is a very friendly practice.
Anonymous   on 02 Feb 2017  

Professional and friendly as ever.
Mr H P    on 02 Feb 2017  

Mr Stott is really great, always explains things to me carefully. The work he has done is great. The whole experience is very positive.
Miss M S    on 02 Feb 2017  

The quality of the whole practise.
Mr B E    on 01 Feb 2017  

Excellent customer service very professional and friendly. Secretary's very friendly on arrival always willing to help. Mr Wykes and his personal dental Nurse always friendly and supportive .
Mrs * S    on 31 Jan 2017  

Excellent treatment pleasant welcoming surroundings clear explanation of treatment required
Anonymous   on 31 Jan 2017  

Professional, friendly, caring local practice
Mr T J    on 31 Jan 2017  

I often refer my friends and colleagues to the practice.
Mrs W A    on 31 Jan 2017  

Excellent service and always make you feel at ease. I can see improvement through the advice and treatment given since attending Whickham Dental Practice.
Miss L J    on 30 Jan 2017  

It's an excellent dentist with great staff.
Anonymous   on 30 Jan 2017  

Always provide a good service
Mr G P    on 28 Jan 2017  

Friendly and professional service
Ms P M    on 28 Jan 2017  

I was treated with care and respect from a very knowledgable and most professional dentist . I have alleviation of symptoms . Thank you
Mrs W M    on 27 Jan 2017  

Does what it says on the tin
Mr F M    on 26 Jan 2017  

As a team ( from initial booking at reception to receiving treatment) have customer care perfect. All staff that pass you acknowledge you with a polite "hello". Mr Wykes and Heather always make me feel like a valued customer by listening and have such a friendly manner. All staff make the experience a pleasure to attend the Dentist ( I used to be frightened!) by making you feel relaxed.
Mrs P A    on 26 Jan 2017  

Good service, high quality work. Everything explained in detail as to options and treatment
Mr D A    on 25 Jan 2017  

I am very happy and relaxed every time I attend this practice
Anonymous   on 24 Jan 2017  

FIRST CLASS as always.
Mr M M    on 24 Jan 2017  

Because I have a fabulous dentist.
Mr K A    on 23 Jan 2017  

The dentist are professional and make you feel at ease
Mrs C L    on 23 Jan 2017  

The practice is well run by friendly, efficient people.
Anonymous   on 23 Jan 2017  

A very professional service.
Mrs D M    on 21 Jan 2017  

Good dentist and hygienist
Anonymous   on 21 Jan 2017  

Miss Collins is fabulous and made me feel very comfortable as a nervous customer
Miss B L    on 20 Jan 2017  

Very friendly practice put you at ease from reception and right through your treatment
Mrs P A    on 20 Jan 2017  

First class dental treatment from Mr Davidson and his nurse in a relaxed atmosphere.
Anonymous   on 19 Jan 2017  

Staff are friendly and informative
Mr M S    on 19 Jan 2017  

I am a nervous patient and Alison and Mary made me feel welcome, calm and nothing was a problem to them. Thank you.
Anonymous   on 19 Jan 2017  

Very professional and polite service......
Mr W D    on 18 Jan 2017  

Great practice
Mr F R    on 18 Jan 2017  

I've used the practice for many years and I always trust the staff to be welcoming and professional.
Mr R B    on 18 Jan 2017  

Very professional, excellent customer service
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2017  

Friendly staff. Expert dental treament. Glad i changed my dentist
Mrs F V    on 17 Jan 2017  

Highly professional, efficient reception staff; warm welcome and friendly, caring service; clean, tidy, well-maintained environment; sensitive, careful, thorough dental procedures.
Mr K J    on 16 Jan 2017  

The care and attention that I receive.
Mrs W S    on 14 Jan 2017  

Extremely professional from the initial telephone call to the end of the treatment. Always a feeling of calmness when you visit, which makes what can sometimes be an unsettling experience much easier.
Mr P R    on 14 Jan 2017  

ALL the staff are extremely helpful and friendly
Ms R J    on 13 Jan 2017  

Comfortable relaxing environment
Mrs B Y    on 13 Jan 2017  

I have absolute confidence in this Practice.
Mrs C J    on 12 Jan 2017  

Excellent service, very friendly, gentle treatment.
Mrs O C    on 12 Jan 2017  

The fact that the patient is made to feel that he/she is important and everything possible is done to accommodate the needs of the patient.
Mrs * J    on 10 Jan 2017  

Very organised and appointments run to schedule
Mrs G S    on 10 Jan 2017  

been going all my life no problems
Mr T M    on 09 Jan 2017  

very professional all round service
Mr G B    on 09 Jan 2017  

The best and nicest people workhere
Mrs W J    on 06 Jan 2017  

Friendly efficient service
Mrs M S    on 05 Jan 2017  

Always a great service.
Anonymous   on 04 Jan 2017  

Good, friendly, professional service
Mrs W H    on 04 Jan 2017  

Friendliness, efficiency, information all at their best.
Mr C J    on 04 Jan 2017  

Very friendly and promp service
Mr R W    on 03 Jan 2017  

All of the staff are extremely helpful, professional, courteous and caring. I have a huge phobia of the dentist, but I always feel very at ease each time I visit and that I am in very safe hands.
Anonymous   on 03 Jan 2017  

Long standing relationship with long standing members of staff. Constance reassurance throughout treatment
Mrs P A    on 03 Jan 2017  

Options are clearly explained and you never feel rushed or pressured.
Miss M S    on 02 Jan 2017  

Professional friendly staff. Very efficient and skilled. I lost a filling two days before Christmas and the team did everything to sort it out.
Anonymous   on 24 Dec 2016  

Excellent treatment always feel that 'the team' really care
Anonymous   on 24 Dec 2016  

Positive and supportive dental experience from all staff.
Mrs F C    on 23 Dec 2016  

All staff very friendly, helpful and efficient. I actually enjoy going to my dentist and I'm sure not many people can say that. You always get the best service which is why I travel up from London to this practice.
Miss C J    on 23 Dec 2016  

Because they care.
Mrs P V    on 21 Dec 2016  

Would definitely recommend practice to any family/friends..
Mr C B    on 20 Dec 2016  

Because my family have always come to this dentist. And I have been coming here since I was a toddler. Exceptional service every single time.
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2016  

Caring personal service provided by friendly professional staff.
Anonymous   on 19 Dec 2016  

Fantastic service ,extremely helpful and friendly.
Anonymous   on 19 Dec 2016  

friendly, calming approachable staff
Mrs P S    on 18 Dec 2016  

Trust! Although we have moved to Herefordshire we still come here to the best dentist.
Mr W J    on 17 Dec 2016  

I have been to other dentists in the past, but this is the best by far. The treatment is superb and everyone is so friendly. I have complete trust in Miss Collins, she is a credit to her profession.
Mrs T J    on 16 Dec 2016  

Confidence in Andrew Dixon and his lovely dental assistant.
Mrs J D    on 16 Dec 2016  

