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Professional service all round.
Euan B    on 09 Jan 2019  

Kind and caring dentist and team. Made me feel completely at ease.
Anonymous   on 09 Jan 2019  

Mr.M.T.EUSTACE   on 08 Jan 2019  

This practice cured my dentist phobia. Not going anywhere else.
Kester S    on 08 Jan 2019  

Thorough and pleasant manner
Anonymous   on 07 Jan 2019  

Excellent service
Venetia W    on 05 Jan 2019  

Prompt and efficient With due care and attention.
Ravina J    on 04 Jan 2019  

Excellent service in all respects, right the way from the treatment itself to communications (eg, appointment alerts). I see Mark and Myriam and they are both totally brilliant.
John B    on 04 Jan 2019  

Always friendly. Excellent service
Anonymous   on 02 Jan 2019  

very friendly and efficient service
Anonymous   on 31 Dec 2018  

1. Saw me as am emergency patient. 2. Very professional and courteous.
David I    on 31 Dec 2018  

Fast friendly and efficient
Geoff w    on 31 Dec 2018  

The whole experience was amazing. From the reception team to the dentist l could not fault it at all.
Patient   on 30 Dec 2018  

Great service, thorough
Anonymous   on 30 Dec 2018  

Laura is an excellent dentist
Alexander B    on 22 Dec 2018  

Laura was friendly, calm and professional. She assertained the problem quickly and had me referred to the right specialist for urgent treatment that day. Thank you Laura. Now I know why you were recommended to me!
Gin M    on 21 Dec 2018  

the nicest surgery around
Guy   on 19 Dec 2018  

Excellent dental care - delivered with warmth and efficiency by the entire team, led by the superb Laura Lynch.
Anonymous   on 19 Dec 2018  

Very friendly people and first class treatment
Karen E    on 19 Dec 2018  

Very friendly and attentive.
Anonymous   on 19 Dec 2018  

Allison is marvellous
Wendy B    on 18 Dec 2018  

A happy team - no pain - a delight to visit the dentist
Peter J    on 18 Dec 2018  

What can I say that I haven't said before! As always the patients care comes first and every effort is made to put you at ease.
Alf L    on 18 Dec 2018  

Excellent treatment. Not expensive.
Patient   on 18 Dec 2018  

Good professional service
Anonymous   on 17 Dec 2018  

Always professional and friendly
Luisa M    on 17 Dec 2018  

Very relaxed and friendly team. Had crown and general work done there and always been very happy
Anonymous   on 17 Dec 2018  

Friendly dentists and other staff. The dentist does the dental work required rather than trying to sell extra services
Anonymous   on 14 Dec 2018  

I trust the skillset of the team
Andrew L    on 13 Dec 2018  

I am made to feel comfortable
Anonymous   on 13 Dec 2018  

I'm a very nervous patient and Dr Lynch is incredibly understanding! She made me feel at ease and is gentle and reassuring.
Ruth L    on 13 Dec 2018  

The issue I consulted Laura about was handled competently and in a thorough and detailed way. Explanations were clear and I came away with more knowledge of the issue.
Margaret   on 12 Dec 2018  

Mark is brilliant. Chris is superb
Mark   on 11 Dec 2018  

The staff is highly professional and so polite.
Esther S    on 10 Dec 2018  

Very good dentist
Anonymous   on 10 Dec 2018  

Professional friendly service
Anonymous   on 10 Dec 2018  

Mark, together with all the staff are the epitome of excellence in a dental practice.
Martin C    on 10 Dec 2018  

Always efficient and helpful
Anonymous   on 10 Dec 2018  

Prompt. Friendly. Professional
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2018  

Very polite, professional, calm.
Anonymous   on 07 Dec 2018  

Treatment plan explained well with options and questions answered openly.
Anonymous   on 06 Dec 2018  

I always find a kind friendly environment with a strong sense of care for the wellbeing of there clients.
Anonymous   on 06 Dec 2018  

Very friendly staff, professional and make you feel very comfortable
Venetia P    on 06 Dec 2018  

Excellent professional friendly staff they look after my teeth well
Dee H    on 06 Dec 2018  

The service, treatment and care I have received from Dr Laura Lynch and her team has been exemplary. Everyone is friendly as well as professional and the service is efficient and organised.
Sue A    on 04 Dec 2018  

Very happy with the service
Natalie P    on 04 Dec 2018  

Friendly, punctual and professional service from the moment you walk in the door. The online appointment booking and reminder system is convenient and works very well.
John   on 03 Dec 2018  

Relaxed and professional service
Paul S    on 01 Dec 2018  

I am a extremely nervous patient and Mark and the nurse (sorry I don’t know her name) are alway very understanding, kind and make me feel safe and more at ease.
Louise O    on 30 Nov 2018  

Friendly and efficient service.
Anonymous   on 29 Nov 2018  

Have always had excellent Service
Conroy J    on 29 Nov 2018  

I have been coming to this practice for many years now, so I guess that says all. I also recommend to many people.
Pam C    on 28 Nov 2018  

Very good treatment and understanding dentist.
Anonymous   on 28 Nov 2018  

The patients care is always the priority
Alf L    on 27 Nov 2018  

Excellent care and reassuring
Anonymous   on 23 Nov 2018  

Everything about the place was like a breath of fresh air and relaxing.
Hugh P    on 23 Nov 2018  

Very professional and very pleased.
David S    on 21 Nov 2018  

Mr.M.T.EUSTACE   on 20 Nov 2018  

Fantastic Service
Anonymous   on 20 Nov 2018  

Excellent care and advice, as ever
Patient   on 20 Nov 2018  

Very friendly reception team and dentist & nurse. My dentist explained everything and listened to my reasons for being there/concerns
Lauren    on 19 Nov 2018  

Excellent service
Anonymous   on 19 Nov 2018  

Efficient and excellent service delivered with a personal touch.
Valerie J    on 17 Nov 2018  

Miriam is the best hygienist i ever had,she was recomended to me and I understand why.
Anonymous   on 17 Nov 2018  

Always made to feel comfortable. Staff very friendly anf helpful.
Paula P    on 16 Nov 2018  

Excellent dental care and very friendly people
Pamela T    on 16 Nov 2018  

Excellent service delivered from every member of staff in a calm environment
Suzanne E    on 16 Nov 2018  

Gentle, kind and engaging with the little Ones.
Bron R    on 15 Nov 2018  

Good, friendly service
Iqbal S    on 13 Nov 2018  

Because everything was done to make me feel comfortable and feel unworried about the procedures.
Rosemarie B    on 12 Nov 2018  

Staff always friendly and helpful
Anonymous   on 09 Nov 2018  

The people 10/10
Brad   on 09 Nov 2018  

Always good serivice
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2018  

Always friendly staff and always on time.
Patient   on 08 Nov 2018  

Pleasant environment, lovely staff: receptionist, nurse, dentist - and I trust my dentist's opinions.
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2018  

Always looked after so well
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2018  

Great service and attention to detail
Anonymous   on 07 Nov 2018  

As always a friendly and professional service.
Anonymous   on 02 Nov 2018  

Appointments are quick, it’s a nice practice and the staff are really nice!
John   on 02 Nov 2018  

Excellent service
Zaida C    on 02 Nov 2018  

Very Good, personalized service
Karol   on 01 Nov 2018  

great service and staff
Paul K    on 01 Nov 2018  

Polite kind caring
E c    on 31 Oct 2018  

Excellent service all the time
Chris   on 30 Oct 2018  

I like all of the staff and they’re all very professional and personable
Anonymous   on 30 Oct 2018  

Friendly staff, excellent dentistry
Charlotte K    on 29 Oct 2018  

Painless treatment by a caring and professional team
Greg D    on 26 Oct 2018  

Great service
Martin D    on 24 Oct 2018  

My treatment was pain free. I would not consider using another dentist.
Valerie H    on 24 Oct 2018  

Professional and very friendly
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2018  

Everyone is friendly and you are made to feel relaxed
Hilda L    on 23 Oct 2018  

All the staff are friendly and professional and put you at ease.
J.Hilditch   on 23 Oct 2018  

Well looked after, given helpful advice on how to improve the day to day care of my teeth, all procedures explained
Anonymous   on 23 Oct 2018  

Patients are always made to feel at ease and their welfare is always the priority.
Alf L    on 23 Oct 2018  

The practice is professional and friendly. The practice is professional and friendly.
Anonymous   on 16 Oct 2018  

Excellent service, support and advice
Ed P    on 15 Oct 2018  

I always feel so relaxed
Tracey B    on 15 Oct 2018  

Caring practice. Very helpful
Chris M    on 15 Oct 2018  

Best dentist I’ve been too. Cured my fear of going to the dentist
Kester S    on 15 Oct 2018  

The service Bridget offers is the best I have ever received. She is friendly,approachable and excellent at her job.
Alison P    on 15 Oct 2018  

The staff are unfailingly kind and pleasant.
Lorna W    on 15 Oct 2018  

Excellent service with professional and lovely people
Barbara F    on 14 Oct 2018  

Friendly, personal service.
Darren B    on 12 Oct 2018  

I was put at ease - it's as simple as that
Jenny M    on 12 Oct 2018  

Friendly and professional reception staff combined with efficient and punctual clinician.
Anonymous   on 12 Oct 2018  

Always polite, efficient and friendly.
Patient   on 11 Oct 2018  

Professional friendly staff
Andrew F    on 11 Oct 2018  

great service and always very friendly
Grant H    on 11 Oct 2018  

Such great staff that make you at ease.
Claudio d    on 10 Oct 2018  

Kind and considerate 😄
Tony L    on 10 Oct 2018  

Cured an emergency problem
Anonymous   on 10 Oct 2018  

Nice friendly people , competent service No hesitation in recommending
Alan D    on 09 Oct 2018  

Very professional and always polite and helpful
Jacki R    on 09 Oct 2018  

Very friendly and accommodating staff
Anonymous   on 08 Oct 2018  

Very friendly
Anonymous   on 08 Oct 2018  

Staff are friendly and efficient and I feel very comfortable with them.
Paul M    on 08 Oct 2018  

Always kind helpful and everything is done to make your visit comfortable and as painless as possible.
Rosemarie B    on 05 Oct 2018  

Excellent practice
Janet N    on 05 Oct 2018  

Super friendly, efficient, and professional
Anonymous   on 05 Oct 2018  

Excellent dentist.
Anonymous   on 04 Oct 2018  

i've always received an excellent overall service
GARETH C    on 03 Oct 2018  

The dentist has a very relaxed manner and is easy to communicate with
Anonymous   on 03 Oct 2018  

Professional and kind
Barbara b    on 02 Oct 2018  

I managed to get an appointment quickly and was extremely pleased with the result.
Hilary D    on 02 Oct 2018  

All staff efficient and friendly
Anonymous   on 01 Oct 2018  

All of the staff, without exception, are very friendly, polite and efficient. Both Bridget, the Hygienist and the Laura, the Dentist, are excellent.
Brian H    on 28 Sep 2018  

Very friendly practice
Victoria C    on 28 Sep 2018  

Always polite and welcoming and the dental treatment is excellent.
JOAN Q    on 28 Sep 2018  

Excellent treatment and service
Rob K    on 27 Sep 2018  

Very high standard of care.
Paula P    on 27 Sep 2018  

pleasent staff
Michael M    on 26 Sep 2018  

Laura knows me very well and always puts me at ease.
Valerie H    on 26 Sep 2018  

Very well presented reception and waiting area - clean and comfortable. Welcoming staff, clean and up-to-date treatment rooms. Mark explained everything very well, as did Alison (I was my hygienist at Hayes and she was one of the main reasons I came to Laura Lynch).
Shelagh P    on 25 Sep 2018  

I felt relaxed, the staff were friendly & approachable & everything was explained so I knew what was happening.
Sarah F    on 25 Sep 2018  

No change from previous comments :-) As always made to feel comfortable and at ease.
Alf L    on 25 Sep 2018  

Friendly relaxed service, everything is explained and discussed
Colin W    on 24 Sep 2018  

Mark is a brilliant and lovely dentist. And every member of staff is a pleasure to interact with.
Claire M    on 24 Sep 2018  

Thorough and professional service
Adam   on 21 Sep 2018  

Very friendly and welcoming - completely put me at ease.
Anonymous   on 21 Sep 2018  

I used to hate going to the dentist but since coming to Laura Lynch practice it has been comfortable and relatively pleasant.
Anonymous   on 21 Sep 2018  

As well as the personal care and friendliness, I 100% trust Alison to do the best job abd give the best advice possible. I couldnt see anyone else
Anonymous   on 20 Sep 2018  

I have total trust in Mark. Treatment is always pain-free, and I am delighted with the cosmetic work I received today on a budget.
Helen M    on 20 Sep 2018  

The doctors are very professional and friendly. The receptionist are always with a smile and very professional too.
Maria s    on 19 Sep 2018  

Very good service at the front desk, and Mark provided an excellent and clear explanation during the appointment
Andy L    on 19 Sep 2018  

Good professional service
Deirdre H    on 18 Sep 2018  

Very friendly staff and clean surgery
Rosemary R    on 18 Sep 2018  

The staff take the time to get to know you which matters when you are a nervous patient.
Claire B    on 18 Sep 2018  

Very friendly and make you feel at ease
Christine W    on 18 Sep 2018  

I always recieve excellent and importantly, gentle treatment from Alison.
Alyson T    on 18 Sep 2018  

Mark Rampersad is a great, friendly dentist. He keeps you updated and informed all the way.
Paul C    on 17 Sep 2018  

I fully trust in my treatment and care
Christine M    on 14 Sep 2018  

Always excellent service
Alix B    on 14 Sep 2018  

Excellent treatment. Very nice people.
Sandra H    on 14 Sep 2018  

Excellent treatment and very professional
Rob K    on 13 Sep 2018  

Very friendly and professional
Gary H    on 13 Sep 2018  

Very clean, professional expert care
Linda H    on 13 Sep 2018  

Very good, friendly and thorough
Stuart S    on 12 Sep 2018  

Whole experience from walking into the Practice - the staff - the quality of dental care both Dentist and Hygienist - to leaving with peace of mine and organised appointments for next sessions.
ANDY F    on 12 Sep 2018  

Friendly and professional.
Anonymous   on 11 Sep 2018  

A very efficient Practice with friendly and approachable staff.
Anonymous   on 10 Sep 2018  

She was seen on the same day and the dentist stayed on late to carry out what proved to be a difficult extraction of a rear molar tooth. Very professionally done!
Mrs I C    on 10 Sep 2018  

