4.9         183 reviews

my dentist is the nicest person ever! and the girls at reception are all lovely too
Anonymous   on 09 Jul 2017  

I am a nervous patient while visiting the dentist, yet I felt very comfortable during both my visits
Mrs R A    on 08 Jul 2017  

I love everything about the place. The location , the friendly receptionists, the cheerful dentist ,the state of the art equipment.
Miss R M    on 08 Jul 2017  

Excellent treatment, and Gosoa was extremely nice professional and helpful
Anonymous   on 08 Jul 2017  

Perfection in every way!
Miss G C    on 05 Jul 2017  

I feel safe and well looked after.
Ms G H    on 05 Jul 2017  

I felt very much at ease on entering the practice and Dr Mark Hughes was very kind and informative.
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2017  

Harley Street Dental Studio and Dr Mark Hughes made me reconsider a typical visit to a dentist... it now feels like a pampering experience you look forward to!
Mr T D    on 22 Jun 2017  

I was very happy with the treatment that I received today. Thank you!
Anonymous   on 14 Jun 2017  

The practice is incredibly friendly with all of the dentists experts in their field. Especially Sandra.
Miss C N    on 13 Jun 2017  

Great personalised dental care. Mark saw me when I had an emergency and really provided great care and follow up All the staff are caring and compassionate.
Mrs T S    on 13 Jun 2017  

Very professional and friendly staff and services (out of hour contact opportunities) and flexibility are extraordinary.
Anonymous   on 11 Jun 2017  

Consistent and excellent service and treatment.
Mrs A S    on 10 Jun 2017  

very professional & caring service
Mr B P    on 09 Jun 2017  

Very nice and friendly people. Great facilities.
Anonymous   on 08 Jun 2017  

My orthodontist is just briliant
Anonymous   on 08 Jun 2017  

Excellent welcome at Reception and great treatment.
Mr D M    on 07 Jun 2017  

I feel very confident about the advice I have had as I have not experienced positively that I have had from your praticey
Brett T    on 01 Jun 2017  

Amazing service, friendly staff.
Mr P B    on 31 May 2017  

Dr Decker is always full of energy and buzz and has a super working relationship with his dental nurse (never caught her name sorry!!). It makes the chore of having my braces tightened a little more enjoyable
Mr A J    on 31 May 2017  

Excellent hygienist
Dr R L    on 25 May 2017  

Very professional
Anonymous   on 24 May 2017  

I was made to feel at ease and comfortable.
Anonymous   on 24 May 2017  

The members of the dental team that treated me were friendly communicative and highly professional. The practice is well equipped.
Anonymous   on 22 May 2017  

Exceptional service, however a long way to travel for most of my friends and family.
Miss H L    on 18 May 2017  

Very professional, pain free dentistry and all the staff are so pleasant
Anonymous   on 29 Apr 2017  

I'm a nervous patient and I've never felt so calm and trusting in a dentist
Miss T E    on 28 Apr 2017  

Very efficient and friendly Excellent level of denistry
Capitanovitch S    on 28 Apr 2017  

I've been attending the practice for the past 6-7 years and have always have an excellent and professional service
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2017  

Professional and high quality service. Very pleasant communciatiln, follow-up, and support provided where needed.
Anonymous   on 26 Apr 2017  

Friendly, polite and professional staff at all levels and excellent up to date advice for treatments.
Mrs S J    on 25 Apr 2017  

Very friendly, effecient and quality work all round.
Anonymous   on 20 Apr 2017  

Lovely staff, confident specialists without being patronising, spotless premises and attention to details ensures great confidence. The staff are all terrific ambassadors for the practice- if my teeth and smile are half as nice as theirs after my course of treatment I would be delighted !!!
Anonymous   on 20 Apr 2017  

felt very welcome
Anonymous   on 19 Apr 2017  

Everyone is friendly and well-organised. The environment is calm and pleasant. The treatment is thorough.
Anonymous   on 14 Apr 2017  

Best dental/hygienist treatments I have come across.
Anonymous   on 13 Apr 2017  

This place is the ONLY place I would ever trust with my beautiful teeth! They transformed my smile (Adam Thorne) and maintained my hygiene through fab deep cleans (Goshia was amazing today so friendly, thorough) I feel like I matter every time I step through the door!!!
Ms L A    on 12 Apr 2017  