Excellent care
Anonymous   on 16 Dec 2016  

Very professional and friendly service always
Mrs T C    on 15 Dec 2016  

Friendlyness and treatment is first class
Anonymous   on 15 Dec 2016  

I have been with my Dentist for a while now and he understands how nervous I get and explains everything beforehand. My hygienist is lovely and makes me feel very comfortable
Anonymous   on 15 Dec 2016  

Friendly, helpful staff.
Anonymous   on 15 Dec 2016  

Very professional but friendly staff
Anonymous   on 14 Dec 2016  

Always a very professional ,reassuring service, from arrival to depsrture.
Mr P R    on 14 Dec 2016  

Very polite and happy. Good service
Anonymous   on 11 Dec 2016  

Because my dentist is very patient with me. I don't like needles of any sort and having treatment done which requires a needle can be problematic. My dentist is very patient and talks through everything. She makes sure you are at ease. Making the treatment less frightening than you first thought.
Miss H D    on 09 Dec 2016  

Very friendly staff who are always professional. First class dental practice.
Mrs P A    on 09 Dec 2016  

Very helpful and friendly practice
Mrs P J    on 09 Dec 2016  

Caring staff who talk yiu through the treatment which is very reassuring. Definitely gentle dentistry.
Miss D J    on 08 Dec 2016  

Dental care is exceptional.
Anonymous   on 08 Dec 2016  

Have always had excellent service and have full confidence in the advice given by my dentist.
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2016  

Prompt professional service
Mr * P    on 07 Dec 2016  

Friendly calm atmosphere
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2016  

You always get a warm and friendly welcome when you walk in. The staff are very pleasant and take care with your treatment
Mr S J    on 07 Dec 2016  

1/ Efficient 2/ Easy rapport with the staff 3/ No time wasting waiting around(which would be my experience of the NHS
Mr S G    on 07 Dec 2016  

Great dentist, great staff, great service, lovely people.
Mr P M    on 06 Dec 2016  

I feel well looked after and have confidence in the treatment received
Mr T J    on 06 Dec 2016  

The practise I feel is second to none.
Mr B E    on 06 Dec 2016  

Staff are always friendly and very helpful
Anonymous   on 05 Dec 2016  

Made to feel at ease after years of not wanting to go back to a dentist.
Miss C S    on 02 Dec 2016  

They are all extremely good and very professional
Ms J J    on 01 Dec 2016  

Very professional operation and forward thinking. The Staff are very friendly and helpful. The standard of work carried out has been excellent to date. ( Many Years )
Anonymous   on 28 Nov 2016  

I was Andrew's very first patient when he joined the practice and he's always been so kind and gentle, I'd recommend him to anyone, and have done so many times.
Mrs S E    on 25 Nov 2016  

Because of the excellent treatment at the practice
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2016  

Excellent reception, excellent dentistry
Anonymous   on 24 Nov 2016  

Excellent dental treatment
Mr J I    on 23 Nov 2016  

Been going here for over 30 years; very helpful and friendly
Anonymous   on 23 Nov 2016  

I have always had good experiences at the many times I have visited the practice.
Anonymous   on 22 Nov 2016  

Everyone always lovely and make you feel at ease
Ms R J    on 22 Nov 2016  

I feel very comfortable knowing I am in the hands of very proficient people.
Mr F M    on 18 Nov 2016  

Because, although like most people I never look forward to a visit to the dentist, I find the atmosphere in your practice relaxing, and the staff always courteous and friendly.
Mr D V    on 17 Nov 2016  

highly professional and effective in all respects.
Mr C J    on 17 Nov 2016  

The staff are all very friendly and make me fee at ease the service is fantastic
Anonymous   on 16 Nov 2016  

The practioner always makes me feel at ease and is totally trustworthy.
Mr M K    on 16 Nov 2016  

The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, especially with my 18 month old son.
Mrs D H    on 15 Nov 2016  

i am always made to feel comfortable even though I am nervous
Anonymous   on 15 Nov 2016  

On every visit I am welcomed by all staff I don't feel worried about attending the clinic I would recommend this clinic to my friends a family. Staff always explain procedure and give reassurance and gain consent before treatment .
Mrs * S    on 14 Nov 2016  

always efficient and friendly
Anonymous   on 14 Nov 2016  

Relaxing atmosphere. Pleasant staff - from reception to dentist.
Anonymous   on 13 Nov 2016  

Professional service in a calm and relaxed environment.
Anonymous   on 11 Nov 2016  

Friendly and relaxed environment
Miss C S    on 10 Nov 2016  

Friendly and professional staff!
Mr L B    on 09 Nov 2016  

The attention to patients problems, treatments and aftercare surpasses anyother.
Mr M G    on 08 Nov 2016  

Friendly and courteous practise staff from receptionist to partners - just the right level of friendly interest without being intrusive.
Mrs M P    on 08 Nov 2016  

Excellent staff, friendly and calming
Anonymous   on 07 Nov 2016  

As always my treatment was first rate .
Mrs M A    on 05 Nov 2016  

Dental conversations are rare but if someone I knew was having problems I would definitely recommend your practice.
Mr S A    on 05 Nov 2016  

I would recommend the practice as a result of my own experience which has always been positive .
Anonymous   on 04 Nov 2016  

All staff in the practice are very friendly and professional. I feel very confident about my care and treatment when I have attended and have been very pleased with the service.
Mrs S H    on 03 Nov 2016  

I.feel very well looked after by the team I see, they were very kind to me today during what was a traumatic event for me.
Mrs H K    on 02 Nov 2016  

friendly thorough care
Mr B D    on 02 Nov 2016  

It feels a nice friendly atmosphere when you walk in and staff are very friendly. It puts you as ease immediately.
Anonymous   on 01 Nov 2016  

Always friendly competent service and I feel well looked after
Anonymous   on 01 Nov 2016  

caring gentle approach
Mr B D    on 01 Nov 2016  

Friendly staff
Miss L A    on 30 Oct 2016  

All staff first class
Mrs P A    on 28 Oct 2016  

everything about my appointment was excellent - the promptness, the quick action and immediate resolution of my problem.
Anonymous   on 28 Oct 2016  

Excellent care and professional service
Miss H H    on 28 Oct 2016  

Very professional. Efficient and friendly. Approachable. Helpful.
Miss M C    on 27 Oct 2016  

I'm sure that anyone I recommended would receive the very best of care from a friendly, expert team of professionals.
Mrs H E    on 27 Oct 2016  

Miss Collins is brilliant
Anonymous   on 26 Oct 2016  

Lovely staff and great dentist putting you at ease straight away.
Mrs T S    on 26 Oct 2016  

I have always had prompt and considerate service from this practice. Everybody is very friendly.
Ms W A    on 26 Oct 2016  

I have been coming to this practice for many years and always find the visit friendly.
Mr W J    on 25 Oct 2016  