Professional and friendly staff
Luisa M    on 10 Sep 2018  

Polite staff and great advice
Vicky S    on 10 Sep 2018  

Professional and friendly
Patient   on 07 Sep 2018  

Excellent care and treatment.
Sue A    on 07 Sep 2018  

Laura is so kind and caring has such a wonderful way about her.
Rebecca h    on 07 Sep 2018  

I was happy with my treatment and plan
Anonymous   on 07 Sep 2018  

Laura is amazing all her staff are friendly and super gentle with you and you can tell they really care about you as a patient. If you’re a nervous patient like me they are 100% where I’d go.
Natalie    on 07 Sep 2018  

friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 06 Sep 2018  

Always feel comfortable
Anonymous   on 06 Sep 2018  

Very good friendly service
Anonymous   on 05 Sep 2018  

Always great, professional and friendly
Elisabet P    on 05 Sep 2018  

Appointment on time, procedure fully explained, good experience
Anonymous   on 05 Sep 2018  

Very friendly, Laura makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. She gives good, sound advice, and you don't feel like you're being sold anything.
Anonymous   on 04 Sep 2018  

Laura saw me on the same day I called. Thank you so much!!
Emma P    on 03 Sep 2018  

Always so pleasant to attend. The care and advice is superb
Paul    on 03 Sep 2018  

Never had any problems 😁
Anonymous   on 03 Sep 2018  

The hygienist lovely
Carol h    on 03 Sep 2018  

The staff are friendly, caring, gentle and reassuring
Pamela E    on 03 Sep 2018  

Very professional and friendly service
Toni M    on 31 Aug 2018  

Efficient and responsive service, high quality dental work, easy to fix appointments, good pricing schedule
Howard P    on 31 Aug 2018  

Your care always comes first
Alf L    on 31 Aug 2018  

Friendly staff & Dentist Mark put me at ease & explained everything patiently.
Sarah F    on 31 Aug 2018  

Punctuality of appointment times , ease of booking and availability of appts. Friendliness of staff
Sallie R    on 30 Aug 2018  

Everybody is friendly and Mark is a very good dentist who explains everything. Likewise Allison.
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2018  

Excellent all-round practice.
Euan B    on 30 Aug 2018  

Managed to get an emergency appointment and was seen by a different dentist to usual. Excellent and informative service. Would highly recommend.
Patient   on 29 Aug 2018  

very nice dentist who made my nervous daughter feel at ease
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2018  

Polite, friendly professional service
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2018  

friendly and highly efficient
Anonymous   on 23 Aug 2018  

Mark was very polite calmand reassurong, especially for a nervous patient!
Anonymous   on 23 Aug 2018  

It's always a pleasant experience coming to the practice. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, parking not a problem. Above all however, it is the trust I have in the practitioners that I value the most highly.
Helen M    on 23 Aug 2018  

I had to have a tooth extracted and part of my dental bridge removed and I was petrified but Mark was very understanding and put me at my ease which I think is essential for nervous patients like me.
Deborah S    on 23 Aug 2018  

Professional, friendly dentist and staff.
Anonymous   on 23 Aug 2018  

I have confidence in my dentist, Mark Rampisad, and also with my hygienist, Allison.
Jenny P    on 22 Aug 2018  

Highly professional
Anonymous   on 22 Aug 2018  

Fantastic patient care as always! We have been using this practice for years and highly rate the dentists, hygienist and all the support staff.
Beverley N    on 22 Aug 2018  

Excellent treatment Good clerical staff reminding of appointments
Sandra H    on 22 Aug 2018  

I am always treated with care and consideration.
Margaret A    on 20 Aug 2018  

I feel comfortable with the service
Sandra F    on 20 Aug 2018  

Efficient service, welcoming staff, short waiting time on arrival
Anonymous   on 20 Aug 2018  

Totally trust the service provided.
Martin V    on 19 Aug 2018  

Very friendly
Patient   on 16 Aug 2018  

Everyone at the practice is friendly and efficient.
Gill F    on 16 Aug 2018  

The thorough, professional and pain free treatment provided by Biddy.
Anonymous   on 15 Aug 2018  

Great service!
Sally G    on 15 Aug 2018  

Always great service.
Neil J    on 15 Aug 2018  

always very friendly efficient and patient
Anonymous   on 14 Aug 2018  

It’s so easy to book online. The overall care is excellent.
Paul J    on 14 Aug 2018  

everyone is very friendly
Hilda L    on 13 Aug 2018  

Always efficient and helpful service, treatment thoroughly explained
Caroline B    on 13 Aug 2018  

I am always delighted with my treatment at the practice.
Anna B    on 12 Aug 2018  

Really friendly and professional
Gary H    on 10 Aug 2018  

Good honest treatment friendly caring staff
Andrea   on 10 Aug 2018  

I feel the practice is professional and they give good advice and treatment
Deirdre H    on 09 Aug 2018  

personal care and attention
Anonymous   on 09 Aug 2018  

Relaxing environment and explaining all aspects of treatment.
Colin W    on 09 Aug 2018  

Myriam was very kind gentle and made me feel very at ease thank you!
Francesca S    on 09 Aug 2018  

I travel quite a distance to attend my appointments there because I am a very nervous patient and I know them and they know me which matters a great deal.
Claire B    on 09 Aug 2018  

MR. M    on 09 Aug 2018  

Trust my dentist
Anonymous   on 08 Aug 2018  

Everyone at the practice is: professional, polite, caring, efficient, punctual and keep you well informed.
Geraldine F    on 08 Aug 2018  

Excellent service/treatment, as always!!
Jenny B    on 07 Aug 2018  

I really like the care I get, and I'm anxious about dental work so I have been even more pleased to find a dentist that I like and trust!
Anonymous   on 04 Aug 2018  

The girls are very friendly and always put you at ease. They are brilliant with children and make sure they understand what is happening. I would definitely recommend the practice.
Kirstie   on 03 Aug 2018  

Felt comfortable & well looked after, good efficient service
Iqbal S    on 03 Aug 2018  

Friendly and thorough service.
Anonymous   on 02 Aug 2018  

excellent all round experience with friendly and cheerful people providing a great service
Peter R    on 02 Aug 2018  

A lovely very professional practice
Sharon D    on 02 Aug 2018  

The fact that we travel from Biggin Hill to see Laura speaks for itself
Anonymous   on 01 Aug 2018  

Friendly and efficient staff. Appointments always on time.
John    on 01 Aug 2018  

I thought the whole process was excellent.
Anonymous   on 01 Aug 2018  

Lovely staff and excellent service
Vivienne M    on 31 Jul 2018  

Efficient friendly staff; professional service and treatment.
Anonymous   on 30 Jul 2018  

Great care and treatment.
Anonymous   on 30 Jul 2018  

Professional and friendly practice.
Anonymous   on 29 Jul 2018  

Very friendly staff who make me feel comfortable
Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2018  

Anonymous   on 27 Jul 2018  

You always know why the treatment is needed and the options available, it seems that every time I go there are new innovations designed to make the experience more comfortable, for example I don't dread injections anymore they may sting but don't hurt
dennis f    on 25 Jul 2018  

Friendly staff. Everywhere spotless, Always feel well looked after
Anonymous   on 25 Jul 2018  

Always have any treatment fully explained before and during
Anonymous   on 24 Jul 2018  

Efficient polite friendly staff
Anonymous   on 24 Jul 2018  

Friendly and thorough.
Kerry    on 23 Jul 2018  

Everyone that I come into contact with from the moment I step through the door makes me feel like a valued customer and not just a number
Kirsty P    on 23 Jul 2018  

Calming,clean and friendly practice
Treasa G    on 23 Jul 2018  

The practice is light and airy & the clinicians are good.
Anonymous   on 23 Jul 2018  

I have not had any bad experiences, everyone is friendly and professional, so there is no reason not to.
Nicolas G    on 23 Jul 2018  

Nice people, good service and excellent dental care.
Gillian O    on 21 Jul 2018  

I have already recommended family to the practice
Valerie H    on 20 Jul 2018  

I am made to feel at ease at all times and my welfare and concerns are always the priority
Alf L    on 19 Jul 2018  

Very efficient and pain free!
Anonymous   on 19 Jul 2018  

Very friendly
Anonymous   on 18 Jul 2018  

Cleanliness, friendliness and prompt attention.
Anonymous   on 18 Jul 2018  

I feel confident here. I am frightened of the dentist
Barbara b    on 18 Jul 2018  

Friendly welcoming and efficient service
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2018  

treated professionally and in a caring way.
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2018  

Professional, punctual and friendly service. The online appointment booking and reminders are great too.
Anonymous   on 17 Jul 2018  

Highly professional
Anonymous   on 16 Jul 2018  

Very Proffessional and friendly
Anonymous   on 15 Jul 2018  

Very friendly, was made to feel comfortable, all staff very nice
Anonymous   on 14 Jul 2018  

Excellent treatment
Linda I    on 14 Jul 2018  

Great friendly surgery
Elisabet P    on 13 Jul 2018  

Kind, professional and informed service.
Anonymous   on 13 Jul 2018  

Always friendly, reliable and trustworthy
Patient   on 13 Jul 2018  

The care and treatment provided is excellent.
Sue A    on 13 Jul 2018  

Anonymous   on 12 Jul 2018  

Always make me feel relaxed (as a nervous patient!) , service and professionalism are unrivalled , always do quality work.
Gary H    on 11 Jul 2018  

Helpful and efficient
Cathy T    on 10 Jul 2018  

All staff are extremely friendly. And i will always go where allison works
Lisa S    on 09 Jul 2018  

The practise is professional and friendly
Lorraine S    on 07 Jul 2018  

Everyone was polite and kind and the doctor was clear and friendly and welcoming with my little one
Anonymous   on 06 Jul 2018  

Great care and lovely people.
Anonymous   on 06 Jul 2018  

Staff are always welcoming and friendly, been coming to this practise since I was a child, always helpful and make you feel at ease especially if your nervous with dental treatment.
Patient   on 06 Jul 2018  

Didn't feel a thing apart from fingers in my mouth 😀
Patient   on 05 Jul 2018  

the care from the whole team was excellent
Patient   on 03 Jul 2018  

The practice does not look to raise revenue from offering more than what equates to supporting and encouraging the maintainance of good healthy teeth. It provides the convenience of a local good quality service by facilitating attendance in the evening rather than having to take time off work.
Patient   on 03 Jul 2018  

Professional service
Anonymous   on 02 Jul 2018  

The staff are very good and friendly, make me feel relaxed and it's impeccably clean.
Patient   on 02 Jul 2018  

I am very happy with the quality of the dental work I've had done, and the advice offered on maintaining dental health. Mark, as well as being a wonderful dentist, takes patient care and comfort very seriously - which is especially good for nervous or anxious patients.
Anonymous   on 02 Jul 2018  

Very friendly efficient service
Anonymous   on 28 Jun 2018  

Courteous and friendly service
Anonymous   on 28 Jun 2018  

As always, Laura and her team were brilliant. Both my husband and myself had check ups with Laura and both visited the hygienist, Miiriam who is absolutely lovely.
Patient   on 27 Jun 2018  

Very professional practice
Anonymous   on 26 Jun 2018  

Great friendly welcoming staff, always making you feel at ease.
Patient   on 25 Jun 2018  

Always good service and a welcoming smile from reception for usually a nervous appointment. Made to feel at ease very quickly.
Anonymous   on 24 Jun 2018  

Making appointments is easy, reception staff polite, clean environment, pleasant staff who listen to my requests.
Anonymous   on 23 Jun 2018  

Everyone is very professional and friendly
Anonymous   on 22 Jun 2018  

Friendly and efficient service
Anonymous   on 22 Jun 2018  

Professional staff and excellent service
Anonymous   on 22 Jun 2018  

Exceptionally caring and professional service, in a clean and modern surgery. The team at Laura Lynch’s dental practice always make you feel welcome and relaxed.
Patient   on 22 Jun 2018  

always a very good dental experience
Patient   on 21 Jun 2018  

Efficient, very pleasant treatment and advice.
Anonymous   on 21 Jun 2018  

Dental Hygienist was very friendly and very thorough. Very pleased
Patient   on 20 Jun 2018  

Good dentist and very pleasant staff.
Patient   on 20 Jun 2018  

Very friendly and efficient
Anonymous   on 20 Jun 2018  

Simply the best!
Anonymous   on 19 Jun 2018  

Feel comfortable at surgery
Anonymous   on 19 Jun 2018  

Fantastic service and professionalism. Treatment carried out was painless and of an extremely high standard.
Patient   on 18 Jun 2018  

Very professional care.
Patient   on 17 Jun 2018  

Great service
Patient   on 17 Jun 2018  

High quality, professional and friendly
Patient   on 16 Jun 2018  

Excellent interpersonal skills from all the staff.
Patient   on 15 Jun 2018  

Professional and friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 15 Jun 2018  

Caring dental hygienist who listens to dental care,issues you have and identifies practical solutions.
Anonymous   on 14 Jun 2018  

Always friendly and proefession and a great service
Patient   on 14 Jun 2018  

Nice environment and facilities, friendly professional staff, excellent assessment and treatment plan.
Patient   on 14 Jun 2018  

Excellent treatment.
Anonymous   on 14 Jun 2018  

Extremely friendly and professional.
Patient   on 14 Jun 2018  

Alison and Mark are bloody marvellous
Patient   on 13 Jun 2018  

Patient care excellent. Reception staff efficient & friendly. Dentist and nurse very professional and caring
Anonymous   on 13 Jun 2018  

The staff all work together to keep patients healthy. Hygienist picked up a potentially serious issue and I got an urgent appointment with the Dentist. Great teamwork.
Patient   on 12 Jun 2018  

Excellent service for 35 years.
Patient   on 11 Jun 2018  

Always excellent service
Patient   on 08 Jun 2018  

No waiting time, friendly
Patient   on 08 Jun 2018  

Good timekeeping, good service, good atmosphere
Patient   on 08 Jun 2018  

Very friendly & professional care.
Patient   on 08 Jun 2018  

such a professional dentist and they always pay attention to the small detals
Patient   on 07 Jun 2018  

Alison has been my hygienst for over 15 years which says it all.
Patient   on 07 Jun 2018  

Treatment always carried out with great skill, calmly and with the best interests of the patient in mind. Laura was also able to save a tooth from being extracted, which I am very happy about.
Anonymous   on 06 Jun 2018  