Smiling and courteous welcome Efficient professional service, with adorable bubbly hygienist
Mrs D D    on 11 Apr 2017  

I always receive exceptional service & have always recommended the practice.
Anonymous   on 10 Apr 2017  

They know what they are doing!
Anonymous   on 07 Apr 2017  

Tawny is a highly skilled and diligent hygienist with a great attitude
Mr P S    on 05 Apr 2017  

Dr Adams is amazing. Knowing what happened to him personally, he has been extremely helpful and professional at all times.
Miss F B    on 03 Apr 2017  

Extremely professional and helpful doctor & friendly staff
Anonymous   on 03 Apr 2017  

As I have always been afraig to go to the dentist in the past.From my first visit and all subsiquant visits..I have felt at ease and comfortable at all times.From first greeting through to the treatment.The entire staff are brilliant.I would have every confidence that if I recommended someone to the clinic they would receive the same sort of excellent Care.
Mr S R    on 31 Mar 2017  

Clear information and emphasis on health with no hard selling
Miss C M    on 30 Mar 2017  

Good professional service...but main reason is total competence
Mrs P L    on 30 Mar 2017  

Just the quality of the experience, the professionalism of the people and the ease of navigating the system
Mr C R    on 29 Mar 2017  

Professional, courteous staff, all steps explained and answers given to questions/concerns. Track record of excellence.
Anonymous   on 21 Mar 2017  

Always very professional and friendly.
Mrs A S    on 21 Mar 2017  

Painfree good quality care
Miss A R    on 19 Mar 2017  

Highest level of professionalism displayed by your staff
Anonymous   on 18 Mar 2017  

Everything runs smoothly and professionally. Also, because the sophisticated machinery, e.g. scanners are on-site, it makes it very convenient. The practice is modern and up-to-date and offers a huge range of treatments. But most of all, the practitioners are extremely knowledgeable. Everyone is extremely friendly and polite, which leads to a wonderful atmosphere.
Anonymous   on 14 Mar 2017  

Really good doctor and support staff. Very professional. Nice environment
Ms V M    on 13 Mar 2017  

Great service: professional, efficient and very clear about all the relevant details.
Anonymous   on 10 Mar 2017  

Prompt,friendly and professional.
Mr M G    on 08 Mar 2017  

extremely nice and professional staff!
Miss L S    on 03 Mar 2017  

First class dentists. Feel like you really are getting the best treatment and advice that money can buy.
Miss C J    on 03 Mar 2017  

The staff are extremely helpful, accomodating and friendly.
Anonymous   on 03 Mar 2017  

I was very pleased with the service and would be happy to recommend it if any one asks me to suggest someone
Miss V A    on 02 Mar 2017  

Excellent service from all staff from the moment you walk through the door. Everyone is highly professional and friendly. I only have great things to say about my orthodontist Dr Steffen Decker, who has made me feel at ease and in great hands, ever since my first consultation.
Miss W D    on 02 Mar 2017  

I feel that slaine has done a fantastic job in restoring my teeth back to full health.
Mr T A    on 01 Mar 2017  

Its a lovely practice with great doctors.
Anonymous   on 28 Feb 2017  

Excellent staff and environment. Tawny does an amazing job. Very detailed and thorough.
Mr P B    on 23 Feb 2017  

Really attentive service. You feel like a very important and valued patient.
Miss B A    on 22 Feb 2017  

Very friendly/helpful. I feel positive and confident about the outcome this time round
Miss D M    on 20 Feb 2017  

After having a number of ghastly experiences in Norway where I currently live, resulting in a nightmare that has become my life, I felt that I needed to seek help abroad in order to receive proper treatment. I have done extensive research before choosing Harley Street Dental Studio and the difference is staggering. The level of knowledge, professionalism, friendliness, and care easily sets HSDS apart from every other dental clinic I have been to in Norway and is above and beyond my wildest expectations. I have a long road ahead of me, but being in Dr. Mark Hughes’ hands, I have never felt safer, and I have ultra-confidence that the treatment plan that he has put together for me will give me my life back and will be of the very highest standards. I would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank Dr. Adi Moran as in addition to being an excellent endodontist, his kindness and care are beyond what I have ever encountered at any clinic.
Mrs L M    on 17 Feb 2017  