All the family use this practice! Wouldn't go anywhere else!
Miss S I    on 25 Oct 2016  

feel safe and secure in the knowledge im being well looked after in a gentle and caring manner.
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2016  

I have used this practice for many years and the customer service provided is second to none.
Ms B C    on 24 Oct 2016  

I am confident that the standards here are excellent.
Mrs C J    on 20 Oct 2016  

service and proffesionalism
Anonymous   on 19 Oct 2016  

I simply wouldn't think of going any where else! I would and have recommended the practice
Mrs S M    on 19 Oct 2016  

Professional and friendly service.
Miss P C    on 19 Oct 2016  

Excellent as always.
Mr F B    on 19 Oct 2016  

Very caring, professional and helpful
Mr W B    on 17 Oct 2016  

Would be happy to recommend to others as confident they would receive first class service.
Miss L J    on 16 Oct 2016  

Very satisfied with all aspects of the practice.
Mr M W    on 16 Oct 2016  

Professional, efficient and friendly. Always put patients and customers at ease.
Mr C J    on 15 Oct 2016  

Friendliness and efficiency
Mrs C A    on 14 Oct 2016  

Great service... very re-assuring. I'm a very nervous patient and felt completely comfortable throughout.
Mr L J    on 14 Oct 2016  

It's a very non-threatening environment.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2016  

Friendly staff
Mrs S S    on 12 Oct 2016  

Warm welcome, hospitable surroundings, professional and caring staff, examination was professional and my questions were answered well.
Rev A B    on 11 Oct 2016  

Friendly and helpful service
Anonymous   on 10 Oct 2016  

Trustworthy friendly honest and reliable.
Mrs J D    on 07 Oct 2016  

All treatments carried out in a calm & professional way.
Mrs W V    on 07 Oct 2016  

Pleasant and competent receptionists, who do their utmost to fit you in during an emergency.
Anonymous   on 06 Oct 2016  

I was made to feel very comfortable and Alison and Mary were excellent
Anonymous   on 05 Oct 2016  

Never any appointment issues always hassle free.
Mr T D    on 05 Oct 2016  

Friendly and efficient
Mr R B    on 03 Oct 2016  

Your practice has encouraged my return to regular dental care after non attendance for 20 years due to fear.
Mrs R F    on 03 Oct 2016  

Was a good experience
Mr B R    on 01 Oct 2016  

I feel very comfortable there they take into account that I am quite a nervous patient
Anonymous   on 29 Sep 2016  

Very relaxed atmosphere with great friendly staff.
Mr L P    on 29 Sep 2016  

Professional calm and gentle.
Miss T A    on 28 Sep 2016  

Friendly and forthcoming
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2016  

Very friendly and reassuring
Anonymous   on 26 Sep 2016  

Great service
Anonymous   on 23 Sep 2016  

Super friendly staff and a really calm environment. I felt completely comfortable and well taken care of! I can imagine my younger siblings would feel really settled attending this dentist. I would 100% recommend. Thank you everyone! :)
Miss M M    on 22 Sep 2016  

Very friendly and attentive staff.
Mr W B    on 22 Sep 2016  

I would recommend without hesitation
Anonymous   on 20 Sep 2016  

Happy with the service as always
Mr F P    on 20 Sep 2016  

Very professional And friendly
Mrs B C    on 20 Sep 2016  

Everyone friendly and informative as usual.
Mr G S    on 19 Sep 2016  

Excellent service - always polite and professional on every visit.
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2016  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 17 Sep 2016  

Needed a filling, one phone call to book appointment and receive filling without any problem or pain! Mr Wykes and his team are first class with a very pleasant and professional attitude to their work.
Mr J R    on 17 Sep 2016  

I would have no problem to recommend this based on the service I've received over the years I have visited for treatment.
Mr P T    on 16 Sep 2016  

Have used the practice for 30 years, my family all attend regularly and have never had a bad experience, Staff are always friendly and keep you at ease,
Anonymous   on 15 Sep 2016  

everything was fine. Welcoming receptionist and friendly dentist and dental nurse.
Mrs E D    on 14 Sep 2016  

I am very confident that I will receive the absolute best treatment available from personnel who are friendly, polite and above all extremely professional. The practice has up to date equipment and the level of hygiene is exemplary. I always feel relaxed and confident.
Mrs A C    on 14 Sep 2016  

Mr K P    on 14 Sep 2016  

Such a fabulous experience
Miss W L    on 14 Sep 2016  

I have been a patient at Whickham Dental practice for many, many years and have always received first rate service, I cannot think of any reason why I would not recommend you
Mr P M    on 14 Sep 2016  

With gentle touch,kind & accommodating.
Anonymous   on 14 Sep 2016  

Mr Davidson is the best!
Mr D E    on 14 Sep 2016  

The quality of the actual dentistry is excellent.
Anonymous   on 13 Sep 2016  

Always welcoming and treatment is second to none
Anonymous   on 12 Sep 2016  

Calm atmosphere and such friendly staff
Anonymous   on 10 Sep 2016  

good quick service
Anonymous   on 10 Sep 2016  

My tooth problem was dealt with promptly
Mr P D    on 09 Sep 2016  

Very good treatment received
Anonymous   on 09 Sep 2016  

Good clean efficient and friendly practice and trust the practitioners. Well trained and offer full range of treatments.
Mrs B R    on 08 Sep 2016  

I have always had a very good standard of treatment.
Anonymous   on 08 Sep 2016  

Consistently high professional standards along with friendliness of the staff throughout the practice.
Mr Q A    on 08 Sep 2016  

All the staff are very helpful and friendly and make me feel relaxed, in practices I have been quite anxious about treatment but I no longer have any worries about my appointments.
Ms M C    on 06 Sep 2016  

The service is excellent -and the dentist who provides my treatment is excellent- I have been in the service industry for 46 years
Mr P M    on 06 Sep 2016  

Excellent staff
Anonymous   on 05 Sep 2016  

Since joining this practice they have been very helpful and trusting with me, and I`ve learned more about dentistry in the process...
Anonymous   on 01 Sep 2016  

very happy with service
Mrs E B    on 01 Sep 2016  

Needed emergency hole treated and managed to get in same day. People pleasant.
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2016  

Helpful and professional staff
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2016  

First class service
Mrs P A    on 26 Aug 2016  

I have been at this practice about ten years now and I like the experience every time - Mr Dixon instills confidence every time you see him and has a lovely chaired manner. You feel relaxed and happy with whatever has to be done. Heather is the hygienist and she does a great job too.
Mrs N A    on 26 Aug 2016  

Friendly staff & excellent treatment and infirmation
Mrs R P    on 25 Aug 2016  

Very friendly and made me feel at ease
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2016  

All staff are friendly and service is always relaxed but very professional
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2016  

The quality of care and detail is exceptional.
Mr B A    on 24 Aug 2016  

The dental team are clearly committed to providing a professional service in a clean and calm environment. I am confident that I always get the best treatment.
Miss R A    on 24 Aug 2016  

not intimidating friendly and give good are.
Mrs G E    on 23 Aug 2016  

I travelled all the way from Leeds to this dentists. Excellent quality, you feel at ease with the friendly staff and the dental treatment is a very high standard.
Miss O E    on 22 Aug 2016  