Always a friendly and professional service
Patient   on 05 Jun 2018  

Excellent treatment that is also person centred.
Anonymous   on 05 Jun 2018  

Good reliable dental treatment.
Anonymous   on 05 Jun 2018  

I am sure everyone will benefit from this caring surgery
Patient   on 04 Jun 2018  

Always had very good, friendly treatment over many years
Anonymous   on 04 Jun 2018  

I always feel so comfortable there
Anonymous   on 04 Jun 2018  

Achieved what I wanted without discomfort
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2018  

Excellent treatment
Patient   on 01 Jun 2018  

Never have a negative experience and have been coming here for years
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2018  

Myriam is great - always makes a visit stress free
Patient   on 01 Jun 2018  

Always professional and friendly
Patient   on 01 Jun 2018  

As good as always, polite, attentive and always friendly.
Anonymous   on 01 Jun 2018  

Nice staff, on time.
Patient   on 31 May 2018  

Friendly and efficient
Patient   on 31 May 2018  

The staff are always professional, effective and polite.
Patient   on 31 May 2018  

Excellent reception and punctual appointment time
Anonymous   on 30 May 2018  

quality of treatment and timeliness
Anonymous   on 30 May 2018  

I consistently receive, reliable, good friendly service
Patient   on 29 May 2018  

Fantastic service!
Patient   on 29 May 2018  

very friendly team of people always helpful
Patient   on 29 May 2018  

Both Laura and the hygienist are very friendly and calm in their interaction with patients. However they also give clear advice.
Patient   on 26 May 2018  

Efficient, professional
Patient   on 25 May 2018  

Very welcoming and highly professional.
Anonymous   on 24 May 2018  

Efficient friendly atmosphere
Patient   on 24 May 2018  

The best dental practice I have been to.
Anonymous   on 24 May 2018  

Dr Rampersad really took his time to listen to my concerns, and after a check-up he explained my situation in a very clear, understandable manner, allowing for plenty of time to discuss any questions I had. Not only where my immediate concerns sorted and brought clarity to, I now also understand how to focus on measures to prevent any complications from arising. Absolutely fantastic service!
Anonymous   on 24 May 2018  

Excellent service
Patient   on 24 May 2018  

Very efficient and helpful staff who were very pleasant and put you at ease.
Patient   on 23 May 2018  

Great welcome and service. Excellent dental care
Anonymous   on 23 May 2018  

They are all very professional and reassuring with patient. The reception team and Mrs Lynch are really reliable.
Anonymous   on 23 May 2018  

Friendly and cheerful from reception through treatment to departure
Anonymous   on 23 May 2018  

Professional service by the team and a very high level of care.
Patient   on 23 May 2018  

Excellent well priced friendly professional device from Mark and his team
Anonymous   on 23 May 2018  

Very calm relaxed atmosphere and Laura explains everything as the treatment begins. Highly recommend especially to those people nervous about going to the dentist.....reception and staff very welcoming .
Patient   on 23 May 2018  

Very friendly practice
Patient   on 23 May 2018  

Friendly put you at ease efficient and thorough
Patient   on 22 May 2018  

Alison is very friendly and professional and always does an excellent job
Anonymous   on 21 May 2018  

Welcoming, professional, feel the staff know and understand their patients and take time to discuss everything.
Patient   on 21 May 2018  

Brilliant dentist and hygienist. Mark and Myriam. Everyone is very welcoming at the practice as a whole. When I’ve had to have treatment it’s been very efficient and successful.
Patient   on 20 May 2018  

Professional dental hygiene care in relaxed open setting.
Anonymous   on 18 May 2018  

Very good care
Patient   on 15 May 2018  

The excellent standard of care and attention
Anonymous   on 15 May 2018  

From the moment you step through the doors a warm welcome is offered from reception with excellent patient care and interest. First rate Hygienist Alison who has an excellent memory and always puts me at ease giving me time to recover.
Patient   on 11 May 2018  

Very professional and good standard of care
Anonymous   on 11 May 2018  

Friendly environment
Anonymous   on 11 May 2018  

Excellent service.
Anonymous   on 11 May 2018  

An excellent dental practice, meets all my requirements.
Patient   on 11 May 2018  

Always treated with courtesy and made to feel welcome. Questions answered thoughtfully and with patience.
Patient   on 09 May 2018  

The service is excellent
Patient   on 09 May 2018  

Laura really puts you at ease
Patient   on 09 May 2018  

I have always received good service and have every faith in Dr Lynch's skills.
Anonymous   on 09 May 2018  

In this day and age when you hear all very negative comments about everything. Going to see Laura and all her team is brilliant - always friendly, caring and above all professional.
Patient   on 08 May 2018  

Very professional warm welcome from everyone
Anonymous   on 08 May 2018  

It's a brilliant surgery, with great staff and effective treatment.
Patient   on 08 May 2018  

Lovely staff.
Patient   on 07 May 2018  

Excellent staff. Always very friendly, and very good service.
Patient   on 06 May 2018  

Patient   on 04 May 2018  

Very friendly service always with a smile. An enjoyable experience at the dental surgery.
Patient   on 03 May 2018  

Good efficient serviced.
Patient   on 02 May 2018  

I am a very nervous patient and my dentist Mark understands completely and puts me at ease. He manages to save and rebuild my teeth which seem to break a lot and they end up looking amazing. He is a dental genius and I highly recommend him.
Patient   on 01 May 2018  

There is a good team of dentists, hygienists and receptionists working together.
Patient   on 01 May 2018  

Everyone is friendly, kind and approachable but also professional at the same time.
Anonymous   on 27 Apr 2018  

Laura is always so calm and patient with me - and no matter how stressed out I am by needing to see a dentist, she always manages to put me at ease. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my teeth!
Patient   on 27 Apr 2018  

The staff are clearly very confident and Laura has chosen her team well.
Patient   on 26 Apr 2018  

My teeth always feel great afterwards
Anonymous   on 22 Apr 2018  

Always very friendly
Anonymous   on 20 Apr 2018  

Very friendly and confident staff
Patient   on 18 Apr 2018  

Good service
Anonymous   on 18 Apr 2018  

Professional, friendly, knowledgable and make the whole experience as pleasant as can be.
Patient   on 18 Apr 2018  

Very warm welcome and professional prompt service.
Anonymous   on 16 Apr 2018  

Friendliness and professionalism.
Anonymous   on 16 Apr 2018  

Because you’re all awesome
Patient   on 16 Apr 2018  

Outstanding care and attention by Laura and her team
Patient   on 15 Apr 2018  

Knowledgeable, helpful staff within a clean and friendly environment
Patient   on 15 Apr 2018  

Laura has had very kind and friendly approach putting patients at ease.
Patient   on 14 Apr 2018  

Very professional
Patient   on 13 Apr 2018  

Everyone friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 12 Apr 2018  

Just such a lovely experience ...
Patient   on 12 Apr 2018  

I was greeted , promptly and courteously by reception and following professional treatment received a similar service on leaving making one feel a welcome patient not a fee paying client
Patient   on 12 Apr 2018  

Relaxing environment and a very friendly, helpful team.
Patient   on 12 Apr 2018  

service is always very good. Allison is the best hygienist ever. She is so gentle but thorough. Awesome.
Patient   on 11 Apr 2018  

Everyone is wonderful !
Patient   on 11 Apr 2018  

Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2018  

Trust in the skill of the dentists and hygienists
Patient   on 11 Apr 2018  

Very competent, professional and courteous.
Patient   on 11 Apr 2018  

I visited the clinic for routine hygienist appointment. It was the first time Karen looked after me. She introduced herself upfront and was friendly throughout the appointment. She provided me with feedback about how I am brushing teeth and I found helpful. The appointment started at 8:30 sharp and the reception staff were friendly and efficient. 10 our of 10 service. Thank you
Anonymous   on 11 Apr 2018  

Professional and punctual service by friendly staff.
Patient   on 10 Apr 2018  

Very friendly . Treatment excellent
Patient   on 10 Apr 2018  

Laura Lynch always gives first class care and attention, the professional manner of the whole team inspires confidence in situations that might otherwise be stressful or upsetting
Patient   on 10 Apr 2018  

I always feel comfortable and all the staff are lovely
Anonymous   on 10 Apr 2018  

Upon my arrival, the receptionists were warm and friendly. I have known the dentist I saw for many years - Mark used to be my dentist at another practice which is why I chose to come here. I have also known the hygienist I'm choosing to see for the same reasons.
Anonymous   on 09 Apr 2018  

great dentistry nice premises and welcoming reception
Patient   on 09 Apr 2018  

I am recognised, welcomed.
Anonymous   on 09 Apr 2018  

Friendly service
Mrs M R    on 09 Apr 2018  

Always make me feel at ease and talk you though what they are doing.
Anonymous   on 09 Apr 2018  

Always expert and reassuring
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2018  

So friendly, reassuring and competent.
Mr ° °    on 04 Apr 2018  

Friendly, gives explanation about what is happening.
Anonymous   on 03 Apr 2018  

Everyone is friendly, efficient and professional. I have been with the practice for 20 years and have never had a bad experience.
Mrs J H    on 03 Apr 2018  

Super clean dentist
Anonymous   on 30 Mar 2018  

I completely trust Laura with the care of my dental needs
Ms ý ó    on 29 Mar 2018  

Friendly, professional, helpful...wouldn't go anywhere else.
Mr ê þ    on 29 Mar 2018  

From the minute you walk in your made comfortable and put at ease. Laura is a great dentist!
Mrs Ú Ó    on 28 Mar 2018  

Bridget and Laura are always on point with treatment. Never had a bad experience and or suffered any pain.
Mr ˜ Ÿ    on 27 Mar 2018  

I was a new patient and have had high anxiety about the dentist for many years. I went in and was made to feel completely comfortable about any dental work I needed done without any judgements. All the staff were so welcoming.
Miss f w    on 27 Mar 2018  

Always 100% service.
Mr ¨ ¹    on 26 Mar 2018  

Friendly service, feel looked after and trust the care and advice given
Anonymous   on 26 Mar 2018  

You provide a sympathetic and competent service
Anonymous   on 26 Mar 2018  

Excellent service. Always friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 23 Mar 2018  

Felt comfortable and everyone friendly
Anonymous   on 22 Mar 2018  

Dentist was happy to suggest the most conservative and cheapest option for fixing my broken tooth. Did not try to sell me services,I didn't need.
Anonymous   on 22 Mar 2018  

Very good service.
Anonymous   on 22 Mar 2018  

Excellent service , brilliant dentist , able to deal with tooth problems swiftly and professionally
Anonymous   on 22 Mar 2018  

Such a friendly practice, it feels like you are popping round to see friends. The quality of care and service is first class. I don’t just get dental treatment. I also get balanced advice about future care.
Mr ê é    on 22 Mar 2018  

Welcoming practice staff, receptionists, hygienists and dentists. Punctual, friendly and good treatment.
Anonymous   on 22 Mar 2018  

today was a big day not been in a along time nerves patient and everyone was lovely to be honest that was nice they talked to me and explained every thing and asked me lots of questions being nervous isn't great not my fault but they were lovely to me thank you
Mr 1 %    on 21 Mar 2018  

Very happy with the service
Anonymous   on 21 Mar 2018  

Friendly atmosphere
Mrs J A    on 19 Mar 2018  

The staff are friendly and efficient
Anonymous   on 19 Mar 2018  

I've only ever had a positive experience with this surgery
Ms S P    on 17 Mar 2018  

I'm very happy with the service of both the dentist and hygienist's at Laura Lynch.
Mrs A S    on 16 Mar 2018  

The warm welcome and excellent service I receive every time, without exception.
Miss L W    on 16 Mar 2018  

Friendly and professional
Mr P C    on 16 Mar 2018  

always a very friendly helpful service
Mr G H    on 16 Mar 2018  

Always very professional & welcoming
Mr L H    on 16 Mar 2018  

Excellent clinicians and friendly practice
Miss L J    on 16 Mar 2018  

As always very prompt professional friendly service
Miss L S    on 16 Mar 2018  

After some horrendous treatment at a previous dentist I was recommended to go to Laura. She is kind, patient and very understanding of your fears.
Mrs T I    on 16 Mar 2018  

All the staff are lovely and it’s just a generally nice experience. Mark is also the nicest dentist I’ve ever had.
Anonymous   on 16 Mar 2018  

Excellent Service as always and superb staff
Mr A M    on 16 Mar 2018  

All staff very friendly & efficient
Mrs N C    on 15 Mar 2018  

The quality of knowledge and care in a friendly environment.
Mr M L    on 14 Mar 2018  

Very professional service. High level of trust in the team
Anonymous   on 14 Mar 2018  

Professional practice appointment and treatment on time
Anonymous   on 14 Mar 2018  

Good understanding of my problems and helpful treatments.
Anonymous   on 14 Mar 2018  

Mr M E    on 13 Mar 2018  

Friendly, professional and caring service.
Anonymous   on 13 Mar 2018  

the care and attention I was given was excellent
Mr P C    on 13 Mar 2018  

always exceeds expectations
Mrs R R    on 13 Mar 2018  

Helpful, welcoming, very clean & pleasant environment.
Mr S P    on 13 Mar 2018  

Excellent hygienist - as someone who is quite fearful of seeing the hygienist, I was really put at ease at my appointment today so much so that I’ll be coming back again in three months and will continue to do so going forward. This was my 2nd appointment at this dental practice and I have been really impressed with their kindness and customer service each time.
Miss L H    on 12 Mar 2018  

Great level of niceness and professionalism
Anonymous   on 12 Mar 2018  

Kind, gentle but thorough. I was very confident in his expertise.
Mrs W B    on 09 Mar 2018  

The treatment is great and the service and environment are nice too.
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2018  

Myself and my family have been going here for many years and we’re not likely to ever change. They’re so friendly and professional. I’ve just started my own son to see Laura. That’s three generations now
Mr G M    on 09 Mar 2018  

I trust that Dr Lynch and the staff will always do a very good job.
Mrs M B    on 08 Mar 2018  

Reliable, efficient, careful
Mrs J C    on 08 Mar 2018  

Dr Mark Rampersad is amazing. I've seen him for years - he is so kind, caring and sensitive to my particular health and dental issues.
Anonymous   on 08 Mar 2018  