I haven't had any treatment yet, just an initial consultation, but my first impression of the practice was excellent - pristine and very professional, but friendly too. The treatment plan was explained in great detail and I now feel positive about it, rather than too nervous!
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2017  

Time , care and a good job
Mrs R H    on 14 Feb 2017  

Really put me at ease, plenty of information, great facilities everyone very friendly and competent. Great results!
Mrs C J    on 13 Feb 2017  

Perfect customer service and was able to get a consultation right away.
Anonymous   on 11 Feb 2017  

I am a big fan of Gosia and of Adam. They both offer a professional service and more importantly a human service.
Anonymous   on 10 Feb 2017  

Both Adam Thorne and Slaine McGrath are excellent
Mr N R    on 01 Feb 2017  

Your treatment met my expectations, the doctor was professional and friendly. I would highly recommend this clinic to my friends and family.
Miss C F    on 30 Jan 2017  

Excellently trained staff, who are a pleasure to visit every time.
Mr D M    on 30 Jan 2017  

Dr Hughes kept me informed. The work was done perfectly and precisely. Also the team is excellent from the hygienist to the receptionist.
Mrs P M    on 26 Jan 2017  

Dr Mark Hughes was absolutely fantastic, the facilities and level of professionalism was outstanding. I also very much appreciated a focused plan versus trying to tackle all things at once, monitoring being a key theme.
Miss S J    on 25 Jan 2017  

My dentist was very thorough and spent time to explain to me about his findings. I always keep my annual check-up as it is a great way to maintain my dental health.
Anonymous   on 17 Jan 2017  

The Doctor has been very professional. I felt all the time in good hands. I trust her since the first day I met her. The procedure today went very smooth and it was thanks to Dr Slaine.
Rodriguez M    on 11 Jan 2017  

Good honest advice. Proactive and reassuring approach to my problem.
Mrs P L    on 10 Jan 2017  

Very happy with the overall consulation experience so far, looking forward to the treatments.
Anonymous   on 09 Jan 2017  

Extremely professional, excellent service and always freindly.
Anonymous   on 04 Jan 2017  

All staff, from the reception to the clinical staff, are very friendly and professional. Make you feel like they're there to provide you impartial information to help you make informed choices about your treatment plan.
Mr H C    on 22 Dec 2016  

Professional, spotless, caring, friendly. Offers confidence that your treatment is the best. Would not consider going anywhere else.
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2016  

Mandana the hygienist was amazing.So efficient , so thorough and super lovely to boot. I felt in safe hands, thank you.
Ms P A    on 19 Dec 2016  

I have recommended the dental practice to my friends because of the high level of service that i have received
Nothey J    on 06 Dec 2016  

Having had a very traumatic previous dental experience at another surgery I am a very nervous patient. I avoided going to the dentist for many years until an accident forced me to get treatment. At the Harley Street Dental Studio I am reassured that I will receive the very best treatment. All staff are extremely friendly, caring and understanding. My treatment is ongoing but it's a pleasure to be treated here. The surroundings are also beautiful. I thoroughly reccommend this practice.
Ms H S    on 02 Dec 2016  

Visiting Steffen Decker completely made what should be a tedious nervous experience visiting the dentist-in fact made it a pleasure. He was so friendly and comforting and kept me so well informed at each stage of my ongoing treatment, and my results are perfect I'm so happy he's changed my life with my new smile!! I'd recommend him to anyone. The service was second to none and he was so accommodating to my ever changing schedule he always made time for me. He went above and beyond my expectations. Money and time well spent!!
Mrs M T    on 01 Dec 2016  

The facilities are great and my dentist (Justin) was too.
Mr M A    on 01 Dec 2016  

Everyone is welcoming friendly and very helpful.
Anonymous   on 29 Nov 2016  

First class service from start to finish
Mr W O    on 29 Nov 2016  

It is a friendly practice that tries to make you as comfortable as possible. They seem very up to date with modern dental practices and procedures.
Mrs W S    on 28 Nov 2016  