I have complete confidence in this Practice.
Anonymous   on 22 Aug 2016  

like and trust Paul and Heather
Mrs W V    on 19 Aug 2016  

Excellent service and friendly staff. Always a pleasant experience
Mr S R    on 18 Aug 2016  

Excellent service and friendly staff. Always a pleasant experience
Mr S R    on 18 Aug 2016  

The quality and care given to each client
Ms S J    on 16 Aug 2016  

Always made to feel at ease and very confident in the staff.
Anonymous   on 16 Aug 2016  

Kind and thoughtful staff and excellent care. I trust the practice.
Mrs W E    on 16 Aug 2016  

The ability to make you feel 'at ease'
Mrs J H    on 15 Aug 2016  

Always provide a professional service
Mr A R    on 12 Aug 2016  

very relaxed atmosphere.
Ms H E    on 12 Aug 2016  

I was very comfortable with the whole experience
Anonymous   on 12 Aug 2016  

I have always received 1st class service and today was no exception
Mr T G    on 10 Aug 2016  

On time and pleasant friendly service.
Mrs D A    on 08 Aug 2016  

Have always used this practice and always found all staff very professional,helpful and willing to discuss any problem ,solutions and cost
Mrs B I    on 08 Aug 2016  

Thoroughly professional service
Mr C P    on 06 Aug 2016  

Everyone is really friendly
Ms R M    on 05 Aug 2016  

Excellent treatment from all members of staff
Anonymous   on 03 Aug 2016  

Always had fabulous service from all members of staff
Mrs J S    on 03 Aug 2016  

It provides everything I need from a dentist and is extremely reliable
Mr T J    on 03 Aug 2016  

Mr Davidson and his team are amazing! Really dedicated and friendly!
Mr D E    on 02 Aug 2016  

Great service,pleasant staff.
Mr M L    on 02 Aug 2016  

efficient and friendly practice
Anonymous   on 02 Aug 2016  

Friendly staff
Mrs P A    on 01 Aug 2016  

always a friendly and professional service
Ms A K    on 01 Aug 2016  

Good customer service and experienced practitioners.
Miss M L    on 29 Jul 2016  

Friendly and very punctual
Mrs M N    on 29 Jul 2016  

Calm and gentle
Mr M P    on 29 Jul 2016  

Good sense of being cared for. Hygienist (Heather) is very positive and upbeat.
Mr G P    on 28 Jul 2016  

Good friendly atmosphere
Mrs L L    on 28 Jul 2016  

I have always had reliable, friendly service from this dental practice.
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2016  

Very professional and personal servivce
Anonymous   on 24 Jul 2016  

Helpful and friendly. Feel well cared for.
Anonymous   on 24 Jul 2016  

Everyone is always helpful and caring .
Mary R    on 24 Jul 2016  

Paul has looked after my teeth for close to 20 years and have complete faith in his knowledge and expertise
Mr A M    on 23 Jul 2016  

Having been a patient for 26 years, I think that answers this question. I have always been extremely happy with the service I have received.
Mrs A J    on 23 Jul 2016  

Everyone makes me feel very relaxed and get seen to by the hygienist and the dentist on time
Anonymous   on 21 Jul 2016  

Friendly staff and pleasant surroundings which puts you at ease.
Mr A J    on 21 Jul 2016  

Comfortable process from making the appointment through to treatment and knowing that you are well cared for.
Anonymous   on 20 Jul 2016  

Pleasant staff well presented premises
Mrs J C    on 20 Jul 2016  

They put the patient first and always make me feel at ease.
Anonymous   on 20 Jul 2016  

Very friendly and helpful
Green V    on 19 Jul 2016  

Very professional and friendly
Anonymous   on 18 Jul 2016  

Always given excellent treatments.
Mrs W M    on 17 Jul 2016  

Friendly and non-threatening approach
Anonymous   on 15 Jul 2016  

I have always had brilliant service
Mr B B    on 15 Jul 2016  

Excellent dentist, great service and friendly atmosphere!
Anonymous   on 15 Jul 2016  

Friendly staff and relaxed environment.
Mrs S N    on 14 Jul 2016  

Pleasant and professional
Anonymous   on 14 Jul 2016  

Trust John Wykes and have confidence in his assessment and treatment
Mrs W J    on 12 Jul 2016  

friendly and welcoming staff who calm any nerves about coming to the dentist .... keep up the good work.
Mrs T A    on 12 Jul 2016  

They are just an efficient, very friendly and competent dentists.
Mr H A    on 12 Jul 2016  

Just great service from A to Z, a caring team always sympathetic to the patient/client.
Mr C J    on 11 Jul 2016  

Best experience attending the dentist
Mr F M    on 09 Jul 2016  

efiicicient and pleasant service
Mr D A    on 09 Jul 2016  

A very professional and friendly practice
Anonymous   on 09 Jul 2016  

Excellent service
Mr C T    on 06 Jul 2016  

professional, friendly, and pain free dentistry
Mrs J T    on 05 Jul 2016  

there is no better Dental Practice
Ms B C    on 04 Jul 2016  

The Staff and Practitioners at the surgery always put you at your ease.
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2016  

Every member of staff make you feel comfortable and relaxed
Mr C A    on 30 Jun 2016  

I, along with my Family, have enjoyed nothing but exemplary dental care from a wonderful team for as long as I can remember!
Mr M G    on 29 Jun 2016  

Very friendly and excellent service
Anonymous   on 28 Jun 2016  

A nervous customer but totally re assured and calmed... Treatment was great very professional definitely and already have spoke highly of the practice
Mr P J    on 27 Jun 2016  

Always very professional
Mr W A    on 27 Jun 2016  

Excellent in every way.
Mrs A N    on 25 Jun 2016  

Great service
Mrs P J    on 24 Jun 2016  

Staff are friendly and helpful. I've just left the military therefore unsure of the protocol but admin and dental staff were understanding.
Mr M S    on 21 Jun 2016  

I am made to feel relaxed and comfortable and very confident in knowing I am getting the best service, I live abroad but I still come back and have my regular treatment with Whickham Dental Practice
Mrs S I    on 20 Jun 2016  

Great service and very attentive and thorough examination.
Mrs L G    on 20 Jun 2016  

Very friendly and supportive staff.
Anonymous   on 19 Jun 2016  

Everyone right down to the reception team is friendly and willing and happy to help with any questions or queries. The staff - dentists and hyginests are friendly and always puts us at ease no matter what the treatment we recieve.
Miss H D    on 19 Jun 2016  

Relaxed & friendly atmosphere
Anonymous   on 18 Jun 2016  

Excellent patient care
Ms H J    on 17 Jun 2016  

Mr Wykes fitted me into his busy schedule to deal with my emergency problem
Mr C B    on 14 Jun 2016  