Everyone is so nice and caring
Mrs H S    on 07 Mar 2018  

Everyone is kind, professional and cheerful.
Mrs L B    on 07 Mar 2018  

Well treated in a professional manner
Anonymous   on 07 Mar 2018  

everyone makes you feel at ease
Anonymous   on 06 Mar 2018  

A lovely practice I’ve been with for years. My children also attend the practice and I am very happy with the service. Staff are very welcoming and friendly.
Mrs A L    on 06 Mar 2018  

Very professional and friendly service
Miss A M    on 06 Mar 2018  

Appointment was on time. Lovely calm atmosphere. Knowledgeable staff.
Mr K B    on 05 Mar 2018  

Friendly and efficient service
Mr A A    on 03 Mar 2018  

Prompt and efficient serviceClean and tidy
Mr K B    on 02 Mar 2018  

Very efficient service, quick to respond and reminders sent
Mr A B    on 02 Mar 2018  

The staff are so supportive and welcoming to me, I am a phobic patient and they are very careful to always keep me comfortable :)
Ms N C    on 02 Mar 2018  

Very friendly, made to feel at ease, gave good advice.
Ms D O    on 02 Mar 2018  

Because my dental health has greatly improved under the care of this practice.
Anonymous   on 01 Mar 2018  

I consider that it is a good experience as a visit to a dentist could be and I would have no reservations about recommending it.
Mrs H P    on 28 Feb 2018  

Great professionalism from all staff.
Mr E B    on 28 Feb 2018  

Professional and friendly team where patient care is clearly the priority
Mr A F    on 28 Feb 2018  

Friendly staff make you feel at ease
Ms S M    on 28 Feb 2018  

Highly qualified and friendly hygienist. I felt very confident in her skills.
Mrs M L    on 28 Feb 2018  

I trust that the care provided is of a high standard
Anonymous   on 27 Feb 2018  

Friendly and thorough
Mr S S    on 27 Feb 2018  

Friendly, easy to get appointment
Miss R M    on 27 Feb 2018  

I always feel very looked after, Laura has an excellent team
Mrs R S    on 27 Feb 2018  

I have perfectly satisfied with my treatment and I would recommend you
Mr P B    on 27 Feb 2018  

Very caring and understanding as I am a very nervous patient
Mrs K B    on 26 Feb 2018  

I can always rely on the staff in this practice to provide professional, efficient and friendly service. Laura Lynch and her team deliver care to the highest possible standard.
Anonymous   on 24 Feb 2018  

Very professionnal and helpful staff. Biddy is excellent with nervous patients.
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2018  

Assertive and treatment well explained. Have already recommended a family member.
Miss C W    on 23 Feb 2018  

Good service
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2018  

Consistently first class
Mr A H    on 23 Feb 2018  

Very clean Very gentle and having a nice dentist to make you feel relaxed.
Anonymous   on 23 Feb 2018  

Always efficient and helpful. Laura has looked after my teeth and gum care for years.
Mrs B D    on 23 Feb 2018  

I have had problems with my teeth for years and need a lot of treatments. In the past i have had a lot of bad treatments and am now paying for it. At this practice, they were very helpful, non judgmental and wrote me a plan that i can do gradually, so something i was dreading i now feel confident and relaxed about. i would highly recommend.
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2018  

You are made to feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you step through the door.
Mr P B    on 21 Feb 2018  

Excellent service ~
Mrs A C    on 21 Feb 2018  

Only just joined the practice. Both the hygienist and dentist were excellent. I am really pleased with a procedure Mark did to a tooth that has been rather ugly for a while and Alison was very thorough and attentive.
Mrs A F    on 21 Feb 2018  

Excellent service, made you feel really welcome and informed you of everything that was going on with no rush
Anonymous   on 20 Feb 2018  

The service I receive from Bridget and Laura is exemplary.
Ms E D    on 20 Feb 2018  

Very good caring manner, I felt any issues with my teeth were important to the team
Mr R K    on 20 Feb 2018  

Personal service, I had an emergency and was offered an appointment for the next day, I am always seen promptly
Anonymous   on 20 Feb 2018  

Very satisfied . Nice environment , friendly people and considerate treatment.
Mr A D    on 20 Feb 2018  

they provide excellent care
Mr S B    on 16 Feb 2018  

Great practice, fantastic hygienist and very friendly staff
Mrs N M    on 16 Feb 2018  

Friendly staff, welcoming, treatment explained, understanding dentist
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2018  

Friendly and efficient service . Very responsive
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2018  

Have always had outstanding care here and I would recommend it and I did! My mother is now also a patient.
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2018  

Good service and professional care
Anonymous   on 16 Feb 2018  

Friendly and very professional service.
Mr M T    on 15 Feb 2018  

As always the care and attention given to me as part of my treatment by all the staff I engaged with is excellent. Over the years I have attanded the practice it has never waivered from superlative and I have no hesitation recommending Laura and her team.
Mr D J    on 15 Feb 2018  

Really friendly and helpful, Excellent
Mr G H    on 15 Feb 2018  

I think the treatment has always been excellent.
Miss G S    on 15 Feb 2018  

Excellent dentistry and genuine concern for patients’ welfare
Miss J E    on 15 Feb 2018  

The hygienist did an amazing job
Miss L R    on 14 Feb 2018  

I feel safely held in the context of something that can cause a certain level of anxiety (ie. dental treatment)
Mr A L    on 14 Feb 2018  

Seen on time by friendly staff
Anonymous   on 13 Feb 2018  

Friendly service with excellent explanations given during my check up, both before, during and afterwards.
Ms C R    on 13 Feb 2018  

Professional and efficient service
Anonymous   on 12 Feb 2018  

I feel I am not just a set of teeth to be dealt with but a person.
Mrs M A    on 12 Feb 2018  

There exists a friendly, efficient and professional atmosphere
Mr W A    on 10 Feb 2018  

Professional, thorough and friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 10 Feb 2018  

Dentist and nurse very reassuring and personable.
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2018  

Everyone who works there are very pleasant and professional
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2018  

A good local practice.
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2018  

Very professional and friendly staff
Mrs F M    on 09 Feb 2018  

Happy enviroment,quick service.
Mr E N    on 09 Feb 2018  

Always immaculate, friendly and professional staff. First class service.
Mrs D M    on 08 Feb 2018  

I booked after reading various postitive Facebook review from other nervous patients. I was put at ease on arrival. The clinic was calm and quiet whilst remaining friendly and professional. Very clean and welcoming and I’m so pleased I booked!
Miss N R    on 08 Feb 2018  

Because the client comes first as always with respect.
Mrs R B    on 08 Feb 2018  

Professional and friendly
Ms D H    on 08 Feb 2018  

Friendly people, efficient admin and consistently excellent service
Anonymous   on 07 Feb 2018  

First class service from mark. Proper good bloke, lucky to have him Hygienist was also super nice. Travel from Bexley each time as I know I get first class service 10/10
Mr B G    on 07 Feb 2018  

Friendly service. Efficient
Anonymous   on 07 Feb 2018  

Professional friendly service.
Mr P A    on 06 Feb 2018  

You feel really well 'cared for' the moment you step into the dental practice.
Mr B H    on 06 Feb 2018  

Laura is such a friendly dentist and I feel comfortable and safe in her hands.
Ms R I    on 06 Feb 2018  

I was recommended to this practice and would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone else.
Mr G G    on 05 Feb 2018  

Always very friendly, polite and efficient staff in the reception. The facilities are always beautifully clean and modern. The dental staff always take time to ensure you understand the treatments and options and seem genuinely concerned for the patients comfort.
Miss S W    on 03 Feb 2018  

Prompt and thorough
Ms R J    on 02 Feb 2018  

Everyone is friendly, professional and very thorough
Anonymous   on 02 Feb 2018  

I felt Dr Mark Rampersad explained everything clearly and was very good I was very pleased with the service.
Mr A A    on 01 Feb 2018  

Nice, friendly yet professional
Ms A G    on 31 Jan 2018  

Friendly staff professional I've been there for years.
Mr G B    on 30 Jan 2018  

Friendly kind caring
Anonymous   on 30 Jan 2018  

Lovely practice. Such friendly staff, fantastic dentist
Mrs N M    on 29 Jan 2018  

Friendly reassuring staff
Miss A W    on 27 Jan 2018  

Easy to get a suitable appointment Good service and dentist will discuss problems and treatment
Mrs S Q    on 26 Jan 2018  

very nice staff
Master L J    on 26 Jan 2018  

Always very friendly & professional
Anonymous   on 26 Jan 2018  

I have been to the surgery for a number of years now and feel qualified to recommend on that basis
Ms C M    on 25 Jan 2018  

friendly relaxed atmosphere
Mr P L    on 25 Jan 2018  

Very professional and completely at ease in their care Easy to book appointments
Mrs L E    on 24 Jan 2018  

Good service
Mr A G    on 24 Jan 2018  

very kind patient dentist - great work very happy
Ms J H    on 23 Jan 2018  

good dental practice
Anonymous   on 23 Jan 2018  

Perfect professionalism working ethics
Mr G N    on 23 Jan 2018  

Attentive and thorough service.
Mr P M    on 23 Jan 2018  

Freindly and professional service
Anonymous   on 23 Jan 2018  

I trust my dentist.
Mrs H S    on 22 Jan 2018  

I was able to see my dentist within a week.
Mrs M D    on 22 Jan 2018  

The care provided by Laura and the team is the best I've experienced.
Mr J C    on 22 Jan 2018  

Excellent job done.
Anonymous   on 19 Jan 2018  

Usual high standard of service from everyone at the practice.
Miss M H    on 19 Jan 2018  

Efficient, professional, friendly
Mr E B    on 18 Jan 2018  

Efficient and friendly service
Mrs A B    on 18 Jan 2018  

It’s really good all round
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2018  

Very good knowledge and efficiency
Anonymous   on 17 Jan 2018  

Extremely likely to recommend.
Anonymous   on 17 Jan 2018  

Everyone was kind and friendly. Transparent and efficient - keeping costs and appointments to a minimum.
Ms L R    on 17 Jan 2018  

There was excellent service provided with professionalism, whilst remaining friendly.
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2018  

Very friendly and kind welcome to the practice.
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2018  

Professional and friendly and good service.
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2018  

knowlegeable friendly professional staff
Miss P W    on 16 Jan 2018  

Very professional and friendly
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2018  

My dentist Mark is a personable and professional chap, reassuring in his advice and friendly! The practice reception are always very professional too.
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2018  

Great team, swift response to urgent appointment request today. They care about giving the best advice and treatment.
Miss J E    on 15 Jan 2018  

friendly efficient
Mr C H    on 15 Jan 2018  

Excellent friendly staff from the minute you walk through the door.
Mrs C K    on 13 Jan 2018  

Friendly staff; welcome by smile from receptionist. Bridget is always very pleasant, reassuring, professional and helps me to relax before starting my treatment.
Mrs P E    on 12 Jan 2018  

The patient care is exceptional :) The team are lovely and friendly. They really look after you
Mrs M L    on 11 Jan 2018  

Fantastic service, excellent care. Friendly team
Master A B    on 11 Jan 2018  

Got an apointment same day,and problem resolved.
Anonymous   on 11 Jan 2018  

Friendly polite and explained everything
Miss S W    on 09 Jan 2018  

Calm, friendly ,informative and helpful first visit.
Mrs S M    on 09 Jan 2018  

I always get high quality treatment and the people there are so friendly.
Mr N M    on 09 Jan 2018  

I trust them to make the correct decisions about my teeth / gums ,
Mrs L J    on 08 Jan 2018  

The service is always impeccable.
Mrs S L    on 08 Jan 2018  

Excellent professional and friendly service
Mr R J    on 05 Jan 2018  

Seen on time. Everything was explained about my treatment in a friendly but professional manner.
Anonymous   on 03 Jan 2018  

Excellent professional staff and treatments
Mrs J R    on 02 Jan 2018  

Re-assuring, attentive, professional staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience
Mrs I S    on 02 Jan 2018  

The surgery looked well maintained and organised. Friendly receptionist. Mark took his time to listen to my needs and suggest treatment options. I did not feel rushed at all.
Miss L C    on 29 Dec 2017  

Mark is amazing, kind, calm and patient. Wouldn’t go to another dentist
Mrs S F    on 29 Dec 2017  

Friendly staff and great service
Mr G C    on 29 Dec 2017  

Always friendly and helpful
Mrs H S    on 27 Dec 2017  

Efficient friendly convenient. Have already recommended!
Anonymous   on 23 Dec 2017  

Friendly, helpful and thorough.
Kerry T    on 23 Dec 2017  

I have never had anything but excellent care, with today - an emergency appointment - being a case in point.
Anonymous   on 21 Dec 2017  

Anonymous   on 21 Dec 2017  

Excellent dentist and great customer service.
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2017  

excellent service with a smile
Anonymous   on 20 Dec 2017  

Laura and her team are exceptional. All my family attends the practice and in the last year my boyfriend also joined. Laura is always very thorough and caring and I couldn't expect anything more .
Miss L N    on 20 Dec 2017  

I am very happy with my service from Mark and Bridget and find them to be both professional and friendly.
Miss S W    on 19 Dec 2017  

I was highly recommended to see mark with cosmetic work and other treatment from another dentist, Thank you for helping me smile again mark you are truley amazing and made me feel at ease! 😊
Miss S L    on 19 Dec 2017  

You are made to feel very welcome
Anonymous   on 18 Dec 2017  

Very professional and friendly team
Mr D F    on 18 Dec 2017  

I recommend this practice to anyone who tells me they need a dentist!
Miss L W    on 15 Dec 2017  

Friendly practise team and professional service
Anonymous   on 15 Dec 2017  

I think Laura and her team are GREAT! I have absolute faith in her and know that she will always do what is right for the individual (not encourage unnecessary work)
Mr N Y    on 14 Dec 2017  

Very efficient, informative and friendly.
Mrs L D    on 14 Dec 2017  

I am very pleased with my treatment and the professional way it is being done
Mr P B    on 13 Dec 2017  

Very friendly, very professional Staff. They make you feel safe and calm. Job is excellent and painless. Highly recommended!
Ms A M    on 13 Dec 2017  

Always a polite & friendly welcome. On-line booking of appointments is very easy and available ties/dates are clear.
Mr K D    on 13 Dec 2017  

Mark is always amazing. He listens and really gets to the bottom of the problem and does all he can to help. I really feel that the appointment was so worthwhile to me.
Mrs C W    on 13 Dec 2017  