Adi Moran is a great specialist at the clinic
Mr A P    on 28 Nov 2016  

Service great, pricing good, lovely people and the BEST experts. So pleased with the results.
Anonymous   on 25 Nov 2016  

Appointments can be booked quickly. All of the staff are incredibly friendly, making you feel welcome. They also come across as being very competent making you feel like you are in good hands.
Miss B J    on 15 Nov 2016  

Justin is simply the most knowledgable dentist I've ever met. He diagnosed my problem and understood the way my bite works, and the specific idiosyncrasies of my teeth with his first examination. His expertise is quite frankly remarkable. On top of that, he is a a really easy going, charming lovely man, with no airs and graces and is a pleasure to see.
Ms B A    on 10 Nov 2016  

Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin, is an amazing dentist. While she is extremely professional, she is also very welcoming and makes patients feel at ease. Overall the practice is a beautiful space and staff are very friendly.
Sennrich B    on 07 Nov 2016  

A very warm and professional experience for me, considering that for most of my life I have had a fear of dentists. Sandra is a calm, friendly and reassuring dentist who puts me at ease and I have complete trust in her judgement.
Anonymous   on 28 Oct 2016  

The Doctors explains perfect all the options which I can have and the facilities they have and give you to pay up to 5 years. Excellent services
Sr. T L    on 22 Oct 2016  

Hygienic clinic Helpful staff Great location on Harley street amazing doctor
Miss D Y    on 19 Oct 2016  

The staff were welcoming, friendly, & professional. The practice was clean and well kept. The medical and administrative staff took the time to explain the procedures and answer any questions I had.
Mr H C    on 13 Oct 2016  

GREAT SERVICE - Dr Justin Glaister went through all the options available. I shall be defiantly going ahead with the treatment , and would highly recommend the dental studio
Miss O N    on 02 Oct 2016  

Adam is so lovely!
Mrs C A    on 27 Sep 2016  

Best quality treatment; best staff; really beautiful venue! Going to the dentist has become something I look forward to now.
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2016  

From the hygienists to the dentists, everyone here has top expertise, and knows exactly what they are doing, which makes me feel like I am in safe hands.
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2016  

Very professional, high quality of care
Anonymous   on 19 Sep 2016  

I felt very comfortable from start to finish
Mr P D    on 17 Sep 2016  

Had been waiting for 10 years for the perfect crown finally very satisfied with the results
Anonymous   on 16 Sep 2016  

All staff are easy to approach, reassuring and very friendly. This instantly helps patient feel at comfortable and less distressed.
Miss J S    on 15 Sep 2016  

My dentist and surgeon are very thorough in the procedure recommended. Both took the time to explain such that I feel very comfortable with the recommendations. I trust the knowledge they have.
Anonymous   on 15 Sep 2016  

Very knowledgable in cosmetic standards
Mr F C    on 15 Sep 2016  

Excellent service
Master Y T    on 14 Sep 2016  

All staff were very pleasant and helpful, the building itself is impressive and you feel like you're getting 5 star service.
Nothey J    on 10 Sep 2016  

Very professional friendly experience i was so happy!
Miss P T    on 10 Sep 2016  

Excellent dentistry
Mrs P D    on 06 Sep 2016  

I would recommend Federico Tinto to anyone. He is a highly skilled professional and combines this with a friendly, informal, caring manner. I am extremely grateful for the excellent care he has given me.
Ms B K    on 01 Sep 2016  

I am very happy with the results of my treatment and all of my family and friends have told me I have a beautiful and very natural smile.
Anonymous   on 26 Aug 2016  

I felt I could trust dr Sandra and dr Steffen right away I was in good hands. It is also quite easy to make an appointment.
Anonymous   on 26 Aug 2016  

Because of the excellent service I always receive.
Ms G F    on 26 Aug 2016  

Great hygienist visit. Goscia was very knowledgeable, friendly and put me at ease (not always easy in a hygienist session!)
Miss J R    on 25 Aug 2016  