Professional, courteous and efficient care
Mr M G    on 14 Jun 2016  

Great professionals
Mr F R    on 12 Jun 2016  

Years of experience!
Mr O J    on 09 Jun 2016  

Competent and caring
Mr A B    on 08 Jun 2016  

as ALWAYS, my treatment from everyone, the Receptionist, Hygienist, Dentist and Dental Nurse was exemplary. Welcoming. Kind and efficient. Couldn't be bettered.
Mrs B M    on 08 Jun 2016  

I was recommended and I'm so pleased with the treatment and the dentist and the staff im no longer frightened to go to the dentist
Mrs S C    on 07 Jun 2016  

Always excellent treatment, friendly professional staff, makes the whole experience, calm and pleasant.
Anonymous   on 05 Jun 2016  

Feel very relaxed
Mrs M H    on 04 Jun 2016  

Always dealt with so professionally
Anonymous   on 03 Jun 2016  

The staff are very friendly and put you at ease.
Mrs C Y    on 03 Jun 2016  

Friendly 'staff'. Excellent care.
Mrs T M    on 03 Jun 2016  

Kepps one on the loop where treatment/dental health concerned.
John B    on 01 Jun 2016  

Lovely staff
Mrs H K    on 31 May 2016  

Excellent care and attention.
Ian B    on 31 May 2016  

Considerate manner of dentists - they live by their promise of caring dentistry.
Victoria P    on 31 May 2016  

Very calm environment , all aspects of the practice are handled in a professional and friendly manner.
Gary C    on 31 May 2016  

the best Dentist in the Northeast .
Anonymous   on 31 May 2016  

Been an excellent dentist to the family for many years!
James R    on 31 May 2016  

I have been a patient at this practice for more than 30 years and always feel confident about the treatment I receive.
Christine D    on 28 May 2016  

My Dentist is Mr Stott and he is always very friendly and helpful, making you feel at ease.
Anonymous   on 27 May 2016  

After explaining my problems they gave a full examination and recommended the best coarse of treatment for every individual problem.
Gary M    on 26 May 2016  

Pleasant surroundings and prompt attention.
Lilian B    on 26 May 2016  

Good professional staff - who focus on you as an individual and not just as a 'client'
David P    on 26 May 2016  

There is a calming and friendly atmosphere which dispels the horrors of attending the dentist's..
Carole E    on 26 May 2016  

I have absolute confidence in my dentist and his team. They are professional, always very helpful and informative.
Anonymous   on 26 May 2016  

I don't feel terrified when visiting and know I will be cared for with dignity and caring professionally.
Rosamond S    on 25 May 2016  

Very knowledgeable and friendly people
Mrs S R    on 25 May 2016  

To have a tooth removed and to feel no pain in the recovery period leads me to trust in your dentists and their training. Every one is very welcoming and friendly.
Crystal P    on 25 May 2016  

I've been using Ian Davidson for years and would not hesitate to recommend him and the company to any of my friends and family.
Peter H    on 25 May 2016  

Always had excellent treatment at the practice
Brian M    on 25 May 2016  

Kind, friendly, caring team
Anonymous   on 25 May 2016  

I am terrified of the dentist but I am always put at ease and not made to feel silly about my fear
Trudi S    on 25 May 2016  

I'm a long term patient who has enjoyed consistently high levels of care and attention. I wouldn't go anywhere else despite living more than 30 miles from the surgery.
Stephen R    on 24 May 2016  

I think the treatment I get is first class.
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

Everything you'd expect and want for a dentist
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

I have every faith in Mr Davidson and his team. I have always received excellent care in his hands as have my children.
Trish W    on 24 May 2016  

Always a friendly reception. All staff are very professional but friendly.
Christine A    on 24 May 2016  

Always get good professional treatment, practice is run in an extremely efficient manor.
Ray J    on 24 May 2016  

Great calm atmosphere. Caring and professional staff!!
Julie G    on 24 May 2016  

I feel so relax going to dentist these days
Val W    on 24 May 2016  

Mr John Wykes and team of hygienist give the highest possible treatment and care
Colin H    on 24 May 2016  

Friendly people, good ambience, prompt attention.
Marilyn M    on 24 May 2016  

Very efficient - explain what is going on
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

I would definitely recommend the practice. The staff are personable, professional and always helpful.
Carol P    on 24 May 2016  

Very professional people, seem to genuinley care about patients well being
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

Expert treatment and lovely, friendly and helpful staff.
Eileen H    on 24 May 2016  

Very knowledgeable staff and all pleasant.Would highly recommend Andrew Dixon.
Amanda P    on 24 May 2016  

Their patience and understanding.
Julia B    on 24 May 2016  

Warm & gentle approach.
Wilnie L    on 24 May 2016  

All members of the practice, from dentist to receptionist and all posts in between are courteous, friendly and reassuring. I have always had a great fear of "the dentist" due to unfortunate painful experiences when I was a child; my fears have been greatly allayed by the patience and kindness of all at the practice. I also feel that all are very able and am confident that my treatment is excellent.
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

calm and gentle all the way!
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

Excellent customer services from all staff
David C    on 24 May 2016  

I would never hesitate to recommend to someone because I would have peace of mind that they would receive excellent care and treatment
Lisa H    on 24 May 2016  

Total confidence in Mr Davison and Heather. They both make me feel calm and comfortable and that I am receiving the best dental treatment at all times.
Maureen F    on 24 May 2016  

Staff are professional, friendly and helpful
Paula D    on 24 May 2016  

Great service and very friendly staff
Tracey W    on 24 May 2016  

Everything discussed and explained, reaching a decision that is best for me,
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

Have dealt with practice for several years and always had good experiences
Iris B    on 24 May 2016  

Warm, friendly And relaxed
Valerie G    on 24 May 2016  

Prompt, friendly and efficient
Mr J N    on 30 Apr 2016  

Felt in safe hands. Calm and re-assuring. Great advice given.
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2016  

I have been very satisfied with every aspect
Mrs W P    on 23 Apr 2016  

The practice is what it advertises, the home of calm and gentle dentistry, with lovely and really helpful staff.
Mrs T S    on 20 Apr 2016  

Always made comfortable by staff
Mr R M    on 20 Apr 2016  

Friendly. Informative. Professional.
Mr A B    on 20 Apr 2016  

Really knowledgeable and knew what was causing my pain.The staff are friendly and perform their duties with out any fuss .I have used this dental practice for more than 20years and have had to make any complaints.
Mr H A    on 18 Apr 2016  

Offers an excellent service
Mrs J C    on 17 Apr 2016  

I have total faith in my dentist and his team
Mrs F C    on 16 Apr 2016  

Fantastic service
Anonymous   on 14 Apr 2016  

Very good level of dental expertise
Mr R B    on 14 Apr 2016  

Always had great service with friendliness & always made to feel comfortable with a personal touch
Miss J Y    on 13 Apr 2016  