I was very happy with the treatment I received.
Mrs A A    on 13 Dec 2017  

I feel I can trust her. Professional service
Anonymous   on 13 Dec 2017  

Friendly, clean and professional service
Mr R K    on 12 Dec 2017  

They are a very good practice.
Mr S B    on 12 Dec 2017  

recommending people who are especially afraid of dentistry to feel assured they will be well looked after and confident in getting the right treatment that is practically pain free.
Ms C M    on 12 Dec 2017  

Friendly staff, quick service with explainations behind why things are being done, also really gentle with how they handle you.
Anonymous   on 12 Dec 2017  

Excellent treatment
Anonymous   on 12 Dec 2017  

Staff are always highly professional & approachable. Providing confidence & reassurance.
Mr M F    on 11 Dec 2017  

Always able to get an appointment in an emergency. Very pleasant staff.
Mrs I R    on 11 Dec 2017  

Excellent treatment. Very efficient reception.
Mr E B    on 11 Dec 2017  

Dental Care maintains a core set of familiar staff who are extremely friendly and helpful. I have been going to this dental practice for more than 20 years and the service and skill set within the surgery is superb.
Mr D P    on 11 Dec 2017  

Treated well - very they were very thorough
Mrs M S    on 10 Dec 2017  

Fantastic staff, competent and friendly
Ms C M    on 08 Dec 2017  

Friendly, caring and on time.
Miss S W    on 07 Dec 2017  

Friendly and efficient treatment as usual
Anonymous   on 06 Dec 2017  

Laura Lynch is just the best dentist ever, she seriously cares about my teeth- probably more than I do!!
Ms A L    on 06 Dec 2017  

The team is professional welcoming and good at what they do. What more do you need.
Mrs P C    on 06 Dec 2017  

Friendly efficient service
Mr M V    on 05 Dec 2017  

Very attentive care throughout visit.
Miss S W    on 05 Dec 2017  

great service, lovely people
Mr S S    on 01 Dec 2017  

The dentist and assistant made me feel very relaxed
Mr A W    on 01 Dec 2017  

excellent service
Mr A R    on 30 Nov 2017  

This the practice is good, helpful and efficient.
Anonymous   on 30 Nov 2017  

High Quality Personal Service
Mr P A    on 30 Nov 2017  

Fine practice have no problems at all.
Mr G B    on 29 Nov 2017  

Dentist is great
Anonymous   on 29 Nov 2017  

Great service as always
Mrs J B    on 29 Nov 2017  

Ahmed was really helpful and took on board my concerns and beliefs and gave me good advice
Mrs M M    on 29 Nov 2017  

Efficient friendly service
Mr R D    on 29 Nov 2017  

I have already recommended Laura to my husband! Laura is helpful, patient, kind and very professional.
Anonymous   on 28 Nov 2017  

Well informed non pushy
Ms J H    on 28 Nov 2017  

I have always received first class attention.
Mr S B    on 27 Nov 2017  

The staff are extremely professional and efficient. Laura is an excellent dentist who is very calm, pleasant and has a very reassuring manner for nervous patients. Despite it being a busy practice emergencies are dealt with sympathetically and quickly. The equipment and technologies used is state of the art and high quality.
Mrs S M    on 27 Nov 2017  

So much care is taken to make the patient feel relaxed and comfortable .In my case, the cushion is always ready.I do appreciate that. The treatment is excellent . I am a terribly anxious patient because when I was young going to see the dentist was an ordeal to put it mildly !!!!! Now I never experience pain for which I am so grateful.
Mrs C M    on 25 Nov 2017  

Friendly professional staff.
Mr J O    on 25 Nov 2017  

always a pleasant experience.Laura and her team are always friendly and welcoming...and she is a genius!
Mr A R    on 24 Nov 2017  

The friendly staff
Anonymous   on 23 Nov 2017  

The staff and the price
Anonymous   on 23 Nov 2017  

Excellent, professional staff, who are always friendly and helpful.
Dr N L    on 23 Nov 2017  

Highly professional and very friendly service
Mrs K T    on 23 Nov 2017  

I have confidence in your practice
Mr I W    on 22 Nov 2017  

I have been very pleased with Mark and my treatment so far as I have more appointments to come
Mr P B    on 22 Nov 2017  

Good service, friendly staff.
Mr P S    on 20 Nov 2017  

Staff are fantastic
Miss C L    on 20 Nov 2017  

Because I feel safe, secure and have confidence in Laura when undergoing dental procedures
Mrs J K    on 18 Nov 2017  

Mrs C B    on 18 Nov 2017  

Level of service is excellent
Mrs S C    on 18 Nov 2017  

great service
Anonymous   on 17 Nov 2017  

Very friendly and I feel looked after
Anonymous   on 17 Nov 2017  

Very friendly, helpful and professional
Mr J S    on 17 Nov 2017  

I was offered an appointment at very short notice. Very friendly, caring and professional staff.
Anonymous   on 17 Nov 2017  

I've been coming here for years
Mr S B    on 17 Nov 2017  

Great friendly service
Mrs S L    on 16 Nov 2017  

Caring and trustworthy
Anonymous   on 16 Nov 2017  

Friendly & relaxed atmosphere.
Mr K B    on 15 Nov 2017  

It's a really friendly Dental practice and the dental staff are excellent.
Miss L B    on 15 Nov 2017  

Excellent service as always
Mrs D M    on 15 Nov 2017  

Lovely staff
Anonymous   on 15 Nov 2017  

I was looked after extremely well and was given a full explanation of the treatment I receved
Mr P C    on 15 Nov 2017  

I would let no other dental practice do the kind of work that Laura has done on my aging teeth
Mr M H    on 14 Nov 2017  

A very nice experience,nice people,expert attention.
Mr M E    on 14 Nov 2017  

The fact that I am remembered as an individual and that staff show they care.
Anonymous   on 14 Nov 2017  

Outstanding as always
Mr D F    on 13 Nov 2017  

Crisp and professional from entrance to exit...
Ms G M    on 13 Nov 2017  

Always fantastic service, the team there always make me feel at ease whether I am having a routine hygienist appointment or check up or having a filling repaired as I did today,
Anonymous   on 13 Nov 2017  

Excellent personal service.
Anonymous   on 11 Nov 2017  

Very helpful
Mrs G M    on 11 Nov 2017  

Prompt and efficient service Good communication professional attitude
Ms S L    on 10 Nov 2017  

Quick and easy to get an appointment. Treatment was great, really pleased with the results.
Mrs M P    on 10 Nov 2017  

Efficient, caring staff at all levels.
Mrs J E    on 09 Nov 2017  

Quite clearly your practice is close to where l live is great but apart from your locality the dentist l am under is brilliant and the nursing staff.
Mr E D    on 09 Nov 2017  

Friendly and reliable
Anonymous   on 09 Nov 2017  

My treatment was explained to me in a friendly and professional manner so I felt relaxed and comfortable
Mrs S O    on 09 Nov 2017  

Marks individual attention.
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

Welcoming,polite, efficient,clean and professional.
Anonymous   on 08 Nov 2017  

always friendly and professional
Mr S B    on 08 Nov 2017  

Mark makes me feel at ease and explains everything clearly.
Mrs A K    on 07 Nov 2017  

Great dental team, not only in their technical expertise but also their manner and people-friendly approach to patients.
Anonymous   on 07 Nov 2017  

I have always had excellent service and good advice.
Anonymous   on 06 Nov 2017  

Excellent service.
Anonymous   on 06 Nov 2017  

You go above and beyond in your service. Can't speak highly enough of the team.
Miss L K    on 05 Nov 2017  

Excellent service
Mr P W    on 04 Nov 2017  

Laura and her team are the nicest of people who are always happy and friendly. I've used a few dentists in Beckenham and this is the best by far.
Mr A C    on 03 Nov 2017  

Welcoming team, easy to book
Miss B H    on 02 Nov 2017  

I remain very happy with the service provided.
Anonymous   on 01 Nov 2017  

I feel that they care about me as an individual and help me to guard against dental problems, but if and when the need for treatment arises, I will have confidence in their ability to advise me well and do what is necessary to resolve any problems!
Mr R P    on 01 Nov 2017  

Great customer service from the front desk to the dentist chair. You are listened to & treatments are carried out with gentleness & to the highest standard.
Anonymous   on 01 Nov 2017  

Second to none service
Mr M V    on 31 Oct 2017  

friendly staff and very clean environment
Anonymous   on 31 Oct 2017  

Friendly efficient service
Mrs P T    on 31 Oct 2017  

Seen on time and friendly staff
Mrs L E    on 30 Oct 2017  

Great, friendly team.
Mr S S    on 30 Oct 2017  

Mark is the best dentist that I have had in my short 65 years
Mr P R    on 29 Oct 2017  

Excellent service. Really friendly and great care.
Master S S    on 27 Oct 2017  

High professional service, good customer care
Anonymous   on 27 Oct 2017  

I was recommended this practice several years ago and consequently have passed the recommendation on.
Ms S M    on 26 Oct 2017  

Very professional and good dental practice.
Miss G S    on 25 Oct 2017  

Excellent customer service. Very friendly and professional service.
Mr J P    on 25 Oct 2017  

I have been with the practice for 16 years and always found everyone most helpful. Mark has always fitted me in with any emergency and given good sound advice at all times. Biddie who has cleared my teeth for those 16 years is always full of joy and as I am now moving down to Bournemouth I will miss her cheery banter. Everyone of the reception team again always friendly and obliging . Will miss you all.
Mr P H    on 25 Oct 2017  

very clean clinic and extremely polite dentist
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2017  

Completely trust Laura’s treatment
Anonymous   on 25 Oct 2017  

The service is personal. The staff are so nice they make patients feel at ease. Everything is explained to you before any treatment starts, so no surprises at the end. Highly recommended.
Mr D C    on 24 Oct 2017  

Friendly and professional from appointment staff through to dentist and hygienist
Ms D H    on 24 Oct 2017  

Anonymous   on 24 Oct 2017  

Very friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 21 Oct 2017  

Because Mark was so lovely, put me at ease and gave some great advise.
Miss S L    on 21 Oct 2017  

Staff are always personable and put you at ease while still being very professional
Mrs C W    on 20 Oct 2017  

great service
Mr A R    on 19 Oct 2017  

Felt at ease, no pain and cheaper than dentist my husband currently sees.
Mrs E J    on 19 Oct 2017  

Very professional and able
Anonymous   on 18 Oct 2017  

Competent dental surgeon, lovely environment and appointment at convenient time.
Ms K C    on 18 Oct 2017  

High professional standards
Mr P E    on 18 Oct 2017  

Having not been to the dentist for some 3/4 years, I was concerned as to the amount of work that might be required. My dentist put me at ease immediately and , following a thorough examination, explained the various alternatives available to me in a friendly and pragmatic way.
Mr P C    on 17 Oct 2017  

All the staff are professional, friendly and always welcoming. On each visit I am made to feel like a valued patient who they take time to get to know.
Mrs M W    on 17 Oct 2017  

been going for many years and never had reason to complain
Mr C H    on 16 Oct 2017  

Excellent staff and a professional service.
Anonymous   on 14 Oct 2017  

Pleased with treatment.
Anonymous   on 14 Oct 2017  

The service is professional and friendly. I am always made to feel like an individual, not just another patient in a long and busy day. The treatment I have had has been effective. Last year I needed an emergency appointment for a broken tooth. I was seen very quickly and my broken tooth was soon mended.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2017  

Made to feel comfortable, everything explained in simple terms, informed what was about to take place, good friendly service.
Anonymous   on 13 Oct 2017  

Miriam - hygienist - was as professional, gentle, friendly and supportive as ever. Having being afraid of dental work for decades, I find myself looking forward to appointment s: I know the treatment will be great.
Ms S D    on 12 Oct 2017  

I have been going here since I was a kid and i only have great things to say about the work they do!! Great dentists! Great team!! Great environment!!!
Miss H E    on 12 Oct 2017  

Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 12 Oct 2017  

Very friendly and professional service. Made to feel at ease. Definitely will recommend.
Mrs M P    on 11 Oct 2017  

Clean and tidy staff . good welcome .very clean reception and dental room. And very good dental work .
Mr A W    on 11 Oct 2017  

The usual excellent service from Alison
Anonymous   on 10 Oct 2017  

Very professional and excellent care
Mrs L H    on 10 Oct 2017  

friendly service
Mr P K    on 10 Oct 2017  

Surgery is clean, efficient and welcoming. Treatment was prompt and everything explained well.
Anonymous   on 09 Oct 2017  

Because it’s a brilliant practice
Miss T B    on 09 Oct 2017  

Punctual and friendly service.
Mr J H    on 09 Oct 2017  

Politeness, friendliness and confidence of practitioner.
Mr K C    on 07 Oct 2017  

Friendly and reassuring treatment in clean, comfortable surroundings. Laura very patient and gentle, willing to explain anything.
Mrs A G    on 06 Oct 2017  

Excellent staff and servive.
Mr A H    on 06 Oct 2017  

Excellent service
Mr J A    on 06 Oct 2017  

love having my teeth looked after by Alison and Laura. So professional.
Miss S L    on 06 Oct 2017  

Laura is gentle and professional. She makes you feel comfortable and talks to you. She is very careful and is brilliant at what she does
Mr M S    on 05 Oct 2017  

efficient, welcoming practice
Ms M R    on 05 Oct 2017  

The professionalism of Dr. Lynch ( my dentist) and her team.
Mrs D E    on 05 Oct 2017  

Give Confidence and effecient
Anonymous   on 04 Oct 2017  

Bridget is amazing. Would thoroughly recommend her.
Ms A P    on 04 Oct 2017  

professional staff, clean environment
Mr S M    on 04 Oct 2017  

The treatment was effective, and the dentist was very friendly and professional.
Anonymous   on 03 Oct 2017  

Very friendly, helpful & informative service
Mr I S    on 03 Oct 2017  

The professional and attentive service received by everyone.
Mr P M    on 03 Oct 2017  

Good Service
Anonymous   on 30 Sep 2017  

Lovely, friendly staff. Would make even the most nervous patients relaxed
Miss E B    on 29 Sep 2017  

Always professional and good service
Miss P W    on 29 Sep 2017  

Friendly staff. Efficient service. I have recommended the practice to other on many occasions.
Mrs I S    on 29 Sep 2017  

I needed an urgent appt due to painful toothache I was given an appt later that morning - absolutely no hassle obtaining the appt The receptionist could not have been more helpful and dentist was exemplary
Anonymous   on 29 Sep 2017  

Excellent service lovely staff and very clean surgery.
Mr C O    on 28 Sep 2017  

I have been consistently very happy with the service over many years.
Anonymous   on 28 Sep 2017  