Apppointments were on time and I have a lot of confidence in both dentists I was able to see.
Wheaton J    on 25 Aug 2016  

Excellent response from everyone. Very professional.
Mr Y E    on 18 Aug 2016  

Amazing staff and great dental team.
Anonymous   on 17 Aug 2016  

Good experience, felt confident with the dentist
Anonymous   on 17 Aug 2016  

Trust in service.
Anonymous   on 17 Aug 2016  

Effort made by the hygienist.
Anonymous   on 11 Aug 2016  

All staff very professional at all times. Treatment good.
Anonymous   on 09 Aug 2016  

Due to the welcoming of the receptionists, the clinic hygiene and proffessionalism to it, both staff and the design of it. Appointment times strictly adhered to and no waiting at all. Excellent staff always smiling.
Mr C M    on 08 Aug 2016  

Because I'm extremely happy so far with my treatment, the result and the friendliness of the staff
Ms V C    on 08 Aug 2016  

Confident in the the abilities of the dentists. Clean, comfortable and professional environment.
Anonymous   on 02 Aug 2016  

Very professional and friendly atmosphere
Mr A A    on 28 Jul 2016  

I am 100% confident I got the best treatment and the customer service is good. You pay a bit more but not THAT much more.
Miss W A    on 25 Jul 2016  

Excellent standard of care and professionalism
Miss C T    on 25 Jul 2016  

The hygienist was very good, she removed all plaque and stains and I left the practice with very cleaned teeth and a happy smile. She also explained me carefully how to use the electric toothbrush and the floss picks.
Anonymous   on 25 Jul 2016  

Lovely service and hygienist
Anonymous   on 21 Jul 2016  

Dr Justin was so kind. He took the time to explain everything to me and was very gentle when examining my mouth. I felt terribly anxious about my appointment but was taken care of so well!! And Kasey was lovely, she helped me to arrange my next visit. I now feel positive about the future work needed, and am happy to be in such professional hands. Thank you so much.
Miss M R    on 13 Jul 2016  

I am very likely to recommend this dental practice to others because I enjoyed my experience and I felt comfortable with everything that was done.
Mr B A    on 13 Jul 2016  

Very prompt and no waiting at all.. Polite and clearly have a great knowledge of dental work.
Mr T A    on 12 Jul 2016  

highly skilled and professional staff
Anonymous   on 09 Jul 2016  

Brilliant clinical staff and easy to navigate care packages etc. administration team are also top notch. Friendly and welcoming.
Ms K N    on 07 Jul 2016  

After years of being unhappy with my teeth and my fear of dentists from teenage years I made an appointment with Harley Street Dental Studios where for the first time I felt comfortable and relaxed and decided to go ahead with braces which I have worn for 18months.My treatment has been with Dr Darsh Patel who has been excellent and is amazing at the job he does. Thank you so much Gail Watson
Mrs W G    on 07 Jul 2016  

Already done because Adam Thorne and his team, Denise in particular, are amazing. Faultless.
Ms M S    on 04 Jul 2016  

Excellent dental service
Anonymous   on 01 Jul 2016  

Dr Mark Hughes and his team are so professional and friendly. I cannot praise his professionalism enough and all he has done is made me feel comfortable whether it's a consulation or treatment itself.
Anonymous   on 24 Jun 2016  

Excellent hygienist
Anonymous   on 23 Jun 2016  

Harley Street Dental Studio has really helped calm down my dental. I am absolutely terrified of going to dental appointments, but my anxiety has been greatly reduced just because of the comparison, concern, and attention to detail during my appointments. Today was not different. Dr. Rhodes to care to not use water while filling a tooth because of how sensitive the surrounding teeth were. Most dentists would have told me to suck it up and deal with the pain for a few minutes, but that never happens at your practice.
Miss K R    on 20 Jun 2016  

Due to a personal recommendation, I believe Dr Patel to be competent and trust that the end result of the treatment will be as expected.
Anonymous   on 17 Jun 2016  

very professional service
Ms T K    on 16 Jun 2016  

Great dental care from lovely staff in a nice setting
Miss W A    on 15 Jun 2016  

lovely, friendly and highly skilled team in well located and comfortable premises
Ms G S    on 15 Jun 2016  