The very professional approach.
Mr C A    on 13 Apr 2016  

The practice always provide a professional, helpful and friendly service
Mr W S    on 13 Apr 2016  

Patient friendly service.
Mr C B    on 13 Apr 2016  

Very pleasant and professional.
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2016  

This practice comes second to none for the care and treatment you always receive. I have recommended this dental practice a few times to my friends and work colleagues.
Ms B C    on 11 Apr 2016  

It is a very friendly practice , the staff put you at ease and Ian Davison the dentist is very gentle.
Mrs B S    on 10 Apr 2016  

Reliable and open
Anonymous   on 09 Apr 2016  

I have complete confidence in Mr Davidson.
Mrs A C    on 07 Apr 2016  

Very helpful and friendly practice
Mrs P J    on 07 Apr 2016  

Long term patient and always excellent service
Mr C N    on 06 Apr 2016  

made to feel at ease
Anonymous   on 06 Apr 2016  

Great care and empathy
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2016  

Good overall experience
Mr A R    on 02 Apr 2016  

Very pleasant staff at practice and a nice atmosphere.
Miss H C    on 31 Mar 2016  

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Miss M L    on 30 Mar 2016  

I feel confident that I would recommend the Practace to anyone, I have been attending the Practace for many years and I have undergone many procedures. The practice is well organised, up to date, clean & friendly. Shaun Petees
Mr P S    on 30 Mar 2016  

Friendly, relaxed, good service
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2016  

The surgery is friendly and I have used this dentists for many years, I feel as though I am valued as a patient.
Mrs W M    on 25 Mar 2016  

The staff are extremely friendly and nothing ever seems too much trouble for them. I have recommended them to family and friends
Mrs W K    on 24 Mar 2016  

I have been a patient for many years and can't fault the treatments and the service I have received.
Mrs E G    on 23 Mar 2016  

I have always received excellent treatment and care.
Mrs B H    on 22 Mar 2016  

Comfortable experience.
Anonymous   on 20 Mar 2016  

The treatment is first class.
Mr B B    on 18 Mar 2016  

Very professional and caring service
Anonymous   on 17 Mar 2016  

don't feel frightened about going for any treatment, their methods of making you feel relaxed and calm are definitely working
Mrs S I    on 17 Mar 2016  

I had not visited the dentist for a number of years, when I came back I was nervous and needed a lot of treatment. I cannot fault the way I was dealt with, they put me totally at ease and I am now a regular visitor.
Mrs R F    on 16 Mar 2016  

All the staff are excellent, making you feel comfortable. Everything is explained so you feel you trust them to perform your treatment.
Anonymous   on 15 Mar 2016  

The atmosphere - it lacks a 'Dentist' feel - so welcoming and relaxing
Mrs S M    on 15 Mar 2016  

Very friendly and reassuring aand always very professional
Mr W D    on 14 Mar 2016  

all round excellent dental practise
Mrs A N    on 13 Mar 2016  

This has been the practice i've attended for over 30 years and I'm very happy with the treatment I always receive.
Mrs G S    on 11 Mar 2016  

Professional and detailed approach to treatment plan, with input at all stages.
Anonymous   on 10 Mar 2016  

excellent kind service
Miss W L    on 10 Mar 2016  

Andrew has always been very approachable and very thorough with his examination and always makes me totally at ease .
Mrs G V    on 09 Mar 2016  

All of the staff are so friendly and really care about their patients. Whickham Dental has taken away all my fears of going to the dentist following years of bad experiences.
Miss B L    on 06 Mar 2016  

Just lovely People put you at ease and very welcoming
Anonymous   on 05 Mar 2016  

I always receive a professional and friendly service
Mrs A J    on 04 Mar 2016  

Everyone is so friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 04 Mar 2016  

Went out of their way to ensure that I could meet a time for returning home.
Anonymous   on 03 Mar 2016  

Very friendly, helpful and experienced staff who put you at your ease and fully explain any procedures.
Mrs S P    on 03 Mar 2016  

friendly helpful team
Mr B D    on 03 Mar 2016  

Generally very prompt, good clean clinical service.
Mr W A    on 03 Mar 2016  

Careful, pain free treatment over many years
Mrs C B    on 02 Mar 2016  

Very friendly and thoroughly professional staff!
Anonymous   on 02 Mar 2016  

Super staff
Mrs S S    on 01 Mar 2016  

Its a very happy atmosphere and very friendly. Dentists can be expensive and i don't feel like the dentist add onto the price by saying you need things done when you don't.
Anonymous   on 01 Mar 2016  

Im a particularly nervous patient and both Mr Dixon and Caroline the hygienist, were very gentle and looked after me very well.
Mrs H C    on 01 Mar 2016  

excellent friendly service
Anonymous   on 26 Feb 2016  

Good experience
Mrs P J    on 26 Feb 2016  

Trust in my dentist
Anonymous   on 24 Feb 2016  

Excellent friendly and trusted service.
Mr C I    on 23 Feb 2016  

Always find my experience at the clinic to be comfortable , professional with excellent service .
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2016  

I received professional quick and efficient treatment!
Mr B Y    on 22 Feb 2016  

Always get 1st class treatment from very friendly people
Mr T G    on 20 Feb 2016  

Excellent service from entering through reception and the care you receive.
Mr M M    on 20 Feb 2016  

It's always a pleasant experience. My son also commented that he is not afraid of the dentist as the practice and people are so nice
Mrs C H    on 20 Feb 2016  

I find the dentist very caring, patient and has professional expertise
Mrs C E    on 19 Feb 2016  

Very good service, friendly personal practice
Mr D C    on 17 Feb 2016  

Very professional service provided at short notice
Mrs S M    on 16 Feb 2016  

Very confident in the dentist and what he advices
Mrs M N    on 16 Feb 2016  

I've always thought it was the best practice to go to. I've never ever felt disappointed, or unhappy with anything. Every experience is good!
Mr T J    on 16 Feb 2016  

Friendly staff, professional throughout. Made to feel comfortable
Mr B A    on 16 Feb 2016  

Good friendly service from all personnel.
Anonymous   on 14 Feb 2016  

Anonymous   on 11 Feb 2016  

I have been a patient at this practice for 23 years and won't go elsewhere
Miss L D    on 10 Feb 2016  

The treatment is always excellent and I feel like I can trust their judgment
Mrs P J    on 10 Feb 2016  

I have complete confidence in Miss Collins
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2016  

Friendly, professional & considerate staff. Expert care with latest technology. Great magazines and comfortable waiting area.
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2016  

Calm & friendly environment
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2016  

Friendly approach making you feel at ease.
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2016  

Expert staff who treat you as a valued individual which inspires absolute trust and confidence.
Mrs H E    on 09 Feb 2016  

Ease of booking an apointment, helpful staff and good practical advice from my dentist
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2016  

Staff are the best, nothing is ever too much bother. Practice is alway clean and tidy, with receptionist always there with welcoming smile. Well done everyone
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2016  