As always you are made to feel at ease with your comfort & care being the priority
Mr A L    on 28 Sep 2017  

I have been with Laura for a long time and have no plan to find another dentist.
Mrs A C    on 28 Sep 2017  

Feel comfortable with every aspects of the practice
Mrs J R    on 27 Sep 2017  

Kind and welcoming team makes one feel totally at ease.
Anonymous   on 27 Sep 2017  

Everyone is very friendly as well as professional
Mrs J A    on 26 Sep 2017  

Excellent service delivered with care and efficiency.
Mrs J B    on 26 Sep 2017  

very very competent outfit
Mr G G    on 26 Sep 2017  

The staff are friendly and helpful
Anonymous   on 25 Sep 2017  

I am confident the ,I am receiving the best treatment available in a clean friendly practice.
Mrs J F    on 25 Sep 2017  

The team are very friendly and the treatment is superb.,
Mrs E E    on 25 Sep 2017  

Miriam was so thorough, friendly and encouraging. She also caused me no pain at all, quite an achievement for a hygienist.
Mrs H P    on 22 Sep 2017  

Always a friendly and efficient service from everyone at the Practice
Mr P R    on 22 Sep 2017  

Excellent patient care. My son and I see Laura and have been extremely happy with the dental care and advice provided.
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2017  

The care is excellent and the practice is well organised and efficient
Anonymous   on 22 Sep 2017  

Proffesional, knowligable, focused on me as a patient.
Mr T B    on 21 Sep 2017  

The practice is welcoming, comfortable and efficient oh....and excellent denticians.
Anonymous   on 21 Sep 2017  

I always say the same things about this practice: they are friendly, kind, thoughtful and treat me very well indeed. Everyone knows my name and I feel welcome every time I go there.
Miss L W    on 21 Sep 2017  

Painless filling today with fantastic advice
Mrs T J    on 20 Sep 2017  

Very fair, Treatment choices explained clearly. Very personable
Miss S R    on 20 Sep 2017  

Professional and Friendly service
Anonymous   on 20 Sep 2017  

Amazing staff always have a smile on their faces.
Mr C D    on 19 Sep 2017  

Great customer service
Mr D C    on 19 Sep 2017  

Friendly professional service - always make me feel looked after and I trust the advice and care im given
Anonymous   on 18 Sep 2017  

Clean. Polite. Friendly
Anonymous   on 17 Sep 2017  

Friendly welcoming calming caring staff. Clean premises.
Miss A W    on 16 Sep 2017  

I completely trust the advice given,
Anonymous   on 16 Sep 2017  

Efficient and friendly
Mrs F N    on 15 Sep 2017  

Friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 15 Sep 2017  

I find all the practice team very helpful and caring.
Mrs B C    on 15 Sep 2017  

Excellent service
Mr J E    on 14 Sep 2017  

Great service
Mr M E    on 14 Sep 2017  

The friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm of all the staff.
Mrs C N    on 13 Sep 2017  

Laura is fantastic. Very efficient and friendly.
Anonymous   on 13 Sep 2017  

Comfortable, informative & helpful session
Mr I S    on 13 Sep 2017  

Always provides a professional and pleasant service
Mr M G    on 13 Sep 2017  

It's a good surgery with good staff
Mr M C    on 08 Sep 2017  

Very friendly staff
Mrs C W    on 04 Sep 2017  

Quality of the dentists work is excellent Mark has extremely pleasant reassuring manner extremely professional
Dr P D    on 04 Sep 2017  

Warmth of welcome but at the same time professional approach. Easy access to the Surgery.with available buses and parking facility.
Ms P J    on 02 Sep 2017  

I was very nervous about seeing the dental hygienist after a bad experience at a different dentist. The lady I saw was really lovely an d made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommended this practice .
Miss J H    on 02 Sep 2017  

Excellent care and consideration taken to the customer.
Mr S H    on 01 Sep 2017  

Dr Lynch was very thourough in her examination as I am a first time patient to the practice. The Receptionist and nurse were very personable.
Mr P M    on 01 Sep 2017  

Splendid consistent service for over 20 years.
Mr R D    on 31 Aug 2017  

That I feel that my dental problems are well looked after, the dentist takes time to explain options and reasoning behind recommendations which installs trust in me
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2017  

Trust the professionalism of practitioners
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2017  

Mark and the girls on the desk were kind helpful as they usually are
Mrs H L    on 30 Aug 2017  

Fantastic staff
Anonymous   on 30 Aug 2017  

Quality of care and attention
Anonymous   on 29 Aug 2017  

Nice atmosphere, excellent decor always clean and fresh. Very pleasant staff. Excellent level of care.
Mrs C K    on 29 Aug 2017  

Lovely staff and great service
Miss E P    on 29 Aug 2017  

Professional / super organised / answer phone immediately, efficient, pleasant and friendly. CLEAN !!!
Ms G M    on 29 Aug 2017  

The hygienist did a good job and gave me useful advice.
Anonymous   on 28 Aug 2017  

As always, excellent, friendly and professional service.
Anonymous   on 27 Aug 2017  

Highly efficient and personal service.
Anonymous   on 26 Aug 2017  

Highly professional and personalised care
Mr M B    on 25 Aug 2017  

Excellent service and lovely staff
Mr G C    on 25 Aug 2017  

Friendly staff made me feel at ease.
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2017  

I trust Laura
Miss A A    on 24 Aug 2017  

I received a very professional service and treatment
Miss S L    on 24 Aug 2017  

Professional and also friendly.
Mr M C    on 24 Aug 2017  

Helpful, friendly practitioner
Anonymous   on 24 Aug 2017  

More than just a check up this time and I am the age group with bad childhood memories of the school dentist. As usual, superb, expert treatment from Laura.
Mrs B L    on 24 Aug 2017  

Very polite professional team
Anonymous   on 23 Aug 2017  

I am confident I will be getting good treatment when I need it.
Graham H    on 23 Aug 2017  

Very professional staff members. Always a warm welcome, and as a nervous patient I feel immediately at ease.
Mr C B    on 23 Aug 2017  

The reason for my answer is quite simple the practice Is very professional and lmportantly very friendly and you Feel at ease and very up to date equipment wise.
Mr E D    on 23 Aug 2017  

Because everything was easy. I felt totally relaxed talking about my teeth and smile and any anxiety just slipped away. I feel the pricing is right and you are being treated fairly and that you are welcome. I need to get my partner to come who says he is terrified of dentists!
Anonymous   on 23 Aug 2017  

Attentive. Everything explained in detail so I could understand all the possible options. Patient as I get nervous at dentists. Best dentist Ive been in England so far. Wouldnt go to any other 100% recommendable
Anonymous   on 22 Aug 2017  

Treatment was punctual,very efficient without too much pain. I was made to feel comfortable. Any questions I asked were answered fully and so I did not feel anxious.
Anonymous   on 22 Aug 2017  

Great service
Mr M C    on 22 Aug 2017  

Mark explains all details to you so you know exactly what needs to be done. Everyone in the practice is very friendly and helpful!
Miss A M    on 22 Aug 2017  

The general response both on the phone and at every level of customer care I experienced. They weee all professional and efficient through out.
Mr P J    on 21 Aug 2017  

I received excellent care
Mrs L H    on 20 Aug 2017  

Very friendly and professional
Mrs S W    on 20 Aug 2017  

The staff nurses and dentist are very friendly making you feel comfortable and at ease. When with the dentist all is discussed and any dental work you are told what is going on and why it its being done. We have been with this practice many years and although now live nearly 2 hour drive away, we wouldn't think of changing to someone local
Anonymous   on 20 Aug 2017  

Very professional.
Anonymous   on 19 Aug 2017  

Friendly and efficient service. Reception team always happy and very helpful. Appointment is always on time never have to wait.
Anonymous   on 19 Aug 2017  

Have been coming for so long would not like to change due to the quality of service .
Mrs S M    on 19 Aug 2017  

Great service, great people
Mr R B    on 18 Aug 2017  

Very efficient and excellent work
Ms C T    on 18 Aug 2017  

As usual, the whole appointment was carried out with friendly professionalism. Cannot fault Laura and her team at all.
Mrs J B    on 18 Aug 2017  

Welcoming, warm, professional, informative and trustworthy.
Miss K T    on 18 Aug 2017  

Very relaxed athmospere and friendly staff
Mrs M S    on 18 Aug 2017  

Very friendly staff
Master A A    on 18 Aug 2017  

excellent service
Mr W T F    on 17 Aug 2017  

Always the ultimate professionals with an amazing friendly manner
Mr G M    on 10 Aug 2017  

Very happy with my treatment.
Ms C M    on 10 Aug 2017  

Myriam is wonderful!
Mrs S C    on 10 Aug 2017  

Very pleasant staff providing good treatment
Mr D B    on 09 Aug 2017  

Complete trust in dental care and pragmatic advice provided.
Mr M V    on 09 Aug 2017  

I had an emergency appointment and my problem was addressed immediately
Miss S B    on 09 Aug 2017  

Excellent dentist and hygienist whom I really trust.
Mrs B N    on 09 Aug 2017  

Every aspect from reminders through reception is so good not to mention the excellent treatment. All round first rate.
Mrs M A    on 09 Aug 2017  

Very gentle and caring clinicians.
Mrs B J    on 08 Aug 2017  

always happy to visit the dentist
Miss R H    on 08 Aug 2017  

Quality of advice, guidance and professionalism
Anonymous   on 07 Aug 2017  

Confidence in the professionalism at the surgery.
Mrs J P    on 07 Aug 2017  

I have trust in dental team staff friendly treatment rooms clean and hygienic
Mrs J F    on 07 Aug 2017  

I trust Mark with all of our teeth and know he is looking after them brilliantly.
Monty N    on 07 Aug 2017  

Everything about the Practice is pleasing. I love the decor and it's calming colour palette and the lovely receptionist with the beautiful voice. Above all I have a great deal of confidence and trust in Mark and feel myself to be in very good hands each time I come.
Mrs H M    on 07 Aug 2017  

perfect and professional service
Mr J P    on 07 Aug 2017  

Always so friendly and professional. Everyone is always so attentive to nerves and pain that people feel. I recommend everyone I know
Miss G C    on 07 Aug 2017  

From the receptionists through to the dental staff, all are helpful, friendly and professional and always put you at your ease regarding the procedures they will be performing.
Anonymous   on 06 Aug 2017  

service is excellent and staff very friendly
Mr A R    on 05 Aug 2017  

I cannot think of a reason not to recommend this Practise, it is top class in every respect
Mrs D K    on 05 Aug 2017  

Excellent professional service.
Mr R K    on 02 Aug 2017  

Laura is an exceptional communicator and professional.
Anonymous   on 02 Aug 2017  

Friendly, knowledgeable and they care
Mr P C    on 01 Aug 2017  

You receive excellent service, staff are welcoming and friendly. Information is clearly explained and detailed if further treatment is required. You feel at ease, ideal practice for people who fear visiting a Dentist.
Mr D C    on 01 Aug 2017  

All the staff are very friendly and welcoming but, at the same time, extremely professional - making you feel welcome and reassured from the moment you step through the door.
Mr P B    on 01 Aug 2017  

Friendly & professional practice
Mr R B    on 01 Aug 2017  

Excellent standard of care
Ms A G    on 01 Aug 2017  

Always receive first class service.
Mr S B    on 31 Jul 2017  

I am very happy with the professional treatment and service I received
Ms D H    on 31 Jul 2017  

Was very good at explaing and understanding my condition and put my mind at rest
Mr M W    on 31 Jul 2017  

I saw Biddy and I was very happy with her work. She explained everything she did. Very professional job!
Ms I M    on 31 Jul 2017  

Great patient care.
Mr S D    on 31 Jul 2017  

I am greeted by name, I am seen on time, everything about my treatment is explained to me.
Anonymous   on 28 Jul 2017  

Competent and affable service
Anonymous   on 28 Jul 2017  

Laura is excellent. She has an extremely lovely manner and she makes you feel at ease.
Ms R H    on 28 Jul 2017  

Always friendly and made to feel welcome
Mrs L P    on 27 Jul 2017  

I've been a patient at your practice for a number of years and have always felt calm, looked after, and had in excellent standard of care provided. You've also provide excellent care to my son.
Mr M W    on 27 Jul 2017  

good quick service
Miss R F    on 25 Jul 2017  

Friendly slick operation,as good as it gets.
Mr M E    on 25 Jul 2017  

Very friendly practice - every appointment I have had the treatment is always explained thoroughly and recommended but have never felt pressured.
Mrs A D    on 25 Jul 2017  

Already have! Superb practice, highly skilled, friendly and fair prices (always given in advance).
Mr M L    on 25 Jul 2017  

Feel comfortable going there.
Mr E B    on 25 Jul 2017  

Friendly, efficient
Mrs A B    on 25 Jul 2017  

Helpful, friendly and interested in me as an individual, took time to discuss my requirements/needs.
Anonymous   on 24 Jul 2017  

Kind, caring friendly gentle helpful staff
Miss A W    on 20 Jul 2017  

Very professional service, and a well run business.
Anonymous   on 20 Jul 2017  

Friendly staff and good service.
Anonymous   on 20 Jul 2017  

Would not hesitate to recommend.
Mr G P    on 20 Jul 2017  

Very friendly and professional staff, and a good service provided.
Anonymous   on 20 Jul 2017  

I have the upmost trust in Laura and Bridget.
Anonymous   on 19 Jul 2017  

100% confidence in Laura
Mr C W    on 18 Jul 2017  

Myriam is an excellent hygienest and has a professional and friendly approach to her patients.
Miss R J    on 17 Jul 2017  

Professional service.
Anonymous   on 13 Jul 2017  

Marvellous service, not hurried and everything explained in detail
Mr L N    on 12 Jul 2017  

A friendly, pleasant experience!
Anonymous   on 12 Jul 2017  

Have had fabulous treatment over the years therefore am happy to recommend
Miss P W    on 12 Jul 2017  

Alison is excellent
Mr P T    on 12 Jul 2017  

It is a caring professional practice
Mrs T J    on 11 Jul 2017  

Always had excellent care, highly professional yet friendly, very clean
Anonymous   on 11 Jul 2017  

Excellent care, advice and explanation of treatment(s)
Mr L S    on 11 Jul 2017  

I always feel treated with respect and as an individual. Staff listen carefully and value the person experience of the patient. All care given very gently and to a very high standard.
Miss M H    on 11 Jul 2017  