Standard of care could not be better. Everything about the practice is perfect.
Mr B W    on 14 Jun 2016  

Because the work done was very good
Miss C A    on 14 Jun 2016  

Dr. Rhode was extremely professional . Every procedures were clearly explained. Can't believe I luck out as a traveller to London on google search to fix my teeth problem ?!!!!
Mrs F E    on 10 Jun 2016  

Sandra was very good, efficient, considerate and has done an excellent job so far
Mrs F G    on 09 Jun 2016  

Very caring and professional
Master Y T    on 07 Jun 2016  

Professional and pleasant to visit.
Anonymous   on 06 Jun 2016  

Professional, friendly staff
Anonymous   on 03 Jun 2016  

Very friendly, professional and top class service by all members of the team. Dr Mark Hughes has been one of the best dentists I have met and he has been fantastic with my care.
Anonymous   on 28 May 2016  

My experience was amazing
Anonymous   on 24 May 2016  

Great staff!! No need to have any "dentist fears" at this practice!!! Really friendly relaxed place.
Mrs M T    on 19 May 2016  

Always good service. Dr Mark always takes time to address questions and concerns. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Miss S C    on 18 May 2016  

The team that looks after me is very professional and at the same time, friendly and very helpful.
Anonymous   on 10 May 2016  

Professional service and friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 09 May 2016  

Mr Ade Moran was honest and professional in his work. I will definitely will come again to see him
Mrs D L    on 09 May 2016  

Excellent service and well informed staff
Mr A R    on 05 May 2016  

The hygienist was so welcoming and had read my notes throughly so was aware I was a nervous patient
Mr S N    on 22 Apr 2016  

Because of the excellent customer service and professionalism.
Ms G F    on 21 Apr 2016  

Good thorough treatment, dedicated hour-long hygienist session, nice environment. Maria was very friendly and professional, explaining everyhitng she was doing and making sure I was comfortable throughout.
Mrs L K    on 21 Apr 2016  

The level of care is excellent, staff are friendly and helpful. Dr Mark Hughes was extremely welcoming and the results are better than I ever thought possible.
Anonymous   on 18 Apr 2016  

Punctual, efficient & cheerful practice - always recommend the practice.
Ms A G    on 13 Apr 2016  

There are serious high quality work done at this practice.
Mr A N    on 12 Apr 2016  

Because I felt Dr Mark Hughes was professional and honest.
Mrs S E    on 08 Apr 2016  

Outstanding service and care. Totally trust the expert advice and treatment given. Head and shoulders above other Dental surgeries/Dentists I have visited.
Miss M C    on 07 Apr 2016  

All the staff were very very professional.
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2016  

Excellent care and support throughout my treatment. The result exceeded my expectations.
Mrs P E    on 26 Mar 2016  

The level of service is fantastic from the moment you step through the door. All appointment have always been on time which is really good. You always get receive excellent care, not once have I felt rushed in anyway. You're listened to, so overall its fantastic care.
Mr F F    on 22 Mar 2016  

Always happy after my treatment
Mr R C    on 10 Mar 2016  

I have already told everyone how amazing the clinic is in terms of amazing staff, exceptionally high levels of cleanliness, and how calm, and sympathetic the dr's all are. The nurses and receptionists are equally fab, And the level of expertise is phenomenal. I will definitely make this clinic my dentist for life and would now not entrust my children's teeth to anywhere else.
Ms P L    on 09 Mar 2016  

modern , friendly and efficient practise
Mr W N    on 08 Mar 2016  

Welcomed like a friend, treated like a first class client whatever you are in for. Harley Street Dental make going to the dentist something you might even look forward to.
Miss K A    on 31 Jan 2016  

The professionalism and high standards of your practice is the main reason why I feel this way :)
Mr D N    on 23 Jan 2016  

Been with them for nine years. Always consistent in their standards.
Anonymous   on 20 Jan 2016  

Professional, friendly all in one surgery with one of the best doctors and hygienists.
Miss W A    on 11 Jan 2016  

The service provided has always been of the highest standard and professionalism.
Mr M I    on 11 Jan 2016