On time, friendly staff
Anonymous   on 06 Feb 2016  

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the practice to my friends and family as the staff are warm and friendly and make you feel 100% at ease.
Anonymous   on 05 Feb 2016  

Always a first class service great reception team great dental team lovely environment
Mrs M S    on 05 Feb 2016  

I was due an unexpected refund due to an over payment and was dealt with in a real friendly manner by the lady on reception today (apologies but I didn't catch her name). I feel the practice is very trustworthy and would recommend to anyone
Miss I N    on 04 Feb 2016  

Friendly, confident, professional approach to all work undertaken
Anonymous   on 03 Feb 2016  

Relaxed, friendly professional experience.
Mr H G    on 02 Feb 2016  

The practice always provides excellent service
Mr G S    on 02 Feb 2016  

Very friendly and made to feel comfortable.
Miss S C    on 31 Jan 2016  

When visiting the dental practice there is aways a warm welcome and the customer care/service is first class.
Mr T A    on 30 Jan 2016  

I have had complex dental problems which have required complicated treatment, including dental implants, for which the practice is able to provide. They are also very pro-active in ensuring I have healthy teeth and gums.
Mrs B R    on 30 Jan 2016  

Have always attended the practice since moving to Whickham 43 years ago without any problems.
Mrs D C    on 29 Jan 2016  

Very proffesional, positive and friendly service.
Miss P C    on 25 Jan 2016  

Quick appointment when I had lost a filling
Mrs W J    on 23 Jan 2016  

The way I am always out at my ease by the friendliness of the staff.
Mrs H A    on 23 Jan 2016  

Excellent care, friendly staff & relaxing environment
Mrs N H    on 22 Jan 2016  

I've always had excellent advise and care from Ian Davidson.
Mr M H    on 22 Jan 2016  

A friendly and stress free experience
Mr S R    on 22 Jan 2016  

Staff are understanding and make you feel at ease
Mr C A    on 21 Jan 2016  

Range of services available, very clean tidy practice. Extensive oral hygiene products available for sale.
Mrs S A    on 21 Jan 2016  

I would have no hesitation in recommending friends and family should they require treatment.
Mrs U L    on 20 Jan 2016  

Always friendly, very caring and take notice of individuals requirements ie in my case not letting the chair go too far back. Always made to feel at ease, and talked through what is happening.
Mrs C M    on 20 Jan 2016  

Friendly staff and experienced Dentists.
Mrs S N    on 18 Jan 2016  

I have always felt comfortable with the surgery and the patient care comes second to none.
Ms B C    on 18 Jan 2016  

Just had implants done with Mr Dixon and I am so pleased with the result. Every step was explained and I was looked after really well. Many thanks to all the staff.
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2016  

Excellent treatment
Mr C D    on 15 Jan 2016  

Mr D I    on 14 Jan 2016  

Quick and professional
Anonymous   on 14 Jan 2016  

The friendly and efficient staff. I actually look forward to attending the Practice.
Mr N P    on 13 Jan 2016  

The atmosphere is lovely in the practice and everyone always has a lovely smile. Everyone is polite and helpful and I never feel rushed at all. It is a very calm experience.
Mrs H M    on 13 Jan 2016  

Been with this practice for years
Mr C N    on 12 Jan 2016  

I trust my dentist,Ian and have always received excellent service from the whole team.
Anonymous   on 12 Jan 2016  

Polite staff, nice environment and appointments on time. Well done.
Mr W S    on 11 Jan 2016  

Always feel at ease in the practice.
Mrs S P    on 11 Jan 2016  

friendly staff, appointments always on time, explanations of what's being done.
Anonymous   on 08 Jan 2016  

The team are lovely and we always feel welcome and valued.
Anonymous   on 07 Jan 2016  

Relaxed, friendly and caring atmosphere.
Mr S D    on 07 Jan 2016  

Friendly, professional service
Mr A A    on 05 Jan 2016  

I have been attending Whickham Dental Practice all of my life and the quality of care is first-class.
Mr D C    on 04 Jan 2016  

The home of calm & gentle dentistry...."it does what it says on the tin!"
Mr C P    on 04 Jan 2016  

Excellent patient care .
Ms H J    on 31 Dec 2015  

Very efficient, helpful & calming environment, which alleviates all fear & tension associated with a visit to the dentist.
Mrs O J    on 30 Dec 2015  

Professional,friendly and efficient.
Cuscani S    on 29 Dec 2015  

All staff, receptionists, hygienists and dentists , are consistently committed to their patients betterment and one feels totally secure in their knowledge and care.
Mrs B M    on 23 Dec 2015  

always very helpfull
Mrs H P    on 21 Dec 2015  

I have been with the practice since the very beginning and it just gets better
Anonymous   on 19 Dec 2015  

excellent service in every respect
Mr C T    on 18 Dec 2015  

I always recommend you.
Mr D E    on 18 Dec 2015  

I feel cared for, and they are experts in their fields.
Mrs B H    on 16 Dec 2015  

The care I have received over the years from Allison Collins has been excellent
Anonymous   on 15 Dec 2015  

A relaxed and comfortable feel
Mrs P M    on 15 Dec 2015  

I trust mt dentist Mr. Stott and find everyone else helpful and friendly.
Ms J J    on 13 Dec 2015  

Whickham Dental Practice is very efficient and provides a friendly service to its patients. The dentists also raise a lot of money for local good causes which I'm sure is greatly appreciated.
Mrs K J    on 13 Dec 2015  

Very friendly and make going to dentist an easy thing.
Mrs P J    on 11 Dec 2015  

I feeling safe I go this practise. The staff are very friendly and supportive.
Anonymous   on 10 Dec 2015  

Really excellent,patient , professional care and attention
Anonymous   on 09 Dec 2015  

Friendly professional service, confidence in dentist, kept well-informed about dental health and treatment
Anonymous   on 09 Dec 2015  

Excellent Staff - professional - always polite - happy and courteous.
Mr W S    on 06 Dec 2015  

Always have great treatment pleasant staff
Mrs G K    on 05 Dec 2015  

it is a careing practice.......very customer lead........nothing to much trouble
Mrs C R    on 02 Dec 2015  

Lovely patient and supportive dentist
Mrs C A    on 02 Dec 2015  

Professional staff , sympathetic treatment , excellent hygiene
Mr B R    on 30 Nov 2015  

The staff are fabulous- they are really caring and patient, especially if I need treatment as I have horrible childhood memories of the dentist.
Mrs P J    on 27 Nov 2015  

Contacted in emergency, quickly seen too and provided with quick treatment and plan for next step. Valued customer service!
Mr B A    on 27 Nov 2015  

Considerate and friendly staff
Ms B K    on 27 Nov 2015  

very friendly atmosphere.
Mr C T    on 25 Nov 2015  

Every member of staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the years, is so friendly and professional, making me feel comfortable and at ease.
Anonymous   on 20 Nov 2015  