Pleasant, friendly and great service
Mrs A B    on 11 Jul 2017  

Everyone, from Reception staff, nursing team to Dentist (Mark) are always very welcoming. Visits almost have a feeling of a 'social' call rather than a required service.
Mr K D    on 11 Jul 2017  

Because I am very happy with the service provided by the Practice
Mrs H S    on 10 Jul 2017  

Friendly trustworthy staff who always look after you.
Anonymous   on 08 Jul 2017  

Professional manner and efficient service
Mr M V    on 07 Jul 2017  

Professional friendly service
Anonymous   on 07 Jul 2017  

Laura was so friendly and very welcoming. I was nervous as I hadn't visited a dentist for some time but she very much put me at ease. Miriam was equally as lovely and did a great job on my teeth. They both made visiting the dentists an enjoyable experience!
Anonymous   on 07 Jul 2017  

All those I came into contact with were friendly, professional and accommodating. A really positive experience. Lovely and cool on an extremely humid day too.
Ms S P    on 07 Jul 2017  

Excellent treatment & friendly staff.
Anonymous   on 07 Jul 2017  

Dental staff are excellent, professional but friendly
Mrs L M    on 06 Jul 2017  

Mark is very professional, approachable and friendly. I feel very relaxed in the surgery.
Mrs I R    on 06 Jul 2017  

I Have a long relationship with the practice over many years, quality of service and customer care provided has remained high throughout.
Mr A O    on 05 Jul 2017  

Always treated very friendly.
Mrs M M    on 05 Jul 2017  

friendly and professional staff
Miss S T    on 05 Jul 2017  

Expert care and kindness.
Anonymous   on 05 Jul 2017  

WSuch a professional service but homely as well
Mr G N    on 05 Jul 2017  

Because mark is the best!
Miss E M    on 04 Jul 2017  

Very professional and personal service throughout the practice.
Mr M L    on 04 Jul 2017  

efficient and caring treatment as usual
Mrs D L    on 04 Jul 2017  

Friendly, professional service
Mrs L F    on 04 Jul 2017  

Anonymous   on 03 Jul 2017  

Expert treatment in welcoming environment at reasonable cost
Mr S B    on 03 Jul 2017  

Mrs C B    on 02 Jul 2017  

Very professional & friendly service.
Mrs N B    on 30 Jun 2017  

Professional, flexible and friendly service.
Mrs M M    on 30 Jun 2017  

Always an extremely professional and friendly service given. Most Importantly I feel I can trust Laura to provide me and my family with the right dental treatment.
Miss L R    on 30 Jun 2017  

The professional / efficient running of the practice inspires confidence. Genuine smiling reception staff and crisp efficient practitioners. Excellent dental practioners and reasonably priced. The WC is Spotless too.
Anonymous   on 30 Jun 2017  

Mark is really sociable chap, takes the edge off any dental treatment
Mr M T    on 29 Jun 2017  

My emergency dental problem was resolved quickly and efficiently
Miss C W    on 28 Jun 2017  

They are helpful and no delays
Mr M C    on 28 Jun 2017  

Very professional and friendly service
Mrs J B    on 28 Jun 2017  

Highly professional care from friendly staff.
Mr N M    on 28 Jun 2017  

Children were at ease, very professional consultation, parents well informed, easy to book appointments
Anonymous   on 28 Jun 2017  

Friendly service.
Mr D B    on 27 Jun 2017  

Pleasant ambience. Friendly staff
Anonymous   on 26 Jun 2017  

There is a feeling of calm as you arrive. Staff are friendly and professional.
Anonymous   on 25 Jun 2017  

Very efficient, welcoming
Anonymous   on 24 Jun 2017  

Professional,friendly, caring.
Mrs G C    on 23 Jun 2017  

Very professional service
Miss S R    on 23 Jun 2017  

Everything about the practice is wonderful from Laura to Miriam our hygienist and all the girls. Couldn't have better treatment.
Mr P B    on 23 Jun 2017  

always very helpful
Anonymous   on 23 Jun 2017  

The most pleasant, positive and caring people I have come across
Mr J M    on 22 Jun 2017  

Always the ultimate professionals. Been going there for over 20 years
Mr G M    on 22 Jun 2017  

Calm and spotlessly clean practice. Gentle and caring staff.
Anonymous   on 22 Jun 2017  

Because it's the only dental practice I have ever been to where I feel at home. I feel cared for, looked after - and that is priceless.
Miss L W    on 22 Jun 2017  

I was recommended myself and I am very happy and confident with the treatments I have had already.
Ms P S    on 22 Jun 2017  

Tremendous care
Anonymous   on 21 Jun 2017  

I totally trust the advice and treatment given by Laura.
Mrs J M    on 21 Jun 2017  

Good efficient service
Ms C H    on 21 Jun 2017  

Anonymous   on 20 Jun 2017  

They fit you in if you have an emergency and are very knowledgable and friendly
Mr P C    on 20 Jun 2017  

i welcome the constructive feedback from the dental hygienist
Mrs J S    on 19 Jun 2017  

Trust and confidence in Laura
Anonymous   on 19 Jun 2017  

I am very pleased with my treatment.
Anonymous   on 15 Jun 2017  

Would recommend to anybody
Anonymous   on 15 Jun 2017  

Very professional good dentist
Mrs S M    on 14 Jun 2017  

Very friendly, professional people. Felt very relaxed while I was there.
Mrs I R    on 14 Jun 2017  

Warm and friendly welcome to the practise. Laura and Anne are amazing and would make the most nervous patient at ease . I wouldn't go anywhere else
Mrs S D    on 14 Jun 2017  

Can't fault anything or anyone, can;t recommend this practice enough.
Mr N P    on 14 Jun 2017  

Great people, very professional.
Anonymous   on 13 Jun 2017  

The lovely people and service recieved
Mrs H S    on 12 Jun 2017  

The dental team are always very friendly and great with the children, always putting them at ease and encouraging them with their good brushing!
Master A B    on 12 Jun 2017  

Very friendly staff. Lovely clean and bright premises. Professional practitioners.
Mr G T    on 12 Jun 2017  

Best dental care I've ever had. Everyone at the practice is kind and courteous.
Anonymous   on 10 Jun 2017  

Good service, very pleasant.
Mr A B    on 09 Jun 2017  

Great team.
Mr D G    on 09 Jun 2017  

Excellent customer service and caring nature catered to the needs of their patients
Mrs J T    on 08 Jun 2017  

Professionalism and courtesy always
Ms J N    on 08 Jun 2017  

The best Dentist in the South of England :)
Anonymous   on 08 Jun 2017  

Mr B H    on 08 Jun 2017  

The patients well being is always the main priority
Mr A L    on 08 Jun 2017  

Friendly, professional and thorough
Mrs P J    on 07 Jun 2017  

Very friendly & professional staff. Eager to put patients at ease and make appointment booking very easy with text reminders. Emergencies are prioritised & options discussed.
Mr K D    on 07 Jun 2017  

I was desperate to have a procedure done I was given an appt immediately to attend the next day
Ms E T    on 07 Jun 2017  

Quality care
Anonymous   on 06 Jun 2017  

It is a friendly, professional practice. Always seen on time
Anonymous   on 06 Jun 2017  

Excellent professional friendly service.
Mr R K    on 06 Jun 2017  

excellent treatment
Mr N H    on 06 Jun 2017  

This is a lovely practice with fantastic dental expertise, friendly and well informed members of staff.
Mrs S W    on 06 Jun 2017  

Friendly professional service, always.
Anonymous   on 06 Jun 2017  

Good quality service, goo availability, reasonably priced.
Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2017  

Friendly staff all round. Very quickly seen to. Dentist was thorough with his examination and very helpful/polite with his advice and recommendations
Anonymous   on 02 Jun 2017  

Very happy with dental care provided
Miss R F    on 01 Jun 2017  

Good understanding of needs. Clear explanations. Discussion of options.
Mrs P P    on 31 May 2017  

Excellent and friendly service
Mr R D    on 31 May 2017  

Mrs Y H    on 31 May 2017  

Everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable.
Anonymous   on 31 May 2017  

Friendly efficient staff
Mrs J B    on 30 May 2017  

Confidence that the dentist knows hat the problem is and how to fix it while not hiding the likely cost
Mr N W    on 30 May 2017  

I have a real phobia at the dentist and always feel relaxed when I am with Laura
Mrs C S    on 30 May 2017  

Excellent service by all staff. Costs lower than some other dentists. Work only done if really necessary.
Anonymous   on 27 May 2017  

Staff is very professional, friendly and helpful.
Mrs K H    on 26 May 2017  

Great practice. Online booking a useful service and have never had issues.
Anonymous   on 26 May 2017  

Friendly, clean and professional
Anonymous   on 25 May 2017  

I have had extremely satisfactory visits and I have not had any problems over the last twenty five years.
Mr H A    on 25 May 2017  

Everyone at the practice is pleasant and helpful
Mrs J J    on 25 May 2017  

In general happy with service , fitting me in when urgent treatment needed!
Mrs M V    on 24 May 2017  

Laura was friendly, kind, patient and gave good constructive advice
Mrs H P    on 24 May 2017  

I was very anxious, this being my first dentist visit for thirty years. From the very beginning everyone at the practice was understanding and patient and the dentist explained everything in a very sympathetic manner. I believe everyone, from the receptionists to the dentist care about what they do so would be happy to recommend.
Anonymous   on 24 May 2017  

Excellent treatment and a welcoming and efficient clinic
Ms R M    on 23 May 2017  

Mrs K S    on 23 May 2017  

Had a very professional and welcoming experience
Anonymous   on 23 May 2017  

Because the practice is excellent in every respect
Mr P A    on 22 May 2017  

Great staff , no forced sales , just honest feedback.
Mr T B    on 22 May 2017  

Dentist was really good and had excellent knowledge and advice
Mr M C    on 22 May 2017  

Already have recommended you 1st class service.
Anonymous   on 20 May 2017  

Friendly, professional. My family have been with this dentist for a long time, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Mrs G C    on 19 May 2017  

Laura is great. So friendly; really empathises and reassures you!
Anonymous   on 19 May 2017  

Made to feel welcome at reception, clinician friendly, knowledgeable, caring & helpful.
Anonymous   on 19 May 2017  

From entering, the receptionists were very welcoming and even thou one was on the phone she made eye contact and smiled. Her colleague attened to me immediately.
Anonymous   on 19 May 2017  

Never less than 100%
Mr S B    on 18 May 2017  

I am quite a nervous patient and Dr Lynch made me feel at ease straight away.
Mr C B    on 18 May 2017  

Over the years I have come to trust Laura and the practice and trust is a big issue for me, especially with something as intimate as the inside of my mouth!
Mr A L    on 18 May 2017  

very welcoming and as a very nervous patient was but at ease.
Mr L T    on 17 May 2017  

Prompt & pleasant service.
Mr K B    on 17 May 2017  

It's a great dental practice, clean, friendly & professional
Mr T N    on 17 May 2017  

They are always friendly and give excellent advice.
Mr I O    on 16 May 2017  

We love Mark and Allison
Miss W B    on 16 May 2017  

Very caring and accepting atmoshere. Gentle approach and trustworthy.
Mrs B C    on 16 May 2017  

Welcoming reception. Doctor listens,knows his stuff and honest.
Anonymous   on 16 May 2017  

Friendly, clean, and I was well looked after.
Anonymous   on 15 May 2017  

You are made to feel very welcome & the standard of care is excellent.
Mrs L C    on 15 May 2017  

Both Laura and her assistant were excellent as usual always very patient with me.
Mrs R M    on 15 May 2017  

Very friendly, professional and thorough patient care
Miss L J    on 11 May 2017  

Dr Lynch and her team members are always very professional and helpful. They completely put you at your ease and give really useful advice. They will do their utmost to make your visit a good experience.
Mrs E W    on 11 May 2017  

Good service and experience
Ms D H    on 11 May 2017  

Laura Lynch is very pleasant and able.
Anonymous   on 11 May 2017  

Very professional and friendly.
Ms S B    on 10 May 2017  

Great service,with a smile..
Mrs P C    on 10 May 2017  

Laura really puts you at ease
Anonymous   on 09 May 2017  

Always prompt, professional and good patient care
Master N S    on 08 May 2017  

Very friendly staff also up to date equipment. Above all good dentists and hygienist (Miriam).
Mrs M S    on 06 May 2017  

Friendly atmosphere, professional
Mr K N    on 06 May 2017  

Friendly, caring attitude and wide knowledge. Make you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Miss A W    on 05 May 2017  

I trust the staff at the practice as they are competent and efficient.
Mr P M    on 05 May 2017  

I have a big needle fear! Laura and her team always make me feel at ease and Laura always takes her time and fully understands my fear which has helped me so much!
Mr L H    on 04 May 2017  

Staff are brilliant - polite, sensitive to age of patient and generally very kind and caring. They have the personal touch remembering each patient by name and asking pertinent questions relevant to previous visits.
Miss E S    on 04 May 2017  

I had a minor emergency and the practice was able to see me quickly. The problem was solved in a short space of time in the usual calm, professional manner.
Anonymous   on 04 May 2017  

Professional, caring and friendly team.
Mrs I R    on 03 May 2017  

I was able to change my appointment very easily. I am always treated very well. Appointments are on time - no lengthy waiting.
Anonymous   on 03 May 2017  

Very friendly, professional man who put me at my ease
Ms N B    on 03 May 2017  

Professional and caring team.Excellent all round.
Mr M C    on 03 May 2017  

Always had the best of professional attention.
Anonymous   on 03 May 2017  

always have great care
Mrs R R    on 02 May 2017  

The dentist was excellent and all the staff were friendly and efficient.
Anonymous   on 01 May 2017  

It's a very good practice with great dentist
Mrs S P    on 29 Apr 2017  

The care and attention I always receive is top class.
Anonymous   on 28 Apr 2017  

I say this every time: the warm welcome and the adaptability of the staff.
Miss L W    on 28 Apr 2017  

Welcoming atmosphere, kind and helpful staff. I have confidence that I am getting really good treatment on my dental health.
Miss M E    on 28 Apr 2017  

Always have exceptional service from friendly and professional staff
Anonymous   on 28 Apr 2017  