Excellent service over many many years
Mr R S    on 19 Nov 2015  

So professional.
Mrs C C    on 19 Nov 2015  

Always have great service and care.
Anonymous   on 19 Nov 2015  

Friendly employees, efficient administrative arrangements, a spotlessly clean environment and as the surgery states relatively pain free!
Mr M C    on 19 Nov 2015  

Friendly, professional service. Put well at ease
Mrs H L    on 18 Nov 2015  

Excellent professional service. Very friendly staff. Efficient and accommodating.
Miss M C    on 18 Nov 2015  

dental care first class
Mr G B    on 16 Nov 2015  

First class dental care. Bright, immaculate environment. Lovely staff-always welcoming and friendly.
Mrs H E    on 13 Nov 2015  

Always get a friendly welcome and expert care in a relaxed atmosphere.
Mr L B    on 12 Nov 2015  

i have been coming to this practice for 44 years and have always had the best service from entering the door to leaving. I have seen how they have grown with the times,and kept up to date with everything.
Mrs L K    on 11 Nov 2015  

I trust the team and feel very welcomed.
Mrs W A    on 10 Nov 2015  

The service and attention is excellent. The staff are really friendly. As this has been my experience with the practice and you have to be careful who you recommend especially to friends etc i would not hesitate to inform them about yourselves.
Anonymous   on 09 Nov 2015  

very nice so friendly and gentle
Miss W L    on 06 Nov 2015  

Very knowledgeable staff, friendly, clean environment. Faultless.
Anonymous   on 06 Nov 2015  

Excellent service in every respect.
Mrs A N    on 04 Nov 2015  

I've had a long association with the practice, and its entirely due to them that I have any teeth at all.
Mrs S E    on 04 Nov 2015  

excellent treatment, fantastic staff and lovely clean relaxing environment
Mrs L S    on 04 Nov 2015  

I'm always pleased with the treatment and advice I receive and am sure friends and family would feel the same.
Mr S L    on 02 Nov 2015  

Because I always feel comfortable there. I have complete confidence in the ability of my dentist, and conscious of the courtesy of the staff.
Mr D V    on 02 Nov 2015  

Everyone is always very professional and friendly AND Alison is a brilliant dentist.
Mrs A J    on 30 Oct 2015  

Mr Wykes and his team provide an efficient, professional and highly skilled service. All staff are welcoming and most pleasant.
Mr B I    on 27 Oct 2015  

Great people and service
Mr G B    on 26 Oct 2015  

first class service
Mr C D    on 26 Oct 2015  

The personal care that I have received and the caring attitude of Alison, Caroline and all of the staff of the practice.
Mr C J    on 23 Oct 2015  

I have been with Mr Davidson for about 30 years and have always been happy with my treatment
Anonymous   on 22 Oct 2015  

Been happy after coming for so many years
Mr G J    on 21 Oct 2015  

All staff make you feel at ease
Mr C A    on 21 Oct 2015  

practice gives feeling of professionalism
Anonymous   on 21 Oct 2015  

The practice is friendly, efficient, relaxing and calming. Also all my treatment has been pain free.
Miss O J    on 20 Oct 2015  

My first appt in over 20 years. I felt at ease and comfortable throughout.
Mrs J V    on 19 Oct 2015  

Excellent care and attention and a full explanation of everything.
Ms E J    on 19 Oct 2015  

I trust my dentist and enjoy attending the practice
Mrs T L    on 15 Oct 2015  

I saw Heather today for my three-monthly hygiene check and, as usual, I was warmly greeted by Heather. I always feel at ease and comfortable with her. She is a lovely person.
Mrs U L    on 15 Oct 2015  

Always good and friendly welcome.Have had Mr.Davison since 1984, I think the proof is in the pudding.
Mr H A    on 15 Oct 2015  

Anonymous   on 14 Oct 2015  

Whist still not my favourite thing. . This practise has managed to stop a life long far of dentists.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2015  

Because you always take extra care and the general waiting area is calming at least to me it is.
Mr H E    on 13 Oct 2015  

Friendly, personal and painless!!
Mr C A    on 12 Oct 2015  

Staff are committed to patient wellbeing, both physical and mental.
Mr M P    on 09 Oct 2015  

Examinations are thoroughly carried out in a calm and informative manner.
Mrs W V    on 08 Oct 2015  

I know that the level of care is of such high standard, I would have no qualms in recommending you to any of my friends or family.
Mrs T S    on 07 Oct 2015  

Have been a patient here for years and wouldn't go anywhere else
Mr C N    on 30 Sep 2015  

because of the high class service, cleanliness, hygiene and reliability
Mrs R H    on 30 Sep 2015  

I think you are the best Dentist Practice in the north east .
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2015  

friendly, calm envirooment
Mrs S G    on 25 Sep 2015  

Prompt, painless and friendly and taken for granted clinically professional.
Mr P R    on 24 Sep 2015  

Always friendly and make me feel relaxed
Mrs R F    on 24 Sep 2015  

1st class service, always made to feel valued. Mr Wykes has looked after me for over 30 years and would recommend him and this practice to everyone.
Anonymous   on 24 Sep 2015  

You make time for your patients
Mr D I    on 18 Sep 2015  

Friendly and efficient. Most importantly professional.
Ms E H    on 17 Sep 2015  

All procedures were carried out very gently and painlessly.
Mr L E    on 17 Sep 2015  

All the staff are lovely and the standard of care is exceptional.
Mr B D    on 17 Sep 2015  

Excellent patient care and efficiency.
Mr R R    on 16 Sep 2015  

The practice provides a highly professional service and ensures the highest standards of hygiene
Miss H A    on 16 Sep 2015  

Clean and calm environment , friendly and polite staff,there's nothing too much trouble
Anonymous   on 14 Sep 2015  

Calming and welcoming environment
Miss L D    on 14 Sep 2015  

I was made to feel at ease before and during treatment.
Miss L J    on 13 Sep 2015  

I am a nervous patient and then is always taken into account in any dealings I have with my dentist or hygienist.
Miss W S    on 11 Sep 2015  

My treatment has always been professional and painless. My dentist and the support staff are friendly and make you feel at ease.
Mr D S    on 10 Sep 2015  

I'm always well looked after by everyone at the practice the staff are so cheerful
Mrs B S    on 09 Sep 2015  

I would not use any other dentist and regularly tell others the same.
Mr R J    on 09 Sep 2015  

Appointments and treatment are always patient focussed.
Anonymous   on 09 Sep 2015  

I am very nervous even though have been seeing Mr Davidson for years, he and his staff always look after me and make it a less stressful experience
Anonymous   on 09 Sep 2015  

Always a friendly, relaxed,professional approach from staff in a beautifully maintained premises. Trust in the staff completely.
Mrs G B    on 07 Sep 2015  

Have been with the practice many years and have always found them to be helpful in every way.
Mrs H M    on 07 Sep 2015  

Friendly, efficient and professional service. No doubt that you are receiving the best treatment and advice taylored to you.
Mr F S