Friendly caring professionals
Mr J D    on 28 Apr 2017  

Nice staff and premises
Anonymous   on 27 Apr 2017  

Friendly and also professional.
Mr M C    on 27 Apr 2017  

The reasonable prices and cleanliness and everyone is really friendly
Miss K N    on 27 Apr 2017  

care and attention shown
Mrs D N    on 26 Apr 2017  

Mark considers and discusses the options available before treatment. I feel very confident with him.
Mr K C    on 26 Apr 2017  

My dentist explains exactly what he will do, treats me like a person not just a mouth with teeth. Most importantly he is an excellent dentist. I have recommended my son to this practice, he has had one appointment to date
Mrs M W    on 26 Apr 2017  

Always friendly and helpful
Mrs L D    on 26 Apr 2017  

Friendly and competent staff
Anonymous   on 25 Apr 2017  

Best dental practice I've ever been to. Excellent service.
Anonymous   on 25 Apr 2017  

Friendly staff , efficient service.
Anonymous   on 25 Apr 2017  

The staff are very friendly and make you feel welcomed and relaxed. They are very thorough and don't suggest unnecessary work. The treatment rooms are bright, light and clean. I would highly recommend this dental practice.
Anonymous   on 25 Apr 2017  

Patient care is their top priority
Mrs B J    on 25 Apr 2017  

Have already recommended your practice to friends.
Mrs F C    on 13 Apr 2017  

Lovely, and very helpful staff.
Ms B N    on 10 Apr 2017  

I've been coming for some years and never received less than 100% service.
Mr B S    on 06 Apr 2017  

Quick response to request for urgent appointment and very clear information about treatment options.
Anonymous   on 05 Apr 2017  

Professional, friendly and punctual service.
Anonymous   on 03 Apr 2017  

I think the practice is great, everyone I've seen has been excellent
Miss T V    on 03 Apr 2017  

Great service
Mr H G    on 31 Mar 2017  

Confidence in dentist
Mrs G P    on 31 Mar 2017  

Dr lynch is a calm confident dentist
Mrs R M    on 30 Mar 2017  

Friendly efficient staff.
Mrs M K    on 30 Mar 2017  

Staff are very friendly and my dentist Laura is amazing and always makes me feel at ease.
Anonymous   on 30 Mar 2017  

Friendly Staff
Anonymous   on 30 Mar 2017  

Staff are friendly and supportive towards nervous patients. Never feel rushed and treatments are always explained. I feel like the dentists really do care about their patients.
Anonymous   on 29 Mar 2017  

Always receive excellent treatment
Mrs N J    on 29 Mar 2017  

Always efficient and friendly
Anonymous   on 28 Mar 2017  

Excellent service.
Mr G G    on 27 Mar 2017  

Friendliest helpful and efficient
Anonymous   on 27 Mar 2017  

Professional care and as I have been attending for years everyone is kind and friendly
Mrs P K    on 24 Mar 2017  

The dentist Dr Laura Lynch is exceptionally attuned to if you are suffering anxiety during an appointment and she goes out of her way to Make you feel comfortable. Dr Lynch is also super professional and gentle in her examinations.
Anonymous   on 24 Mar 2017  

friendly staff and effecient work
Anonymous   on 23 Mar 2017  

great friendly service, appointments on time
Mrs C L    on 22 Mar 2017  

Friendly and professional service
Anonymous   on 21 Mar 2017  

Really kind and considerate team.
Anonymous   on 21 Mar 2017  

I love this team, always look after the clients, make you feel at ease. Never do unnecessary dental work.
Anonymous   on 20 Mar 2017  

Overall, the service is excellent. I can't imagine feeling more comfortable at any other dentist.
Mrs S K    on 20 Mar 2017  

Efficient and pleasant staff.
Mrs A K    on 17 Mar 2017  

Because Laura is absolutely brilliant dentist and I have complete trust that she will do a top class job.
Miss B C    on 17 Mar 2017  

lovely staff
Anonymous   on 17 Mar 2017  

The care, attention, efficiency and friendliness of the staff
Miss M S    on 16 Mar 2017  

Helpful, friendly staff
Miss S D    on 16 Mar 2017  

Welcoming & friendly staff
Mrs C N    on 15 Mar 2017  

Practice listens to you and make you feel comfortable.
Mrs Y J    on 15 Mar 2017  

Laura and her team are incredibly professional, friendly and skilled. I've been scared of dentist for many years and I am completely fine with going now.
Ms D S    on 15 Mar 2017  

Happy with the service
Mrs D M    on 15 Mar 2017  

Extremely good and gentle treatment. Friendly people.
Mrs H S    on 14 Mar 2017  

20 years of good service
Anonymous   on 14 Mar 2017  

Very professional and calm
Mr G J    on 14 Mar 2017  

Professional and friendly service
Anonymous   on 13 Mar 2017  

Very thorough
Miss W A    on 13 Mar 2017  

Whole experience good
Mrs S J    on 11 Mar 2017  

Friendly staff that make you feel comfortable in the practice. Appointments run to time.
Mrs W L    on 10 Mar 2017  

Thorough & professional service & patient care
Anonymous   on 09 Mar 2017  

excellent treatment
Mr H N    on 09 Mar 2017  

I feel I receive excellent treatment and advice.
Mrs S V    on 09 Mar 2017  

All the people who work at Dental Care are so nice, really nice
Mr C B    on 07 Mar 2017  

very happy with service
Mr H C    on 07 Mar 2017  

I feel extremely comfortable with Bridget.
Ms M S    on 07 Mar 2017  

Very professional, efficient and caring
Anonymous   on 06 Mar 2017  

Service is great, friendly and professional.
Anonymous   on 06 Mar 2017  

Laura is just so good!!
Mr H M    on 03 Mar 2017  

The environment and staff are excellent
Mrs H G    on 02 Mar 2017  

Just such a friendly group of staff
Mr P N    on 02 Mar 2017  

Laura is always friendly, efficient and professional.
Mrs P J    on 01 Mar 2017  

Because of the friendly and high quality of service
Mrs K J    on 01 Mar 2017  

I am very happy with the service and treatment received at the dental practice.
Mrs K K    on 01 Mar 2017  

Super efficient
Mr G G    on 01 Mar 2017  

The excellent service and advice
Mr N G    on 28 Feb 2017  

Friendly caring and efficient clinicians
Mrs B J    on 27 Feb 2017  

Always a great service.
Anonymous   on 27 Feb 2017  

Always feel comfortable and at ease
Mrs K S    on 25 Feb 2017  

Good service in a comfortable atmosphere
Mr B K    on 25 Feb 2017  

Very good service.Everything is done to put the patient at ease and everything is explained in an intelligible way. The receptionists are also helpful.
Mr F P    on 25 Feb 2017  

All staff are very friendly and helpful. Dentist and hygienist are professional and very experienced. I never feel worried about going to the practice even if more treatment is required. I always receive a clear and helpful explanation of what is wrong and needs to be done.
Ms D C    on 25 Feb 2017  

Amer provided a professional and reassuring attitude and without any fuss extracted my loose tooth without causing any pain.
Mr T G    on 25 Feb 2017  

Feel that Laura is very professional and understands her work and her patients really well. Her nurse also provides a very professional support and I feel well looked after.
Mrs M R    on 22 Feb 2017  

Ease of getting an appointment and quick resolution
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

Everything was totally as it should be.
Mr B S    on 22 Feb 2017  

This is an extremely friendly, supportive and professional dental practice.
Mrs D A    on 22 Feb 2017  

Excellent care from good people
Anonymous   on 22 Feb 2017  

Friendly atmosphere where you are made to feel comfortable at all times
Mr L A    on 22 Feb 2017  

personal care
Anonymous   on 21 Feb 2017  

Friendly; caring; professional competence; no pain.
Mr J P    on 21 Feb 2017  

very friendly staff
Mr H G    on 21 Feb 2017  

Friendly, caring and welcoming
Mrs D A    on 21 Feb 2017  

As always, the amazing service Laura and her team give cannot be beaten. In this instance Laura provided the reassurance that I needed at this time. My family and I feel we are extremely lucky to have Laura as our dentist. Always singing the practices praises to all and sundry!
Mrs B J    on 17 Feb 2017  

My family and I have been with this dental practice for over 15 years and they are great. Everything you would want a dental practice to be.
Mrs C G    on 17 Feb 2017  

Very friendly team, great with children.
Miss B E    on 15 Feb 2017  

65 years of experience of dental practice
Mr D R    on 14 Feb 2017  

All round extremely positive experience. Excellent patient care. Laura goes the extra mile to make her patients feel looked after.
Anonymous   on 14 Feb 2017  

Quality of care and friendliness of staff.
Anonymous   on 13 Feb 2017  

Very professional and friendly. All work done is to great standards.
Anonymous   on 10 Feb 2017  

Very good service
Anonymous   on 09 Feb 2017  

Professional , pleasant nice
Mr S P    on 09 Feb 2017  

I do recommend the practice to firends..Have every confidence in Laura and her team.
Mrs C P    on 08 Feb 2017  

Laura doesn't hurt ! Very friendly, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere all around.
Mrs H S    on 08 Feb 2017  

trust in Laura.
Anonymous   on 08 Feb 2017  

I always enjoy my visits. Mark is very friendly and approachable as are all the staff.
Anonymous   on 07 Feb 2017  

Very friendly,professional practice
Miss M E    on 07 Feb 2017  

Just a lovely practice.. best I have used
Miss C L    on 07 Feb 2017  

Friendly efficient on time
Mrs K J    on 05 Feb 2017  

They are competent, convenient and friendly.
Mr M P    on 04 Feb 2017  

The reception area is very calm to start with which is good for patients who really don't like attending the dentist. My visitswith Laura have been amazing, everything is explained in detail, I have never had any problems and know I will be getting the best treatment possible. I also findLaura's assistant very pleasant and confident, would recommend this dental practise to friends and relatives.
Mrs B C    on 03 Feb 2017  

A high quality practice offering excellent service
Anonymous   on 03 Feb 2017  

Because the dentist and especially the hygienist I had today are extremely good, make me feel comfortable (I am terrified having to attend through previous experiences with other dentists) and the treatment I receive is of a high quality
Mrs F S    on 02 Feb 2017  

very friendly and polite.
Mrs B N    on 02 Feb 2017  

The treatment-always first class and highly professional. The staff-always first class and everyone with a friendly greeting and smile. The ambience-always first class and a calm and collected atmosphere.
Mr J D    on 02 Feb 2017  

Excellent service all round.
Mrs A M    on 02 Feb 2017  

The hygienist was gentle and knowledgeable.
Anonymous   on 01 Feb 2017  

Professional and spotlessly clean throughout
Anonymous   on 01 Feb 2017  

Very friendly, professional and attentive service.
Anonymous   on 01 Feb 2017  

Consistent friendly and high quality service
Anonymous   on 01 Feb 2017  

All the staff are very friendly and professional
Anonymous   on 31 Jan 2017  

Prompt, courteous effective treatment. Not rushed and interest in broader health shown.
Miss H M    on 31 Jan 2017  

The service provided is always friendly and everything is always explained in detail. You are always made to feel at ease.
Mr L A    on 31 Jan 2017  

clean professional practice
Mrs S K    on 30 Jan 2017  

The staff and dentists are professional and caring
Ms M C    on 30 Jan 2017  

Everyone at the practice is very friendly and professional. And reassuringly, I've never felt that they do unnecessary work.They do an excellent job.
Anonymous   on 28 Jan 2017  

An excellent dental practice
Mr C M    on 27 Jan 2017  

Staff are attentive and do not make me feel hurried.
Anonymous   on 27 Jan 2017  

Professional and welcoming.
Anonymous   on 26 Jan 2017  

Great people!
Mr D T    on 24 Jan 2017  

I am very happy with the treatment received. Excellent
Anonymous   on 24 Jan 2017  

I have total trust in the treatment I receive.
Mrs B A    on 24 Jan 2017  

I have been with you a long time and trust Mark as a very good dentist.
Miss M R    on 23 Jan 2017  

The practice is professional and friendly.
Anonymous   on 22 Jan 2017  

Friendly and gentle!
Mrs B A    on 21 Jan 2017  

Because I received the treatment I needed with a lot of reassurance and minimum discomfort.
Mrs H M    on 21 Jan 2017  

Service is friendly and efficient.
Anonymous   on 20 Jan 2017  

Always excellent care
Mr B S    on 20 Jan 2017  

Have received excellent dental care for many years.
Mr W R    on 19 Jan 2017  

confidence in staff
Mr D G    on 19 Jan 2017  

Excellent dental practice. Efficient and friendly receptionists and professional dentist and hygienist.
Mr B E    on 19 Jan 2017  

Always happy with treatment.. lovely welcoming practice.. one of best Dental practices I've ever been to.
Miss C L    on 19 Jan 2017  

The best dental practice in Beckenham
Mr W M    on 18 Jan 2017  

Excellent treatment and staff
Anonymous   on 18 Jan 2017  

I have recommended the practice to friends in the past. I did this because I have always found the service to be of the highest standard.
Mr C J    on 18 Jan 2017  

Good friendly service.
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2017  

The practice is amazing in every way!
Anonymous   on 16 Jan 2017  

Efficient, friendly and helpful staff providing a professional service
Anonymous   on 15 Jan 2017  

First rate service from a first rate dentist
Mr R P    on 13 Jan 2017  

The quality of service is always exceptional.
Mrs L S    on 11 Jan 2017  

Always good service and professional treatment
Mrs G J    on 11 Jan 2017  

Thiy offer a very friendly competant service.
Anonymous   on 11 Jan 2017  

Always very pleased with the quality of care from everyone in the practice. Also the welcoming environment.
Anonymous   on 10 Jan 2017  

Laura Lynch is a very gentle dentist who uses modern equipment and gives you a written estimate of your treatment. She is a private practice but will treat your under 16s.
Mr L M    on 10 Jan 2017  

excellent trreatment
Mr T P    on 10 Jan 2017  

Because it's the best treatment I've ever had.
Mrs S L    on 10 Jan 2017  

Good Friendly and honest approach
Mr C D    on 09 Jan 2017  

Welcoming, professional clinic
Anonymous   on 09 Jan 2017  

Everyone is very professional and also friendly. I always feel I'm getting the best treatment
Miss D D    on 07 Jan 2017  

I was seen on 'emergency' after breaking my tooth, within 15 minutes! As practice is very busy, I suspect I was treated during my Dentist (Mark) Lunch Hour.
Mr D K    on 07 Jan 2017  

Highly professional, welcoming apprach
Mrs T J    on 05 Jan 2017  

I've been a patient here for ~ 20 years and have never had a complaint.
Mr B S    on 05 Jan 2017